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A Little Walk

A late night walk turns into a dream come true

I love autumn nights, the air is cool and the weather is still nice enough to allow for some late night strolls to the park and through near deserted streets.   Another bonus is that the nights are longer which means that I could escape the seclusion of my home earlier to enjoy the freedom of the outside while dressed as I so enjoy doing.

For this particular outing I had decided to go with a simple outfit that was as sexy as could be, to the point of almost being sluttish.   My black lace bra held in place the pair of C-cup size breast forms I had ordered earlier that month and which I could not get enough of.   The way they moved and bounced as I walked made me want to wear them all the time, not to mention squeeze them every so often.   The rest of my underwear was made up of a tight black g-string that nicely held my man-clit back and hidden from sight while still allowing my exposed rear cheeks to feel the coolness of the air from beneath the black and white schoolgirl skirt I had decided to go out with.

My black stockings, held up by a nice black lace garter belt, hugged my shaved legs and vanished into a pair of 4 inch knee-high black leather boots.   My breasts were nicely displayed through a tight black and red turtleneck sweater that hugged my body like a lustful lover.   The entire look was completed with a nice long and wavy redhead wig that I had purchased with my breast forms, the curls gracefully flowing over my shoulders and all the way down to my back.   I had put on some press-on nails and painted them a nice shade of red that perfectly match my lips.

When I looked in the mirror I almost convinced myself that I was passable enough to go to one of the local CD/TV bars, but in the end I decided to just do as I had originally planned and to go for nothing more than a simple walk around the block.

It took me a few minutes after leaving home before I felt comfortable enough to be who I wanted to be.   The echo of my high heels against the pavement was an amazing thrill and turn-on which only made me further concentrate on appearing as confident and sexy as I could, swaying my hips from side to side with each step.

I had turn down three streets and walked through one of the smaller parks when I suddenly realized that I was not alone.   As I glanced over my shoulder I saw someone several steps behind me, walking on the same side of the street and heading in the same direction I was.   My heart began to race as nightmarish images filled my thoughts.   Who would be out at this hour to go for a walk?   It was only after calming myself down that I realized that I was on the verge of a dramatic over-reaction that my high school Drama teacher would have been proud of.

I took a deep breath and continued as I was, making a point to turn down the next street and begin to head back home… just in case.   After several steps down the new street I glanced over my shoulder and happily noticed that whoever had been behind me was no longer there.   I had brought myself on the edge of hysteria for nothing it seemed, still I found myself looking over my shoulder several more times before reaching the end of the street and my next turn.   When I reached the corner a hand reached out from behind a thick set of bushes and took a solid hold of my arm.

"Hi there sweetie," a middle aged man said, his slurred speech and the stench of alcohol that surrounded him made it perfectly clear that he was drunk, likely having left one of the nearby bars and heading home, wherever that might have been.   "You are one hot babe you know that?" He continued as he ran his hand on my arm and rather clumsily brushed against my breasts.

There was no doubt in my mind that he wanted to have some fun, but given the state that he was in I strongly doubted that he would be able to rape me or even come to realize that I was not the hot, sexy babe that he thought me to be.   As was scared and thought of as many ways to break away from him as I could short of kneeing him in the groin and running away as fast as I could.   Being in 4-inch heels, I suspected that I would not be able to run all that fast or far anyway.

"Come on baby," he slurred as his hand fully took hold of my right breast.   "I could make you very happy tonight," he added.   Given just how drunk he was I chuckled to myself thinking that I doubted he would be able to do *anything*, but this had presented me with an opportunity that my sluttish side just could not ignore.   I took hold of his hand and lead him further behind the thick bushes from which he had surprised me from.   I found a large tree and leaned him back against it before I reached down and gently squeezed his crotch through his pants.

I felt his hardness and immediately lost all of my fears and inhibitions… I had gone out looking like a slut and here I was about to act out of some of the dreams and fantasies I had enjoyed for so very long.   Without any hesitation I lowered myself onto my knees, undid his pants and allowed them to drop down to around his ankles.   Seconds later his underwear followed leaving him completely vulnerable from the waist down and with a rapidly growing hard-on that was just begging to have my red-painted lips wrapped around it.

I had practice this many times before on my favorite dildos but the thought of having a real cock in my mouth was both troubling and oh so exciting.   Whatever second thoughts I might have had were taken care of when he reached for my head and pulled me in closer.   At first I was scared that he would figure out that I was wearing a wig, but the moment my lips slid over his hardened cock my fears vanished and I abandoned myself to the act.

His hold of my head was light allowing me to move as I wanted, but just the feeling of his hands there was enough to make me want to take all of his length down my throat.   The feeling of his hard shaft between my lips sent waves upon waves of delight through my body forcing my own clit to grow and demand to be released from its confinement.

I very quickly debated and dismissed the idea of reaching between my legs and taking care of my own needs in favor for concentrating on pleasing the man I had in my mouth.   I had wanted to be this sluttish bitch and slut for so long and now all I had to do was to let myself go and think only of him and his needs.   I began to pump his pole which could not have measured more than 7 inches long, taking an inch more with each thrust until his balls came to rest against my chin.

He immediately let out a gasp of ecstasy, and to my own delight I found that the sound and effect I had on him thrilled me to no end.   I had often dreamt of pleasing a man in this way but had never thought I would have the guts to do it, yet here I was on my knees with my red lips sliding furiously over a man's full length.

After only a few minutes of my attending to his stiffness with my mouth I felt his sack tighten and immediately knew what was about to happen, the question was what was I going to do?   My first thought was to pull away and have him give me a facial that I would enjoy beyond words, but that thought was quickly replaced with the image of my ruined make-up and my still having to return home.   Maybe I could just stop and finish him off with a hand job, but I actually found that thought to be undesirable.   I had often dreamt of playing the role of a slut in an encounter and here I was with the perfect opportunity to make that dream come true.

Having resigned myself to playing the role to the fullest I continued sucking on his stiffen rod anxiously awaiting for what I told myself would be a delicious reward… and it was.   Load after load were shot into my mouth and down my throat and I found myself swallowing each one with the eagerness of a cum vampire.   I made sure to draw every last drop out before I took his softening cock deep into my mouth and squeezed the last drops of white liquid gold out.

The moment my lips slid off his cock his knees gave up and he fell to the ground, his pants around his ankles and a bright satisfied smile on his face.   I slowly licked my lips, tasting the remnants of his pleasure as I debated my next move.   Since he had been kind enough to fulfill one of my most secret desires I could not bring myself to being mean and leaving him in the state he was in.   It took some work but I managed to pull his pants back up so that he would not be exposed to the world as he slept his drunken state off.

I smiled and bit my lower lip as I watched him sleep, I needed to find a way to thank him for what he had done, allowing me to be for a short period of time the slut I had dreamt of being for so very long.   After debating the situation for a little while I thought of something simple as a reward for both him and me.   I reached into my purse, pulled out my lipstick and reapplied a thick layer on my lips before I leaned him and placed a big, wet kiss on his forehead and lips.   Hopefully this would help him remember what had happened here tonight and maybe, just maybe it might make him search for a repeat performance in some near future.

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