A Master For Julie Jizzbucket

By cdbottom2

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A story i have written in regards to my master and myself

I had spent the last couple months indulging in some mild cross dressing. After a few nights wearing clothes that made me feel so sexy and womanly. Until recently I had only worn panties, bras and a few sets of stockings and teddys that I had bought for an old girlfriend before she broke up with me to date a guy that had more money.

I have also been going online to a site called Lush Stories to write some of my cross dressing fantasies. Once I had written a fair amount of stories, I found myself wanting to be on the slutty and submissive side and began my search for a master. Eventually I came across a man that was on Lush and for the sake of this story I will call him Master.

My Master and I have chatted online quite a few times and I have to say he has treated me very well and he knows just how to get me horny enough to make me do anything he wants.

One time of in particular that still makes me extremely horny is how he gave me pink stockings, thong, short skirt and pink top and told me to go into the men’s room on lush and announced to the room what a dirty little slut whore I was. It was so much fun that I had even lost track of time and was late to meeting with someone in my real life.

Anyway, this story involves one with my Master in a fantasy that I hope will come true someday or at least he will act out with me in a hot cyber chat on lush.

Just before I said my goodbye to Master, he told me that he was going to be in the nearby city to visit for business. After we talked for a couple minutes we had decided to meet up in his hotel room. One more thing, I was to wear my sexiest clothes under my normal clothes when I showed up and he would have a surprise for me later.

I arrived at the time we agreed upon shaved and dressed and knocked on the door. When he opened the door, I noticed that he was wearing only a towel and blushed right away.

“Umm are you my Master? I’m Cdbottom2.” I looked down at my shoes with an embarrassed look on my face as I spoke.

“Yes, come on.” He said sternly.

I walked into the hotel room and he closed and locked it behind me. As soon as it was secure, he told me to strip and show him what I had chosen for his pleasure. I took off my shirt and pants to reveal my black thong panties and a black lace teddy. He gave an unpleased sneer and told me to remove all my clothing because he was not satisfied with what I had chosen.

“Strip off all your clothes, turn around and lean forward with your hands on the bed!” he commanded.

I did as I was told and he left for a second to retrieve something from a nearby drawer. As I waited for him to find what he was looking for, I couldn’t help but notice that there was a couple of boxes sitting on the bed right in front of me. I wanted to open them and see what was inside but I feared my Master would be angry and punish me more if I was to disobey him. It wasn’t much longer before he found what he was looking for, it was a small paddle that said punish across the painful part and a bottle of baby oil.

My Master started by giving my ass a couple of playful smacks and telling me how much I have disappointed him in not finding anything more slutty and appropriate for a dirty whore like myself to wear. I apologized over and over again but he just kept smacking my ass until it was red and sore.

Eventually he stopped and told me not to move as he started pouring the baby oil all over my ass. Then when it was glistening and wet he gave it a little slap then told me to stand up as he covered my whole body in the baby oil. I started to rub it in all over my freshly shaved body as my clitty cock and my nipples got rock hard and very slippery. My Master looked at me up and down then stopped at my cock.

“Put that tiny dick between your thighs and hide it, then I want you to play with and pinch your nipples until they are as hard as your little prick.” He commanded.

I did as I was told and I have to say that it was great. I could feel my body attract attention away from my cock to my aching hole and my nipples start to become harder and harder the more I rubbed them. To help them out a little, I even pinched my nipples and twisted them slightly which sent a shock of ecstasy through my body. Just as the sensation started to subside, my master gives my ass a smack then takes a fairly large butt plug and inserts it into my ass. It hurt like hell but it went in nicely from the baby oil and soon felt good inside me. Then my Master started to rub it and smack the bottom sending jolts through my body.

All the teasing started to take its toll as my cock started to drool precum down my legs like a woman would if she was soaking wet. I was just starting to moan when he stopped then gave me one of the boxes I had noticed earlier.

“Go put this on you little slut, there will be more later.” He commanded.

I took the box and went into the bathroom as I wiggled my ass a little so I could feel the butt plug move around more; I think my master enjoyed what I was doing as well because he gave a little chuckle just as I entered the bathroom and closed the door.

I opened the box to find it was lingerie, but this type was a little different then what I had normally seen. I started out with what looked like a small pump with tiny circular bands. I knew right from the start that it was for my nipples and since they were already hard and sensitive I knew this was going to be a kinky night. I put the suction on my nipple which drew it inside then I slipped on the elastic bands. They hurt like hell at first but soon felt very good. Next was the bra, it seemed like a fairly ordinary bra however I noticed very tiny holes and wasn’t sure what they were for until I put it on. The holes were for my hard nipples to poke through instead of rubbing against the fabric of the bra. I was loving it already but had to continue. Next was the panties, but instead of a normal thong it was like a g-string but instead of a string that went between my cheeks it was a string of fake pearls. I never knew you could get kinky girly underwear like this but now I was going to wear it for my very hunky Master. When I slipped the thong up my legs and into place I could feel the fake pearls rubbing against some of my most sensitive areas. It almost made me a little disappointed that I was wearing the butt plug, but only almost. Finally I put on a garter belt and stockings that went up to my thighs and matching lace gloves that went up to my shoulders. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I couldn’t help but notice that everything was in white and how very erotic I looked in such wonderful and slutty lingerie. I opened the door to find my Master sitting in his chair with his cock out and rock hard waiting for me.

“Come here and show me how you look you little slut!” he demanded.

With my head lowered, I walked to him in my most girlish strut then when I got to him I stopped and stood there as he looked me over.

“You look much like a dirty little slut, just as I wanted. Well done.” He said.

Then Master takes out a collar and mask and places it on me but before he puts the mask on he grabs some lipstick and applys some on my lips. Then he uses his hand and smears it all over my face then starts to use the lipstick as a marker and write dirty words all over my body. He started on the outside of my thighs writing Property Of Master on one side and Cum Dump Princess on the other. Then he went behind me and slapped my ass and told me to bend over a little. I did as told and he wrote cock slave across my ass cheeks and finishing by writing Whore across my forehead and Worthless above my clitty cock with arrows pointing to it. Once he was finished, he put the mask on me and began to speak.

“Now I want to show off my little slut don’t you?” he asked with a cocky sneer.

I was embarrassed and didn’t want to go outside but when he opened the door I saw that it was dark and the clock said it was getting late out. Therefore I decided to agree to his terms and we began to walk outside before he stopped.

“Oh, one more thing.” He said then he pulled out a ball gag and put it in my mouth before we headed outside.

He strutted me around for a while and we even passed by some drunk people just outside of the nearby bar. He stopped and started toward the drunk people. Then Master stopped me so I was at a distance behind him while he talked to the drunk people in front of the bar. He was whispering so I couldn’t quite hear what they were saying but then they all looked at me with smiles on their faces. Then they all came closer and started to feel around my body, squeezing and slapping my ass then moving up to my nipples. I was still slippery from the baby oil before but that just seemed to have turned them on some more. I also noticed that they were calling me “she” and “her” a lot, I guess Master must have said I was a woman and they couldn’t tell the difference because they had been drinking. The one girl with them was pulling and pinching my nipples so hard it started to drive me crazy with how good it felt while one of the guys started pulling on my pearl panties. I started to moan but then Master pulled on my collar and slapped my ass hard as he told me to thank them for playing with my body.

I moaned a muffled thank you as best as I could but it was short lived as it was just getting started. The drunk people held my hands behind my back as Master tied them up, then he took me by the leash and we all went inside. I could feel them all fondling my body and especially my ass. At this point I was wondering how no one had noticed that I was actually a guy yet but after remembering how I looked in the lingerie in the mirror at the hotel room I figured that in the right clothes and with a shaven body I must have looked a lot like a real woman.

I looked around and saw that the bar was completely full and it wasn’t long before people started to take notice of me. Master pulled on my leash and told me to hurry up as we went from table to table so he could show me off and allow people to play with me if they wanted. There were even some people who asked for blowjobs or to fuck me, of course my Master refused and we continued onto the next table. Eventually, we came to a table where there was only one man who looked to be about the same age as my Master sitting at a table alone. We stopped at it and my Master and the man talked as if they seemed to have known each other for a few minutes. When the attention was drawn to me, Master pulled my leash until I was bent over the table and standing on my tippy toes. He started to feel all around my body and even glide his fingers along the crack of my ass. I could do nothing but moan as he found the butt plug hidden underneath and started to play with it. The man twisted it around inside me then pulled it out about half way before plunging it back in over and over again. This sent my body in shivers and moans as his touch made me orgasm right there on the table. Then he gave my ass a hard slap right over the plug and I gave a loud moan.

I was hoping he would have played with me more however the owner of the bar told us we were being obscene and needed to leave. The three of us got up and we left the bar. Master then proceeded to tie me to a post and to get on my knees and wait for his return while he went to speak with his friend. Numerous people came out the door that was right next to me and looked at me. Some liked what they seen others just kept walking as if they did not see me. There was even a couple girls who gave me their phone numbers and told me to call them some time.

Eventually Master came back but he was alone and he took my leash to say we were going back to the hotel room so he could have more fun with his little slut. We walked inside and the first thing he did was take out my ball gag and removed my mask. Then he told me to remove my pearl g-string and butt plug then to get on my knees and wait. I did as I was told and waited and watched him. Master took the mask, plug, g-string and ball gag and put them in the box I had the lingerie in. Then I saw he went back to the drawer to get something new as well as his paddle again. Then he took off his clothes and I was finally allowed to see his big hard throbbing cock. It looked amazing, it was twitching and oozing just a little precum and I could smell his masculine scent as it wafted through the air. The smell was not overly strong but it was very erotic and I could think of nothing more then making it feel good and shoot the big thick creamy load that I hoped was stored inside.

“Get on your hands and knees and stick out your ass, slut.” He commanded.

He stood just far enough away that when I leaned forward to get on my hands his cock was just inches away from my lips. I looked up at him and he slapped my face with his big member a few times before letting it lay across my face from my chin to my forehead. It radiated off such heat that my ass started to twitch and throb and I knew right then and there that I needed his big hard cock inside me.

Without saying a word I opened my mouth wide and he slipped his cock inside and pushed it all the way to the back of my throat. I didn’t even gag, guess I was hornier for him then I knew. I started to suck him, long slow bobs as I licked up and down his shaft and swirled around his head, savoring his flavor and enjoying every minute of it.

“That’s a good slut, keep sucking just like that.” He said as he patted my head while I took his cock deep in my throat.

I sucked his cock for what seemed like hours but that time flew by until he pulled out of my mouth and stuck a dildo with a suction cup base to a chair in the room. Then he gave me some lube to pour all over the dildo and in my ass. I applied generous amounts of it before sitting down on the head of the dildo. I had to move it around my hole and tease it before I could finally get the head in. I had to stop because it felt so good yet I was still tense from the initial penetration. Master started to grow impatient as he got behind the chair and grabbed my arms so he could pull me down the full length of the toy. For a split second I couldn’t tell if the sensation was pain or pleasure as it ripped through my ass but gave me a massive orgasm which turned my pain to intense pleasure and suddenly my ass felt amazing and I wanted more.

I spread my legs wide open and started to ride the dildo, bouncing up and down again and again faster and faster until I was sweating and my clitty cock oozed cum. Master watched and stroked his cock slowly just inches from my eyes as he oozed precum from out of his tip. We continued like this for 20 minutes before Master pulls out a piece of paper with some writing on it.

“Read your oath out loud slut and don’t stop riding that cock. Treat it like it was mine.” He spoke as he held up my oath to read.

“I am cdbottom I belong to Master, he is my master and I am his slut, I must obey him at all times, I can only cum if he permits me to.” I said aloud but gasped and moaned from the dildo penetrating me.

Master commanded me to keep going again and again until I repeated the oath 6 times. Then he pulled me off the dildo and forced me over the table so I was in a standing doggy position. Before I could say a word, Master pushed his cock deep into my ass and started fucking me at a good pace. He pounded me furiously over and over, making slapping noises as his balls slapped mine. It wasn’t long before we both had the need to cum and cum we did. Master pulled his cock out of me then spun me around on my back just as I shot my cum straight up in the air and landed back on me. As I finished my orgasm he stroked his cock until he shot his big load all over me. God it was a storm of white seed with a scent I thought for sure anyone would smell on me if I walked by them.

When his orgasm finally finished I was coated in white ooze that felt just amazing and probably the most satisfying I have ever had. We continued until early morning came and my ass was sore and filled with a juicy creampie. I just laid on my stomach panting and feeling my full tummy and smelling the cum that was poured onto and in me until I felt Master push the butt plug back into my ass to make sure none leaked out. Then we laid back again to rest.

After a few minutes of rest, Master told me to strip and put my clothes and the toys back in the box with the mask and other things with the exception of the butt plug. Then he told me to pick up the other box and put on the clothes without cleaning off the cum. I opened it to find some very sexy and slutty clothing. It had a tube top that said “I give great head” and a very short skirt with thigh high fishnets and 7 inch pump heels all in pink.

I quickly put the clothes on and came out. Master was waiting and smiled when he saw me in my new outfit.

“That is all yours now, I want you to go home looking like you are now and take some naughty pictures of yourself to post on Lush Stories. Lastly write about what else you would like master to do. Now go you little whore.” He commanded with an evil smile.

The end.