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The Student Body

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Sex bridges the generation gap as online friends meet
I need to open my eyes. Come on, wake up.

I blearily blink my eyes. I’m lying on my back; naked in an unfamiliar bed in an unfamiliar room. How long have I been asleep? Why am I still wearing my watch?

I turn my head to the right and see her. She’s lying in the bed on her side with her back to me, propped up on one elbow. Naked as well, from what I can see. The rhythmic tapping telling me she’s working on her laptop, maybe that’s what woke me. What’s she doing? An essay? Her dissertation? Maybe she’s on the website where we met. I choose to not lean over and check - more from my own laziness than any respect to her privacy.

I look at the back of her head - her mid-length chestnut hair falling straight and loose, resting on her soft, fair skin. Her body describing a smooth arc to the sheet that obscures her bottom half, just revealing a hint of her pert, round, peach of a backside. I extend my right hand to reveal a little more, fingers hooking under the sheet to slide it a few inches down her hip. She speaks.

“Are you checking out my bum?”

“Of course I am,” I croak back to her.

“I made some tea for you, it’s on the side. I’m just finishing something.”

I turn to my left and see one of the Seven Dwarves smiling back at me on the side of a chipped mug. I reach out for it, it’s still warm to the touch as I pick it up. I take a big gulp and wince as I taste the sugar she’s put in it - a sign of how unfamiliar we still are to each other. It’s probably how her dad takes it. I hate it when she compares me to him. Though to be fair, I’m far closer in age to him than I am to her. I drink it anyway.

Scanning her messy bedsit, I slowly piece together the events that brought me here. The two hour drive up this afternoon, meeting up with her and her friends in the Union Bar. Just seeing them together made me feel old and question what the hell I was doing there. Then she brought me back here.

I can see the door we fell through, kissing passionately - grabbing and removing each other’s clothes before it had even shut behind us. The wall I pushed her against, lifting her up and wrapping her legs around me. Where I forced my eager cock into her tight wet slit. Ramming her hard and urgently. Her nails digging into my back.

I can see where I tossed her on to her hands and knees on the bed, grabbed her hips and slammed her from behind - so deep, my hips slapping against her butt. Smiling at me over her shoulder as I hammered her tender pussy.

And that’s where she knelt at my feet and sucked her juices from my cock. Looking up at me for approval as I held her head and shot my load down her throat.

I remember falling back on to the bed, completely spent. I must have drifted off not long after.

“How long have I been asleep?”

“Only, an hour or so, I guess,” she replies. She then turns her head; her sparkling eyes meeting mine, she flashes that irresistible smile at me. “You snore.”

“Oh yeah, sorry about.”

“Don’t be. I’ve never been with a guy that snores before - it’s cute,” she giggles; turning over, slipping an arm across me and resting her chin on my chest.

“Cute? Tell my wife that.” Why did I say that? I see the joy drain from her face and I start to hate myself. To her credit she lightens the mood again.

“Anyway, it wasn't the worst noise you made while you were asleep, stinky,” she sighs, her smile slowly returning.

She then gives me a look of innocence only she and the devil could get away with.

She slides her body on top of mine, her lips meeting mine as her legs open across me. I breathe her in - tip of her tongue playing with mine. My large hands stroking down her back to grip her firm soft butt.

My cock stands to attention between her thighs. She rotates her hips to make her wet pussy lips rub against my shaft. Building the heat between us.

She lifts her hips engaging my cock head, I start to rock my hips to ease it inside her. I can feel her stretching around me, her breath short, her hands gripping me. She straightens her arms, propping herself up and easing herself back to take my full length. Her eyes burning straight into mine.

I can see her pussy lips stretched tight around my shaft - glistening with her juices.

Pushing up hard into her, I take hold of one of her firm bouncing breasts - pinching her pointed nipple. She tilts her hips in waves - bending my rigid shaft against her soaked pussy walls - rubbing my cock head against her deep sweet spot. Her hands on my hard chest.

I feel her dripping cunt clenching around me - making me push harder and deeper. Her hair falling loose in front of her face as her moans get deeper and louder.

My muscles tensing and stiffening as I get closer, I clamp my hands to her hips. My knuckles turning white from the strength of my grip on her. I jolt as I explode inside her.

She throws herself against my chest, shuddering as she releases - my cock pulsing inside. Her pussy tightening, locking me inside - squeezing every drop from me.

My arms wrapping tight around her, holding her to me. I can feel all the strength draining from her - she’s shaking on my chest. I hold her, reassuring her as her breathing slowly returns to normal. Hearts pounding against each other - her face nuzzling into my neck.

Her turn to sleep. My eyes are wide open.
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