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The Halloween Party

I see more than I needed to at a very wild and sexual Halloween Party.
(episode 18) This follows College Sexscapades

I believe it was a Monday morning while sitting in class next to Brittany that she asked what I was doing for Halloween the next night. I told her that I was planning to go over to my fraternity house for the Halloween party there.

Brittany then asked, “What costume have you come up with for Halloween?”

I responded, “I haven't come up with anything yet, but I will be at the party.”

Brittany then informed me, “Jennifer, Renee and I are going to a huge Halloween Keg Party dressed as Gothic chicks.”

Brittany pulled a paper handout from her book bag and gave it to me. It advertised the party along with the directions to the party. As best as I can remember it said there was a $15 cover charge and all the keg beer you could drink. The flyer also said something about cocktails and bottled beers being a dollar each and very interesting was the fact that a cash prize was going to be given to the sexiest costume.

Brittany said, “I am pretty sure Jennifer has finally really broken up with the football player she’s been seeing.”

“In fact,” Brittany informed me, “Jennifer thought I might ask you to meet us at the party, she’d like to see you.”

My pride was still very hurt from what Jennifer had done to me when she believed that I had cheated on her and I still was not quite in the mood to forgive her. So I emphatically stated, “Jennifer and I are finished, I don’t see any need to come over to that party.”

Brittany looked rather disappointed and then added, “Jennifer really wants me to talk you into coming over.”

I did not respond to her statement.

“Look,” Brittany added, “She has really been wanting to get back with you, like I mean she really does! It has been killing her that you haven’t called her or attempted to get back with her.”

My response to that was to make a big deal out of rolling my eyes in disbelief.

Undaunted, Brittany went on to tell me that the night that they had found out the truth about Jackie’s lies that Jennifer had cried all night. Brittany also said that Jennifer has been trying to think of some way to make up with me and get back together.

I still did not respond hoping that she would quit talking about it.

Then Brittany said, “I am sure y’all will get back together sometime.”

I answered her very firmly, “Ain’t gonna happen!!”

I was sure that she relayed my response to Jennifer that evening.

The next day was Halloween and after class I decided that I should come up with a costume for the Halloween party at my fraternity house. I dug a pair of hunting camouflage pants out of the chest-of-drawers and put on my motorcycle boots, wore a black UnderArmour compression shirt that showed all my muscles and how small and ripped my stomach was. Then I got a white goalie hockey mask, spray painted it black and added my German WWII motorcycle helmet. I figured that I’d look like a psychotic killer or something.

I rode my motorcycle to the fraternity house and arrived soon after the time the party had started. It was not a huge Halloween party, just my fraternity and our girlfriends and of course our usual “little sisters” and following of groupie chicks.

My friends Chip and Nikki were going as Bonnie and Clyde, the famous 1920s bank robbing duo, while Katie, Kelly and Mary Beth had arrived at the party dressed as “Cats” from the famous Broadway musical.

While at the party I kept thinking about Brittany asking me to come to that Halloween party to see Jennifer and about Jennifer putting her up to asking me. I had already heard about Jennifer crying all night when she found out the truth about Jackie’s lies that had had caused our break up and knew that down deep inside I still felt very strongly for Jennifer.

Down deep I knew that I really wanted to go so I finally decided to ride over to that other party. I determined that Jennifer would not be expecting me since I had earlier emphatically told Brittany that I would not be there. I started thinking that Jennifer would be very surprised and excited to see me. I still had the invitation flyer with the directions and earlier had folded it up and put it in my hip pocket which was further proof to myself that I wanted to see Jennifer.

I really did not want any of my other friends to know what I was up to, so I discreetly eased out of the party, got on my motorcycle and looked over the directions. It was a quite a distance from fraternity row, just over the county line into one of the rural counties that border Athens-Clarke County, probably to avoid the overly aggressive Athens-Clarke police.

When I arrived I found that the party was in a big empty warehouse or old manufacturing plant, and the local county mounties (off duty deputies) were actually working as security, taking up the cover money at the entrance. I was amused by the fact that they were not checking anyone’s identification to make sure they were over 21 years old, the legal drinking age.

The party was really huge. Well over a thousand people inside, probably nearly all UGA students, and by the time I had arrived the event had been going on for more than a couple of hours. The constant thump of the dance music, strobe lights and such, made it seem like a huge Halloween rave.

I strolled around to see if I could find Jennifer, Brittany and Renee. I was looking for any chicks dressed gothic style since that was how they were supposed to be dressed. I got a beer and walked around for several minutes trying to find them amongst all the wild and weird Halloween outfits. I did see several gothic costumes but none had turned out to be them.

There were sure a lot of girls in very sexy provocative costumes though. I ran into about five chicks that were only wearing body paint. All five had very sexy bodies. I watched them for a few minutes as they danced and garnered much attention. It had taken me just a little while to determine that the only real clothing they had on were their shoes.

I searched the massive party more and came across two sexy chicks dressed as western cowgirls wearing cowboy hats and attire except no jeans, only leather chaps and sexy tiny lacy thong panties! I further discovered several chicks were in topless outfits and in see through tops with no bras! This certainly was a really wild Halloween Party much wilder than I had anticipated.

I looked and looked everywhere and still had not come across Jennifer, Brittany or Renee. I had drank a few beers by this time and was getting tired of that hot hockey goalie mask I had on but definitely wanted to surprise Jennifer when I came across her so I left it on.

Soon I really needed to pee. I started looking for the rest rooms and asked a couple of folks where the restrooms were. I kept getting generally poor vague directions. And as I began to feel more desperate to empty my bladder I finally discovered some rest rooms toward the back of the building and waited in line until I got to a urinal. By then the relief was utterly fantastic.

Feeling rejuvenated upon leaving the restroom I was more determined to find the girls. I noticed a couple of darkened hallways with people meandering in and out and noticed the strong smell of marijuana emanating from down the hall.

Being quite curious, drunk and with just a little desire to see if I might partake in the use of the marijuana, I made my way down the hall to check it out. Several old offices or other rooms were down this hallway, and all he rooms had the doors removed. Evidently there was still some furniture and chairs and such in the rooms and I soon discovered that people were hooking up for sex in the rooms and any passerby could see them. However, since everyone was drunk, stoned and on ecstasy and other stuff I am sure most of them could care less if anyone saw them fucking.

The thump of the dance music was getting more feint the further I walked. As I turned the corner I noticed something sounded like a porn movie being played. I came to one room that was bigger with a large open entrance, several people had gathered in there and it was the source for the smell of marijuana. This room was the source of the porn sounds too but it was no movie, it was for real.

The room was mostly dark. There were a few couches and chairs spread about. Some boxes pulled together and one table had a meth pipe and a couple of mirrors with remnants of white powder and razor blades laying there as if someone had been snorting coke. Several beer bottles and those plastic mixed drink cups sat there also.

But mostly I noticed partyers were sitting around making out and having sex. In fact several people were having sex, lots of people having sex! A guy in a pirate outfit was leaned back against the wall getting a blow job from a chick on her knees in a striped football referee’s costume (that was a funny sight!)

Next to them up against the wall was a couple making out, that guy in a baseball uniform with the hat backwards had his hand up her skirt working her pussy furiously, then I realized that it wasn’t a guy. It was another chick! Two chicks getting it on! I was enjoying watching that until one they both stopped and looked at me. At that I thought it best to move on and walked on further exploring the craziness in this room.
On a couch was a couple fucking, she had stripped off all her clothes and was on his lap going up and down on him. Sitting next to them on that same couch, another chick had her face buried in this guy’s lap giving him head, he was dressed as a prisoner with a fake plastic ball and chain hooked to his leg.

Then I noticed two chicks dressed in leather bondage attire squeezed together in a chair kissing like crazy. I did not know what to think of all this that I was seeing. It was rather shocking but I was enjoying the show.

I wondered around the room and noticed that the back door by the exit sign was propped open with a cement block to let some cool fall night air in the hot smoky room. Several students in Halloween attire were standing around passing a joint just outside that door.

I walked toward the back corner just taking in all the wild entertainment and thinking I might like to get a toke off of their joint. I then noticed a blonde chick sitting on a really big built tall guy’s lap sitting on a chair too small for him. His legs were outstretched forward while she was grinding up an down on him and kissing him passionately. She was wearing only a pair of black fishnet stockings and platform shoes, nothing else. I recognize the guy as one of the black guys from the basketball team. As I got a better look at the tattooes on the girl’s back I realized that it might be Renee! I walked by much closer to them to be sure and it was definitely Renee!

I wondered if Jennifer and Brittany could possibly be in this room somewhere so I walked further and I saw two black guys that I recognized as varsity football players with two white chicks bent over a desk fucking them both from behind very hard and furious while about six people were just standing around watching. All I could see from the rear view was that the two chicks both had on black thigh stockings and platform shoes. As I walked up beside them the one on the right had long blonde hair and it looked like Brittany. I got closer and I just froze in place totally startled. It was Brittany!

She was bent over getting fucked! Her skirt and things was on the floor by her feet. Then my heart really sank as I looked at the chick on her left bent over the desk getting fucked. Her head was turned looking back at the dude the other way and I could not see her face, but her hair and build and that lower back tattoo. That lower back tattoo gave her away. It was Jennifer. She had her right hand firmly gripping the front edge of the desk. The black football player fucking her then grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and I could clearly see her face.

This was not the black football player that she had been seeing but another guy. Because it was so dark I could not tell whether she was being analed or pussy fucked. A wave of heat and distress descended on me as it felt like hot blood was starting to pump through my arteries and veins.

I stood there watching, feeling as if this were not real and instead was having some kind of a dream. Both Jennifer and Brittany were wearing black lipstick and black eye shadow with pale make-up goth style just as Brittany had said they would be.

I was very angry. Really super pissed off would be the most accurate description. But I stood there watching in morbid curiosity. A strange inexplicable feeling that had my feet glued in place much as I had experienced months before when Jennifer had pulled off that revenge sex gangbang.

The longer I watched the more aroused I got. A feeling that I did not want to experience but could not stop. I knew that neither Jennifer or Brittany would know who I was disguised in that black goalie mask and German WWII helmet.

Jennifer and Brittany were moaning loudly and enjoying the hell out of it. I was standing close to four of the people watching, three girls and a guy. They were just standing there mesmerized watching Jennifer and Brittany bent over this desk getting their brains fucked out by these two black football players. The voyeurs were oblivious to anything else around them, maybe stoned but intently watching the sex scene in front of them.

Soon I notice one of the four watching, a girl just to my right dressed, I think as “Alice in Wonderland,” and she had started rubbing her pussy. She did not reach under her dress or anything, she was rubbing it through her dress. As she watched the fucking scene in front of her she squeezed her legs tightly together and kept rubbing her pussy.

She was petite and looked fairly cute as far as I could tell. She looked up at me looking at her rubbing her pussy but did not stop. She just turned her face back to the sex action in front of her, obviously turned on by the scene and not caring that I or anyone else was watching her masturbate. The scene around me was one of the most surreal things I had ever experienced. I wondered why the geeky guy in the group with the masturbating girl did not offer to fuck her.

I turned back to watching Jennifer and Brittany getting fucked. They were yelling out, “Oh Yes!” over and over, moaning loudly and screaming out in pleasure.

I was experiencing bizarre feelings of arousal that I had experienced months earlier when Jennifer had pulled that revenge sex gangbang stunt on me despite part of me resisting. My cock was throbbing completely erect in my pants. It had taken me quite awhile to try and eradicate those thoughts from my brain before and I really did not want to go through that process again.

It was obvious that both Jennifer and Brittany were very high on some drugs. It could have been ecstasy or even cocaine, probably both. I was so very angry at Jennifer. And I was angry at myself. I was angry at Jennifer for being such a whore, and at myself for telling Brittany that I definitely would not come see Jennifer and acting like I never wanted to be with Jennifer again. I had no doubt her anger at my refusal was a major factor in what I was seeing unfold before me.

For just a second I thought about grabbing the masturbating girl and fuck her right in front of Jennifer tossing my mask and helmet off so she could see who I was. I had no doubt the masturbating girl would have let me because she kept looking back at me with horny hungry eyes while she furiously rubbed her pussy.

But then I thought I did not want to have anymore to do with this weird surreal scene and I had surely seen enough of Jennifer getting fucked. I wanted to get the hell out of there so I turned left in a hurry.

I do not even remember walking down that hallway but when I reached the main party I removed the German helmet and pulled off the annoying hockey mask. I had walked about halfway toward the entrance when above the thumping music I heard someone calling out my name. I turned toward the scream and recognized Amber. Amber was the wild slutty blonde that I had hooked up with a few times at the beginning of my freshman year. (See Welcome to College!, episode 1 and Welcome to College Part 2!, episode 2.)

Amber was wearing an old fashioned white nurses costume, the white nurses hat, white dress, white stockings, white shoes and was walking quickly toward me. She was smiling and laughing and gave me a really big hug when she reached me. I had not seen Amber since the previous spring.

Amber asked who I was with and when I said I was alone she further asked, “Are you not seeing that dark haired chick (Jennifer) anymore?”

I told her that I wasn’t seeing anyone. At that Amber grabbed both my hands and pulled them together in front of her, shrugged her shoulders, smiled at me and giddily said, “Good!”

Then Amber pulled me to the dance floor and said, “Let’s dance!”

I danced one dance with her but since I really did not want to stay at the party anymore I told her that I wanted to leave.
Amber said, “Take me with you!”

I paused and looked at her and eagerly said, “C’mon!”

She had a huge smile and giggled. I led her by the hand to the entrance and got my jacket at the coat check. Amber did not have a coat so I put my jacket on her.

I was glad had an extra helmet with and had it locked it to the bike, something I did a lot because I often ended up with a rider. And Amber was very excited when she saw we were leaving on a motorcycle. I knew that it was going to be a cold ride for me with no jacket. We hopped on my bike and went back to my place as I my body, especially my arms and neck ached from the cold wind.

I tried to be very quiet as we came in the back door of the house but as I got to my bedroom door, Kelli, still in her Cats costume, met us coming around the corner.

Kelli said, “Hi Amber!” And the girls exchanged pleasantries.

Then as Amber and I entered the room I turned back to close the door behind me and saw Kelli with sparkling mischievous eyes almost about to laugh, looking at me and using her forefinger in her fist to make a fucking gesture as she also playfully stuck her tongue out at me. I instantly knew that all of my friends would be hearing about this the next day.

By the time I had turned my head back toward Amber she was facing me, the top of her white nursing dress already unbuttoned and she was unhooking her bra. The next thing I knew I was laying on the bed naked and Amber, wearing only those white thigh stockings, had her head bobbing up and down on me as she was giving me a wild wet sloppy blow job.

After she had licked and slobbered all over my cock and balls she aggressively crawled up and buried her crotch on my face. Her big puffy pink wet pussy lips were just what I needed to get that scene of Jennifer getting bent over that desk at the party off my mind.

Amber rode my face until she achieved her first orgasm of the night. My face, chin and nose were soaked with her juices by the time she slid down onto my torso and onto my really hard throbbing cock. Amber soon ended up in a squatting position, her feet on each side of me, hunched down bouncing up and down on my dick as she slowly rotated around into a reverse cowgirl. The view of her tight sexy ass bouncing up and down on me disappearing onto my pulsating cock was quite an exciting thing to watch.

Seeing her pussy lip spreading out around my shaft and engulf me down to my nuts was an intensely erotic scene. Amber was so very wet and her juices were soaking my crotch, something I absolutely love. Wanting to take every advantage of this position I reached under her and fingered her clit as she went up and down on me and my fingers were soon soaked and sticky.

Once she was tired of that position Amber just lunged straight ahead spreading her legs, making her ass stare me in the face. She turned toward me and said, “Fuck me in the ass!”

I said that I should get some lube and Amber said, “No your dick is wet enough, just put it in!”
I did just as Amber said and found that though it felt very tight, it still did not take that much effort to push my cock into her asshole.

Then Amber said, “You can spit on it every now and then.”

I was not that experienced with anal at that time. Jennifer and I had done some experimentation several months before but not a great deal.

I continued to fuck Amber in the ass for awhile in the doggy position, spitting on her asshole every now and then just as she had instructed. When I reached under her to try and finger her clit I found her pussy was still absolutely dripping wet.

I finally came in her ass. By then Amber said that she had also had another orgasm. So I pulled out and fell back on my bed. Amber snuggled up in my arms and we lay there for several minutes. For awhile we did not say anything. I do not think we needed to say anything.

Finally, Amber broke the silence, “I sure am glad I found you at the party.”

“Yea, me too,” I answered.

Soon after that Amber asked If I would take her back to her sorority house on my motorcycle. Of course I said I would. Remembering the cold ride back to my house having lent Amber my jacket I made sure grabbed an extra one for myself.

Before we left my bedroom Amber noticed the panties hanging from the deer antlers and as she got dressed she giggled and said, “So are all those panties your trophies?”

I was a little embarrassed thinking of it that way and responded, “It’s just something some of the girls started.”

Amber did a little girl style giggly laugh and said, “Let me add mine to your collection.”
Then she grabbed hers and hung them over an antler.

I had not really noticed Amber’s panties before because we got undressed so fast. They were white and had been part of her nurses costume and had the words “Horny Nurse” printed on the crotch. I looked at them hanging up there and laughed knowing I would really catch hell from my friends the next day.

I took Amber back to her sorority house on my motorcycle as she held onto me really tight. Upon arriving at her sorority house Amber said, “I’m really excited that you’ve got a motorcycle now, you better come over and give me some rides.” Then she kissed me on the lips and trotted up the walkway and disappeared in her sorority house.

When I returned from taking Amber home, Kelli, Katie, Mary Beth, Nikki and Chip were waiting on me to tease me about the “Horny Nurse” panties. (Those “Horny Nurse” panties hung from the antlers until I eventually moved out after graduation.)

The next day I sent matching texts via cell phone to Jennifer and Brittany. I told them that they sure put on a good fuck show bent over those desks. In no time Brittany called me and asked how I knew. I told her that I saw them in action. At first Brittany tried to act like nothing happened until she realized that I knew the details and had really seen it.

I told her I was in a hockey goalie mask. But I think that she and Jennifer were so enamored in their activity they had been completely unaware of a guy in a black hockey mask and a German WWII helmet.

Brittany seemed a little embarrassed at first when I next saw her in class. But then she, sitting next to me in class, leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Did you get a hard on?”

I did not respond so she then leaned over sensually touched my thigh and erotically licked my ear whispering, “I hope you did.”

A few people in class sitting around us noticed all this and looked either quite amused or annoyed.

When I got back to house I found a long email on my computer from Jennifer which was basically an angry tirade. She wanted to know why I had come to the party after saying that I was not going to and trying to throw the blame for our not getting back together all back on me. She said I was to blame for not forgiving her for the revenge sex scheme, and for her dating the football player as well the hook up at the Halloween party.

I emailed her back and reminded Jennifer that never once did she ask me to forgive her, or tell me that she was sorry and that she had not even told me herself that she wanted to get back together. I went on in my email to her to say that I never wanted to see or hear from her again.

As it turned out I was wrong about that...
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