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Welcome to the Club

A school club and its members aren't so innocent
It was once again a new school year and I was a transfer student at a brand new college. My old school was boring and too small, but this school was a new beginning. Let me introduce myself, I’m Bryan and a sophomore in college. I’m just your average guy that likes to have fun and everyone loves.

Being new to campus, I knew absolutely no one and the only way to get out and meet people was through clubs and activities. This one club in particular was my favorite of them all and this is the reason why.

After signing up for a few clubs I decided to sign-up for a club that dealt with the school events. On the night that I went, my world was flipped upside-down.

As I walk in, I noticed a group of eight girls my age sitting around chatting. I was a little nervous at first since no other guy was there.

“Attention ladies and gentleman, as you all know my name is Erin and welcome back to the club. It’s nice to see all of your faces again, but it looks like we have a new member. What your name buddy?” the club president announced.

“Oh… my name is Bryan and I’m a transfer here,” I told the group.

“Well, well, ladies it seem that our first make member decided to take part in our club. Alright, so Bryan welcome. Here at our club we like to introduce you to a fun game we like to call, fuck the new guy. In this game, the instructions are simple, get naked and let these young beautiful ladies and I see if you have what it takes to be a member of the club," Erin announced to me and the rest of the group.

“I… uh... uh," I was just speechless.

“Well maybe we can help you decide if we get naked first," she said trying to calm me down.

Just then all eight of them stripped down until they had nothing on. They all had gorgeous bodies to look at and oh and their tits were perfect to see, along with their perfect shaved pussies.

“Alright, I’ll do it!” I said.

My seven inch cock was rock hard and couldn’t stay in hiding any longer. So I stood up threw my shirt off revealing my six pack of abs that they gasped at. Then I stripped down to just my boxers.

Just then Lily, who was one of the group members, got down on her knees to have a front row seat. The rest of them did the same and got in front of me all wanting to get a better view. Erin did the honors of pulling my boxers down revealing my seven inch cock that sprung out in front of all their faces.

“Holy Shit! Look at how big that thing is," one of the girls shouted.

All of the sudden, I felt one hand on my balls and another jerking my cock. Their cold hands made my cock get even harder, standing straight up. Then Erin’s warm mouth engulfed my cock.

“Oh my god… that feel so good,” I moaned throwing my head back.

I spread my legs to give Lily some room to suck on my balls. All the girls were so horny and they formed a line to suck my cock. Each one of them gave me an insane blowjob.

I then laid down, to let two share my cock, while the third sat on my face, letting me eat her out. Everyone was moaning in ecstasy. This whole scene seemed like a blur.

“Oh Bryan, how them hell is your cock this big?” said Alex another member. Her tits were small and her pussy tasted amazing.

“Okay ladies, let’s stop sucking and give our newcomer a good fucking," Erin announced.

Alex was the first to go. She leaned again the couch while I got behind her to fuck her pink pussy. I didn’t even tease her pussy, I just shoved all seven inches of my dick right into her.

“Oh fuck yeah. You better fuck me hard,” Alex demanded.

So that’s exactly what I did. I was beating her pussy so hard and she was screaming with pleasure. Leah and Jess, who were both members, decided to get on their knees and suck each of Alex’s tits that were hanging down..

After a few minutes, Alex hopped off my dick and Leah was up. I decided to try something different, her cute little ass was begging to be fucked. So without giving any warning, I pushed my cock right into that ass of hers.

“Oh fuck,” she yelped as I began to thrust.

Her ass was clenching my rod and I would go in, then pull out to change the pace. I was fucked her ass so hard.

But I felt it coming, it was time to unload my hot white cum.

“Hey ladies, who wants my cum cause it’s going to be an explosion," I said

Just then all of them dropped to their knees huddling around my cock. After and minute of jerking my dick and hearing all of them moaning with their mouths open, the great flood was about to come.

All of the sudden I exploded with loads of cum. The first string hit Lily in the face and each time I jerked my cock I released more and more on to a new face. I was literally the human fire hose gushing cum.

By the time the explosion was over, all the girls that sucked and fucked my cock, were covered with my cum. Some had it covering their eyes and with others I managed to shoot into their mouths.

Then each one wanted to try and squeeze out whatever I had left with a blowjob.

“Bryan, I believe we have come to a conclusion that you made it into our club,” Erin announced as she looked up at me with my cum still across her face.

All the girls in the room nodded their heads in agreement. And that is why this club is my favorite at my new school.

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