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A Nanny FEmtastic - 9


Chapter 9

Thomas quickly pulled his hand from under my skirts, and stood up abruptly. “Fucking hell I don’t believe it!” he blurted out.

Felicity was suddenly by my side. “What’s wrong?” she said.

“forget it!” Thomas said, and stormed back inside, knocking over the table and drinks as he went. Bradley chased after him.

I burst into tears and Felicity put her arm around me, and kissed me gently on the cheek saying, “Its ok Louise.” She handed me a tissue and I dabbed my eyes.

I told Felicity what happened and of course she understood that the inevitable had happened. She blamed herself. I of course told her not to blame herself. She suggested we turn in and have an early night.

I went back to my room but heard the raised voice of Thomas and the calmer voices of Felicity and Bradley. I took my, now streaked make up off, and went to bed and cried myself to sleep. I just wished I had been all female and felt nothing but disgust for what was dangling between my legs. I wished I had a vagina and had a disturbing dream where my penis and balls had been cut off leaving a malformed ugly stump!

I woke up in a hot sweat and reached down to be reassured by the touch of my penis still intact. I stroked my body and touched my ample breasts. Yes everything was still there!

I slipped on my ivory silk dressing gown and slippers and padded downstairs to the kitchen. Bradley was there alone. I felt awkward.

“Hey Louise,” he said smiling kindly. “ I am sorry about my Brothers behaviour, but he was a bit surprised I think. He left early for the airport, I couldn’t calm him down.”

“No its my fault I’m so sorry I deceived him, and for that fact you Bradley.” I said quietly. “I will pack my things and go too.”

“You’ll do no such thing Louise, you are family now and the girls and Felicity would really miss you, as indeed I would.”

“Your too kind Bradley, thank you.” I tried to hold back the tears welling up. He came over and put his muscular arms around me. I put my arms around his waste feeling my breasts pressed into his torso.

“Your ok honey, you’ll be fine with us.” He stroked my hair out of my face and  kissed me on the forehead and then went back to his breakfast.

Felicity joined us a few minutes later and suggested she would take me shopping. Bradley said he would stay by the pool with the girls.

I dressed in a short fuchsia pink, cotton lace dress which had a large bow on the back. I slipped on some white sling back shoes with a  low wooden heel and filled my large white shoulder bag withy my make up. I packed a short lace bolero cardigan in case it got colder later. I tied my hair with white silk ribbons in two bunches.

Felicity wore a heavily patterned, crossover short mini dress, with low heeled strappy sandals. We both donned our large shades and floppy straw hats, which was de rigueur these days.

Felicity drove and I found myself glancing at her gorgeous slim, smooth  bronzed legs as they applied the brakes and accelerator of the big BMW. Her short dress had ridden up revealing her flat groin area where I glimpsed clean white lace knickers. Her breasts looked gorgeous and her nipples were visible down the front of her dress as she turned to see oncoming traffic.

We shopped , which any women loved to do as we did. We went into a gorgeous lingerie shop and spent time in a private changing room helping each other on with the most beautiful bras, panties and Basques.

At one point Felicity whilst adjusting my bra at the back put her arms around me and reached down to my hard penis. Her breasts pushing into my back. She kissed me hard on the neck and around my ear. She removed my now rigid penis out of the constricting lace shorts I had on and started massaging it rhythmically with one hand, her other massaging my breasts. I quickly ejaculated onto the floor. We both giggled as I turned to kiss her. She dropped to her knees and licked my penis clean.

We cleaned it up quickly and bought a most of the underwear we had tried, that they wrapped in pink tissue and we left loaded down with pink expensive bags of  lingerie purchases.

Felicity took me to the same wine bar I had been in the other day and we ordered a bottle of pink champagne delivered in an ice bucket. We chatted and giggled about the incident in the changing room.

We both touched each other discretely, lingering with our hands on each others knees and inner thighs! We just looked like two, rich, girlfriends’ on holiday.

Two young guys, obviously English were looking over and trying to catch our eye. They looked rich, with pale linen suits on. Felicity told me under her breath that they had pulled up in the black Lamborghini parked across the street. We giggled.

Felicity lifted her sunglasses at one point and looked directly at them pushing her breasts out and pouting. I giggled and told her to stop it! I noticed that she had removed her massive diamond engagement and wedding rings!

Very shortly afterwards they came over and asked if they could join us. I said no and Felicity said yes, in unison. We all laughed and they sat opposite us.

They were young, slim, tanned and very good looking, with flashing white grins. They were both very athletically built and around 6ft 2 I would have said. One of them, Ryan the slightly older one, had blonde shaggy hair. The other one Mike had black short cropped hair spiked at the top. Phil seemed to gravitate to Felicity and Mike to me.

They were apparently footballers with a Premier English club. We didn’t know much about football so didn’t recognise them. And they joked that women couldn’t get the concept of the off side rule. I didn’t reveal that as a guy I used to be known for being a hard defender! But I didn’t miss the ugly bruises and glanced at my smooth bronzed legs.

We talked and laughed a lot with them and continued to drink pink champagne that they insisted on buying. We showed them our new lingerie giggling. They liked that I think!

Felicity was very much the centre of it all with me being quiet and in her shadow, just smiling, more at Mike as the talk continued. He smiled back and flashed his gorgeous smile as he did.

Felicity suggested we should make tracks, they were clearly disappointed and tried to make us stay. And I too giggling talked her into staying. We did, for another bottle! Felicity rang the Villa and asked for the general handyman there to come into town and pick up the car and us as we were a bit tipsy.

When the BMW pulled up outside the bar, we stood to go and kissed them politely thanking them. Ryan asked if we wanted to join them on his boat tomorrow for the afternoon, as they were having a little party. Before I could say anything Felicity had accepted.

Wow what an amazing afternoon, we giggled in the back of the car whispering how gorgeous the two hunks had been and tormenting the driver.

When we got back Bradley chuckled at the state we had got into. ”Look at you two girls, your alcoholics. Fancy another?” We said yes!

“Oh by the way there was a strange English couple turned up earlier looking for a guy called Tony who was supposed to be working here? Do we have any helpers here called Tony, Felicity?” Bradley said scratching his head. Felicity and I didn’t answer! Felicity took the number Bradley had written down.

“Ill deal with it honey don’t worry.” She reassured him.

That night we continued to party. Bradley seemed a lot more open with me and kept engaging me in conversation and asking me questions about my childhood as a boy and what made me want to be a woman etc.
Felicity retired early to bed, the drink hitting her badly. Bradley wouldn’t let me retire and continued to engage me in lively chat.

He came and sat with me on the swinging chair as we looked out across the horizon to the distant sparkling lights by the seafront.








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