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A Nanny Femtastic - 7


Chapter 7

After that first dinner Bradley and Felicity retired to their bedroom. And even though they were in a separate wing of the sprawling villa I could hear them making love!

I thought of what Felicity felt as a transsexual woman having had a vagina created out of what was her penis. To feel Bradley rigid penis inside her. I wondered how nice it would be to put on a skimpy pair of knickers or a g-string and feel it flat against your own vagina. The thoughts turned me on and I masturbated in my room whilst stroking my breasts through my silk night dress.

The first morning I put on a white broderie anglais bikini which had a built in little ruffle skirt that would help disguise my penis even though it was pushed tightly back and up in my fake vagina gaff.

I put a pale pink chiffon Kaftan cover up on, and a chiffon scarf in my hair. I slipped on a pair of white and pink, jewelled flat sandals.

As I walked down stairs I thought how much I loved the way my breasts moved under the see through Kaftan as I walked .

Bradley and Felicity were up and I took over from them with the girls.

Felicity was wearing a light, pink floral patterned maxi dress, that flared out from under her bosom and skimmed the floor. She looked so pretty and feminine.

“Bradley and me are going into town for a bit of shopping, can you stay here with the girls honey?” Felicity said.

“No problems Flicy,” I responded.

I relaxed by the pool whilst the girls swam and splashed around.

I sat there sunbathing, in my large rimmed straw hat and shades, and regularly oiled myself, adjusting my bikini. By the end of the day I had triangular bikini marks over my breasts which I loved!

The rest of the week carried on this way, but with Bradley and Felicity spending days with me by the pool and in the grounds. Me and Felicity would often go topless even with Bradley there! it was bliss.

The next day Thomas was due to arrive, and Felicity asked if I minded going to pick him up at the airport, and beforehand  and do a bit of shopping if I liked.

I dressed in a simple white lace and cotton dress that finished mid thigh and flared out slightly like a baby doll dress. It had a cut out deep cleavage. My tan, and breasts, looked great against it. I wore some 4 inch high,  wedge sandals that had white ribbons criss crossing up and tied at the knee in a pretty bow. I had a white handbag and a large wickerwork/straw bag with pink straw daisies on it that I could sling over my shoulder for any shopping I bought.

I put on my straw hat and shades and jumped into the BMW 4x4. I loved driving the BMW and seeing my thin arms and long, French manicured, fingers clutching the steering wheel with silver rings and bangles jingling. I loved the way the seat belt fitted snugly between my breasts, exaggerating their large roundness.

I spent the morning shopping and bought some local made lace dresses and silver jewellery. The local guys were always over the top in their treatment of me and I was regularly having to wave them away!

I had time for a glass of wine in a bar before going to the airport and sat there in the shade with a glass of Rose.

It was there that I spotted two very familiar faces approaching, walking down the road. They looked like any other British tourists with camera bag, and white and red raw skin!  It was my parents!

I panicked. But surely they wouldn’t recognise me especially with the hat and shades on. Plus I was as good as a woman now! My god what were they doing here! I had been putting them off visiting me for months before I even started with Felicity so it must have been over a year now.

My Father was the typical dominant type, ex army, rugby player!  He was always disappointed he had a short in stature son I think. I took after my mum who was very petite.  More so now I thought!

He strode past with my mum following, and of course they never even noticed their son sitting there sipping pink wine, with his breasts bursting out of a little white dress and wearing pretty ribboned sandals!

I finished my wine and hurried back to the car.  What on earth were they doing in Italy? I continued to fret.

I waited for Thomas’s plane to land.

As he walked out of Arrivals he spotted me and waved, smiling warmly. As he approached he dropped his bag and wrapped his arms around me, I offered him my cheek which he kissed warmly his strong arms around my slim waist!

“Louise, lovely to see you, you look amazing! This climate suits you gorgeous.” He said enthusiastically, looking into my eyes holding me now with his hands sliding down onto my bottom!

I lifted his hands up saying, “ Thomas, lovely to see you too darling. Felicity and Bradley are expecting us we should dash.”  I didn’t want to stay longer than required in , or near the town!

On the way back I could see him out of the corner of my eye also enjoying the roundness of my breasts, nipples visible, sitting pertly on either side of the seat belt!








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