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A Nanny Femtastic - 8

A Nanny Femtastic

Chapter 8

When we got back to the villa I needed some time alone and left Thomas with Bradley and Felicity. We were all to meet for dinner that evening on the terrace. I had a few hours to myself and ran a big deep, bubbly bath.

I had got used to pampering myself with an array of oils and scents. This and of course the regular hormone injections had softened my skin and redistributed my body mass into a gorgeous feminine shape. I probably spent too much time stroking and looking at my newly developing body!

I stood naked in front of the mirror and tucked my penis and scrotum back between my legs. I admired my ample breasts and slender frame with its curvaceous hips and bottom. I

It was only a matter of time I thought before I am going to want a full sex change! I had never thought of myself as female, but I had so loved my journey so far it seemed only right to reach the final destination of complete womanhood.

But what was I going to do withy my parents? they, or rather my Dad would be mortified. But I was never going to go back to being a man again.

What about Thomas, he was clearly infatuated with me! But I also had very strong sexual feelings towards Alex back home and indeed Felicity!

I lay in the deep bath with all these thoughts rushing through my head. One thing I was certain of was that I loved my new life as a woman. The clothes the feel of my body in them, constricted by strappy lace and elastic. The silks and satins, the lightness of the fabrics. Yes I loved everything about being a woman.

I was disturbed by a knock on the door and Felicity's voice. "Can I come in Louise?"

"Of course Felicity." She had seen me topless and I was covered in bubbles so I had  no concerns.

She came in and knelt down by the bath. She was wearing a pink bikini under a see through white dress.

"The men are talking sport so I thought id come and have a girly chat with you honey," she smiled.

"You know Thomas hasn't stopped talking about you since he arrived. I think he really fancies you honey!" She smiled at me winking.

"Yes I had sensed that Felicity. He is a nice man, but how can it work with you know what between my legs!" We both giggled.

"When Bradley found out about me he embraced it all, literally! In fact he didn't want me to have a full sex change, but it was the only way we could adopt the girls at the time. I think he missed me having a penis. I still use a strap on with him sometimes. But I do sometimes wonder if I disappoint him now sexually."

She started swirling the water with her hands, her long painted nails just catching my thighs now and then. I felt my penis start to swell and I adjusted myself so as to conceal it under the bubbles. I felt vulnerable on my back in the bath, but it felt lovely. I could smell Felicity and felt her breath on my exposed shoulders and face.

She put her hand deeper into the water as she spoke. "You are a very beautiful woman Louise, you know that don't you?" she said looking into my eyes.

"Well I have you to thank for that, but I can never be as beautiful as you Felicity." I said looking back into her eyes. She seemed to take this as a signal and she reached down and gently held my penis, I moaned slightly.

"Oh Felicity, that's nice!" I whispered.

She continued to stroke my penis as it grew into a its massive rigidness. With her other hand she gently stroked my breast and nipple. She kissed me gently on the lips, her hair falling around my face. I clasped the back of her neck and buried my tongue into her mouth and she reciprocated with a long hard kiss.

"Come to bed Louise." She said as she stood up and walked into my room.

I got out and dried myself quickly and joined her in the room.

She was on the bed naked and stroking her vagina with her legs apart. I walked straight up to her and lowered my blood engorged penis slowly into the moist lips of her vagina. I sank deep and hard into her as our bodies came together, our breasts pressed into each other. I started to slowly move in and out of her. She moved her hand around to my anus and stroked it and held my balls gently as I intensified in my movement. She moaned softly.

She reached up with her other hand and stroked my breasts. I looked down to see me penetrating a beautiful blonde woman and I looked at my beautiful female body too and it was amazing. I quickly came and she clasped my buttock as we moaned in climax.

We lay side by side  holding hands and on our backs on the bed afterwards. Our bodies were almost identical, Felicity was slightly thinner and shorter. "Louise that was amazing darling." Felicity whispered.

"God I know sweetness." I gasped back.

We entwined again and kissed passionately. 

"I had better get back honey. Ill see you at dinner in an hour or so." With that she jumped up , dressed and kissed me again on the lips.

Wow! I lay there even more confused. I was a Lesbian? no I was a guy really and Felicity is a transsexual, but look at our breasts and body! This was getting more and more gloriously confusing!

I dressed in white silk vest top with a lace detail around the top that clung tightly around my breasts and framed my cleavage, along with a long red wraparound, sarong skirt, red, heeled sandles and a red lace cardigan for later. I tied my hair up with a red flower scrunchy and let whisps of hair fall around my neck line.

Felicity was wearing a  little orange top with buttons up the back and a matching long straight skirt that sat on her hips and exposed her pierced belly button. I must get mine pierced I thought.

The guys were in pale linen suits and open neck white shirts.

Felicity winked at me as I entered and I grinned back.

Thomas stood. "You look more stunning every day that goes by, my gorgeous louise!" he grasped my hand and kissed it.

Bradley chuckled, "come on put her down brother!" We all chuckled and went through to the dining area.

I sat opposite Thomas, with the girls either side of me and Bradley took the head of the table with Felicity at the other.

Felicity looked radiant, whether our love making that afternoon had done this? I hoped so!

The wine flowed freely and I did start flirting a bit with Thomas. The girls were put to bed and we all retired to watch the sunset on the terrace.

Felicity kicked her shoes off and curled up with Bradley and started kissing him on one sofa, and me and Thomas took the other. It was dark now and we had an open fire burning between the sofas .

"You really are special Louise you know?" whispered Thomas. I chuckled, and blushed slightly.

"Your not bad yourself Tom." I patted his knee. He trapped my hand there on his knee and stroked it. We looked into each others eyes in the hazy light and we moved together and kissed gently. I pushed him gently back and looked at him again in the eyes.

"I'm not like the other girls you may have had Tom." I said.

"None of them have been so beautiful Louise, I can promise you that." He replied. We kissed more and he started feeling my breast through my top, stroking it gently and I felt my nipples go erect and hard. He moved his hand to my waist and stroked it, with his large hand almost encircling my slender waist.

I had not used my gaff that night opting for tight lace shorts to conceal my manhood. I was feeling a tingling down there but seemed to be lost in the moment.

He moved his hand to my legs and stroked there smoothness. He began raising his hand through the wraparound slit. I felt them move gently between my legs to my groin area. I was lost in the emotion and didn't think, and almost was willing him to stroke my penis.

His hand rested on my knickers, and stopped. He moved away slowly looking at me. His hand felt my groin some more. It was like time was standing still.

To be continued.



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