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The First Annual “Pool” Party!

A college party gets wet, crazy, nekkid, and orgy wild!
(episode 22)
Dear Lush friends, followers, and readers,
I last wrote to you about spring break in Destin, Florida of my junior year of college. In this next installment I will tell you about the events which transpired that spring and all about an epic party that my roommates and I hosted.
It was about two weeks after spring break ended that my girlfriend Jennifer and I broke up again. This was actually developing into a pattern. We had an argument about me giving our friend Mary Beth a ride on my motorcycle to the main library on north campus. I was just doing a favor for a friend and while it was a very innocent ride, for some reason that I never fully understood at the time, it caused Jennifer to be very angry with me. She acted as if I had cheated on her or something. I actually got very angry at her for getting mad at me. The incident produced three days of serious tension between Jennifer and myself. She pouted and continued complaining about me giving a ride to Mary Beth while I got very irritated and angry with her accusations. As a result Jennifer gave me the “I’m breaking up with you but we can still be friends” speech.

The truth is that Jennifer felt very threatened by Mary Beth and was intensely jealous and mistrusting of any interaction between Mary Beth and myself. If I had understood any of this at the time I would have handled things very differently and could have saved us both quite a lot of agony and heartache. Unfortunately, that was not going to be the case.

Mary Beth had been brought into our social circle the year before by our close friends Katie and Kelli when Mary Beth transferred to UGA from a women’s college. She was a member of Katie and Kelli’s sorority and very quickly became close friends with them both, turning the ‘Katie and Kelli duo’ into the ‘Katie, Kelli and Mary Beth trio.’ As I mentioned in an earlier story when I first met Mary Beth there had been quite a lot of tension between the two of us and at first I didn’t like her very much.

Once Jennifer re-entered the picture as my girlfriend again the previous Christmas break, Jennifer realized the tension for what it was, sexual tension. Jennifer’s female intuition told her that Mary Beth, a very sexy girl with a great body, dirty blonde hair, super sexy legs and an awesome camel toe, was very attracted to me. I had no clue of this for a long time. I would have understood it more if Jennifer had acted jealous of either Katie or Kelli because I actually had a sexual past with both of them. But Jennifer never showed any feelings of jealousy toward either of them.

Jennifer actually did want to keep a cordial relationship between the two of us after breaking up with me again, because the vast majority of her friends at UGA were people she had met through me. She knew it was necessary to retain some goodwill with me in order to maintain the social status quo. Jennifer through me, was by now an integral part of our social clique and had also brought her lifelong best friend, Brittany, into the group and even more recently her newer friend, Renee.
Jennifer still wanted to attend my fraternity parties and social functions as my fraternity had made her a ‘little sister’ before and soon after, her friend Brittany, had also been named a ‘little sister.’ Brittany also was dating one of my fraternity brothers.

To Jennifer’s disappointment and consternation, she soon discovered that none of my fraternity brothers would ask her out because of their sense of loyalty to me. They did, however, continue to be friends with her, and Jennifer, being a little sister, still had an open invitation to all fraternity parties and social functions.
Jennifer, with her gorgeous looks and super sexy body, did not have to wait long to have a lot of other guys hitting on her. Soon she was seeing two guys. One, a very rich slightly older guy in UGA Law School, was a friend of her family. The other was a swarthy long haired, long goateed, grad student working as a Teachers Assistant that taught one of her classes. Meanwhile, Jennifer continued to appear at all of my fraternity parties and showed up most of the time our gang got together to go to UGA baseball games or just hanging out downtown and stuff. Unfortunately for me, she would often drag one of those two guys along to the games and make an outrageous show of things in her attempt to make me jealous.
In order to strike back at Jennifer, I soon hooked up with a really good looking blonde sorority girl a few times. This shallow scheme was not one of my grandest moments in my life, but my judgement was clouded in hopes of getting back together with Jennifer. The fling with the blonde soon fizzled as a result of my lack of commitment and enthusiasm.

So this was how things stood as the end of the semester was closing in.
Every spring in Athens, Georgia, there are more pool parties at apartment complexes around the town than one could ever attend. Usually kegs of beer are provided and large groups of students show up in swim suits or just shorts. The endless parade of hot coeds in tiny bikinis is a true sight to behold. My friends and I had been to several such parties and were totally in the party mood.

My fraternity brother housemates, Chip, Vic and myself, often referred to as The Three Amigos by the rest of our fraternity, wanted to throw a great party and we really missed the great football tailgate cookouts we had hosted during the fall at our rental house. So, we thought we should have a big cookout party before the semester was over and all of our friends went home for the summer.
We finally came up with a plan and a theme, “First Annual “Pool” Party!” Of course we didn’t have a pool at our old rental house, but we did have a solution for that problem. We went over to WalMart and bought a large kiddie pool. Yes! A big kiddie pool! Next we had a fraternity brother that was majoring in graphic design, to create a cool flyer. We passed the flyers out at the frat house, to students around our neighborhood, at Kelli, Katie and Mary Beth’s sorority house and to a few other friends, including Brittany, Renee and Jennifer. The flyer stated that bikinis were required admission for women, guys in regular swimsuits only! We did not want to see any guys in bikini 'speedos.' If so, our flyer stated that we’d have to whip their ass and send them on their way. HA!
Our place made for a perfect private college outdoor party. A deep backyard with a privacy fence, a steep hill on the one side, woods in the back and my buddy Chip’s girlfriend, Nikki and her roommates as the neighbors on the other side. We set up a volleyball net, filled the big kiddie pool with water, set up a horse shoe pit, a cornhole board, and a croquet course in the grass. Chip planned to do a massive grilling of hamburgers, hot dogs, and barbecue chicken. Vic, who fancied himself a bartender, set up a bar on the back porch and we had a couple of kegs of beer. The girls (Katie, Kelli and Mary Beth along with Nikki and her roommates) made a tub of sweet cole slaw to go on the hamburgers and hot dogs (southern style of course!) They also made bunch of marijuana brownies. We had a wide variety of potato chips, pretzels, corn chips, Cheetos, cookies, and of course boiled peanuts (this is Georgia, the peanut capital). Oh yea, we also had a huge bowl of red, that is Georgia Bulldog red, vodka Jello.
The party was on a sunny Saturday and we had a crowd of around a hundred show up. Most everyone got there by late morning and because of careful planning, the crowd was almost equal between guys and girls. I was personally very relieved when Jennifer didn’t bring one of those asshole guys she had been seeing. Those two guys didn't like me anyhow, as I always gave them the 'evil eye' and being much more muscular than either of them, I always made myself seem as menacing as possible.

Everyone at the party seemed to think the kiddie pool was hilarious and most everyone splashed around in it. A water hose squirt battle soon ensued until all at the party got wet. After that most everyone settled into either playing volleyball, cornhole, horse shoes or yard croquet. Some people just lounged around drinking or sitting in the kiddie pool until the food started coming off the grills.
By the afternoon people were getting cranked up. The beer, Vic’s mixed drinks, marijuana brownies, and vodka Jello were kicking in. Some of the guys got brave enough to sneak up behind our craziest friend and fraternity brother, Psycho, and pull his swim trunks down. The crowd all cracked up laughing. Psycho slowly pulled his shorts up yelling and pointing at his dick, “No Shrinkage!” Imagine a 6’ 4” very muscular guy who usually looks like he needs to be committed to a psychiatric facility. Yes the same Psycho, that previously grew a a Hitler mustache, Elvis side burns and shaved his head into a Mohawk, just to win a small bet. Psycho then chased the other guys until he caught one and pulled his trunks down to his ankles too! Everyone was really cracking up laughing.
Things really got “crunk” after that! The party was about to reach a new crescendo level of fun! Within a couple of minutes, Mitzie and Tiffany, two hot looking sophomore girls who had gotten “nekkid” with over half my fraternity over the previous two years, took off their bikini tops while standing in the middle of the kiddie pool. Mitzie screamed out, “Get a load of these!” as she showed off her rather ample set of tits. Mass cheering ensued. Soon another girl had her top off and that started it! Within 15 minutes there wasn’t one chick at the party with her bikini top still on. (Vic, Chip and I got a little nervous as the craziness reached new heights and we quickly spread the word for no one to go out onto the front porch topless. We already had announced a no alcohol on the front porch rule, because we did not want to attract the attention of the Athens/Clarke County police, aka the local anti-student Gestapo.)
The fun was just beginning! It was just wild watching the girls playing volleyball topless, hell, they were playing croquet, cornhole and horse shoes topless! Soon the water hose was being turned on half the people, especially funny when someone stuck the gushing water hose down someone else’s swim trunks or inside a chick’s bikini. One girl screamed out “that feels great – don’t stop!” when the hose got stuck down her bikini.
A wild water balloon battle also broke out. Everyone at the party was soaking wet, drunk, stoned and having a great time. Several guys dropped their pants and mooned everyone and we all laughed and laughed, which led to even more guys getting their trunks yanked down from behind. I stayed on guard to keep mine from being pulled down and I publicly threatened to give anyone who tried with an “atomic wedgy.” HA
Well, as it turned out, my threats may have warded off the guys but the girls, Katie, Kelli, Mary Beth, Brittany and Jennifer were not intimidated. They sneaked up behind me and yanked my trunks down to my ankles. Thank goodness, I did not have any embarrassing shrinkage going on, since I’d been watching all those topless chicks running around. If anything I was hanging much lower and thicker than usual (YEA!!!) Brittany teased me afterward, saying “I think we caught you at your best,” and she giggled. She was right!
In revenge I caught all four of the girls, one at a time and gave them a semi-wedgy. I couldn’t be as rough on them as I would be another guy. I just pulled up on their bikinis enough to lift their feet off the ground and squished some Jello down the back of their bikinis. Then they all four attacked me again by getting Jello down my trunks, front and back! It was really funny with everyone laughing and especially when Jennifer, who had squished the Jello down the front of my trunks and rubbed it around on my cock with her hand, then put on a show in front of everyone by erotically licking the Jello off her fingers to great applause.
As evening began to settle Chip had another round of food coming off the grills and we all stuffed ourselves with food which mellowed everyone down quite a lot. It was very late before people started to slowly leave the party. Jennifer had been hanging around spending a lot of time with me, which pleased me greatly. Jennifer by this time was only wearing a very skimpy lime green bikini bottom, a pair of rubber flip flop sandals, her lower back tattoo, and a very nice tan. Watching her strut around topless, doing her sexiest ‘ass twisty’ walk was driving me wild. I knew that she knew that. In fact I had caught her checking out my crotch to see if I was pitching a tent in my swim shorts, and indeed I was.

Jennifer’s friend Renee left the party with a guy from my frat, which did surprise me as she usually preferred black guys or white wildly tattooed women. Brittany, who had been acting very horny, was wanting her boyfriend to go back to her apartment, and she was supposed to provide Jennifer with a ride home that evening. So I was very excited when Jennifer came up and asked if she could hang around and have me give her a ride back to her place later. That “later” turned out to be the next day.
As the evening wore on, Jennifer was spending a lot of time with me and it was quite obvious by her teasing that she wanted to hook up. It seemed like at every opportunity by planned accident she brushed her exposed breasts up against me. Of course I was all for that and let her play out all of her aggressive moves on me as if I didn't know what she was up to.

At around midnight I finally just said, “Come here,” and started walking to my bedroom. Jennifer followed me saying, “Why, what’s up?” When we went into my bedroom I closed the door behind us. By this time she was just looking at me with those big sexy brown eyes of hers with a “let’s fuck” seductive expression on her face.

Jennifer pushed me slowly backwards to my bed and down onto it and then she pulled my swim shorts off. She started kissing at my neck and slowly made her way down until she was sucking and biting on my nipples, something I guessed that she had just learned soon after we broke up. Jennifer was always too eager to demonstrate whatever new sexual maneuver she learned during any time that we had broken up. It always served as a reminder to me that she had been with someone else. Whether or not I was guilty of doing the same thing back to her without realizing it I cannot say, but I hope I did.

Of course as always, Jennifer wanted the light left on as she was and still is every bit as voyeuristic as I am. Once she made her way down to my throbbing erect cock she began to give me the longest wet sloppy blow job imaginable. Jennifer worked her tongue all around my tingling hard cock, the head and shaft, my balls and scrotum, all while inserting her finger into my asshole and massaging the inside of my scrotum. Her eyes erotically remained in constant contact with mine throughout the long wet sloppy blow job. I can say that I was totally mesmerized. Jennifer’s long straight dark hair seemed to fall against and tickle my skin at exactly the right time. Me watching her perform fellatio was nothing short of seeing sexual art in motion and she knew it. Jennifer did all of this with the ability to instinctively know when to slow down at just the right time to keep me from cumming. My cock which was in an almost tormented state of ecstasy, was throbbing so hard that it almost vibrated.
Then with my brain absolutely numb from arousal, she crawled up on me and buried her super soaking wet pussy right in my face. Jennifer raised up enough to slowly tease my lips, tongue and tip of my nose with her big fat wet slightly dark pussy lips that drooped down slightly touching me, allowing me to get a sensuous whiff of her delicious arousing smell. She slowly rocked her pelvis forward and backward dragging those big wet drippy labia across my nose, lips and chin over and over. I couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed her by the ass and pulled her pussy right onto me so I could lick and suck her labia and clit and did not plan to let go until she was was cumming her ass off.

Her loud sighs soon became load moans and her loud moans soon became loud screaming. Jennifer shouted out, Goddammit don’t stop!”

I didn’t plan to. I had a lot of experience licking her to an orgasm by that time and I wanted her to cum.

After teasing her clit and working her g-spot for several minutes I could feel her thigh muscles against my shoulders and the sides of my head begin clinching tightly as she spasmed with an orgasm. She tried to pull herself off of me but I gripped her tight by the thighs and held her firm. Jennifer let out a long deep guttural moan and her hands were pushing at me. I then finally let go of her and she fell backwards onto the bed. She wrapped her arms around the back of her legs as she squeezed them together very tight. She then rolled over onto her side but her body still draped over my legs and moaned out, “I can’t stop cumming you fuck!” Her body twitched a few times and she finally seemed to relax.
Before she could catch her breath I was on top of her, spreading her legs wide and pushing my hard cock into her gushing pussy. Then I gave her a long wet deep tongue kiss making sure she could taste her own juices as I thrust my cock into her. Jennifer nearly sucked my tongue out of my head. I knew what she liked because she had taught me what she liked and I meant to give it to her.
I pushed Jennifer's legs way back and started fucking her deep. She screamed in my ear, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Damn your ass fuck me!”

The bed springs were squeaking loudly with each thrust, Jennifer’s voice was yelling out, “Oh! Oh! Oh!” over and over and over again. I could see that my cock was shockingly drenched in her pussy juice as it went in and out, seeming to tug at her fat pussy lips which clung tightly around my swollen cock when it came outward. I worked one hand free and still held one of her legs way back with the other hand, her feet dangling at the level of her head. Then I used the free hand to start fingering and working the area around her clit. Jennifer’s eyes looked as if they rolled back into her head, her moaning was at a fever pitch. I kept fucking her and I planned to fuck her a long time. I was determined to hold off my own orgasm for as long as possible.

Before too much longer Jennifer said loudly, "I want you to fuck me in the ass!"

I pulled out and grabbed some lube from the nightstand, though I thought my cock was wet enough anyhow. I rubbed lube on to my cock and rubbed it on Jennifer’s asshole, keeping her legs pushed way back as I started to push my hard cock into her ass.

Then I stopped and asked her, “Do you want it?”

Jennifer said, “Yes! I want the damn thing!”

I asked again, “Do you want it?”

“Hell fucking yes I want it!” she screamed.

“Are you sure you want it?” I asked again, and I know I had a grin on my face from ear to ear.

“Please fuck my ass!” Jennifer screamed loud, “Please put that fucking cock in me!”

I then pushed my erect throbbing cock into her lubed up asshole.

She moaned out loudly in pleasure, and as I started thrusting into her ass, her eyes
opened wide with excitement and her hand went right to her pussy where she started frantically fingering her clit.

“How does it feel?” I asked her.

“It feels fucking great!” Jennifer yelled out super loud, her voice bouncing along with her ass as I pushed my cock in and out of her ass.
I thoroughly enjoyed the look of total sexual ecstasy on her face as I pushed my cock in and out of her ass. I absolutely loved hearing her scream in pleasure. After several minutes I filled her ass with cum but only after she screamed out that she was having a second orgasm. (Once Jennifer achieves an orgasm it is easy to continue to get her to cum over and over again.) I must say that my orgasm was outstanding as it seemed to gyrate from my testicles through my scrotum and I screamed out pretty damn loud in pleasure myself.
By that time Jennifer and I were totally wet from sweat. I have to say that I am totally turned on by a naked woman’s body all shiny covered in sweat from sex. After we lay there a few minutes I really needed to go to the bathroom and also wanted to wash off my cock after being in her ass, so that we could go another round.

I stepped out of the room and to my surprise, I saw and heard an orgy in the living room. It looked like several moving bodies. I rubbed my eyes really good and focused.

In the living room by the light of our many neon beer signs, I could see a ‘for real’ orgy. I counted eight guys and five girls. Three girls were being double teamed. Facing me on the floor was Tammy, a blonde chick from Katie, Kelli and Mary Beth’s sorority. She was on top of one of my frat brothers with another one behind her in her ass, she was getting fucked in the pussy and ass at the same time. She looked up at me, her eye lids heavy with the look of sexual pleasure, her moans loud enough to not be drowned out by the many other moans echoing around the room. I had always taken Tammy for a bit of a religious prude. I guess I was wrong about that.
The other two ‘double-teamed’ chicks were on their hands and knees being fucked doggy style from behind with another guy in front of them with his cock in their mouth. And next to each other on the sofa were the two girls who initiated the toplessness that day, Mitzie and Tiffany, riding away cowgirl, each on a guy’s lap with their tits in the guy’s faces. Mitzi and Tiffany both saw me, smiled and waved their hands real friendly at me as they bounced up and down. I half laughed and waved back, realizing I was standing in the doorway bare ass naked. I looked down and saw my dick was still shiny and damp from fucking Jennifer.
I went to the bathroom relieved myself and thoroughly washed off my dick using some anti-bacterial soap. Then I went to the kitchen for a drink of water and heard noises on the back porch and instinctively flipped on the porch light and peeked out the window. As I did I saw three humping sleeping bags come to a halt, there was a couple in each bag and every head turned toward the back kitchen window that I was looking out. I laughed and quickly switched the light off and went back to my room. I told Jennifer about the orgy in the living room and the couples shagging on the back porch, and she was out the door in a flash to see for herself.
In just a few minutes Jennifer was back sporting a mischievous look and jumped in bed giving me a big erotic tongue kiss, then asking if I was ready to fuck again. I barely got out the word “yes” before she was going down on me sucking my cock until it was good and erect, at which Jennifer crawled on top taking my cock into her already wet horny pussy. Jennifer rode me cowgirl grinding herself all over me hard, her long sexy dark hair falling on my face tickling my nose as she fucked away on top of me until she had satisfied herself with another orgasm and given me one too. After that I turned off the lights and we fell asleep.
Several hook-ups resulted from the day’s “topless” pool party. A gorgeous 6-foot tall black girl from across the street, that looked like she should be a super model, hooked up with a white football player friend of mine. He was a big hulking lineman and a very shy guy that came to the party with two black football players. The three of them had all played at rival schools against me in high school and we had all become good friends once we arrived at UGA. The two black football players left the party with two white (rich debutante type) girls from Katie, Kelli and Mary Beth’s sorority and took them back to their apartment for the night. (Later Kelli, Katie and Mary Beth wanted me to get all the juicy gossipy details out of those guys about the wild night of sex they had with their sorority sisters. Evidently it was their two sorority sisters first experience with black guys. They must have received the fuck of their lives as some other football players showed up at that apartment and joined in on the festivities. The two sorority debutantes fucked seven guys between them that night.
Darlene, one of the girl’s from next door, hooked up with frat brother number eight that night. As in the eighth frat brother of mine she got “nekkid” with, one at a time, spread out over that year, her senior year. I said one at a time because there were some chicks that had as many as eight of my fraternity brothers, but all in one evening, sometimes tag teamed, some up to all 3-holes fucked at a time.
It was actually early Sunday afternoon before Jennifer and I crawled out of bed, showered together, and made our way to the Waffle House over at Athens’ Five Points for an afternoon breakfast. While eating Jennifer told me that “last night was just good sex between friends.”
I thought to myself that she was bound and determined to play this silly game for awhile, and as it would turn out, I would be right. Jennifer’s idea of “sex between friends” turned out to be a continuing saga drawn out over the next school year. One of us would fuck someone else, and the other in turn having to fuck someone else also, in retaliation. A competition between Jennifer and another girl for my affections would also develop the next fall semester. Can you guess who the other girl was?

All this stress and drama was so unnecessary, but unfortunately it had to play out that way. So, my junior year at UGA came to a close. The next year, however, would bring even more dramatic juicy college sexual escapades and way too much drama.
My next story is about what happened to me that upcoming summer when I went to Europe with a university study group. Vive la France et les français sexy fille!

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