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A new friend

As I had a nice, big empty house I did what any good 17 year old would do. That first weekend I had a massive house party! I took a night off from dressing up and invited everyone I knew and when it came to the big night there were plenty of people, including a few I didn't know. I chatted to people and made new friends, sharing drinks and having fun. There was one girl there in particular who caught my eye. She was quite petite but curvy, long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes and her name was Rebecca. We got to talking and hit it off quite well. As we talked I began thinking she looked familiar but put it down to maybe seeing her around town sometimes. We talked more and more and as the night was drawing to a close I asked her were she lived. As I asked her it dawned on me where I recognised her from. She was the neighbour, Daniel's daughter. I had seen pictures of her around when I visited him and I couldn't help but smile to myself as she told me. It was late and I was more than a little drink so as soon as people left I took myself off to bed.

I woke up the next morning feeling a little worse for wear. I decided to survey the damage before I did anything so walked around the house. Other than a few empty beer bottles and glasses it was actually pretty tidy and I knew how to make cleaning up far more interesting! After showering I laid out on the bed a flowing casual summer dress and carefully selected a beautiful white lace thong with matching suspenders and bra along with white lace top stockings. I love the feel of stockings on my freshly smooth legs and was very much enjoying dressing up that day. I had just finished attaching the final suspender strap and was reaching for the panties when I heard a noise in the house. My heart raced! I realised I hadn't checked the spare rooms as I'd been sleeping in the master bedroom. I grabbed my jeans and tshirt, pulling them on over the stockings and suspenders. I slowly looked around the door and saw Rebecca coming out of one of the spare rooms. I smiled at her and asked if she was ok and did she want some breakfast. She nodded sleepily as as she went down stairs. I quickly checked the other rooms and, finding no-one else I headed down after her.

I found her sat in the kitchen and we chatted as I made her some coffee. I had a horrible feeling that something was amiss but I put it down to the sudden shock of someone being in the house. I began to tidy a little as we chatted when suddenly Rebecca stopped.

"Ummm... what have you got on your feet?" she asked. I followed her gaze down and sure enough, sticking out of the bottom of my jeans were two stockinged feet.

"That? Oh... I... sometimes have a problem with circulation in the night so I have to wear these surgical stockings to sleep in. I must have forgotten to take them off" I was quite please with how quickly that came to mind.

"Oh ok." She took a sip from her coffee. "I guess that explains the lace suspender belt too? You really should be more careful when you bend over. Or at least get a belt for your jeans." I was mortified and stood frozen like a deer in headlights. I had imagined someone finding out and was waiting for her to start laughing at me and to start calling me names.

"You probably should check who can see into your garden. I've seen you most nights." I'd had the house to myself so had taken to, after dinner, having a cigarette while dressed in the cool evening air. I had thought I'd found a place where I couldn't be seen but it seems I was wrong. She told me that at first she thought it was a bit strange but that I wasn't hurting anyone and we talked for a while about it. No I'm not gay, yes it turns me on... All the types of questions I've faced in the years since then. What struck me was how cool and relaxed she was about it all. We chatted for most of the afternoon until she had to go home.

"Would you like to come over tonight? My parents are away so maybe we can have a girlie evening? You can get ready at mine" Of course I accepted!

The rest of the afternoon dragged as tidied the house until finally the time came when I could go to Rebecca's. I dressed in my regular clothes and put a few things into a bag. I packed a few different things as I wasn't sure quite what to expect; a sexy baby doll nightie, stockings, heels as well as satin pj's and some less racey slippers.

I walked to Rebecca's front door with my bag in hand and nervously rang the boor bell. She greeted me with a big smile and a hug.

"I've been looking forward to this! Come in!" I walked in and followed her up to her room. She took my bag and asked what I'd brought.

"I wasn't sure what to wear so I just brought a couple of different things. I usually like to wear quite sexy things but I didn't want to assume you'd be ok with that."

"You silly! You didn't have to bring anything! First things first though..." She went to her wardrobe and fished out a bottle of vodka and two shot glasses. "We need to loosen up!"

We both had a couple of drinks and began talking more about my cross dressing. She told me how impressed she was with how I looked and that I had a good taste in clothes. As we chatted away she started gathering a few things. She tied her hair back and did the same to mine. It felt quite thrilling to tell her all about how dressing made me feel so it was a bit of a shock when she said.

"There's a spare robe on the back of the door in the guest bedroom next door. Go and strip off and put it on then come back." I did exactly as I was told and I couldn't help but notice that when I stripped off I was getting quite aroused! I wrapped the robe around me tightly and returned to find Rebecca was similarly attired. She was sat in front of the mirror and had applied just a small amount of eye shadow and was just finishing with some lip gloss. She smiled at me before sitting me down in front of her and began applying a similarly subtle layer of make up to my own face. All the while we talked, as if what we were doing was a perfectly normal, every day occurrence.

After make up she began straightened mine and her own hair. All the while we were drinking and chatting. From nowhere she asked if I'd ever done anything with anyone while in girl mode. Well I could hardly tell her I'd fucked her dad so I said I'd fooled around with this guy. I tried to explain how turned on I get when I dress and that I'm not gay but she quickly shhh'd me.

"I love to wear sexy outfits" she said, "I wear them because they make me feel good. They make me feel sexy. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't fooled around with a girl or two when I was in that frame of mind..." We both laughed and as she finished her hair. "Now," She said. "I wasn't 100% sure of size but I got you a little present." She passed me a little La Senza bag and told me to go and try it on.

I hurried into the spare room again and looked into the bag. Inside was a gorgeous red baby doll nightie, fitted around the cups but loose and flowing to the hips, with matching panties. I slipped into the outfit and found it to be a pretty good fit! The only problem being how turned on I was! Luckily the baby doll just covered the panties so she couldn't see my hard cock poking over the top. In the bag she had also put a pair of cleavage boosters which I put into the fitted cups. I put my robe back on and returned to her room. She was looking at me expectantly.


"It fits" I replied feeling a little shy. She walked over to me and tugged at the robes belt before pulling the robe of my shoulders to the floor.

"WOW!! You look stunning! I'm so pleased!" With that she dropped her robe to reveal the exact same outfit! "What do you think?" I was lost for words. With her curves and the way those fitted cups held her breasts my jaw must have nearly hit the floor! She giggled to herself as she went to a drawer.

"One final touch." She produced two pairs of black, lace top hold ups. Handing me one pair she put the other pair on herself as I did the same. She took my hand and took me over to the mirror. As I looked at the two of use we could have been twins. She was blonde to my brown hair and of course she had gorgeous full breasts to my small cleavage, but side by side like that, in matching outfits. I even commented on it.

"True, but sisters should never do this" She turned to me and softly kissed me on the lips. Her tongue gently seeking out mine for a brief moment before she stepped back and smiled at me. She laughed and poured us both another drink. We sat on the bed and, as is always the way, the talk became a little racier.

We talked about the things we've done, what turns us on, what we like, what we'd like to try. As we sat and talked on her bed I moved to make myself more comfortable. I lay on my back and arched to stretch out.

"Oh hello!" Rebecca said as I lay there. I looked to her and followed her gaze to see my baby doll has risen up to reveal my hard cock in the bright red panties. I moved to cover myself.

"Now, now. Don't be shy." She pushed my hands aside before leaning down and kissing my bulging cock through the soft red fabric. She ran her hand over my body and down before slowly pulling my panties down. I watched as she kissed and licked the length of my hard cock before, slowly, an inch at a time, she took me in her mouth. As she sucked me she eased her own panties down and began playing with her pussy. I had to taste her so I pulled her on top of me, her stockinged thighs either side of my face, locked in that 69. My tongue explored every inch of her sweet pussy and I lapped at her clit as I brought her to orgasm. After she came she moved to her drawer and pulled out a bottle of oil and began covering my cock with it.

"I told you I get dirty" she said as she straddled me and guided my oiled hard cock between her tight little ass cheeks. She pushed herself firmly but slowly onto my cock as her ass hole stretched and swallowed me inside. Once I was inside she built up a slow but steady rhythm, riding my hard cock. I reach to play with her pussy but she pushed my hands away, I noticed she was getting wetter as she rode me. Her moaning got louder and her back arched as she began to squirt all over me her ass hole tightened with every squirt, pulling my cock to orgasm as I came deep inside her. As our orgasms subsided she fell to lay next to me.

"I hope you aren't too tired" she said. "I have plans for you..."

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