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The Girls of ΛΕƩ - The initiation

Evie gets pledged by a lesbian sorority.

I strolled up University Street feeling twinges of anxiety. I was on my way to the ΛΕƩ sorority house. I had been invited to attend an interview as a potential pledge. My friend Mia had extended the invitation and was sponsoring my candidacy.

Mia and I had met when she had chastised my mother for shoplifting, and we had become intimate on that occasion. She had told me that I would love this sorority and had excitedly pressed me to accept the invitation.

I finally arrived in front of a large elegant house with a discreet brass plaque displaying the ΛΕƩ logo on the stonework next to the oak door. I rang the doorbell and waited on the stoop trying to decipher in my mind what ΛΕƩ represented. Finally, the ring was answered by a young woman with a flashing smile.

“Hello, may I help you?” She asked.

“My name is Evelyn, Evie Baxter. I’m here for an interview.”

“Oh yes. Mia’s candidate. I’m Joan. Please come in; you are the first to arrive. Why don’t you take a seat in the parlor till the other candidates show up,” she said leading me to a room furnished with plush armchairs. “Take a seat it shouldn’t take too long.”

She had been looking at me from head to foot, and I felt her scrutiny. It set me to wondering as she eyed me whether I was appropriately dressed, if my makeup was okay, and again, I felt those anxious twinges. I wondered where Mia was as my insecurities mounted.

Five minutes later, another young woman was led in by Joan, who invited her to sit down and warned us not to speak to each other at this time. This young woman was strikingly beautiful. From her coloring, I decided that she was Creole. Her hair was jet black, and when she smiled at me, her teeth were startlingly white against her dark complexion.

A third young woman arrived. She was a hot looking blond with a ripe body. I freely admit that it set me drooling at the sight of her.
We waited in silence examining each other with shy smiles as we awaited our impending fate. I’d heard all kind of horror stories about sorority initiations and prayed that they were greatly exaggerated. I noticed that the three armchairs we were seated in were arranged side by side and facing a set of sliding doors.

Suddenly the doors opened, and we were confronted with a group of twelve young women seated in a semi-circle of armchairs. I noticed Mia sitting there and smiled at her and gave her a wave. The woman in the center of the group spoke up, “Good evening candidates. My name is Angel. I’m the president of this sorority. Tonight we are here to determine whether you candidates will be accepted as pledges to this sorority.”

“When I call your name, please rise so we can identify you… Evie.”

I rose and put forth my best smile to the group. Mia caught my eye and gave me a wink.

“Evie is being sponsored by Mia. Evie, go and sit on that cushion in front of Mia, please.”

“Next we have Sabrina, sponsored by Joan.”

The Creole girl went to sit in front of the young woman who greeted us when we arrived.

“Last but not least, Megan. She is sponsored by Judy.”

Megan, the lush young blond went to sit in front of an equally well-endowed young woman.

“Now let me tell you who we are and what will be happening should we accept you as pledges and should you accept to join. Lambda Epsilon Sigma. The Greek letters representing our sorority are not random letters chosen from the Greek alphabet. They are pronounced ‘les’, and that is not by accident. They were selected because each and every present member, as well as all our alumni, have been either lesbian or bisexual.”

Angel continued, “The three of you are here because your sponsors have confirmed that you have an interest in the Sapphic delights. In more earthy terms, you all have lesbian tendencies.”

I felt myself blush as I glanced at Mia and realized that she must have told the other girls about our past encounters. She winked at me and coyly spread her legs, I noticed that under her skirt she was pantiless. I could distinctly see a sheen of wetness at her bald pussy.

“Now, you either are or aren’t,” Angel stated. “If you don’t feel you are, this is the time that you may get up and leave. If you stay, you then commit yourself to accepting to enter into the rituals of the sisterhood and initiation into our community. Do you have any questions?”

My mind was racing trying to sort out what I had heard. I glanced at the two girls sitting on the floor with me and saw that Sabrina had a broad smile on her face while Megan was wearing a frown.

Megan spoke up, “Does accepting mean that we have to renounce any contacts with men from now on?”

“Of course not,” Angel replied, “most of us enjoy pussy as well as cock. However, for pledge week you will devote yourself to pussy. We are planning a social with one of the better fraternities at the end of pledge week for a toga party. I think it’ll be very... stimulating to those of us who are bisexual. Right girls?” she asked her sorority sisters.

I saw the rest of the members smile and some of them even seemed to lick their lips with a look of anticipation. Looking at Megan, I saw her smile also and relax.

“So, does anyone else have any questions?”

“I do. What does initiation entail? I asked nervously.

“I can’t answer that question yet. However, nothing will happen during initiation that each and every one of us has not experienced. As you can see, we have all survived the experience. All of us also enjoyed the process. Right ladies?”

Broad smiles of recollection wreathed the faces of the other members.

“I know you might have heard horror stories about initiations.  The things you have heard definitely do not take place here. Of that, you can rest assured! So decision time, in or out?”

The three of us after glancing at each other remained seated. I was bemused by the whole scenario and still on edge about the process, however looking around I felt my arousal rising at the thought of the sexual possibilities that might occur. Now that I had the opportunity to observe the sisters, I knew that there wasn’t one of them that I wouldn’t enjoy knowing sexually.

“OK time to vote ladies. You three go back your seats in the parlor. You may now speak to each other.”

We returned to the parlor and the doors shut. We sat in silence each of us lost in our thoughts. The murmur of voices came through the thick wooden doors, and my stomach was tense with anticipation. I recalled my time with Mia and her stepmother and how that had turned me on. Since that time I had had several encounters with men. I was a long way from being a virgin. However, the sheer sexuality of my first sexual encounter with a woman had left me wanting more of the same.

Sabrina spoke up first. “Damn! I hate waiting. Do you think that we’ll all be accepted?”

“Well, I sure hope so,” said Megan, examining the two of us. “It would be fun having you two as my sorority sisters.”
I looked at her lush figure and at the slender gymnast’s body of Sabrina, “Hmm… I agree.”

Sabrina laughed and took our hands into her own, “Why, thank you. I feel the same way about you two.”

The doors opened at that point, and Angel stepped in. She looked at us holding hands. “Bonding already,” she smiled at us. “Come back in.”

We sat back down on the floor at the feet of our sponsors.

Angel spoke up, “Pledges, we have voted. By unanimous consent of the members, you three may now consider yourself as pledged to Lambda Epsilon Sigma. The initiation period will be one week. At the end of that period, you will be regarded as full members of this chapter, IF… you pass the initiation rites.

Tonight we will have a brief ceremony to welcome you, and then your sponsor will leave with you to explain what will take place during the week. Now stand up and go to each member, in turn, to be greeted.”

I stood up and went to Angel first. I timidly put out my hand to shake hers. She held my hand for a moment and then wrapped her other arm around me pulling my body to hers. She placed her hand on my face and gave it a tender caress before pulling my face towards her.

I looked at her as she approached her lips to mine and my lips parted to accepted her kiss. Her breath was fresh and minty, and my tongue ventured out to meet hers. Soon our tongues were exploring each other’s mouths as we remained locked in the most sensuous kiss I had ever received.

The slender athletic woman with her black hair and blue eyes was gorgeous. Her features were delicate, and I found her luscious. Small tits and a flat tummy rested on top of extremely long legs. She had a little ass which was deliciously rounded. Her hands were exploring my body. I felt my tits being squeezed and fondled while her other hand explored my ass. When I tried to reciprocate, she whispered, “Not yet. You have to earn that privilege. If you are a ‘Good Girl’ you’ll get the opportunity.”

Being held by this goddess whose firm tits were pushed against mine with what seemed to be rock hard nipples had my pussy on fire. I could feel my pussy starting to gush and soak my panties. She passed a hand under my skirt, and I felt her slim fingers slide into my thong. “You are so wet. Am I doing that to you? She asked as two fingers parted my lips and probed my steamy pussy.
She stepped back as she pulled her hand away and tasted my nectar. “Wow, ladies Evie has the sweetest pussy I’ve ever sampled. I suggest that all of you taste her.”

I felt the heat rise to my cheeks as she made that announcement, then she placed her fingers in my mouth and said, “Have a taste.” Being forced to sample my pussy juice in front of the whole group sent flutters to my now needy cunt, and I felt my cheeks were glowing with embarrassment.

Joan yelled out, “I get her next!”

She came to me and looked at me from head to foot. I returned her gaze taking in her petite frame and her predatory look as we faced each other. “You know the drill,” she said. I advanced towards her and wrapped my arms around her slender waist as I moved my face towards her for the welcome kiss.

She hungrily attacked my mouth, and I loved the way her tongue attacked mine. Her kiss was deep and very wet as again I felt my mouth thoroughly explored. I stroked her lustrous black hair as she proceeded to explore my tits, ass, and pussy. I was so wet by this stage that the juices were dripping down my thigh. Again fingers prodded into my needy gash and she then tasted me. “Ooh, so yummy,” she said feeding me my creamy secretions.

I was passed from one woman to the next each time being fondled, kissed and tasted by my future sorority sisters, finally ending with Mia my friend and sponsor. By this time my panties were soaked, and I was so horny I just wanted to be brought to an orgasm.
Angel spoke up at this point. “Pledges it’s time for you to introduce yourselves to your fellow pledges, but first remove your panties. You may kiss and fondle but… you are not allowed to bring each other to orgasm. Understood! Don’t be shy you’ll get to know each other very intimately over the next week.”

I hooked my hands into the waistband of my thong and slid it off my hips and down my legs then stepped out of them as they landed at my feet. I moved towards Sabrina who took me by the waist and gave me a deep kiss. Until today, I had not been with another woman other than Carmen and Mia, my sponsor, two years ago. Now after being kissed and fondled by the entire sisterhood, I was intimate with my pledge sisters.

I was immediately embraced in a group hug by Megan in front of me and by Sabrina from behind. Megan’s huge tits rubbed against mine as I felt my skirt lifted by Sabrina. I was exposed from the waist down as Megan gave me a passionate tongue kiss while she vigorously rubbed my pussy. My hands reached down and felt her plump pussy lips, and then they sank into the hottest wettest pussy flesh I could imagine. Her fingers slid easily into me as her thumb sought my clit.

Sabrina reached one hand from behind grasping my stiff nipple and rubbed it between her fingers while the other hand reached between my ass cheeks and her finger probed my virgin asshole. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

I started to moan and thrust my hips back and forth trying to get myself to cum when Angel spoke up. “Remember, no orgasms,” I heard her say. “Okay, now switch partners.”

I turned my body to face Sabrina and again felt her perky nipples rubbing against mine I reached down and lifted her summer dress up rubbing my mound against hers while Megan caressed my ass. I could feel Angel's cunny rubbing against me and thrust against her as we locked lips. Her heat was radiating to my aching pussy which felt as if it was gushing juices. I could feel my wetness as Megan’s hand reached from behind and her fingers again found my needy depths and made squishy sounds as she fingered me.
“Switch,” Angel intoned once more.

This time Megan was sandwiched between Sabrina and me. I reached from behind and grasped her bulbous breasts in my tiny hands and massaged her titty flesh. I was delighted to hear her gasp with pleasure. Deciding to reciprocate, I lifted her dress and reached for her full ass cheeks. For the first time, I felt another woman’s pucker. I gingerly probed with my finger and sank it into her up to the first knuckle. I was fascinated that it felt so soft and warm inside. “Two fingers,” she gasped. I immediately added another finger into her making her moan with delight. Her breathing was now a panting as I felt her anus clasp my fingers tightly.

All too soon came the command to ‘switch’ and now Sabrina was the meat of the sandwich. Kissing Megan and fondled by me I clasped her tiny butt and ventured again to play with her tight tush. She was very tight, and it took some effort to probe her ass. She clenched tight trying to not get probed, but after sampling the experience both as a giver and receiver, I probed forcefully till my finger opened her and this time I thrust my finger completely into her. I moved my finger in and out till she relented and relaxed to my lewd intrusion.

By this time, I was dripping with sexual excitement my juices running down my thighs. I was ready for anything and everything when Angel spoke up again. “Stop! That is enough for now.” Turning to face the rest of the sisters she asked, “Ladies, what do you think?”

They started clapping, and the murmur of voices broke through my fevered mind. I heard them say, ‘Damn I wish this was tomorrow,’ ‘Great choices I think I’ll enjoy them’ and ‘Can’t wait to get my hands on them.”

“Okay pledges, now it is time for you to leave the sorority house. Your sponsors will give you guidelines as to what will happen next and take you home. We’ll see you tomorrow at 10:00 am. Have a restful night. You’ll need your energy tomorrow.”


Mia came to me and said, “Let’s go, love, you are spending tonight at my place. I have already told your parents that you will be with me for the rest of the week.”

“I will?”

“Evie,” she whispered, “Tonight is preparation night. I will instruct you as to your behavior and make sure you are physically and mentally prepared for what comes next.”

“Physically… mentally… What does that mean?”

“You have to know the various parts of the ritual and what to expect and what is expected of you so as not to be caught off guard. For the next week, you will be staying at the chapter house. The first three days and nights are devoted to heightening your sexuality. Our aim is to bring out the total ‘Evie Slut’ which is what you will be after this is over. That is what we all are in our sisterhood.”

“I thought I already was,” I said.

“Well let’s say you are off to a good start or I would not have sponsored you. What remains is to refine those tendencies. Over the next three days, we will make sure you are kept in a state of continual sexual excitement. You will be made love to by all the sisters. From the reactions you got from them, I would say multiple times a day… and night.”

I felt myself blushing again, and I felt my pussy tingling at the idea.

“The last three nights will consist of meeting with the alumni, a social with the men’s fraternity and finally induction night,” she continued.

“The alumni?”

“Yes, past sisters who have graduated and who are invited back to meet and use the pledges and to enjoy a day of being back in the sisterhood.”


“Yes, really. You already have been with one of in the past,” Mia smiled at me.


“My stepmother, Carmen.”

I blushed at the thought of that weekend and what had happened when I had willingly given myself to both Mia and Carmen.

“What about the fraternity thing?” I asked.

“As Angel said most of us enjoy men as well as women. This will be your opportunity to sample some of the finest cocks on campus and for them to enjoy you. Many of our alumni ended up married to men they met at the socials we hold. It seems to work well as the men know in advance the type of women they are getting married to and vice versa. That was where my stepmother met my father, and it works well for them as you might have noticed.”

The thought of Mia’s father and his huge black cock sprang into my mind. The way he had ravished my mother and me on that fateful night put a smile on my face. The prospect of a future relationship with a man such as that sent shivers through my body.
“Okay, so what happens tonight?” I asked.

“The first thing we will do is to make sure you are thoroughly depilated and that you are squeaky clean for tomorrow. I will also give you a manicure and a pedicure. Lastly, we will choose items you will wear over the next week.”

“But I have no clothes with me,” I said.

“Oh, you will not need clothes. You can wear this skirt to return tomorrow from that point on you will not need clothes.” Mia answered with a smirk on her face.


When we arrived at her house, Mia ushered me to the bathroom. She proceeded to strip me naked and instructed me to sit on the huge vanity. She went out and returned with some pantyhose that told me to put them on but only halfway up my legs. She then gathered the crotch and remaining material and forced it over my head and behind my back. I ended up with both legs cocked in the air, and it felt as if I was a Christmas turkey ready to be stuffed. My pussy and asshole were obscenely exposed.

“This is going to make you easier to shave. It’s a trick that escorts use when they need to shave.”

I felt wide open and vulnerable as I felt my pussy and asshole accessible and open to anything anyone wanted to do to them.
I heard the sound of high heels clicking down the hall towards the bathroom and Carmen, Mia’s stepmother entered the bathroom.
“Evie, you are a sight for sore eyes,” gushed the first woman who had made love to me. She leaned forward and gave my exposed parts a loving lick.

“Carmen, none of that,” said Mia. “Remember she’s not to be allowed to cum tonight.”

“Oh, a little play can be healthy to edge her towards what she will experience tomorrow,” Carmen said while pinching my nipples.
I felt my pussy ache at her touch remembering that night we had two years ago. “Look how her pussy is glistening. I think she is ready to explode.”

“Mom, let’s stick to the program.”

“Okay, I suppose I will enjoy her on alumni night. Won’t I dear?” she said looking deeply into my eyes.

I smiled at her, and the anticipation of things to come made me even hornier than I had been.

I felt warm wet washcloths being placed against my pussy and my ass. Carmen took a man’s shaving brush and lathered it up and started to lather me from clit to anus. The tickling of the brush against my privates had me wriggling trying to maximize the friction.
“None of that my little slut. You have to wait for tomorrow. Stop wriggling your bum,” she said giving me a slap on each asscheek.

I felt her shave the sparse curls of blond hair around my privates. She gripped and pulled me open to ensure that by the time she finished, I was as free of hair as a babies bum. The tickling against my pucker from the brush started me wriggling again. Carmen gave me three vigorous spanks across my ass cheeks, and I quieted down as my bum absorbed the sting of the blows.

Carmen then slathered her palms with aloe lotion and rubbed it into my shaved flesh. She seemed to delight in fondling me and then stopping before I got too worked up. She slid her fingers through my pussy lips and across my anus delighting in the effect she was having on me. My nerves were frazzled, I wanted a release and knew I would not get it tonight.

Finally, with the pantyhose removed I was able to get up and stretch my cramped muscles. I looked at myself in the mirror and admired my totally hairless slit. Just a little blond tuft had been left at my pubis.

Carmen took me in her arms and gave me a sweet tongue kiss. “Shower time little one. Now you are going to get thoroughly washed.” She smiled at me.

Mia adjusted the shower temperature, and both she and Carmen stripped naked. They had me step into the shower and joined me. My body was soaped from head to foot with a lavender scented body wash and then scrubbed with loofahs till my skin glowed. Tingling from head to foot after this treatment they proceeded to clean my privates with probing fingers which made me weak-kneed.
Carmen supported me while Mia cleaned my pussy. I felt like a rag doll. Then Mia took me into her arms while my ass was deeply cleaned by Carmen. I was aching to cum. However, both made sure to stop before I did. I had never suspected how sensitive my ass was. I must have discovered thousands of nerve endings I had not realized existed.

After the shower, I was wrapped in a large Turkish bath towel and dried by both of them while they occasionally delighted in teasing me further. “I need to cum, please…” I begged.

“Not tonight, Evie. Tonight you need to be a good girl. I promise you tomorrow you will have your wish granted,” giggled Mia.

Carmen suggested, “Perhaps more than you might believe.”

I was lead to Mia’s bedroom and told to lie down on the bed. My legs were spread and attached to soft cuffs. Each cuff was connected to a rope which was tied to a bedpost. My wrists were similarly treated, and I lay splayed out on the bed completely vulnerable. All thought of getting myself off vanished in smoke.

Carmen climbed on the bed and gave me a sweet tongue kiss and said, “Sleep well little darling. I will see you on Saturday.” With that, she left the room.

Mia played with my toes before giving me a pedicure and applying nail polish to my toes. Each touch only served to inflame me more. When the pedicure was finished, she moved on to give me a manicure. When she was finished, Mia stepped back, smiled and said, “There we go. Almost ready.”

“What’s left?” I asked.

“Tomorrow morning we will put the finishing touches and get you dressed. My mother will supply the lingerie. By the time I am done with you, you will be the personification of the slut you are.” She put her body over mine and kissed me. She tantalized me with soft caresses. I writhed and squirmed under her fingers. She applied lotion across all my body and worked it into my skin. Her tender caresses lulled me to sleep.


“Up and at ‘em, sleepyhead.”

I opened my eyes and realized that it was morning. Sunlight filtered into the room through the blinds. I stretched and realized that I was no longer tied down.

“Go and take a shower then we will have breakfast and get you ready. No fooling around. Just wash yourself thoroughly both ‘fore and aft’ and make sure you don’t get yourself off. I will be watching.”

Showered and fed I returned to the bedroom with Mia. Spread across the bed was a collection of lingerie such as I had never before seen.

“First put on the garter belt,” Mia ordered.

I walked to the bed and saw an emerald green garter belt with matching thigh high silk stockings topped with lace, as well as a matching lacy half shelf bra. I had drooled over similar items in the lingerie store but had never ventured to consider them as they were out of my price range.

“Stop dithering around and put them on,” Mia prodded. “Keep your back to the mirror. I don’t want you to see yourself till I’m done.”

I got dressed and marveled at the silkiness of the stockings and at how the bra thrust my nipples forward and left them exposed.
“What about panties?” I asked.

“No panties, thongs or anything covering your cute pussy or ass for the rest of the week,” Mia answered. “And speaking of ass, I want you to bend over and put your hands on your knees.” She came to me and showed me a clear glass pear shaped object which had a jeweled end in the same shade as my lingerie. After showing it to me, she stepped behind me, parted my ass cheeks, and pressed it slowly into my anus.

“Relax and take a deep breath,” she said. She kept the pressure up till suddenly I felt it lodge deep in me with the flat jeweled end resting against my crack. The feeling of fullness after the initial stretching pain was heavenly. It set my pussy to leaking again.
“See, now I am transforming you not only into a pussy slut but also into an anal slut,” Mia said giving me a resounding spank on each ass cheek which caused the object in my ass to send a spasm through my body.

Mia made me up applying light pink lipstick, emerald green eye shadow, and liner. She took the lipstick and applied some to my exposed nipples. She brushed out my hair and led me to the mirror. “So… what do you think?” she asked.

I looked at myself, and my jaw dropped. The girl who stood before me with her long blonde hair was unrecognizable. The emerald green of the lingerie matched my eyes which had been lined with a matching shade. I certainly looked hot and slutty.
“Okay, now put on your blouse and skirt and let’s get going.”


When we arrived at the sorority house, she ushered me into the chapter room. The sisters were lined up waiting for the pledges. We were placed standing in a row in front of the assembly. I felt the scrutiny of all those eyes on me looking lasciviously at me. Angel stepped out and faced us. “Well pledges, no second thoughts?” She asked.

The three of us responded, “No,”

“Good from now on please use the term ‘No Mistress’ when addressing any of the sisters. If you get through the initiation, you will have earned the right to call all of us Sister.”

“Okay now repeat after me inserting your name as required.”
I ____ of my own free will ask to join the Lambda Epsilon Sigma sorority.
I pledge to obey all the rules of this order and submit myself to its customs.
I shed all my inhibitions and reticence towards all and any of the sisters.
I will undergo the rigors of the initiation to prepare me to be accepted as a full member.
So I_____ do swear.

“Take off your blouses and skirts.”

The assembled sisters applauded us.  In turn, each of them shed their tops and skirts. Each stood proudly in front of us displaying their bodies. My mouth watered as I observed them. They were all different and all gorgeous women. I could not help but smile as I noticed that all of them had completely bald pussies.

Angel spoke up again, “Each of you has a sponsor and now will have a trainer appointed to you. As president, I have the privilege of choosing first, so I select to be Evie’s trainer.” I blushed furiously as she had been so much the focus of my lust since I had seen her. She was a little taller than me with small perky tits. I saw she had elongated nipples. She wore her black hair in a pageboy cut and was dressed in a similar outfit to mine but in black. Her stockings ran up extremely long legs, and her slit was framed by delicate lips. Her tush was deliciously rounded and begged to be fondled.

She paired off Megan and Sabrina and then turned to me. “Evie, now it’s you and me.” Turn around and bend at the waist.”

“Yes, Angel.”

“Evie, how did I tell you to address the sisters in the chapter?”

“Oops, sorry, Mistress.”

“Well, we do allow a few mistakes, so I will let that one go with only a mild punishment. Mia, what do you think should be the punishment?”

“Sister, what about a spanking?” she answered.

“Great idea! Evie, stay bent over like that and grab your ankles. Thrust out that lovely ass, and I will warm it up for you.”

I trembled at the thought of a spanking. I had seen my step-mother spanked by Mia two years ago and vividly remembered her reddened ass. However, I complied as I really wanted to be part of this group.

“Mia, look at that nicely rounded ass. How many spanks do you think she should get?” Angel asked.

“How about ten on each cheek… by each of us?” she answered.

“Sounds about right. Evie, are you ready?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied cringing at the thought.

I felt Angel’s hand rubbing my rounded bottom which was obscenely thrust in the air and suddenly realized I still had the butt plug thrust up my ass and it would be visible to all the assembly. I blushed at the thought of how slutty I must look. I did not have much time to worry about that as the first spank landed on my ass cheek. The sting almost took my breath away, and I lurched forward. Mia stepped in front of me, wrapping her arms around my waist to stabilize me. I could smell the wonderful musky aroma of her pussy which was now close to my face.

The spanks rained down on my exposed butt one after the other as Angel got into the rhythm. Each spank brought a new sting, and I felt as if my ass was on fire. The butt plug was massaging my asshole more deeply with each blow. To my amazement, I was also getting more turned on as the spanking progressed. My pussy was awash with juice which was starting to drip down my thigh.
I lost track of the number of spanks when they suddenly stopped. My ass was on fire, and when suddenly Angel started to jiggle the butt plug in me, despite the pain of the spanking, I felt even more turned on.

Mia and Angel then exchanged places, and Mia repeated the process. This time I felt the sting even more. When she finally finished she pulled out the butt plug which came out with a popping sound. I felt empty.

“Angel, come back here. Evie don’t move. Keep a grip on your ankles,” she ordered. “Look how opened up she is. She is literally gaping.” I heard the two of them chuckle as they examined my butt.

I felt a hand cup my crotch and finger my pussy while two fingers probed my ass. My legs shook, and I collapsed on the thick carpet. Angel came to me and bent down to give me a kiss. “Little slut, you are so wet. I can’t wait to eat you up,” she said with a smile.

I smiled through the tears that the spanking had provoked and said, “Oh yes Mistress, I am all yours to do with as you wish.”
As I lay there, I became conscious of my fellow pledges. They were also being spanked. Sabrina was gorgeous with her long legs spread open and her butt was being peppered with spanks. She was wearing an outfit similar to mine but in red. This looked sexy on her dark skin. Megan, whose well-rounded tush was being worked over, was similarly attired with black lingerie which offset a creamy pale body. Her massive tits were spilling out of her half-shelf bra, and she looked as if she was ready to be milked.

Mia came to me with a washcloth and wiped my face. She took out a makeup bag and redid my makeup while the sponsors of the other two pledges did likewise. We were given a large glass of juice which I drank in gulps I felt so dehydrated after my ordeal.

The three of us were led to the second floor to a large communal shower room and bathroom. We were given the opportunity to take care of our bodily needs. After drinking that full glass of juice, this was very welcome.

When I had wiped myself and stepped out, Angel was standing there waiting for us. She led the three of us to a fixture which was totally unfamiliar to me. “This pledges is a bidet. Everyone in our sisterhood uses a bidet each and every time she goes to the toilet. You will do likewise to ensure that you are always clean and available for fun. I will demonstrate how it is used then it’ll be your turn. Watch!”

She adjusted the water temperature, and once it was to her satisfaction, she straddled the porcelain fixture and washed her pussy and ass. Getting off, she used a towel from the pile of towels to dry herself. “Okay, hop to, it’s your turn,” she said.

The feel of the warm water on me was soothing and welcome after what I had been subjected to. I thoroughly washed and dried myself. We were then assembled back down in the chapter room.

Once there we were told to lie down on the floor. We were placed in a triangle with each of us having her head next to another girl’s hip. I ended up with my head next to Sabrina’s, with Megan next to my hip and Sabrina’s head next to Megan’s.
I waited with the other two while a hushed discussion was held among the members.

Finally, Angel spoke up. “All right pledges, we have decided that it is time for you three to bond. We have deliberately kept you from having an orgasm while edging you since yesterday. We have decided that now is the time to let you enjoy your first of many orgasms of the week by letting you bond with your fellow pledges. You will now make your body available to your future sisters to do with as they please.”

I lay there thunderstruck. Was I expected to play around with Sabrina and Megan in front of the assembled members? I was debating the point when I felt Megan’s hand against my pussy. She rubbed my pussy lips and pinched them. Rolling them between her fingers, she sent spasms shooting through my body.

Sabrina turned on her side, and I saw her lift her leg, and her dark pussy lips were right in front of my eyes. I was overwhelmed by curiosity and using my hands I spread her lips to reveal to my surprise a glistening pink interior flesh. She looked so fresh and appetizing that I moved my head to rest between her spread thighs. She thrust her pelvis forward, and my mouth made contact with her fragrant pussy. Once there I lost my inhibitions and ran my tongue in broad swaths through her pussy savoring its sweet juice which instantly coated my tongue.

I felt Megan part my thighs and wedge her head between them and the indescribable feeling of my hot juicy pussy being licked by her tongue. I was being munched on by an expert who used her tongue like an artist uses their brush to lick my needy parts. She would lick from bottom to top and on reaching my clit would pull on it gently with her teeth. I was in heaven and could feel my pussy secreting more and more fluids which she lapped like a famished kitten.

I luxuriated in those feelings while bringing my attention back to Sabrina. Her clit was peeking out from its hood, and I brought it to my tongue, lashing at it until I felt her thighs clamp around my head. She apparently wanted my ministrations to continue on her sensitive clit. I continued with my tongue circling it and my lips sucking on it while feeling her whole body tense and shake against mine. Her moans were audible though her thighs were covering my ears. I was sure she was on the point of cumming.

Megan changed her technique, and I felt her tongue against my asshole. I shuddered with pleasure as she probed my opening with her velvety tongue. She curled her fingers and inserted them into my pussy exploring it till she found my g-spot which she worked with frenzy. The combination of her tongue against my ass and her fingers was incredible. I shuddered, and my body arched as I flooded her fingers with my cum. At the same time, Sabrina erupted in her orgasm and flooded my mouth and face with her sweet and salty cum.

The three of us had orgasmed almost simultaneously. I lovingly licked all traces of cum from Sabrina while feeling Megan do the same to me. I was released from the headlock Sabrina had placed on me and lay back on the floor my body heaving with pleasure.
Looking up, I noticed that our future sisters were standing in a circle around us and while we had been involved with each other, they must have been fingering each other as they watched our performance.

I leaned over and kissed Megan and thanked her for what she had done for me. The three of us ended up in a group hug, and for the first time, I realized that they would be my sisters.

Angel again took the floor. “Okay ladies, it's lunch time, and after lunch, we will assemble in the bedrooms. Evie, you will get your wish at that point. Get ready to have dessert with me.”

To be continued…

My heartfelt thanks to JefferyB for his friendship and for the excellent editing of my stories.



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