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Welcome to college!!!! (episode 1)

A naive freshman's introduction to college.
I had heard all through high school just how wild things were at UGA. Soon I would get quite an introduction and learn just how naive I really was. My best friend, Billy and I, had just unpacked our things into our new dorm room and set everything up that afternoon, our very first day at college.

Up to that time I had only had sex with two girls in my life. My high school girlfriend had been Mandy, a high school cheerleader and life long friend. We had given our virginity to each other and had fumbled around having sex since we were sixteen. We were just getting good at it when we broke up after high school graduation. We broke up because we were going to different colleges, exploring new worlds without each other. In the weeks before college I had hooked up with a girl on the lake for my only other experience.

After settling in, we went to The Varsity for chilidogs and fries and later went out to meet Billy’s older brother for a party at his place in a house he and his gang rented just outside Athens in a rather secluded area. Billy’s older brother, Jake, though from a good family, had always been the hometown wild child, so we didn’t know what to expect. It was about 10 pm when we arrived and there was maybe a hundred people there, inside and out. I was in total shock at all the hot looking college girls there wearing tiny skirts. Everyone was drinking beer from kegs and a lot of people were really drunk.

A really cute petite brunette chick had been hitting on me earlier and later she and a cute blonde were hitting it up with Billy's brother and some other guys. The girls were easily drunk and possibly on some ecstasy or something, because they were all over the guys. After a while they disappeared into one of the bedrooms.

Billy’s brother, Jake, came out and asked us if we wanted to get our first college pussy. We just stared at him dumbfounded and not able to utter a word. He just said, “Get in here, these girls want to get gangbanged!”

We walked in and watched in disbelief as the girls were taking their tops, skirts and panties off. They laughed, demanding that all the guys, “Get nekkid!”

There were eight of us guys in the room that had two twin beds. The brunette girl had her sorority greeks tattooed next to her pussy and both girls were shaved with tans and had sexy toned bodies. The first two guys went down on the girls as the girls were sucking off other guys. Soon everybody was taking a turn on the girls, mostly fucking them missionary or doggie. When it came our turn Jake yelled at us to “Get in there and fuck them.” I was on one bed fucking the blonde dogstyle and Billy on the other bed dogging the brunette.

The gangbang did not stop until each guy had fucked both girls. The girls were really into it. The blonde kept yelling, “Fuck me harder!” over and over again and saying, "Give me that cock!" The brunette was just as loud and vocal. We all used condoms and they ended up in a pile on the floor. The girls gave each guy a quick kiss and said "Thanks!" before they left.

That night I could not sleep, playing over the events in my head. It was the wildest scene I had ever participated in up until that time. What was really crazy though, was that I ended up having a class with both those girls that fall semester in one of those large auditorium classes.

The two gangbang girls, the brunette and the blonde, ended up in my political science class. I saw them the first day across the auditorium. It was a couple of days before I could make contact with them and I caught them outside before class.

The brunette said that I looked familiar and the blonde agreed, so I told them I was at the party the other night. The blonde just came out and asked if I had I fucked them. I replied that I was one of the guys. I told them my name and they told me theirs, Kathy and Amber.

Kathy, the brunette, wanted my cell phone number, so I gave it to them both and the girls put it into their phones as I got their numbers too. All the while I talked to them, my cock was getting hard in my blue jeans and I was embarrassed to be pitching a tent right there in front of them with dozens of people walking by.

I ended up sitting next to them in the next class. Kathy and Amber were both sophomores and sorority sisters. After that class, Amber, the blonde, asked if I knew the tall guy with long blonde hair that participated in the gangbang. I only knew that he was a friend of Billy’s brother. I told her I could find out and she said, ”Great!” Then we all went on our separate ways to our next classes.

Later that evening Amber called me and asked if I had found out who that guy was. I told her I’d call back and I called Jake and got his name and number for her and dialed her back up. The next day at class she told me “Thanks!” She had hooked up with that guy late that evening! I remember wondering if all college girls were so open and forward.

Late Saturday afternoon after the football game, I was partying with some friends at an 'after game' tailgate when my cell rang and it was Amber. She was upset that the blonde guy had stood her up for a date to the game. She then asked me if I wanted to come over to her dorm that night. I told her that would be great and then she asked where I was. I told her that I was on North “Old” Campus, not far from the Arch, and she asked if she could come by.

It wasn’t twenty minutes until she showed up. She was wearing the typical UGA coed September football game attire, a very short and low cut red party dress. (A lot of girls switch to tiny black dresses after the weather cools later in the football season.) Amber looked very sexy!

After drinking a few beers with our tailgating group Amber wanted to know if I’d walk downtown with her. So we crossed the street and strolled around the downtown area just taking in all excitement from the large crowd celebrating another Bulldog victory and gathering downtown for the evening's after game party and social affair. We found one bar we could get into that wasn’t “carding” (checking I.D.’s) and danced for a while, drank a few long neck Buds and then headed back to Amber’s dorm.

When she closed the door to her dorm room, Amber grabbed me and started deep tongue kissing me and breathing very heavy. She walked over to her bed and looked at me seductively, easing the straps of her dress off her shoulder and it slid to the floor, revealing the fact that she had worn no panties under her dress all day. I came to her and we started kissing with her caressing my cock through my khaki shorts.

She pulled off my shirt and shorts and we fell back onto her bed. Amber then crawled on top of me and moved around so that we were in the sixty-nine position and she started sucking my cock. I obliged by eating her pussy which tasted slightly pungent and musty and got really wet. I wasn’t that experienced at eating pussy yet, but gave it my best shot. I found that she didn’t mind giving me instructions. On the other hand she sucked my dick like a pro. Amber had sucked a lot of dicks before.

After a few minutes Amber asked me to fuck her and I crawled on top missionary. She had left the lights on and I found that to be really exciting (my high school girlfriend usually wanted the lights off.) Amber’s pussy felt incredible as I pushed into her and she started moaning loud and talking quite nasty to me. She sure did not mind using the words “fuck, pussy and cock” while we fucked. She wrapped her legs around me tight and humped back at me hard when I thrust into her. We stayed in the missionary position quite a while and then I couldn’t last any longer and came really hard.

Amber asked if I wanted to stay over and I said, “Sure why not.”

She shared her dorm room with Kathy and they had one of those little dorm refrigerators. It was full of Natty Lites and wine coolers. She shared a wine cooler with me and we started making out again. This time she wanted to fuck dogstyle. I found I was able to last even longer than the first go round and we changed positions twice at her instructions. Amber got on top of me and fucked me cowgirl and then she turned around and fucked me in a reverse cowgirl up on her feet and squatted down on me where I could watch her ass go up and down on me and see her pussy taking my cock, leaving it all wet, in and out while she would turn her head to look at me. That’s when I shot my load in her again.

After that Amber turned the lights off and we curled up in her little bed. I had just about dozed off when the lights came on. It was Kathy and some guy. She quickly turned the lights back off and she and her guy pulled each other's clothes off and started having sex in her bed. They fucked wildly for what seemed like an eternity, with her on top and then him on top. Amber actually was sleeping with a slight snore. I did not know how she could sleep through that. After Kathy and her guy quit fucking, he got his clothes on and left. I then got some sleep.

In the morning after the sun was up, Amber woke me and said, “Let’s fuck!”

She crawled on top of me and started fucking me until I came. Kathy lay in her bed and acted like she was asleep. After fucking I got up and started putting my clothes on, then I noticed Kathy had her eyes open and was looking at me standing there naked. As I started to pull my boxers and shorts on Kathy smiled at me and then turned over to go back to sleep. I kissed Amber bye and headed back to my dorm. I felt like I was in some new wild world as I strolled back to my dorm... and indeed I was.

It had been around a week since spending the night with Amber. But I sat with them everyday in political science class. Kathy was already 20, a little old for a sophomore I thought. They were members of one of the smaller sororities that had probably the sluttiest reputation on campus. Evidently, Kathy and Amber were perfect fits. And I was discovering that there was a party somewhere every night in Athens. But I was adjusting to college and finding out that I better not go to all of those parties and study instead, unlike my best friend and roommate, Billy, who wasn’t coming in until the early morning hours each night.

Early Friday afternoon I received a text message from Amber asking if I had a fake ID and if I could help them get some beer and alcohol. I texted back that I did not have an ID but could probably get the beer and all for them. (I knew Billy’s older brother, Jake, could get whatever we needed.) Amber called me and said if I could get them a 12 pack of beer, several wine coolers and a bottle each of vodka, gin and tequila, and bring it to their room they would pay me back the money and make it worth my while. I called Jake and he said to meet him after class and he could get it all for me when they make their beer run that afternoon.

Jake and his friends got everything the girls asked for while I waited in the car. They actually came out with a shopping cart full of booze for their weekend and told me how much I owed them. I paid them and put my part of the booze in a big black plastic trash bag and loaded it my car and went to the girls' dorm. The black bag concealed from view what I was carrying. I called the girls and told them I was on the way and they said they’d pick up pizza and meet me at there dorm. Of course I ended up having to wait awhile for them before the girls got there.

Both girls showed up wearing tight low rise jeans and short tight tops. Kathy wore a little dangling belly button ring. They loaded the beer and wine coolers into their little fridge and I grabbed a piece of the pizza. They asked how much it cost and then they both gave me the money to cover the costs. We drank a couple of beers each and Kathy mixed some drinks while Amber rolled a joint. We all were laying back on Amber’s bed with the girls on each side of me eating pizza, drinking, and talking.

When we finished the pizza Amber lit up the joint and we smoked it together. Amber knew how to give shotguns and gave one each to me and Kathy. I was feeling really mellow when Amber gave me a sloppy tongue kiss, Kathy then pulled my face in her direction and kissed me too. I was turning my head back and forth making out with both of them. Kathy pulled my t-shirt off of me and started kissing my chest and Amber followed suit and in no time they were both pulling my shorts, shoes, socks and boxers off me. Amber started sucking my dick as Kathy stripped naked (I could see her little tattoo of her sorority greeks next to her pussy and a small lower back tattoo) and then she started sucking me while Amber stripped naked. These girls had obviously done this tag team thing before.

Kathy crawled up on me and laid her pussy right on my face. I remember that the musty smell of her pussy was quite arousing and I started licking her already wet pussy lips that were fat and a little droopy. Amber started licking my nuts and then licked all the way down my scrotum and until she licked my asshole. Damn! I had never had that done before and it felt great! Her wet tongue slid up and down on my asshole and back up my nuts and all over my hard as a rock cock. In a few minutes the girls traded positions with Amber on my face and Kathy licking my ass, sucking my nuts and cock!

Kathy climbed on me and eased my dick into her very wet pussy as Amber still straddling my face turned to face her. Kathy started grinding up and down on me while she and Amber started kissing and making all kinds of moaning and heavy breathing noises. Damn! Again this was a new thing for me! Kathy’s pussy felt really good. She was able do some contractions and tighten her pussy muscles that I had never experienced.

She told me not to let myself cum yet. I told her I was getting close and she reached down and grabbed my cock tight at its base and held it tight and squeezed and in a few seconds my urge to cum passed. We stayed like that for a little while longer then Kathy told me to get behind Amber. I positioned myself behind Amber and started fucking her doggy while Kathy lay in front of Amber with her legs spread and Amber started eating Kathy’s pussy.

Kathy was very vocal and saying, “Oh yes! Oh yes!” At the sight of that I couldn’t last too long and soon came hard inside Amber. I kept thrusting into her until I was too flaccid to penetrate anymore. I noticed as we wound it down how wet Amber’s face was from eating Kathy’s pussy and it looked really hot. And in a few minutes we were all just laying naked on the bed laughing.

The girls invited me to come over to their sorority house to hang out. We dressed and I followed them over there. There was a little party beginning to start as sorority girls and their boyfriends slowly gathered. I hung out for awhile until after dark. I was about to leave when Kathy approached me and told me to follow her. She took me out behind the sorority house and started kissing me then she unzipped my shorts and started fondling my cock and kissing me. Then Kathy unbuttoned them and pulled them down to my ankles and started sucking my cock and soon she had pulled her jeans off and told me to fuck her. She placed her hands leaning in, facing the back wall of the house and bent over and I hunched down enough to get my cock in her pussy from behind. I fucked her really hard and grabbed and squeezed her titties as I fucked her.

She was pretty loud and I was afraid someone would come to see what was going on. A girl and a guy did walk outside (I think they were looking for somewhere to fuck.) They ended up getting into a parked car not too far away. Kathy and I didn’t let them stop our fucking. After we had fucked for quite awhile, I actually was afraid I’d never cum, but I could finally feel it building up in me and told her I was going to cum. I remember her saying, “Oh yes! cum in me, cum in my pussy, damnit!” and I did!!! After that we just zipped up and she went back in the party and I left to go hang out with Billy and his brother, Jake, and gang.

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