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A Little Naughty Fun When My Wife Is Away

A Little Naughty Fun When My Wife Is Away

A little wicked fun
When I was in high school, I always loved to dress in women’s clothes. The problem is I'm a guy. Whenever my mother was out, I'd always go into her room and try on her intimate apparel. I just loved how it felt on my skin.

I'd especially liked how her bras and panties felt. I loved to get dressed in her dresses and even apply make-up. I really never told anybody about this. The lacier the better. I especially liked satin panties. They always felt real nice pressed against my cock.

Fast forward about ten years. I’m now twenty-eight years old and married. My wife has no clue about this fetish. Like when I was a boy, I'd wait for my wife to go out and then I try on her panties. I really would get off on this. I loved to feel the material on my skin. I've never told her about this fetish. I’m really not sure what she’d think.

I actually ordered clothes from a transvestite website. I now have my own pretty bras and panties. I even bought some dresses and make-up. I love to wear thigh high stockings or even regular panty hose. I love to feel the smoothness of the stockings on my legs. I love for my cock to be in my lace panties, underneath the stockings.

I've always been told, that I’m a pretty boy. I love to get all dressed up and wear make-up. I like to masturbate when I'm fully dressed in women's clothes. I know this may seem odd, but I find it highly erotic.

I’m five foot seven inches tall. I have blonde hair that I wear very short. I have blue eyes and I run so I have very defined legs. I’m not muscular, except for my legs and my abdominal muscles.

I've never gotten dressed up and actually left my house. But recently, I've met some like-minded people on-line. We'll chat first and then turn on our cams and masturbate together. It’s highly erotic. I’m fully dressed and then we work together to turn each other on. We’ll always play with our cocks with our panties on.

I actually met a master on-line who is also gay. We've been chatting for a few months. He likes me to get all dressed up in full garb. I'll wear my bra and panties and usually thigh highs and garter belt. I then will put on a dress and fix my hair and apply my make-up. I also bought a wig. So I really do look a lot like a woman.

This is a story about when my wife was out of town and I had a session with Master Ron. I was alone for the whole weekend. Master Ron and I had discussed the day before, that I would get all dressed up for him. He would tell me what he wanted me to do for him.

I was very excited to play this game with Master Ron. I bought a pink frilly dress for this special evening. Master Ron wanted me all in pink. I started to get dressed. I put on a pink lacy bra and pink lacy panties. I then put on my thigh highs and attached them to my garter belt. I bought beautiful pink open toe shoes.

I then put on my wig, which was blond long straight hair. I applied my make-up and I have to tell you I was so aroused. My cock was rock hard in my panties. I just love the feeling of the silk. The silk hose felt so nice on my legs.

I then went to the computer and logged on to the website. Master Ron and I made contact and we turned on our cams.

“Gary, stand up and show me what you look like!”

I stood up and showed him what I looked like in my dress.

“I want you to circle around and then lift your dress, so I can see your panties.”

I did what Master Ron said. I circled around and then I lifted my pink frilly dress and showed him my pink lace panties. They were hipsters and the lace was all over the front of them. I of course had a raging hard-on.

“Gary, you look very pretty. Master wants you to rub your cock through your panties. Do not take that cock out until I tell you to!”

I then went in front of the cam and started to play with my cock. I rubbed my cock all over my pink panties. I didn’t take my penis out. My cock was rock hard.

“Take out your cock and start to stroke it for me!”

I slid my panties over and played with my cock. I wrapped my right hand around my cock and started to play with it. I moved my fingers up and down my shaft. I was huge. My cock is seven inches long. My balls were hard and filled with my come.

“I want you to turn around and start to finger your ass.”

I did what Master Ron said. I turned around and bent over and put my finger into my ass. I was pulling on my cock.

“Gary, I want you to jerk yourself off, but do not take your panties off. Keep fingering your ass!”

I was jerking my cock faster and faster and fingering my ass. Master was just looking at me and barking his orders out to me.

“Take your panties off now and wrap them around your cock and jerk yourself off!”

I did as Master wanted me to do. I slid my panties down my legs and wrapped them around my cock. The silk felt so nice against my cock. I moved the panties up and down over my thick cock.

“Start moaning. I want you to come now Gary!”

I was jerking my cock fast. The panties felt so nice on my rock hard cock.

“Oh God. It felt so good. The panties felt really silky on my cock. Oh God. I’m coming.”

“After you come, I want you to taste your hot, salty cream.”

After I came, I took the come out of my panties and ate it like Master Ron said. It tasted so good. It was very creamy and tasted a bit salty. I ate it all up.

“I now want you to go into your closet and get out your suctioned cock. I want you to fuck yourself with it. I want you to fuck yourself in your ass. Get out of your dress and just leave on your intimate clothing. I want you to put your cum filled panties into your mouth and fuck yourself on the dildo.”

I did as Master Ron said to do. I went into my closet and pulled out the eight inch dildo. It was suctioned cup. I put it on one of my wooden stools in my kitchen. I took off my pink frilly dress and was just left in my bra, panties, stockings and heels. I then rubbed a little lubricant on the dildo and my ass. I put my come filled panties in my mouth and started to fuck the dildo.

I worked my ass up and down over the dildo. It felt so good and my ass was so tight.

“Oh god! It felt so tight. It felt so good.”

“I want you to jerk your cock. Move your hands up and down your shaft, while you fuck your ass hard.”

I did as Master Ron said to do. I jerked my cock up and down and I worked my ass over the dildo. I almost felt high. It was such an amazing feeling.

“Whenever you are ready you can come.”

I was jerking my cock fast. I was working my ass up and down over the suctioned cock that I had on one of my stools. I was moaning and groaning.

“Oh fuck, here it comes.”

“I want you to eat your come.”

I licked my palm of all my come.

“Very good Gary. Master is pleased with you. We’ll do this again, when your wife is out of town.”

After that I turned the cam off and got myself cleaned up. It was a very hot and sexy night. I know that Master Ron was pleased. I can’t wait for my wife to be out of town again. I loved to do these naughty things, when she was away. It felt so incredibly amazing. It was hot and sexy as hell.

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