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The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party

Crazy horny college kids go on a football game roadtrip.
episode 27 (This follows “Getting Nekkid With a Cheerleader”)

The annual football game between the University of Georgia and the University of Florida is a very unique clash. Rather than alternating the game on each other’s campus, the two universities have met in Jacksonville, Florida since 1933. The tickets sold to the event are divided equally between the two universities, so that both teams fans show up in equal numbers. The crowd is enormous and the festive party atmosphere that surrounds the game includes massive tailgating and an entire weekend long party. Many decades ago the outrageous party antics of this event earned it the nickname, “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.” If you ever get to attend you will absolutely agree with that moniker.

Before my senior year I had been to the Georgia-Florida football game just twice in my life. My granddad took me to the game in 1997 when I was still a kid and the Dawgs beat the Gators 37-17. My freshman year at UGA I went with some of the upperclassman in my fraternity and the Dawgs won that one 31-24. All of us stayed in one room at a rather rundown Motel 6, and I had to sleep in the floor. Of course we stayed so drunk it didn’t really matter.

Despite the fact that Georgia leads the entire series, the Dawgs had not done very well against the Gators in a while. My friends knowing that the only two games I had been to in that series had been won by us, thought I might be a good luck charm and they all demanded that I go. It didn’t take much coaxing to make me want to and fortunately I had enough money to finance my trip. Tickets, however, which are always very difficult to obtain to that game, were especially hard to get on 2007, and I really wanted my friends to go with me.

We needed some luck and we got some! My buddy Chip’s dad always carried a group of his business clients to the game. That year a series of events messed up their plans and Chip’s dad called him and asked if he wanted the tickets and could take several of his friends if he wished. As soon as he told us a huge celebration rocked our little rental house! We were getting 8 tickets and two condos at St. Simons Island, Georgia for the entire weekend. We could not believe our luck. We quickly arranged our group. Our game safari wound up being Chip and Nikki; my current girlfriend, Mary Beth and myself; Kelli and Mack (another fraternity brother); and Vic and Barbi, who had just got back together after dating the previous spring.

Of course we had to caravan down to St. Simons in our two largest vehicles, Chip’s huge ancient, faded out Chevy Suburban (which embarrassed the girls to no end and they dubbed it “the tank”) and my old but completely restored like new, Nissan Pathfinder. That trip did not result in our usual war of mooning and flashing each other from our vehicles because we took the straightest route to St. Simons Island from Athens which is nearly all two lane highway though the country passing through many small towns. But that did not stop the fun...

We were on the way to the game and getting close to Wrightsville, Georgia, where an old Georgia Bulldog superstar, Herschel Walker, is from, so Mary Beth turned to Vic and Barbi sitting in the backseat and declared that she thought it would be good luck if she sucked my dick as I drove through Wrightsville.

Startled to the point of shock I just shouted, “WHAT?”

Barbi then declared that if Mary Beth sucked my dick, she would suck Vic’s. I was in the process of asking how the girls sucking our dicks as we drove through Herschel Walker’s old home town would bring good luck and before I knew it Mary Beth had my belt unbuckled, pants unzipped and my cock out and in her mouth!

Mary Beth’s head was bobbing up and down in my lap and of course it didn’t take five seconds for my cock to be at full erection. I was trying to keep my Pathfinder on the road while Mary Beth was slobbering on my cock! (This was not the first blow job I had ever received while driving and certainly not the last!) I looked in the rear-view mirror and Vic was leaned back with a half smile of ecstasy on his face. I could see the back of Barbi’s head bobbing up and down on him. About that time I saw what looked like a “county mountie” (local police) parked at the side of the road running radar, hoping to catch speeders and make some revenue off of folks driving to the Georgia-Florida game.

Fortunately, I wasn’t speeding but was worried he would see the girls’ heads bobbing in our laps and realize what was going on and pull us over, charging us with public indecency, committing a lewd act or something. As we passed he didn’t see the girls at all, with their heads below the window, but he did stare menacingly at us as I passed him by. All the way through Wrightsville the girls were sucking us off and just after we passed through that little town I finally came, Mary Beth swallowing my cum and making slurpy noises.

Soon Vic loudly exclaimed, “Barbi made me cum all over your new upholstery!” After all the hard work and expense I’d put into restoring my Nissan my heart just sank and I yelled, “What the hell?”

“Yea it’s all over the back of your seat,” exclaimed Vic.


“So sorry dude!”


Then Barbi's indignant voice rang out, “I did not!”

She leaned up between the seats almost in my face and opened her mouth and showed me Vic’s cum in her mouth. “See, it’s not on your seat!”

Grossed out, I jerked my head back and yelled, “You could’ve just told me!”

Vic, Barbi and Mary Beth were all dying laughing at me.

I told them I would get even with them by stopping and buying some boiled peanuts to eat.

They started yelling, “No way!”

“Yes I’m going to eat some boiled peanuts and fart all the way to St. Simons!”

I was really laughing hard and they believed me. I was just kidding though, I didn’t want to fart all the way to St. Simons either. Boiled peanuts are very tasty but eating them has its consequences! Never eat them in a car with the windows up or you’ll regret it.

Finally after several restroom stops and one dinner stop at a fantastic hole-in-the-wall, wood-shavings-on-the-floor, old run down barbecue joint (the kind that always has the best barbecue), we arrived at St. Simons Island. It seemed like the entire Dawg Nation was there. More than once we stuck our heads out the window of my Pathfinder to bark “Woof! Woof!” at fellow Bulldogs walking by.

As we were about 200 feet from the entrance to our condos I saw a group walking down the sidewalk. To my surprise and everyone else’s too, there was my once very serious ex-girlfriend, Jennifer! She was with Mr. Rich Law Student Asshole and some other overly dressed snoots. Of course she recognized us as we turned onto that road. Jennifer waved at us then bent over flipped her skirt up, her ass cheeks exposed in a thong and mooned us while she was dying laughing.

Mr. Rich Law Student Asshole and his snotty friends didn’t look very amused at her antics but everyone in my vehicle was laughing our asses off! She repeated the entire maneuver when she saw Chip behind us in his huge Suburban. In my rear-view mirror I saw Kelli flash her titties at Jennifer and everyone in the Suburban laughing like crazy. Of course Jennifer was standing on the sidewalk laughing but not those assholes with her. They just had snotty smirks on their faces.

Upon unpacking we all got dressed in all red and black Georgia Bulldog colors for the evening’s activities and headed out for a night of eating, drinking and partying. While our gang was out eating at a seafood restaurant we ran into Jennifer again with those snotty assholes. Of course Jennifer put on a big friendly show and gave most of us a hug, all except Mary Beth. You could cut the tension between them with a knife.

Later my gang ended up over on Jekyll Island at a huge Bulldog party with a few thousand other Dawg fans. The band was playing that (ancient to me) “beach music” that sounds like early 1960s dance music. Bulldog people of all ages were there. Old folks were smashed drunk and dancing their asses off! We all did some dancing too. It felt strange dancing to that but it was fun, we were drunk, so of course it was fun! All kinds of Bulldog cheers were yelled and we all sang Glory To Ole Georgia a few times, the version where we sing “and to hell with Florida” instead of the usual “and to hell with Georgia Tech!”

We were all really shit-faced drunk by the time we got back to the condos. But not too drunk to fuck! Mary Beth wore my ass out that night for what seemed like forever. First she gave me a really long, sloppy wonderful ‘make me wanna scream’ blow job! Once I had cum she got me up again! And we started fucking! And we could hear Kelli and Mack fucking loudly through the wall in the next condo. I knew it was their first get together and Mack had been desperately wanting to fuck Kelli since we were all freshman together four years before.

The next day I discovered Mary Beth had left ‘hickies’ on my crotch and belly. Yes! ‘hickies’ those little purple places where she sucked the blood up to the surface of the skin. When I asked her about them she just laughed. I wasn’t too fond of having hickies.

We went out for breakfast, came back and got dressed in our game attire. I wore my usual knee length khaki cargo shorts, a red UGA short sleeve polo style shirt, Georgia Bulldog print boxers underneath, no socks, grungy white running shoes, and a 10 year-old white worn out Georgia Bulldog cap that has never been washed and painted my face half red and half black. (The only time I ever painted my face for a game.)

Mary Beth was in tight white ‘camel toe’ shorts and a red UGA shirt and a Bulldog sticker on her cheek. (When I say ‘camel toe’ I mean a really GREAT camel toe!)

All eight of us piled into Chip’s Suburban for the trip over to Jacksonville, Florida. It’s not that far from St. Simons Island. Of course we all ‘booed’ loudly when we crossed over the state line into Florida. We found an overpriced place to park, and set up our little tailgate and drank a lot of Jack Daniels bourbon! Thousands of tailgate parties were set up all over the place in the vicinity of Alltel Stadium. There were even thousands of people without tickets that had set up satellite TV dishes and party tents. They were gathered around drinking, eating and planning to watch the game right there on TV just outside the stadium. With the huge amounts of alcohol being consumed this truly was the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party!

We were feeling very rowdy by the time we went into the stadium for the game. I think everyone was. All of our seats were together. We didn’t know what to expect from the game. The Bulldogs had been great in several games but had been flat and horrible against Tennessee earlier that season, whereas the Florida Gators were the defending national champions. The Dawgs scored first and to everyone’s surprise the entire team ran onto the field and celebrated in the end zone. I’d never seen that at the beginning of the game. Of course the Dawgs got penalized for that but it seemed to stir them into a frenzy. The game turned out great! Great, that is, for Bulldog fans as the Dawgs started putting a whipping on the Gators. The place was so loud and wild! And in the 4th quarter the Gator fans were heading for the exits as we taunted and yelled at them. My Georgia Bulldogs beat the Florida Gators 42-30! I had no voice left by the end of the game from yelling so much.

We made it back to St. Simons Island and we raised hell and celebrated for hours! What is it about winning a big game makes the sex that night so much better? While out partying we came across people having sex. Once we saw a couple standing up fucking behind a restaurant. And several times we noticed people fucking in parked cars in parking lots. In one bar when I went to the restroom there was a girl in the hallway on her knees sucking a guy’s cock as he stood there.

It was very late when Mary Beth and I got back to the condo. We started kissing like mad! Our clothes got strewn all over the place as we headed down the hall, simultaneously Vic and Barbi were pulling each other’s clothes off and they disappeared into their bedroom just as Mary Beth and I entered ours.

First I was going down on Mary Beth, of course with a lamp on. Her hot naked body and puffy pink pussy lips would have been just a waste in the dark. I thoroughly loved her juicy goodness dripping all over my chin and taking in the musty erotic aroma exuding from her horny snatch. I licked her until she orgasmed and couldn’t take it anymore begging me to stop! Afterward she gave me an extra sloppy wet blow job and had me moaning, groaning and wallering all over the bed. Then we got on to the next stage and I fucked her missionary, then doggy style with the bed banging in rhythm against the wall, before she fucked me cowgirl style and then asked me to fuck her in the ass! I don’t even remember going to sleep!

It was one hung over drive all the way back up to north Georgia with UGA flags waving from the vehicles, the score painted on the windows and Bulldog head magnets on the vehicle doors. Finally seeing Athens was like entering heaven. It is Mecca to the DawgNation. We were starved to death and stopped at The Varsity to eat. Only college kids are crazy enough to eat something so greasy while hungover and worn out, but for me those three chili dogs, two hamburgers, french fries and an icy Coke tasted like a delicacy that day.

While I was wolfing those chili dogs and burgers down like a starved-to-death, uncivilized barbarian, in walked Jennifer with Mr. Rich Law Student asshole and another snotty couple. They stopped at our table and Mr. Asshole made a snide comment I did not like about my tray, packed with greasy food.

I said to him, “You better move on you wimpy asshole or I will ram this chili dog up your sissy ass!” And I meant it and really wanted to do it!

He turned white as a sheet, stiffened up and couldn’t think of anything to say in rebuttal but was mostly scared to. I am sure he remembered what I previously had done to him playing intramural football. Then he just turned and left. Jennifer stood there staring at him walking away. She clearly didn’t approve of him backing down. After a few seconds she followed him in a bit of a huff that left my table of friends snickering.

After we finished eating and were leaving I saw Jennifer sitting with those assholes and she glared at me, giving me an angry 'go to hell' look. Mary Beth grabbed my hand and made sure Jennifer saw that she did as we walked out to our vehicles with Mary Beth holding my hand very lovingly. I think Mary Beth turned and gave Jennifer one of those not-so-friendly smiles that alpha girls do to each other when they are competing.

I wasn’t quite sure why I disliked that guy with Jennifer as much as I did. I hated him much worse than the black football player during that ordeal two years before. I think I knew he was just a fad for her. This guy was different. He was from Jennifer’s rich, blue blood, upper class! His family was rich as hell, the kind of rich that none of them ever actually have to have a real job. They just sit on different Boards of Directors while their centuries-old investments roll in. I really hated the thought of that asshole fucking her!

Then I began asking myself why I couldn’t just be happy with Mary Beth.

My collegiate series will be continued in, “A Holiday Party Turns Naked!”
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