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A Day In The Life... Of My Wife! (Part 2)

A fictional fantasy based on true characters.

So far my day as 'Vicky' had been eventful. I had fucked Kevin from 'Carpets' and sucked my Sales Director's cock. I'd also swapped my soiled panties with Angela Willis, the company's top salesperson. And it was still only two o'clock!

As I sat behind my wife's desk gathering my wicked thoughts I heard the girls filing back to there workstations in the adjacent office. I contemplated taking the rest of the day off and perhaps pay my good friend Pete a visit.

My thoughts were interrupted when Dianne popped her head around the office door.

"That's us back online Vicky. The computers are all back up and running." Her sarcastic tone signified that she wasn't all that happy that work had returned to normal.

"Yeh, so I see." Which I hadn't. But a glance over at the computer screen confirmed my decision to take a half-day holiday, as I really had no idea what Vicky actually did at her work.

"Are you OK, Vicky? You're looking kind of flushed."

"You'd be flushed too if you'd just sucked our sales director's cock!" Was what I wanted to say.

"Actually Dianne, I do feel a little giddy. I think I'll call it a day. Tell John that I'm taking the rest of the day off. Tell him I think I've earned it. "

Dianne nonchalantly took her instruction and returned to her desk. I gathered up my coat and bag and made to exit the office. The girls all wished me well as I made my way towards the ladies toilets to freshen myself up.

Some customers had already taken advantage of the improved weather and it was back to business as usual for the sales-force. I reached the 'ladies' without conversation and gave myself a once-over in the long mirror.

My lips required attention and my hair needed brushing, but otherwise, I looked OK... considering!

I touched up my lashes with mascara anyway and relined my eyeliner. I slipped into my coat and flicked my hair from under the collar. I wiggled my hips for some reason and complimented my reflection.

"Looking good girl! Looking good."

"You always look good Victoria."

What The Fuck! It was Angela Willis's voice coming from behind a cubicle door. She appeared seconds later, whirling my/Victoria's panties on a single finger.

I gathered my composure and laughed at her antics.

"I wasn't aware anyone was there!" Like that was an excuse for my vanity. "You were very quiet!" I nodded towards the toilet cubicle that she'd been occupying.

Angela smiled and placed the swirling panties to her nose. Her intentions couldn't have been more obvious, as she closed her eyes and sniffed the pants I'd worn earlier.

"I was taking advantage of the quiet spell to... Well, you know!" She was telling me that she'd been frigging herself off. I couldn't help the grin appearing on my face.

"I thought they were for Andrew?"

"Well yes they are, but I thought I'd test them first." She took a couple of steps towards me and kissed me on the cheek, her close proximity allowed me the opportunity to inhale her expensive cologne.

"So, not horrified then?" She stepped back and returned the panties to her handbag.

"Eh... No. Not at all! Surprised? Yes. Horrified, most certainly not." The thought of having a girl on girl, or in our case mature woman on mature woman, had my brain in overdrive.

"Hey, Angela I've had a thought."

"Oh yes! And what would that thought be?"

"How about I come to your's later tonight. We could perhaps give Andrew an early birthday present." I waited for Angela's reaction.

"Oh my God, Victoria, that would be incredible!" Her reply was enthusiastic and instant. "Shall we say around eight o'clock?"

"Sure, I'll see you then."

One thing I can't be accused of while processing my wife's body is wasting time. I followed Angela out of the washroom and set off in the direction of the staff car park.

Pete lived only a few miles from the retail outlet and it wasn't long before I was turning into his driveway. His garage door was open and I could see his car, confirming that he was in residence.

Pete appeared at the door before I'd reached his threshold.

"Hey, stranger! I thought I'd heard a car." Pete's demeanor was welcoming. "What brings you to my humble abode?"

"I was passing and thought I'd pop in to see how you were doing."

I couldn't be one hundred percent sure that Vicky wasn't having an ongoing affair with the aging hunk, hence I wasn't sure if she'd seen him recently. The fact that he called me 'stranger' suggested my fertile imagination was feeding my paranoia.

My own relationship with Pete was in itself, confusing. A few months back he had been on the receiving end of my first ever blow-job. He'd confessed to me about his homosexual activities while attending public school and that he'd fantasized having sex with Amanda on a few occasions. (All described in glorious technicolor in "My Good Friend Pete".)

I personally hadn't seen him since that night and wondered if he'd had an attack of remorse. But that was for another time. Right now he thought he was here with Victoria.

Pete slapped a couple of welcoming kisses on each cheek and offered to take my coat.

"How's that crazy husband of your's?" Under normal circumstances, his question would have sounded innocent enough, but Pete and Amanda's story was far from normal.

"He's fine. Is everything alright between you two?" I didn't really think he would fess up to Victoria.

"Yeh why? Has Sean said something?" Pete's face flushed up.

"No, nothing. I just thought something had happened." Pete was avoiding eye contact.

Pete just shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. "I haven't seen him for a few months." Well, that much was true.

We'd been engaged in some weather small talk when Pete declared, "Did you know my divorce from Annabelle had come through?"

"No! When?"

I'd only fucked Annabelle a week ago and she never mentioned anything then.

"I got the papers this morning."

"Well, how the fuck would I know!"

Laughter ensued.

"So I'm celebrating." Pete raised a half-filled wine glass, before emptying its contents down his throat. "I know you're driving, Vics, but would you like to join me in my celebrations?"

"A small one though, Pete! It is only three o'clock!"

In the past, Pete's measures had been known to dispel any of Vicky's inhibitions after a glass or two.

"So you're not here on spying duties?" Pete's suspicions were grounded on our allegiance to Annabelle after they split.

Sure, I was seeing to Annabelle's 'needs' on a regular basis, but I know Pete is unaware of our clandestine arrangement because I'm still alive to write this.

It's always difficult not to be seen to be taking sides when close friends split up, as Pete and Annabelle were, but Pete's intuition regarding our still pally relationship with his ex-wife was probably on the mark.

"Spying duties?" I wrinkled my brow.

"Yeh. Is it just a coincidence that you've appeared the day my divorce came through." He spoke as he poured two full glasses of Rioja. "Has she asked you to report back about how I'm handling the finalities of it all?"

"Woah, Pete! For fuck's sake! Paranoid or what!"

Vicky had been known to let out the odd expletive during heated discussions around Pete and Annabelle's kitchen table. The same table I was currently leaning on. The same table my wife was fucked across when she 'hand' delivered Pete a birthday gift almost a year ago.

"Oh sorry, babe." Pete's apology sounded genuine as he sat down on an adjacent chair.

"I do have a reason for being here though." Here we go!

"What's that then?"

Pete was a fit, good-looking guy for his sixty-one years. Yes he had a bit more meat on his bones these days, and his jet black hair was now jet grey, but the twinkle in his eyes was still there.

"I want you to fuck me."

Pete gulped a mouthful of wine.

"I want you to take me upstairs and fuck me," I said it like I was asking for a cookie.

Without any expression, Pete got to his feet, picked up both wine glasses and motioned for me to follow him.

A minute later we were standing by Pete's ex-matrimonial bed. The same bed on which I'd made love to his wife, more than a decade ago.

No words were spoken as we frantically undressed each other, our eyes maintaining eye contact throughout. Pete had mastered the one-handed bra removal technique, freeing up my 38DD's and removed my/Angela Willis's panties.

He pushed me back on to the bed gently. Already his cock was impressively aroused and pointing to the ceiling. It was of a similar size to the one that fucked me earlier that morning.

I placed two fingers on my cunt and splayed my hole, to show him how wet I was. Pete sank on to the bed and delivered his head between my thighs. He watched from close range as I fingered my clit.

I put both hands on Pete's head and pulled him in towards my wet pink hole. I felt his tongue lick the loose flaps of my labia, which caused me to make the same noises Vicky makes, only much, much louder.

"Oh God! Oh Pete! Mmm, yes there, there!"

I pulled his head in tighter. I could feel him sucking and flicking his tongue on and around my throbbing clitty.

"I want to suck you, babe." I was inviting Pete to complete a sixty-nine.

Pete twisted round, allowing me the privilege to drool over his thick nine-inch monster.

Before I sank my mouth around its large purple bulbous head I gloated enviously at its magnificence. I could forgive Vicky for lusting after such a specimen of breathtaking manhood.

Suffice to say I was jealously in awe of Pete's huge dick.

I flicked my tongue over his ridge. He was rock hard when I slid my mouth over his crimson dome.

Pete groaned into my open cunt as he continued to suck and lick my highly sensitized clit. I could feel an imminent orgasm, as I continued to suck, lick and handle his glorious member.

My moans were stifled as Pete's cock filled my mouth like a gag. I writhed on my back as his tongue danced the tango on my throbbing sweet spot. He held my hips to stop me bucking and possibly breaking his neck.

He continued until my climax subsided and looked up from his low viewpoint. I stopped sucking, maintaining my hand-stroke up and down his shaft.

"Fuck Pete! That was amazing!" He smiled back at me. "Fuck me, babe. I want you inside me."

Pete began kissing me all the way up my body while maneuvering himself into position. I could feel his hard-on rub against my thigh. He spent a moment sucking one of my erect nipples, before bringing his lips up to gently press against mine.

I opened my legs anticipating nine inches of pleasure.

"I don't want to make love, Pete," I whispered into his ear. "I want to be fucked hard."

Nothing could have prepared me for the sudden pain and exhilarating pleasure when Pete's cock penetrated my tender love hole. Sure, Kevin was big, but Pete's felt bigger, in all departments.

Pete's long strong thrusts coincided with his beast-like grunts. He took his weight on his muscled arms and looked down at me from a position of power.

I looked straight into Pete's dark brown eyes. "Fuck my cunt, Pete... Oh fuck Pete, I love your cock."

I went through my wife's entire sex-abulary as Pete banged me hard. I didn't even have to change any name, as she'd called me Pete during numerous nights of role-playing.

"Shoot your cum inside me, Pete. Shoot your spunk. Oh fuuck!"

Pete's contribution to the conversation consisted of deep guttural groans.

I raised my head to witness Pete's huge manhood slip in and almost out of my soaking hole. I could see my juices on his shaft as he maintained his pumping rhythm. I could feel his whole length slide over my clitoris. When he was deep inside me, he filled my vacant void.

Pete's face began to contort as a climax fast approached. "Fuck, fuck! I'm cumming Vics!"

"Fucking cum inside me Pete... Empty your balls babe... Shoot it... Shoot your sticky spunk, Pete."

As Pete's warm load splashed inside my gut I felt myself cumming again.

"Oh, Pete! I'm cumming. Don't stop Pete, don't fucking stop! Empty your balls inside me."

The room was filled with feral expletives and grunting beast noises.

I screamed with euphoric pleasure as we both came together.

I had no worries regarding my post-climax remorse, that was Amanda's problem. And I'm not Amanda.

It took me a full ten minutes to resuscitate Pete's erection, And when it did return, we fucked some more, in all positions. The bedside clock beamed '17:55' and Vicky would normally be preparing to leave for home about now.

"Wow, Vics, this wasn't what I expected when I woke up this morning." Pete's arm was around the back of my neck as we lay together post-coital.

He leaned over and kissed me softly.

"Sean spends most of our sex life as Amanda these days and I just needed to be with a real manly man." It was the kind of thing I'd have expected Vicky to say, and she's probably right.

"Yeh, I miss our social nights out." Pete was referring to the numerous nights out all four of us enjoyed, in days gone by.

"Ha ha ha! Yeh Pete and his three bitches."

We both laughed hysterically recalling past experiences.

"Does Sean know about us?"

"He knows about your birthday present over the kitchen table." That was all I'd been privy to. "but that's all."

I left the pillow-chat open for Pete to perhaps fill in the gaps.

"So does he know you're here?" There was no clue there.

"Fuck no!" I thought about Vicky back home and if she had prepared dinner, as I would have done.

"I'll tell him all about it when I get home."

"Really? You'll tell him?"

"I can't wait." We both laughed out loud.

"Speaking of which, I'd better get myself together. Can I use your bathroom?"

I collected all my debris from around the bed and carried it into Pete's en-suite. I carried out some ablutions and applied my face makeup, before rejoining Pete down in the kitchen.

He handed me the remnants of my wine.

I hadn't forgotten about my appointment with Andrew and Angela Willis later, and I did consider putting it off for another day. But what if there wasn't another day! I wasn't prepared to take the chance. I decided to hang around at Pete's and kill some time.

"I thought you had to be home?" Pete appeared puzzled at my lack of urgency to return to Sean's open arms.

I explained that I had to meet someone at eight o'clock and that it wasn't practical to go home first.

"Sean will be wondering where I am though." It just occurred to me that I'd left Vicky's phone in her office desk drawer.

"Give him a call." Pete's face was full of impudence.

Yeh right. And say what? Hi Sean, I'm over at Pete's. We just spent the afternoon fucking each other's brains out.

I explained to Pete my phone predicament and that using one of his wasn't an option. I'd just have to face the music once I returned home. There wasn't a lot of sexual contact between the two of for the next hour, apart from Pete's hand periodically rubbing my leg. I think our late afternoon session took its toll on my aging chum.

Pete told me about his current lady friend. Helen, a teacher at a local school and a few years younger than Pete.

"Good for you!" I was pleased he'd found someone.

Pete asked if I knew Annabelle's current beau.

"No, I wasn't aware she had one." I couldn't possibly tell him of my own regular visits to service her desires.

We talked for quite a while and it was soon time for me to take my leave. Pete assisted me into my coat and kissed the back of my neck.

"Don't leave it so long until the next time."

I smiled and nodded before kissing him on the cheek. "We'll see."

I afforded myself a cheeky smirk, as I watched Pete in my rearview mirror, waving me off from his driveway.

"So long buddy." I flashed my hazard lights a couple of times and headed off to meet up with my next victims.

All I knew about the Willis's was that Angela Willis had been an employee for thirty years. She had been the company's top salesperson for nearly half of them. Angela was around the same height as my wife, blonde shoulder length hair with a fringe hovering above a pretty face.

She was slim, smallish breasts and great legs. In fact, she reminded me of me, as Amanda. Vicky told me that Angela's wardrobe is filled with designer gear, and is always immaculately dressed at work.

Her husband Andrew Willis was a retired sales director, and not short of a cent or two by all accounts. And apparently a cross-dresser!

I knew exactly where they lived, thanks to Victoria's constant reminders when we'd pass their anything but humble abode.

Any doubt regarding their wealth could be dispelled on driving up the long tree-lined, pink gravel stoned driveway, to be confronted at its end by what can only be described as an opulent, mock Tudor, brick mansion. Under the security spotlights, a gleaming white Range Rover Vogue sat parked in front of a separate matching brick garage, with room for three vehicles.

I drew up in Vicky's old banger alongside Angela's execu-vehicle and dropped the sun visor to check my face in the vanity mirror. (Was there ever a more appropriate name for a mirror!) A little touch up with the lip gloss and a tease on my fringe was all that was required. I administered a spray of Chanel to my neck and decolletage and as an afterthought, I lifted my skirt and gave Angela's panties a quick squirt of Vicky's favorite cologne.

The gravel stones crunched underfoot with every step, as I walked towards the austere dwelling. I spotted a curtain twitch from behind an upstairs window.

Mm, I wonder if that's Andrew. I really didn't know what to expect on the other side of the large wooden door. I pictured Andrew answering the door wearing only the panties that I'd swapped with Angela earlier that morning.

The door opened just as I was about to ring the doorbell.

"My God, you're punctual Victoria!" A smiling Angela looked delighted to see me. She looked hot in her black leather dress, hemmed a few inches above the knee.

"Wow, Angela! You look fantastic!" I couldn't get over how much she reminded me of my alter-ego. "I've not been home yet, hence I'm still in my work gear."

Angela assisted me out of my leather coat. "You look radiant as always, darling."

She raised up on to her toes to hang my coat up and I could see she was wearing black sheer stockings.

Now that's my kind of gal! From her immaculately coiffeured head, down to her four-inch black Luis Vuitton's, Angela was everything Amanda wanted to be.

"Go through." She pointed towards an open door at the other side of the large, wooden paneled hall. The clip-clopping of heels on the wooden floor echoed around the hallway walls.

I expected Andrew to be seated inside, (wearing only my pants) but the room was empty.

"Where's the birthday boy then?"

"Well, I've sent him on an errand. I want YOU to be a surprise. He really likes you, you know!"

I coyly smiled my acknowledgment.

"I've prepared a little buffet once Andrew gets back. Give us a chance to get to know each other."

Angela must have heard my stomach rumble. With all my fucking and sucking I'd forgotten to eat.

"That'll be lovely, Angela."

"And stop calling me Angela! When did you get all formal."

I feigned a laugh. I'd never heard Victoria refer to Angela by any other name.

"Hey Vicky, I've got a suggestion."

"What's that... babe?" I'm guessing Ange or Angie.

"We're about the same size, well apart from those magnificent puppies." As she stared at my cleavage, her wide grin displayed the result of expensive dental work.

"It's only a suggestion, and please don't be offended."

"What is it?"

Angie's suggestion was for me to nip upstairs to their bedroom and select something more appropriate from her wardrobe.

"Andrew's not back till nine, so that gives you plenty time."

"Lead the way hun!" So much for being offended.

Angela led the way upstairs to her and Andrew's bedroom. An antique style four-poster bed dominated the warm softly lit room. A pure white, thick piled carpet covered the floor. My benevolent hostess slid open two mirrored doors to reveal a walk-in wardrobe, the size of a small room.

"You'll find everything you need in there."

The room was lined with clothes rails that had an array of blouses, dresses, and skirts, all hanging in an orderly fashion.

"And through there is the bathroom." She pointed to another door in the room.

"What size of shoe are you Angie?" I wasn't going to pass the chance of strutting on her wooden floors, wearing a pair of her Jimmy Choos.


"Well, what d'you know!" This day just gets better and better.

Angela left me alone to dress appropriately for her husband.

Holy shit, Vicky! If you could only see where I am right now.

I stood open-mouthed inside Angela's wardrobe in awe of the clothes that surrounded me. I picked out a short, black Versace cocktail dress. I could already see the shoes I would wear. The black patent Louis Vuitton's with the four-inch heels that Angela had worn to work.

I laid my trousseau out on the four-poster and took myself into the en-suite bathroom to freshen up my make-up. Between the 'his' and 'hers' hand basins there was a wicker cane basket that could only have had one purpose.

"Please God. Don't be filled with damp bath-towels." I spoke out loud to make sure God heard me.

I lifted the lid slowly to reveal the contents.

There were only a few items therein. At first glance, all I could see was the white blouse that Angela had worn to work. And just peeking out from under the sleeve of the said blouse, hidden in the shadow, was what appeared to be a pantyhose toe. I tugged on the thin mesh material, and to my delight, pulled out a pair of black stockings, still attached to the suspender belt.

I'd just finished dressing when Angela entered the room.

"Everything OK... Wow!" I think she approved of my outfit for the occasion.

"Will I do?" I could see myself in the sliding mirror door.

"Jeez, Vicky! You look stunning."

I wanted to say "yes I know," but modesty prevailed. "Hey, it's all your stuff, Angie!" I thought I'd share the credit.

"Yeh but you... you..." Her eyes were glued to my cleavage once more. "you fill it out, if you get my drift. Are you wearing a bra?"

"No! Nor am I wearing panties!" I turned to face Angela and lifted my dress to prove my claim.

"Fuck, Vicky!" Angela appeared shocked at my boldness. "You really are a hussy."

It was my turn to be shocked when Angela lifted her leather dress long enough for me to appreciate her neatly trimmed pussy.

"Snap!" She too had chosen to go without pants this evening.

We both broke into girly hysterics.

"C'mon, Andrew will be back soon."

I followed Angie downstairs and back into the lounge.

"Plonk yourself down darling. Glass of wine?"

I'd already had a glass of wine at Pete's, but fuck an ice cold beer would have gone down a treat. I sat down in a comfy armchair.

"No, best not. I've got the car."

"Oh, that's a pity, especially as I've sent Andrew across town for a case of your favorite Chardonnay." She looked genuinely disappointed.

"Oh, that's a shame. Poor Andrew"

"I've just had a brainwave Victoria." Angela waved a half-full bottle of Villa Maria in the air. "Give that gorgeous husband of your's a ring, and get him to come and pick you up."

Just as well I was seated. My laugh was a nervous one. But I did fancy a huge glass from the bottle Angela was currently teasing me with. Leaving Vicky's phone back in her office wasn't accepted as an excuse.

Angela put the wine bottle down to rummage inside her handbag. She produced her cell-phone, poured a large glass of wine and handed me both. She poured herself one and sat on an adjacent matching couch.

Fuck! What am I going to say? Vicky's going to be livid that I've gone dark. I smiled over at my hostess and began keying in my home number. How do I even begin to tell her where I am?

My internal dialogue ceased immediately, the second I heard me.


"Hi, babe!"

"Don't you fuckin' 'hi babe' me! Where the fuck are you? Do you know how worried I've been?"

It was a surreal experience hearing myself rant.

"Yes, sweetheart, I'm fine." I was hoping my nervous smile was fooling Angie.

I eventually succeeded to interrupt. "You'll never guess where I am?" My grin was beginning to ache.

"Guess where you are! I can tell you where you're fucking not!" My wife was off again. "What the fuck are you playing at?"

"Well if you give me a chance, I'll tell you, sweetheart." My calm exterior was not a true reflection of my internal dilemma.

"Oh, this had better be good." Sean was listening.

"I'll tell you about my day when I see you. But do you remember me talking about Angela and Andrew... "

I left a gap for a response. But there was only a grunt. "Yes, that's right babe, Paige's engagement party." It was about this time I had a brainwave of my own. "Angela was just saying how much she enjoyed your company and as I've been drinking here all day," I winked over at my compadre. "I was wondering if you'd come and pick me up."

"Get a fucking taxi."

"Aw, sweet. I love you too."

Angela gave me an empathetic look, oblivious of the raving lunatic at the other end of the line.

"Look, Sean, you're beginning to piss me off. And what the fuck are you doing at Angela Willis's house?"

I persisted in ignoring Vicky's constant interrogation.

"Yes, darlin' I know! Wait a second. Sorry Angela, what was that?"

Angie shrugged her shoulders and looked bemused.

I knew how much Vicky envied Angela's designer wardrobe, telling me on numerous occasions how much she'd love to go through it. I produced my trump card.

"Angie says if you come over, you can try on some of her stuff."

"What?" Suffice to say both parties couldn't believe their ears.

The pressure of the phone against my earing was hurting my ear, I was holding it so tight. But I think Angie heard Sean's response. The look on Angela's cute round face was priceless. I winked over in her direction, attempting to assure her that I hadn't lost my senses.

"Oh fuck, Sean, I've got to work with the woman." Vicky, on the other hand, was convinced I had.

"Trust me, babe... No really! Trust me. You'll love Angie. She's looking forward to seeing you again.

There was an eerie silence at Victoria's end of the line. I sensed her buckling, and that she had at least began to think about it. I took advantage of her silence to push my luck even further.

"Who's that with you?" I continued my one-sided telephone conversation. "Oh really! What's she doing there?"

Angela shuffled herself to the edge of her seat, as mystified as she was intrigued.

"Put her on."

"Sean!" My wife sounded exasperated. " What?"

"Hi, Amanda.

Any chance you could come and pick me up?"

I left enough time to receive a 'virtual' reply.

"Oh, thanks, babe. Sean will give you the address." Another pause. "Yes, an hour would be perfect."

Sean just left me to ramble.

"That throat of your's doesn't sound so good babe. I can hardly hear you." A masterstroke to cover for Amanda's failing in the vocal department.

"Yeh, OK." Vicky sounded resigned, but she was coming... as Amanda. I had to stop myself punching the air.

And now I had a bit of explaining to do as Angela appeared desperate for the detail of my phony phone conversation.

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