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A Hotel With Candy

originally an audio story however became a short story. plz rate and comment.
I got out of bed and looked at my sexy green camisole with bright pink fishnets, bra and panties that I liked to sleep in after I had just spent the night masturbating with my favorite dildo. I looked back at my nightstand to find it was still beside my pillow where I had left it the previous night and stilled wrapped in a condom all sticky with my favorite lube, strawberry flavored.

I finally had gotten sick of fake cocks and wanted to try a real one. I went on to my favorite CD website and found myself a man who wanted to hook up with a CD that night. I sent him a message and he got back to me right away. He told me to meet him at a nearby hotel in room 322 and told me to wear my sexiest lingerie when I got to his door. I smiled and decided to wear what I was already wearing.

I spent the day in my clothes and put on a pair of heels to go along with my “fuck me, I’m horny” outfit. I washed my dildo and put together my purse of essentials for my fun night ahead.

Finally, it was dark out and time to get my sexy little ass to the hotel. I hopped in my car and applied my makeup and wig as I drove. By now I was getting so horny as my ass rubbed along my sexy panties and my clitty cock oozed my love juice onto my tummy. I couldn’t wait to see my stud for what could be a long term fuck with a big cocked stallion.

I got to the hotel room and checked my makeup one last time. I got out and clicked my heels, loudly, as I made my way to the room number. I got to the door and decided to give an erotic pose. I knocked on the door and quickly turned around and stuck out my cute butt. When he answered the door I turned around and winked giving him an instant erection. He invited me in, said his name was Dan and asked what mine was. I didn’t have a name at the moment but I decided Candy would be erotic enough. I always liked the name Candy being screamed during an orgasm. He showed me in and I could feel his lustful gaze on my ass as I wiggled it for him and pulled up my panties even tighter to my aching hole.

Oh, did I mention he was already naked. giggles

He came up behind me and rubbed his 7.5 inch cock along my panties, soaking them in precum before shoving his cock into my panties while they were still on. I moaned as I felt his large member press against my hole.

“Fuck me baby, I need a cock to pop my black cherry.”

He threw me on the bed and proceeded to kiss along my back and down to my soaked panties. He pulled them down to around my knees so that I could not spread them any more then I had to. My hands were propping me up on the bed while I stayed on my knees with my ass in the air like a bitch presenting herself to her lover.

“Stay right there baby, I want to try something with you.” He whispered in my ear with a soft tone.

Hearing him say that sent shivers down my body as I didn’t dare move. I just kept my ass in the air like a good little slut with my clitty cock between my thighs so I looked like a real woman from behind. Suddenly I felt him start to wrap my ankles together with duct tape.

“Oh my god, is he really going to tie me up? Am I ready to completely submit myself to him and his animal needs?” I thought to myself as he finished with my ankles and moved up to my wrists.

Who was I kidding; of course I wanted to try something this erotic. He laid me on my side and took out his amazing cock. It was amazing, now he had thick veins running along his shaft and was oozing precum with a scent so strong it almost made me faint from excitement.

He pressed it to my lips and started to push it in, slowly, as I felt his warmth and wetness rub all around my mouth and coat my mouth in the delicious taste of his manhood. I proceeded to suck his big hard cock for 10 minutes before he pulled out and put me back on my knees with my ass exposed for him to admire.

I could feel his warm breath just inches from my most sensitive spots as he rubbed my ass and thighs making me tremble from excitement. Suddenly he gave a hard slap on my ass.

“Bad girl.” He said in a playful voice.

“Yes! Yes!” I moaned as he continued to spank me over and over.

“Get read baby, I’m going to make you a woman tonight.”

He got behind me as I felt him start to push inside.

“Deeper baby, I want you in deeper!” I begged as I felt my ass stretch around him.

Now he was in balls deep and I moaned like a little slut becoming addicted to her first cock. I backed into him as best as I could while he thrust into me harder and harder and going faster and faster.

“Oh baby that feels amazing, your ass is so tight I can’t wait to cum.”

Now he was reaming out my ass as he called me his whore, his slut, his new little fuck toy as I could only moan and tell him to fuck me more and more. He must have fucked me like that for 20 minutes before flipping me on my back and putting my knees to my chest and plunging his cock back into my ass with my hands raised above my head. We stared into each other’s eyes as he spread my hole wide, dipping his huge member into my sticky honey pot. After another 30 minutes of him fucking me I was at my limit and from the look on Dan’s face told me he was going to cum to.

“Cum on my face baby, I want to taste your hot load on my lips.” I said with my sexiest voice.

Dan smiled as he pulled out his cock and fucked me with three of his fingers while stroking his cock just above my face. I stared at his wonderful shaft as I gave him a few licks on the tip of his cock. Finally it was time, Dan shot a huge wonderful load onto my lips and face covering me in his wonderfully hot seed. I came as well as my black cherry clamped around his fingers hard and my clitty shot my own cum onto my chest and face. We laid there and made out for a while before we fell asleep only to wake up the next morning for round 2.

I loved being a woman and I can’t wait for Dan to come to town again, or should I say my honey pot can’t wait for his meat stick.

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