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A Nanny Femtastic - 5


Chapter 5

... I looked gorgeous now with my ample breasts and thin waist! I would really enjoy this upcoming holiday!

The electrolysis treatments had continued, and I now was pretty hairless and did not need to shave or wax. I did however remove all my pubic hair and became obsessed with having a completely hairless body. This included around my scrotum and anal area.
Felicity would also take me to a fitness and tanning centre where we would do an aerobics class and use the sun beds. We would have cappuccino afterwards with a few of her other friends, and giggle and talk about men!
The other women had no awareness that I was in fact male, and would joke that I needed to find a rich husband!
I was becoming more glamorous and dressing more like Felicity. We were mistaken as sisters often.
I had developed a deep all over tan and looked gorgeous when I modelled the bikinis I would be wearing on holiday, in my room.
Felicity assured me that Bradley, and his brother Thomas, were not aware that I was a man underneath my very feminine exterior.  Indeed they seemed to show me more attention since my breast implants, probably because I took every opportunity to wear low cut tops!
It was about a week before we were due to go to Tuscany. I had continued buying a lot of beautiful clothes and had almost two large case fulls I would be taking.
I was to meet Alex and Lou for drinks for the first time since my implants and indeed the first time for some months. I was excited to show them how the hormones and new breasts had changed me!
I wanted to look so gorgeous for them that night.
I had a long shower, and I stroked my smooth, slim, bronzed body and fondled my breasts while at the same time massaging my rigid penis until I ejaculated!
I selected a very lacy, white bra, knickers and suspender belt, and slid some sheer flesh coloured stockings with a tiny floral detail down the sides.
I glanced in the mirror and admired my long ash blonde hair and sun tanned body emphasized by the pure white underwear. My breasts were pushed up by the uplift bra and forming a lovely cleavage.
At that moment I heard the door and turned around startled, the little girls burst in giggling and stopped, with Thomas in pursuit laughing!
He stopped in his tracks and went bright red.
"Oh..sorry Louise,  I didn't mean to.....," he stammered.
"that's alright Thomas," I said as I reached for a floral patterned, short, silk gown and wrapped the belt tightly around my body. I smiled and noticed how Thomas seemed mesmerized!
"Er.. I better go," he said, as he hurried out of the room.
"come on girls," I said as I lead them to their room.
I sensed Thomas watching me from the Hall as I padded down the corridor with my bare feet with pink painted toes and my skimpy silk gown on. I quite liked the fact I was being watched and let the gown open slightly at the front to reveal my breasts moving up and down as I walked. My long legs were also visible with the stocking top and suspender belt flashing into view as I walked.
When I returned to my room I giggled to myself.
I picked out from my now heaving wardrobe a very short silk shift dress with a vibrant fuschia pink and white floral pattern and little flared, pleated ruffle at the bottom . The scooped neck showed off beautifully my ample breasts. It tied at the back to emphasise my slim waist.
I teamed this with white wedge heeled gladiator sandles and a white Alice band in my hair. I filled my chunky buckled, white slouch bag with my usual make up. Felicity had jokingly said I should also carry spare tampons, more just to convince the other women we met I was a genetic female!
I placed some large silver hooped earrings in that matched my chunky silver bangles and chunky silver bead necklace.
I slung a fuschia pink, light weight cardigan over my shoulders and I was ready. I felt very sexy and feminine!
As I left the house, Thomas was outside and opened the door of the BMW 4x4 for me as I hitched my skirt up to get in, again revealing a cheeky glimpse of my white suspender belt!
"Do you have a date Louise?" he said smiling.
"No," I said grinning back. " Just meeting some old girlfriend's at that new wine bar in town."
"Well let me know what its like there, and maybe we could go there sometime?" he smiled nervously.
I was embarrassed now, Thomas was hitting on me! I felt flattered, excited and scared, all at once!
He was a sweet man and very good looking but what was I thinking? I was a man in reality!!
I soon forgot Thomas as I met Alex and Louise.
Alex looked gorgeous as ever, but had adopted quite a masculine look with a new short boyish haircut and she was wearing a fitted suit with a short jacket and plain white fitted shirt. Lou was wearing a short ditsy tea dress similar to mine.
"Louise! you look stunning!" Alex said as she greated me hugging me and kissing me on the lips. She held me there with her arms around my waist and kissed me again slowly, our tounges met!
"Ok girls! that's enough!" Lou jokingly intervened.
I felt incredibly empowered, with women and Men coming onto me! I was loving being between the two sexes but presenting as a glamorous female.

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