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A Fantasy to Remember

Halloween was rapidly approaching and my girlfriend of 2 years was planning something big. She had been a stripper for 10 years and was as kinky as they come. She and I had done a lot, so only a few of her fantasies were left unfulfilled. She had already had women and men, group sex, bondage, been a submissive and a dominate. We had a no holes barred policy. I could have any hole I wanted, anywhere, anytime. And I had!

I was the only guy to ever wear lingerie for her though. Once she found out, it became a regular thing. Garter belts, stockings, panties, high heels, just about everything. It happened about the time I had mentioned anal sex, and she told me, “You can have mine when I get yours”. So the next day, she had her own strap - on to use. She loved setting up the video camera, making me dress slutty in garters, stockings and high heels while bending me over the bed, taking me from behind.

The biggest fantasy she had was to see two guys together. Mine was to play with a cross dresser or a she male. Little did I know…….

Back to Halloween. One of her friends was having a party and it was costumes only. She had decided we should go as a pimp and ho. However, she was going to be the pimp and I was the ho. I readily agreed!

The day arrived and she had already picked the costumes out. She gave me the code word; I was to be completely under her control for the night. No questions asked. She made me strip and used hair removal cream on me, then had me take a bath while she completely shaved my remaining hair from below the waist. I dressed in a garter belt, stockings, panties, short skirt, blouse, and high heels. She even brought out a blond wig for me. Then she did my makeup. I looked hot! But no matter how horny I was, she would not even think about letting me cum. She said I had to wait and the waiting would be well worth it.

Arriving at the party, I noticed it was small. Only 4 other couples. I was handed a beer and we all made small talk for a few minutes. We all gather in the living room and that was when my girlfriend told me to remember to be completely submissive. I thought “Uh Oh”. She produced a blindfold and put it on me. Then she put earphones in my ears with my favorite tunes. She grabbed my hand and moved me to the center of the room.

All at once, I had many hands on me. The mini skirt and blouse were removed immediately, leaving me only in garters and stockings, panties and high heels. Hands were caressing my smooth legs, panty covered cock and balls, and my ass. Someone even ran their hands down my panties and fingered my ass. I never did find out if it was male or female.

This went on until I thought I was going cum. One earplug was removed and I was told to get on all fours and my blindfold would be removed. But I had better look straight ahead and not look around, there would be repercussions. I did as I was told, noticing a very attractive woman 4 feet from me completely naked. She was sitting Indian style fingering her pussy. Then her guy stepped in front of me, wearing a garter belt and hose. I looked around and noticed all the women were naked and all the men were in garters and hose. I got a very hard smack from a paddle, right across my ass. Oops! I forgot that look straight ahead rule! I just realized this was “dominate women” night, not a Halloween party! I looked forward again, and another woman removed my ear plugs. She bent down and told me, “follow instructions to the letter or that paddle is very close”. The guy in front of me said, “Suck my cock”. Boy did I! He was half hard already, but I took his whole cock in my mouth and really went to town. When he was fully hard, he stopped and his woman told him he better fuck her good. She was on all fours and he went right to her and started fucking her doggie style. We were all very worked up and he came quickly. Pulling out of her, I was told to lick his cock and balls clean. Once he was cleaned up, his partner backed up to me. Still on all fours, she told me, “Lick my pussy and ass clean”. I ate all of their cum and kept licking her clit until she had an orgasm. She reached under and patted my cock, saying “good job”.

As the second guy stepped in front of me, his wife knelt down behind him, reached between his legs and guided his cock into my awaiting mouth. He was already hard, but I sucked him with gusto. Again the same thing happened; he pulled out and fucked his wife right in front of me, missionary style. When he came inside her, she slid up to me and said, “Eat all of his cum from my pussy”. Again I did and when I finished, told me to clean her hubby up. This happened with the other 2 couples until I had sucked all of their cocks, eaten all of their cum from their ladies pussy, and licked their cocks clean.

I had been hard for over an hour and was about to burst! My girlfriend asked me if I was horny. I nodded and she told me we were just getting started. Puzzled, she told me I was not to cum until she gave the ok, then started stroking my panty enclosed cock. I only lasted about 8 strokes and shot a huge load into my panties. She gave me 3 solid whacks with the paddle. I felt her ripping my panties off, which she proceeded to make me lick my own cum out of. Now, I’m wearing nothing but garters, stockings and high heels and I have one pissed off girlfriend.

She told me I had to pay for disobeying her. Telling me to get up, I stood and she told me to bend over a little table. As I did, someone beneath the table grabbed my wrists and ankles, tying them with rope so that I was spread eagle and bent over, unable to move. Somewhere along the way, someone else had grabbed my cock, forcing my hard-on down beneath the table.

My girlfriend grabbed couple #1, as his girlfriend slid under the table and began playing with my cock, MY girlfriend started sucking his! Just as he was hard, his girlfriend stopped playing with me and I felt lube being applied to my ass. The guy disappeared and I felt his cock slide slowly into my ass. Oh My God! I felt so full! It was amazing and while he continued to pump my ass, my girlfriend grabbed the second guy and started sucking him hard. I was trying so hard not to cum, but the guy fucking me had me so horny. He came in my ass, fully thrust so deep in me, I could feel every pulse. As he pulled out, I could feel his cum leaking out of my ass and run down my balls. The second guy took his place in my ass and my girlfriend started sucking guy #3. This went on and on, until all four guys had cum in my ass.

I kind of felt sorry for the last guy, sloppy fourths? I had cum running out of me in buckets, my ass was stretched and I was horny as hell. At this point I was wondering how all this was going to be great for me. I had sucked every cock at the party, and so had my girlfriend! I had licked all the pussies, filled with cum, and every woman had insisted I lick her asshole too.

HHMMM, Just as I was about to ask questions, my legs and arms were released from the ropes. My girlfriend removed the earplugs, stood in front of me and asked me if I had enjoyed myself. I said mostly, except I’m the only one fucked here, everyone has cum over and over, except me! Everyone laughed and she explained that the couples present had fantasies of their own and wanted them fulfilled. And she got to see me with another man. So, for the rest of the night, I had full use of anyone at the party, as long as I wore the garters, hose, and heels. All of the women had enjoyed that. “Sure”, I said, “there’s going to be a lot of sore asses tomorrow morning……………..”

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