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A Picnic in the Park

Wearing my sexy thong bikini to the park leads to hot action with a big stud.
It was a beautiful spring day, the kind of day a girl starts to think about wearing her new bikini to show off her hot body for lots of men. I was feeling frisky and thought meeting some new men would be fun. There was a county park near my town where lots of men go to meet up for some good blowjobs and hot encounters. I planned to go there today.

My new bikini still had the tags on it and was smelling fresh and new when I pulled it out of the drawer. It was a sexy little silver bikini with a spaghetti strap top and a little thong bottom. I knew it would attract lots of men at the park Most of the men who went there were bisexual and even had wives and girlfriends. They just enjoyed giving and receiving some extra blowjobs on the side. I was sure they would enjoy seeing a hot girlyboy sunbathing in a sexy little bikini and want to give her some hard cock to suck.

As I slipped out of my clothes and into the sexy little silver thong bikini bottom, I was feeling naughty. After all, I knew a man wouldn't be able to resist me once he saw me in my bikini and he would instantly want me like a girl. A sexy girlyboy had to use all the weapons girls do to get men and a teeny weeny bikini was definitely one of them.

After pulling on the bottom, which barely covered my shaved little clitty dick, I turned to the mirror and admired my hot ass cheeks hanging out of the little thong-styled back. I imagined I would let one of the men in the park rub some sunblock on my soft ass cheeks to keep them from burning in the sunlight. 

The thought of having a man rubbing lotion on my ass cheeks was stirring my juices as I prepared to put on the little spaghetti strap top to the bikini. I tied the strings around my neck and back and instantly felt like a sexy girl. My titties filled out the little cups in front so well men would think I was a girl. The thought of being a hot girl for men made my nipples hard and they were poking through the thin silver material as I admired myself in the bedroom mirror.

 How much cock a girl gets depends on how sexy she was and I was feeling super-sexy in my new bikini. I couldn't wait to get to the park and show it off for the boys. I was sure it would make them want me like a girl. After packing a picnic lunch with sandwiches, grapes, cheese and crackers and two bottles of wine, I was ready to go.

 I decided to take along my latest copy of Playgirl magazine to look at in the park. If there weren't any men around whose cocks I could look at, I could enjoy playing with myself while I looked at the handsome blonde centerfold's big cock which was fully erect in some photos. I liked to pretend I was sucking it good for him while I fingered my clitty dick like a girl fingers her clitty. Although I was hoping there were some men at the park whose cocks I could have, I wanted to be ready in case there wasn't.

 After grabbing a blanket, a towel, sunblock and my picnic lunch, I headed to my bicycle to ride to the park. I ride a girl's bike to give me the sexy feeling of not lifting my leg over the seat to get on. Girls can't lift their legs to get on bikes because they might show off their sweet little pussies to boys. And the thought of showing off their pussies to boys might get their love juices dripping all over their bicycle seats and boys might want to smell it to get turned on. So, a girl who wants to be a lady has to keep her sweet little pussy hidden and I wanted to be a lady, too.

 As I pedaled my bike down the street, my long hair blew in the breeze and the sun shined on my bikini-covered body. I had all the confidence of a sexy girl who knows men want her for sexual pleasures. It was a fabulous feeling to have after the long winter. I was sure I could get some hard cock in the park today that I could enjoy.

 The county park was slightly remote on the outskirts of town and lots of horny men frequent it looking for some action. There were usually guys sitting in their cars stroking themselves while they looked at a porn magazine in the parking lot. The more adventurous ones would meet in the bathroom and give each other blow jobs. Since I was a horny little girlyboy who liked giving blow jobs without any reciprocation, lots of men liked to have me in the park. I was hoping today would be no different.

 When I got to the park, there were only three cars in the parking lot. It was still early but the place was a little too quiet for me. After all, I wanted to turn on lots of men with my sexy new bikini. I liked it when they were sitting in their cars stroking their cocks while they looked at me and imagined I was giving them a good blowjob.

 I knew one of the men would come over to my blanket and get to know me. He would show me his hard cock that I gave him and tell me how hot I was and how much he wanted me. This would lead to lots of sexy flirting and hot talks of pleasure we wanted to give each other. But with only three cars in the parking lot, there would be less men to attract.

 I spread my blanket on the grass near the bathrooms, a popular meeting spot for horny men. After applying sunblock to my face, arms, legs and body, I laid back on the blanket and felt the warmth of the sun upon my body. It was incredible to feel so much like a sexy girl in her bikini and to know men would want me like they want girls.

 Wearing girl's bathing suits doesn't turn me on the way wearing their lingerie does. It requires some extra stimulation to get my little clitty dick hard in a girl's bikini bottom. That was where my Playgirl magazine came in. I could lay on my stomach and look at the pictures of the handsome men with big cocks while I reached down and fingered my clitty dick so no one could see me.

 There was no one in two of the cars in the parking lot and only one man reading a newspaper in the third car. I was feeling disappointed that there weren't more men around who I could make horny with my hot bod. I was hoping more men would come so I could do my stretches to give them lots of views of my hot ass and nice firm legs. Doing it for just one man wasn't as fun.

 After several minutes of laying on the blanket, I noticed the man in the car reading the newspaper glancing over at me several times. Obviously, he liked what he saw. I started to imagine that looking at my body in the sexy little thong bikini made his dick hard. I imagined that he was reaching down and rubbing it through his pants while he looked at me.

 The more I imagined it, the more I noticed him glancing over at me. He was leaning his newspaper back against the steering wheel and only holding it with one hand so he may have been stroking his hard cock while thinking about being with me. I decided to do my stretches to give my horny voyeur a show. I started with leg lifts which made me look like a girl on her back ready to spread her legs for a man. Next, I spread my legs wide and did some toe touches while sitting up. With my legs spread wide, the little silver bikini bottom was barely hiding anything and I was sure my voyeur was enjoying the view.

 Finally, I finished my exercises on my hands and knees doing leg extensions which really showed off my hot ass in the little thong. This was sure to turn on my voyeur who I was sure was masturbating while watching me exercise like a girl in an aerobics class. Feeling like a girl being desired by a man, I blew a kiss to my voyeur in the car. Then I jumped up and headed for the restroom to pee.

 Walking toward the restroom, I strutted my stuff like a sexy girl making sure he was fully aware I wanted him to follow me. Entering the restroom stall, I noticed someone had cut a big four inch round gloryhole between the stalls. The boys were definitely getting some action in the park recently, I thought. Well, why should today be any different?

 I like to squat like a girl on the seat while I pee to give me the feminine feeling. I even wipe the pee off my clitty dick with paper like a girl when I'm done. As I sat on the seat, I noticed the gloryhole was in a perfect position with my head to where I could sit on the seat and suck a man's cock with ease.

 I started to imagine there was a line of guys with big boners waiting outside for me to suck them off, one at a time. Being the horny girlyboy I am, I wouldn't have objected one bit if there was a line of guys for me to suck; in fact, I was wishing there was. While it wasn't something I did every week, the feeling of wearing my sexy new silver bikini for the first time was giving me this tempting thought.

 I was just finishing peeing and wiping my clitty dick when I heard the restroom door open. Immediately, butterflies started beating in my stomach and I got nervous. Was it the man in the car who was checking me out while I did my exercises, I wondered. As I heard him enter the stall next to mine, I quickly pulled up my bikini bottom to cover my clitty dick. After all, it wasn't dignified for a girl to show off her clitty to a man she didn't know. He would have to charm his way into my little bikini bottom the way he would a girl's.

 It didn't take long for the stranger in the next stall to pull down his pants and show me his big 12 inch cock already fully erect for me. I couldn't see his face, but I was sure it was the man who had watched intently while I did my exercises and strutted my stuff for him. He was showing me what a good job I had done turning him on like a girl and now he was offering it to me.

 While I sat on the seat admiring the big hard meat he had for me through the four inch gloryhole, the voyeur began to stroke it slowly to turn me on, too. Seeing the big 12 inch cumrod with a swollen mushroom head on it made me feel like a dainty girl, suddenly. The juices in my clitty started stirring making me incredibly horny for this big hard stud. I couldn't wait to put my lips around his manmeat and suck it for him good.

 I don't know why big cocks always turn me on the most, but they do. And this one was no different. Watching him slowly stroke it for me was making me so horny there was no turning back. I put my lips up to the gloryhole and licked them for him.

 "I want to suck that big cock, you handsome stud," I said.

 "I know you really want it, you sexy little bitch," he replied. "You're the one who gave it to me. It hasn't been this hard in years."

 I knew it was the handsome voyeur who I had given an exhibition to while I did my sexy exercises like a girl on my blanket. He was tall and handsome and his beautiful cock was looking so good. It was hairy like I like them and it had a set of sexy low-hanging balls that let me know this was a real man and not another pussyboy like me. I reached down and started fingering myself through the sexy silver bikini bottom, letting him see me through the gloryhole while I did. I figured this would get him even more turned on so he would last a good long time for me.

 "You're so fucking hot," he said. "I'd like to pull down that bikini bottom and fuck you hard."

 "I bet you could," I said.

 "You bet I could," he replied. "I could come in that stall right now and bend you over and fuck you good, you sweet little bitch."

 His offer sounded so good, but I was only interested in sucking on his cock, right now.

 "Just let me suck it, big boy," I said.

 In an instant, the handsome voyeur's cock was sticking through the gloryhole into my stall just inches from my face. I felt like a girl in love. There was no way I was going to disappoint this big stud. I was going to make him want me to suck it for him, all the time. Call me a horny little bitch, but I love big cocks.

 "Suck me, you cunt!" he demanded.

 This would be the point where I would start to play a little game of tease with most men, only licking them a little bit while they begged me to swallow more. But this stud's cock was so wonderful, I wanted to suck it for him really good. I reached up with one hand and started stroking it while I fingered my clitty dick through the soft bikini bottom with my other hand.

 My nipples were fully erect in the little spaghetti strap top, so I wasn't imagining being a girl. I really felt like one. The huge cock in my little hand felt so big and powerful. I'm sure lots of girls would like to have it to play with, so I felt lucky just stroking it for him.

 "Your cock is wonderful," I said.

 "So is that sweet ass of yours," he said. "Do you take cock in it?"
"I do, but not on the first date," I replied.
"That's a shame. I was stroking it while I imagined fucking you hard with it when you were on the blanket."
"Maybe another day," I said. "Tell me how this feels handsome."
I opened my eager lips and took the entire head of the big cock in my mouth. I licked it with my tongue all the way around under the big bulbous head. This normally drives men wild when I do it and this one was no different.
"Oh, fuck," he said. "You really know how to suck cock. Where did you learn to do it so good, bitch?"
I stopped licking the head but continued stroking the full length of it. I smiled, suddenly, at all the praise I was getting already.
"I used to be a professional," I replied. "I've sucked a lot of cock for men."
"Shit, bitch, why didn't you tell me? I'll be glad to pay you."
I laughed.
"No. This is a freebie, you big studboy. I'm in a horny mood today."
"Fuck that. I want to pay you. I love getting a professional blow job from a little slut whore. Here you go."
Suddenly, a fifty dollar bill came through the gloryhole next to his big hard cock. My first impression was that the voyeur was a cop trying to get me on a prostitution charge. But the sight of his big hard cock next to a fifty dollar bill was such a turn on, I couldn't help myself. I thought, if I could suck him off in ten minutes and let him blow his load all over my face, that would be three hundred dollars an hour just giving quick blowjobs. 

And if the line of guys outside started getting too long, I could bring one in the stall with me and suck one while I jerked off the other one, alternating between the two. That would be six hundred dollars an hour just giving horny men quick blowjobs. The little whore in me was feeling like going into business right there in the county park. With my free hand, I reached for the fifty dollar bill and shoved it down in my little bikini bottom. 

"Suck it, you bitch," he commanded.
I felt like being playful like a girl.
"Big boy," I replied. "I don't suck cocks for fifty dollars. I just give hand jobs for fifty."
"How much do you charge to fuck that little ass of yours?" 

"That's two hundred for one hour." 

"I'll pay it," he said.
I got a sexy girlish voice, suddenly. 

"I'm just such a little girl, I don't know if your big one is going to fit in me. Maybe you'll have to put some sunblock on your fingers and finger me good before you can fuck me."
"I'll do it," he said.
"I douched myself this morning, so I'm good and clean for you. We could take my blanket to a private spot in the park and do it there."
"You know how horny you are making me, don't you, you little cunt?"
"I've known it since I first saw you stroking your cock for me in the car. That's why I started doing those sexy exercises for you."
"Suck my dick, you horny little slut," he replied loudly.
"First you have to give me another fifty dollars, studboy."
A second later, another fifty dollar bill came through the gloryhole next to the big cock I was stroking. It was all fun for me since I would have sucked him for free, anyway. But hearing he gets more turned on by whores, I was playing along with him.
"There, bitch," he said. "Now, suck me good."
I took the other fifty and shoved it down in my bikini bottom with the first one. All the dirty talk with the handsome voyeur had my clitty leaking pre-cum all over the two bills. It was making me feel extra naughty sucking dick for money, even though I wanted to suck it anyway.
My plan was to suck it good for him really quick, then let him explode his cum all over my face. I was sure that the sight of his hot cum dripping off my lips and chin through the gloryhole would make him horny for me again. Then we could talk about the good fuck he wanted to give me in my ass on the blanket in the woods. The thought of having this big twelve inch cock inside me was turning me on so much and making me so wet down in my little bikini bottom. I was absolutely sure I was a girl.
"Fucking suck it, you whore bitch," my voyeur commanded.
"Yes, daddy, I'll suck it for you," I replied. "Then I want you to put it in me like I'm your little girl."
"You better do what you're told, little girl. Or I'll spank that hot ass of yours you like showing off so much for boys."
"Oh, daddy, I want you to spank me," I cooed.
It was fun being a girl and having full control over a man's big erection and knowing he was willing to pay me one hundred dollars just for a quick blowjob. This was the kind of teasing I enjoyed doing with men to make them good and horny.
"Suck it, you sweet little bitch!" he shouted.
As I stroked his cock with both of my hands, I fell to my knees on the floor. I moved forward to where he could see my sexy shaved legs and my bikini-covered clitty dick under the stall. With one hand, I reached down and pulled aside my bikini bottom and grabbed the two fifty dollar bills and put them in my bikini top over my tits.
My erect clitty dick was now fully exposed for the voyeur to see down between my legs. I started stroking it with one hand while I stroked his cock with the other. I saw a big goob of pre-cum ooze out of his cock and got so turned on I couldn't wait any longer to suck him off.
I really am a stud-loving bitch and this really was a stud I could love. He was tall and handsome with a big hairy cock and a nice set of low-hanging balls. My plan was to suck him off good and then cum myself at the same time he did. Studs love to know they are pleasing a girl and I wanted him to know how much he was pleasing me.
I knew he could shoot a bigger load than I could swallow so I was planning to let him shoot it all over my face like a dirty little whore would. That was sure to turn him on again when he saw my face covered with his sweet cum.
I opened wide and swallowed half his cock at once, tasting that big goob of his sweet pre-cum. His cock was a full twelve inches long and at least six inches round, so it was one of the biggest cocks I had ever sucked. It was definitely going to take a lot of sunblock to get it in my tight little ass, I thought. After licking the bottom of his cock with my tongue, I wrapped my lips around it good and started bobbing on it like a hungry little sexy whore. We love not only the money a man gives us but his big cock, too.
I was now on full girl power, being the horny little bitch I like to be and doing what my man wanted. The ecstasy was superb and my clitty dick was leaking lots of pre-cum to show my big stud. Although it's not a real clit, mine feels like one and it never fails to get hard whenever I see a big hard cock. Girl or not, I can get just as horny for cock as they can.
"Oh, yeah, suck it, you sweet bitch," my stud commanded.
It was my pleasure giving him pleasure. I truly know what a whore feels like when she is doing her job. That's why it is so tough to stop being a whore. You still want to please all the studs you can even if you're not a whore anymore. I imagine when whores leave the business and marry, they still want to have lots of cock. Their husbands get all the pleasure she used to give to lots of men. Although I wasn't in the business anymore, this one shot deal with a handsome stud was bringing back all the horny emotions I used to get with lots of men.
As I sucked my stud's cock good, I started to imagine how it would feel if he was my husband and we acted out lots of sexy fantasies together. This one in the restroom in the park would just be the start. Next, we would go make love on the blanket together. Then we would go home together and make love in bed all night. The horny thoughts I was thinking about my stud were causing my juices to really flow good.
"Oh, you're so fucking good," he said. 

I could tell by his tone he was ready to cum in buckets soon and so was I. I loved being his sexy little whore doing her job well.
"Fucking A, bitch, you suck cock good," he said.
His words encouraged me to take more of his big stud cock in my mouth and I now had a full 8 inches in my mouth, each time I went down on him. I was hoping he could see my lips bobbing for him and know how much I wanted to make him shoot his big cum load for me. This is an extra special feeling for a girl, knowing her man is about to cum for her. And knowing how good he will feel when he does.
"Suck that cock, you whore bitch!" he shouted. 

I sucked even more of it and now had at least nine inches of it in my mouth at once. This was from my training as a tranny call boy for years and it was all coming back to me. Clients love it when you swallow lots of their cock. It helps if they put their hands behind your head so you have to swallow it. But with the gloryhole, there was no way I could deep throat all twelve inches of him. Maybe out on the blanket, I thought.
Each time I pulled back, I tightened the grip with my lips and tongue on his dick to make sure he was getting lots of stimulation. I had lots of his pre-cum in my mouth and it made my mouth feel like a wet pussy to him, he told me later.
He was bisexual and loved to be sucked by men and he to fuck them in the ass and hurt them with his twelve inch cock, I was soon to learn. It made him feel like a big stud to hurt a man with his cock. He was definitely my kind of man, handsome, horny and demanding. The fact he wanted to beat my ass with a belt was different to me but I was willing to let him, that's how much he turned me on.
"I'm ready to blow this load for you, bitch!" he shouted.
I pulled back my lips to the big spongy head of his cock and licked there with my tongue while I stroked him hard with my hand. His cock was so wet from my mouth and all his pre-cum that it was slippery in my hand.
"Oh, fuck," he cried out. "I want you to cum too, you little horny bitch."
He was looking down to where I was stroking my seven inch clitty dick for him to see.
"I'm ready, too," I said.
"I can't believe we are going to cum together the first time," he said. "You are a good bitch."
"All for your pleasure, handsome," I replied.
I put my mouth back on his cock and he started to shoot his load. The sweet cum was coming out with such force from my big stud I could only swallow a little of it. I started letting it shoot all over my cheeks while I rubbed the head of his big cock all over my face. I really was a whore in love with her client. I wanted this cock to shoot big loads of cum all over my face, every day.
"Once a whore, always a whore," I thought as I felt my juices start to shoot out of my clitty dick and down between my hot legs. My thighs were soon dripping wet with my sweet cum and my face was dripping wet with my client's cum. I didn't care if he was a cop, I'd suck him again, anytime.
As it turned out, he wasn't a cop but a successful businessman who had lots of time for sexual escapades with horny whoreboys. He liked whores because he could treat them rough, I was soon to learn. After we cleaned up in the bathroom, we went for a walk in the woods with the blanket and picnic lunch to find a private spot where we could have more sex. Dan was his name and I called him "Dirty Dan" to be playful with him. He usually called me "bitch" and I acted like one for him.
When we found a secluded spot in the woods, I laid down on the blanket displaying my hot little ass in the sexy little silver thong bikini bottom. Dan loved to spread men's ass cheeks and put it in them hard for hours. He wanted to fill them up with loads of his hot cum. He especially liked doing it with me because he was paying me two hundred dollars. This made him harder and more aggressive since he figured a whore couldn't resist.
I'm not very tall, 5'9," and when we were walking together in the park I noticed Dan was a full six inches taller than me. In my sexy little thong bikini, I felt like a dainty little woman next to her big stud. It was an incredible feeling to be showing off my hot ass for a man with a twelve inch cock and to know he was about to put it in me. It was going to be a tight fit, but it was one I was sure we could make.
Now, laying on my stomach on the blanket with my ass on full display for Dan, I couldn't wait for him to fill me up with his cock. Suddenly, he looked in the picnic basket and found my Playgirl magazine. He pulled it out and held it up to me.
"What's this?" he asked. "You like looking at guy's cocks?"
"I sure do," I said.
"And then what do you do? Do you jerk off while you are thinking about sucking them?"
"Absolutely," I said smiling.
Dan opened the magazine and started looking through it. When he came to the hot blonde centerfold, he paused.
"Do you like this guy's cock?" he said.
"I love it," I replied.
"I want you to lick his cock while I watch you," said Dan.
He laid the long centerfold out in front of me. My little clitty dick started to grow at the sight of the handsome blonde centerfold with the big hard one. Dan was right, I did want to lick that centerfold's cock for him while I played with my little clitty like a girl does. Doing it while Dirty Dan watched me was extra special. He was someone I could share my sexual fantasies with. And sucking the centerfold's cock in a Playgirl magazine was definitely one of my fantasies. 

Feeling my little clitty getting fully hard down in my sexy bikini bottom, I adjusted my bottom to let my clitty have room to grow. Oh, that blonde centerfold's cock was so big and lovely I almost forgot it was a photo as I leaned forward to lick it for Dan like he wanted me to. I was sure that watching me lick another man's cock would make Dan big and hard for me again. I suddenly wished another man would come out of the woods and join us so I could lick his cock while Dan fucked me in the ass with his big twelve inch cock. The fact that that was about to happen didn't even occur to me as I licked the centerfold's cock like a sexy whore.
"Oh, yeah, suck that cock good, bitch," said Dan. "What do you have down here in this little bikini bottom? I bet there's a nice tight hole for me in here," he said. 

He felt my ass cheeks with his hand and I was so glad I had douched for him that morning.
"Fill me up with your love cream," I said.
Oh, what a horny little bitch I felt like. I enjoyed licking the handsome blonde centerfold's cock while knowing I was about to get a humongous cock between my legs. I reached down and started playing with my clitty through my soaking wet bikini bottom. Oh, how I wanted him to rip that bikini bottom off me and put his cock inside me like a girl. I decided right then that this was my favorite bikini and I was going to wear it for the men in the park all summer long.
"Baby, I'm getting jealous," said Dan. "I want you to suck my cock some more, instead of that one."
He pulled down his zipper and pulled out his lovely cock which was semi-erect already. I knew he wanted me to suck it so I could make it wet for him. Then he could put it inside my tight little hole and make me feel like a girl.
"Okay, baby," I said. "I'll suck on your cock and get it wet while you play with my ass and get it ready to take in every inch you've got."
I handed him the sunblock and he poured some on his fingers. As I wrapped my lips around his big manhood, he reached down between my legs and spread my ass cheeks. In an instant, two of his fingers were inside me and I was incredibly hot and horny. Everything a girl enjoys, I enjoy too. Having a man's big fingers inside her tight little hole is a big turn on for a girl and it was turning me on also.
I sucked on his cock quickly to make it moist while I played with his lovely low-hanging balls, the balls I would love getting cum from after today. Having Dan's big fingers inside me was definitely pleasing me and I relaxed my lower body to let my hole get bigger for him.
"Oh, you handsome stud," I said. "I dream about cocks as big as yours. But having one inside me is even better."
"I bet you were a little daddy's girl," said Dan. "I bet you liked having your daddy fuck this little hole for you like a girl's."
"Now, I just want you to fuck it for me, daddy," I said to Dan.
"You bet I'm going to. But first I want you to swallow my whole cock for me like a good little whore."
I love the challenge of a man with a huge cock who wants me to go down all the way on him and I was ready for the challenge with Dan.
"Just hold the back of my head for me while I go down on you," I said.
I proceeded to eagerly suck him and felt the manly power of his firm hand against the back of my head. The sweet pre-cum was flowing out of my clitty dick as I sucked my handsome client's big cock. I was getting more and more of it inside my mouth each time I went down. Meanwhile, he was pulling off my sexy little thong bikini bottom, getting me ready for his cock inside me. Finally, I swallowed all of his cock at once and he let me know he liked it.
"Oh, yeah, fucking A, you little whore. That's right, suck it all down, bitch."
With my bikini bottom off and wearing just the spaghetti strap top, I was ready for this big wet cock between my legs. He pulled it out of my mouth and a big string of saliva was hanging from my lips. I must have looked like a real dirty little whore and I was glad because that's what Dan enjoyed.
I got up on my knees on the blanket and spread my legs and Dan got behind me and grabbed each of my ass cheeks and spread them wide. He put the head of his huge cock up to my sweet rosebud. This was it, the girl in me was about to feel a man inside her and love having him there. Even if it hurts her tight little hole a little bit, a girl still loves it.
As Dan thrust his meat inside me, I grimaced as I felt a sharp pain in my tight hole for a second. He was loving it, knowing I was being hurt by his manhood. This made him feel like a big stud. It was a feeling he loved getting from having sex with a man. He was definitely a top.
Suddenly, we were joined by another man with his big cock in his hand already firm. It was only eight inches long, not as big as Dan's. Apparently, the heavyset man had been watching us and now was so horny he didn't care if we rejected him. He was offering me his cock to suck while Dan fucked me hard in the ass from behind. The stranger wasn't bad looking and his cock looked nice. I licked my lips to let him know I wanted it.
Being tag-teamed by two studs on a picnic blanket is every girl's fantasy, so having it come true for me was wonderful. I love having Dan pounding me so hard with his big meat in my ass. And the stranger whose cock I was sucking enjoyed watching me being pounded hard. There was symmetry in the action and I soon had them both ready to cum for me. Dan would cum in my hot ass and the stranger in my sweet mouth.
Although twelve inches was super long, I loved every inch Dan was stretching out my hole with. I loved all the warm sensations his cock made me feel in my lower body. And I would want him to put his cock in my man-pussy many more times.
This was my first day back in the business and I was already feeling like a good little whore again. In a matter of minutes, Dan was shooting his hot cum inside me. The pleasure of having his cum inside me made me feel so girlish. Then the stranger with the 8 inch cock started shooting his load in my mouth. I was glad to suck it all down for him. It was magical being filled with cum from both ends at the same time.
Dan told me later he liked watching me suck on the stranger's cock while he fucked me. I knew he would since he had already made me lick on the blonde centerfold's cock for him. Now, I had the pleasure of being a girl who pleased two men at once and I wanted to please Dan so much more.
We laid on the blanket after the stranger left and I served Dan the picnic lunch I had brought. He liked laying his head between my thighs and letting me feed him grapes. It wasn't long until we were both horny and ready for another round of sexual escapades.
Although he always paid me for my services, Dan was still like a boyfriend to me, even if he does call me bitch. At two hundred dollars a fuck, I'm glad to spread my legs for him anytime he wants. My ass likes his cock so much and I might have his name tattooed on it.
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