A Nanny Femtatastic - 4

By trinitytowers

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Chapter 4

….I was aware I may be called upon by one of the girls in the night so would have to stay in bra and panties. I also had to ensure I shaved thoroughly early in the morning and hid away my razor and foam!

I woke very early the next morning, thankfully no calls in the night! I shaved everywhere and slipped into a fresh bra and knickers, ensuring my special strapping for my penis was re-fitted.

I dressed in a white blouse and put on a pale blue pinafore dress, tights and flat Dolly shoes. I tied my hair in a high pony tail and crept up to the girls room.  I was to wake them dress them and meet everyone at breakfast. The two little girls were a dream and I had no problems.

I met only Felicity at breakfast as the men had left for work.  “Good morning Louise,” she said happily, “You already seem to be on top of things.”

I was to drive the BMW 4x4 to drop them at school and nursery. I felt very comfortable and was greeted amongst the obviously affluent mothers, and despite being asked for coffee I declined and escaped back to the house. Felicity had left instructions for washing, shopping and pick ups. This was easy I thought!

I had a message on my mobile from Alex saying my parents had been trying to contact me.  I ignored it.

I climbed back in the 4x4 and drove to the supermarket.  This was great I felt so comfortable and natural shopping as a woman. I pottered around and looked at the bras and lingerie in the shop, buying for myself another white lace bra and knickers.

This state of bliss for me carried on for a month or so. I got closer to felicity but the men were quite remote.

One day I sat down in the afternoon with Felicity over a coffee. “We are going to fly to our villa in Tuscany in about four months Louise and obviously expect you to come to help with the girls.”

I nodded but thoughts started racing through my mind as to how this might work!  “You'll be able to swim and sunbathe with us it will be fun to have another girl there with me!” Oh dear I thought that’s going to be a tough one! 

Before I started to question her she said something that stopped me in my tracks! “ I know you might be concerned about this on a number of fronts,”  she went on , “I know your male Louise.”

My jaw dropped !  “erm…,”  I stammered. 

“Don’t worry honey I fully understand, more so than you can ever imagine! I am really happy to have you here and as I said you were the most glamorous woman I interviewed and got the job on your own merit as a woman.” I didn’t know what to say.

“Do you want to become a woman eventually?” she asked. Again I didn’t know what to say. I had fantasized about  it but never really thought about doing it !

“Erm I suppose I wouldn’t mind,” I said. 

“Good that’s what I hoped, I would like to help you with that Louise if you want me to?” She then went on to explain that she had been born a boy and turned into a girl through certain forced circumstances but had never looked back since. She went on to tell me that she had only had a full sex change to enable her and Bradley to adopt children, changing her birth certificate to female. She had lived as pre-op transsexual up until that point. She would have preferred to stay pre-op in retrospect as Bradley preferred her that way. I was amazed and stunned!

My head was spinning now. This seemed so bizarre!

“Ok darling? Lets make four months time our deadline before the holiday to get you into shape so you can feel good in a bikini!” 

I nodded weakly  “Ok Felicity.”

What had I agreed to? I don’t know, but in a way I wanted it! My daily routine changed after that. She started giving me female hormones in the morning and I was booked in for electrolysis daily to remove all my facial and body hair permanently! I just went along with it, because my life was so enjoyable as a woman.

She enrolled me under a private consultant who assessed my development. This went on for over three months and things were great. I didn’t see Alex and Lou or my parents in this time.

My breasts had started to swell and my nipples change shape and I felt my waist narrow and my bottom and hips increase just slightly. I enjoyed more now wearing a bra and creating a passable cleavage with some assistance from gel bras and silicone enhancers. 

The shock came about a month before we were due to fly to Tuscany when Felicity took me to her plastic surgeon. She had booked me in to have breast implants! Wow my own breasts!

I was excited, scared and in two minds about it but Felicity is quite forceful so I went along with it.

The procedure took a day and I was sent home in bandages a bit swollen. When the bandages were removed a week later I was stunned. I had a pair of beautiful, if a little bruised, C Cup breasts! Felicity came with me and had packed some new lace bras for me to try. I put a red one on and she also had bought some low cut tops to show off my new body. I was so proud, I suddenly felt all woman! “We better go bikini shopping,” she giggled as we drove back home.

We did go shopping the next day after I had dropped the girls at school.  Felicity bought me several gorgeous summer dresses for day and evening, a few lightweight cardigans and shawls, and three bikinis. I loved trying them on and coming out of the changing room to show her. Two of the bikinis had a built in little skirt that covered or disguised my groin which would help but even the skimpy string one looked fine with the new latex thing that she had bought me to conceal my manhood.

This was a latex triangle and incredibly fine straps that basically when on made it look like I had a natural vagina! It was colour coordinated to my skin including pubic hair and the folds of a vagina! My penis was fitted into a sleeve which meant that I could also urinate through the vagina without taking it off!! It felt amazing and so female! Looking in the mirror with my bikinis on I looked gorgeous now with my ample breasts and thin waist!

I would really enjoy this upcoming holiday!