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Welcome to College! part 2 (episode 2)

After a gorgeous exhibionist gives me a tease show I call on a new slutty friend for relief.
It was my third or fourth week into college at UGA and I was sitting in the north campus library studying intently when I finally noticed a super attractive tanned brunette coed sitting facing me at the table across from mine. That particular area we were in was practically vacant and very quiet. She looked to be about a junior or senior, had long straight brunette hair and was wearing a little short pastel sun dress. I could easily see under the table where she sat and noticed that her legs were apart just a little. It looked like she might not be wearing panties. She glanced toward me and startled I quickly looked back down at my book.

In about two or three minutes I looked back toward her and noticed that her legs were a little further apart and I realized she was definitely not wearing any panties. I could see enough of her crotch to see her pussy crevice and the bottom of what might be a landing strip style pubic trim job. Feeling guilty for being a peeping tom I put my face back into my book. However, curiosity was getting the better of me and I peeked at her again. Her legs were now even further apart revealing her entire landing strip trim job and a hint of her pussy lips.

I felt perspiration was breaking out all over me and my heart began to race. I didn’t want to get caught peeking but couldn’t stop. My cock was already erect in my pants. Then I looked up enough to see her brown eyes glaring right at me and her menacing stare made me think she was mad, I quickly peered back into my book, my Baptist upbringing making me fee really guilty for looking. But in a couple of minutes I peeked again. Her legs were spread much further apart and she was fanning them in and out slightly. I now could see much more of her pink pussy lips. The blood building up in my dick had it really pulsating. We made brief eye contact again as she looked up at me again and quickly back down at her book. Then she spread her legs wide apart and slid down into her chair more so I could see her pussy as much as possible. Now my heart was really pounding and I could barely breathe.

By now my throbbing erection was squeezing tight inside my khaki shorts pitching a rather big tent. I caught another glimpse of eye contact and then she looked around behind her and to each side as if to make sure no one else could see. Now my eyes were peeled on her intently. Then her hand slid underneath the table and she pulled her dress up a little higher to make sure I could see everything. Her legs were fanning in and out a little more and her pussy lips seemed to be more prominent. She reached under her dress and used her fingers to pry her pussy lips apart and she looked right at me then glanced around again. Then she gently caresses her pussy lips and clit area and her head fell back slightly as her eyes lids half closed with a look of pleasure and arousal on her face. I was really perspiring and just sitting there watching not having a clue if I should do anything at all. I think all the blood in my brain had by then rushed into my cock leaving me unable to think clearly anyhow.

Suddenly I heard some foot steps and a really big blondish guy stepped around the corner of the book shelves coming in our direction. The girl sat up quickly in her chair and looked at him and said hello as if she had been expecting him but not so soon. He walked over to her leaned over and gave her a quick kiss and sat down next to her. From his build, well over 6 feet tall and huge muscles this guy was obviously a scholarship football player. He looked like a really big linebacker, defensive end or tight end. I had hoped he didn’t notice me looking up his girlfriend’s dress because I didn’t think I’d stand a chance if he decided to whip my ass. Soon they both got up to leave and as they did the girl gave me a quick glance and smiled at me. Then they walked off holding hands.

I realized that I had encountered a true female exhibitionist and a damned good looking one at that. My brain was numb from this encounter and I was so horny I couldn’t hardly think. But I had to do something for relief. I wanted to go masturbate but I didn’t know if my roommate was in the dorm room or not and then I thought about Amber or Kathy. I had been talking and sitting next to both of them in political science class and it had been over a week since my last sexual encounter with them. I found myself dialing Amber’s number on my cell phone as I walked quickly out of the library. To my relief she answered her phone. I just blurted out, “I want to fuck your brains out!” Amber quickly replied, “Okay! – Hell Yeah!” I asked where she was and she said that she was at Tate (the Tate Student Center.) When I asked if we could meet at her dorm room she said no that Kathy was with some guy in the room and asked if she could meet at my dorm. I said yes (hoping my roommate would not be there, though ‘guy rules’ would apply and he would’ve had to vacate the room since I would’ve had a chick with me) and I told her which room number to come to.

Amber actually arrived there before me and was standing in the hall outside my door looking sexy and hot in a little short dress and sandals. I was really glad my roommate was not there. A few guys had noticed her and lingered in the hall to get a look at her. I walked up to Amber unlocked my door and grabbed her tight, pulled her into the room and closed the door. Then I pushed her back against the door and started kissing her lips and her neck. Amber worked her tongue all around mine as we kissed and she seemed as horny as I was. I didn’t even take the time to fondle her titties and immediately slid my hand under her dress discovering that she was not wearing panties and my fingers easily slid into her already wet pussy. I commented on how wet she was and she said, “I got wet when you called and said you wanted to fuck my brains out!”

We kissed for awhile as I finger fucked her and she unzipped and unbuttoned my shorts. My shorts fell to the floor around my ankles. Then I cupped my hands underneath her butt cheeks and lifted her up with her back up against my door. She used her hand to guide my dick into her pussy and I pushed into her as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I began fucking her hard and the door would bang, bang, bang with every thrust into Amber’s wet pussy.

Amber was a loud fuck and she was proclaiming in a loud commanding voice, “Fuck me! fuck me hard! oh yes! oh yes! fuck me!” I kept fucking her standing up holding her until my arms were getting tired and shaky.

“C’mon” I said to her and led her to the bed. She lay back on the bed her little dress in a wad around her waist with her legs spread wide apart, knees in the air and her pussy glistening from being sloppy wet. I started fucking her missionary style and tongue kissing while we fucked. She was making all kinds of noise and talking dirty. I kept telling her how great her pussy felt as I was fucking her.

I pulled her legs up over my shoulder and held them almost straight up and pounded deep into her pussy. Every time I thrust it was making a loud smacking noise as my torso pounded against her ass and crotch and the bed springs were squeaking loudly. Amber was fingering herself as I fucked her really hard and yelling out, “Fuck me hard!” When I came it felt like a torrent. It was a super hard orgasm that almost felt like I tore something loose inside my nuts and as if my brain had suddenly been released from a cloudy dream. I dropped down on the bed on my back in sweaty exhaustion. Amber lay over on me.

Then she quickly said that she was hungry and thirsty and asked if I wanted to go to the Huddle House. I said, “Why not?” and I put my shorts back on while she tried to straighten out her dress. As we went out the door several guys in the hall dispersed from the vicinity of my door. Obviously, they had been at the door listening to us fuck. I quickly noticed in the bright hall lights that Amber had a big wet spot on the front and back of her little wrinkled dress, that and her messy hair practically screamed “Just had sex!” As we started down the hall Amber yelled out, “I hope ya’ll enjoyed that, I know I did!” Then she giggled out loud and took me by the arm. She drove me across town in her car to the Huddle House where we had waffles and coffee. Wow! What a night, first getting all worked up by the exhibitionist at the library and then Amber to rescue my throbbing cock. I was really loving college!!!
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