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A Saturday Afternoon Visit to the Office

I get to let the sissy in me cum out during a Saturday afternoon visit to the office

I usually work from home as I have a very private place with a wonderful view and Lord knows I’ve put in more than my fair share of office hours over the years. But I do occasionally elect to make visits to the office both during normal office hours and off-hours to make copies, restock my home supplies and have a cup of coffee with a long-term friend or two. Usually when I do hit the office, I find time to spend some me time in the restroom, jerking my cock and fantasizing about taking cock from the guy pissing in the urinal or the guy washing his hands in the sink just outside of my stall. It’s been several months since I’ve been in the office but I had reason to make several copies of legal papers so I headed into the office late Saturday afternoon when I was sure no one would be there. I made my copies, packed up my bags and headed to the restroom for a quiet jerkoff session.

There are eight stalls in the men’s restroom on my floor, three urinals, and four washbasins opposite the stalls. I usually choose the first stall as there is a larger than normal gap between the door hinge and the wall which adds to the excitement of getting caught with my dick in my hand. I walked in, closed the door, dropped my shorts and sat down. Realizing that the floor was vacant, I reached over and opened the stall door to add to my excitement. I fantasized about getting lost in stroking my cock with the stall door open and having someone catching me and then taking advantage of the situation.

Just then I heard the door to the restroom swing open and I immediately slammed my stall door shut and slid the lock into place. My heart was beating a hundred miles an hour as I heard footsteps coming my way. I looked up between the space between the stall door hinge and wall and saw the figure turning the corner. It was one of the Corporate Security Guards most likely just making his rounds. He walked past my stall down to the urinals and then heard a “zip” and then the familiar sound of a man urinating in the urinal. I figured I was safe so I started to stroke my cock under the noise of his urine hitting the bowl until it stopped and I heard the flushing sound. He then walked over to the sink, washed and dried his hands and then started to walk out of the restroom. He stopped immediately in front of my stall and turned towards the door with his feet facing me. My heart started to pound again but the pounded was broken by the sound of his voice.

“Everything ok in there?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said letting go of my cock and hiding it with my hands.

“Well I heard the door slam when I walked in so I thought there might be some problem,” he said.

“No, I was just in a hurry to get in here and I accidently slammed the door closed,” I said.

He waited a moment and then turned his feet to walk away relieving the intension in my body. “Whew!” I thought, thinking that I had just dodged a bullet. He took a step or two and then his feet turned toward my stall again. I looked up and saw him looking directly into my stall in the space between the wall and the door hinge. My heart resumed its fast pace again.

“Let’s quit playing games you little corporate faggot. I know what you were doing and unless you open this door, I’ll have every Security Guard up here in a minute and everyone in this corporation will know your little secret. Hurry up sissy, I don’t have all day!” 

I was totally fucked and busted and realized I didn’t have any choice except to open the door. But deep inside I knew this was what I wanted, what I had always fantasized about. My trembling hand reached for the slide and I slowly slid the door slide to one side and let the door swing open leaning back on the toilet in fear of what was to come next. The Security Guard slowly pushed the door open the remaining way and stood there staring at me from head to toe with his thick white cock hanging out of his zipper, limp but starting to rise.

“Look at you,” he said, “big corporate guy sitting in the restroom stroking his little corporate cock while wearing pink panties. You corporate types are all the same.”

I had completely forgotten that I was wearing pink lace bikini panties until he drew my attention to them – pretty hard to miss against the contrast of my black nylon gym shorts. As I looked up from my panties around my ankles, my eyes locked onto his thick white cock and his meaty balls hanging under it. My dry mouth started to water at the thought of having that between my lips. Just then, he took a couple steps into my stall and his cock was at mouth level just a couple of inches away. I could smell his manliness and the heat coming off of his cock. He reached down and grabbed his semi-limp cock at the base and raised the head of his cock to my lips. I looked up at him and he smiled then I lowered my gaze to his swelling cock before leaning my head forward and opening my mouth. I let the bottom of his cock slide over the top of my tongue and towards the back of my throat before closing my lips around it. As soon as my lips locked around his semi-erect cock I let out a sigh of contentment.

“I knew my intuition was right. You’re just another one of those corporate cocksuckers aren’t you sissylips?” he said.

I started to work my magic on his cock by moving my lips up and down his growing shaft while sucking his cock and rolling my tongue around the underside. It was obviously working because his cock was completely hard in no time flat. The head of his cock was absolutely engorged from my sucking action and it felt great in my mouth.

“Ahhh, that’s it my little corporate cocksucker, suck my dick. Suck it like the little panty-wearing fag we both know you are. You can be the big macho corporate guy in all those big suit and tie meetings you sit in, but we both know that deep down you’re just another closet cocksucker that would love to do nothing more than go from cock to cock under that boardroom table sucking every cock until their balls were completely drained.”

All this dirty talk was making my man clitty swell and my sucking action increase. This cop obviously knew me well and most likely others like me in the corporation. I started to picture myself crawling from lap to lap under the corporate boardroom table sucking each executive’s cock as they carried on with their meeting as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. I reached up and cradled his balls with one hand and was amazed at how heavy and full they felt. I knew this was going to be a big load and I wanted nothing more than to drain every last drop out of his cum-filled bags. He placed his right hand on the back of my head and began pumping in and out with intention.

While doing so, I heard him press the button on his walkie-talkie and say something but I was so lost in the act of sucking his dick that I couldn’t make out of what he said and couldn’t care less – I wanted to make him cum and fill my mouth with his cream.  He placed his left hand on my head seconds later and started to facefuck me with purpose. It wasn’t long after that that I felt this balls tighten up against the base of his cock and the mushroom head at the end of his cock swell to enormous size and streams and streams of hot sticky cum coat the back of my throat. I swallowed for all I was worth and tried to pull back a bit to create space for his cum to escape his cock and fill my mouth, swallowing in between shots in order to avoid choking. When he was done, I kept sucking but my sucking action was apparently too much for his sensitive cock and he pulled it out of my mouth with a “pop!” It laid semi-limp across his drained balls while he caught his breath.

“Damn motherfucker. You suck cock better than the CEO does. I think we’re going to have to put you in for a corporate promotion!”

I looked at his glistening cock and noticed a drop of cum hanging off the end. I took my tongue and licked it clean.

“Yeah, even after draining my cock you still haven’t had enough have you sissylips?” he said. “Here, let me sign my name on your lips so you’ll have something to share with your wife when you get home.”

He took his limp cock and rubbed the end of it across my upper and lower lip, giving me a cummy lip gloss kind of coating. I just smiled knowing that I had made him happy.

He stepped back, zipped up his pants, and said what a “good gurl” I was and that since he had caught me in the men’s room instead of the ladies room where I belonged, I was going to have to repeat this performance whenever I was in the office or he would have to report me.

“Isn’t that right John?” he asked in an elevated voice.

I was puzzled, who’s John? He stepped out of the stall we were in and I got my answer. John was a very large and muscular black man – another corporate security guard who I had never seen before. He stood there like a black god smiling at me. I looked down and noticed a very large bulge between his legs and I knew then, that I was going to get my very first taste of black meat. I should have been scared but I was actually excited as a school girl getting ready for her first kiss.

“Come on out of the stall faggot because those damn things are too small for both of us” he said with a very deep and commanding voice.

I stood up to pull up my pants and he abruptly interrupted me by saying “You can pull your pink lace panties up but I want you to step out of those shorts and take your shirt off sissy. I like my girls to be dressed in nothing but panties when they pleasure my big black cock”.

I hesitated for a moment and thought what the fuck, it’s Saturday, we’re the only ones here, and being put in this situation is exactly what I’ve dreamed of – so I did as I was told to do and walked out of the stall wearing nothing but my pink lace panties with a slight bulge in them. I stood in front of the large dark man and watched his eyes go from mine to the floor and I knew exactly what he was saying. I dropped to my knees, reached for his pants and pulled the zipper in them down. As I did, I couldn’t help but feel the enormous swelling under his slacks. I reached in them and wrapped my hand around the snake-like creature that was in them and then pulled it out nearly smacking my face in the process.

'Oh my god! – Look at the size of this cock!' I thought to myself. I couldn’t get over the length, width, and darkness of the cock that dangled in front of me. I brought the tip of this black monster to my lips and ran my tongue all over its big black head in hopes of lubricating it enough to slide between my lips. I continued by sucking the head of his black cock before slowly inching more and more of his monster black cock between my lips. I felt so feminine, on my knees, in nothing but my pink lace panties, sucking the biggest cock I’d laid hands on.

I managed to get six inches of his black cock down my throat before I heard “click…click….click”. My eyes lit up at the familiar sound and turned slowly to the source of the sound. There was the guard whose cock I just sucked taking pictures of me sucking off his black partner. I started to pull off of the cock between my lips and protest but the man attached to the cock I was sucking wasn’t having any of it.

“Oh no you don’t you white sissy fuck! You keep your motherfucking cocksucking lips on this dick until I instruct you otherwise you hear me boi?” he said pushing his cock another inch or so down my throat.

What was I to do? I was on my second cock, down on my knees, wearing nothing but panties, in the restroom of the corporate office I have been employed at for over two decades now – what’s a few pictures between friends I thought! I just resolved myself to enjoy what I was doing and worry about everything else later. So I turned my attention back to the cock that I had always dreamed about and decided to put on a show for both Security Guards. I was going to prove to them that I was a better cocksucker than any women who had ever laid their lips on either one of their delicious cocks.

“Look at this sissy going after my cock Roy,” said the black guard. “Why haven’t we outed this fag sooner? He sucks dick as well if not better than any one of those other corporate fags who can’t get enough of our cocks! We’re going to add this motherfucker to our weekly meeting roster and introduce him, or should I say, her, to the rest of the team!”

“I’ll schedule that,” Roy chimed in chuckling after he did.

“Click……,” – more pictures to look at and share later, and more pictures to blackmail me with in case I have second thoughts about ever doing this again. I pulled his black cock out long enough to bend my head down and lick the bottom of his black balls, sucking one into my mouth and then the other before returning my attention to the big black slab of man meat I held in my hand, licking the underside of his black shaft all the way up to the giant purple-black head and then returning the monster between my lips and sucking it like a hungry baby.

It didn’t take much longer before I felt the familiar pre-climax swelling of his cock and tightening of his balls and he too reached over and grabbed my head to pull me further down on his cock saying “Get ready to swallow my seed you little white corporate cocksucker,” right before shooting the first of many strong, powerful streams of creamy cum down my throat. It was too much for me to handle with all of the dark meat I had in my mouth and much of it ran out the sides of my mouth, down my chin, and on to the floor.  “Click … click … click” – more pictures for the security guard’s photo albums I’m sure.

I wanted to keep sucking but much to my surprise, the big black guard pulled his cock out of my mouth and stepped aside. This didn’t make any sense to me because his cock was still covered with cum and hadn’t yet gone limp. I looked over and noticed that Roy had his cock out and was stroking it. He smiled at me and stepped forward to take John’s place. Roy shoved his thick white cock into my cum-coated mouth and buried his cock as deep as he could and held it there on the very first stroke. Thankfully, John’s bigger cock had already primed me for Roy’s repeat performance so I took it like the cock queen that I am.

I felt John slip his hands under my armpits and raise me up off the floor. I kept my lips wrapped around Roy’s cock and didn’t miss a beat. As my pantied-ass was raised higher, my head was pressed downward so my ass and head were basically at the same height. Then I felt John’s thick fingers slide in under the top of my lace panties and with one swift move slide them off my ass allowing them to drop around my ankles. John then took his cum-covered cock and pressed it against my back door opening. Once again I tried to raise my head in protest but Roy used both of his hands to keep my face locked on his cock while John rubbed the cream on his cock against my tight little opening. Slowly, he found my opening and pressed his big black cock into it. I pulled my hips forward trying to avoid the inevitable but I couldn’t escape the length of John’s black cock and his persistence. I just relaxed and told myself that everything was going to be ok and then turned my focus to the white cock sliding in and out of my mouth as John increased the pressure at my tight opening.

“Open up pussyboi, this black daddy’s going to breed your cunt and make you his own” John barked as he increased the pressure at my rear opening to almost painful levels right before I felt the head of his dick pop and slide in.

He paused to allow me to almost pass out at the pleasure of having his plum inside of me before resuming a very slow assault on my virgin cavity. Halfway thru, I let out very low and guttural moan releasing my lips from around Roy’s cock and letting my eyes roll back into my head at the sheer pleasure of what I was experiencing. My man clit was dripping cream uncontrollably and I was having my first anal/mangina climax. Seeing this was apparently enough to cause Roy to shot his load in my open mouth. He shot four or five strands of his cream down my throat before pulling my head back to his cock and ordering me to suck him clean. I was more than happy to suck on his dwindling cock as John bottomed out in my cunt.

Roy eventually pulled away from me and my focus turned to the pleasure I was getting doggie style from John’s big black cock. I wondered what my wife would think if she saw me taking his black cock and what my fellow male co-workers would think if they walked in on us right now. Nothing really mattered at this moment except John’s big black cock sliding in and out of me and his black balls spanking me as he did. I was lost in the ecstasy of being his gurl!

“Man, this bitch fucks as well as he sucks Roy! He’s definitely coming to the next team meeting and we might just have to schedule a two-day off-site meeting to just make sure everyone gets a chance to meet and greet our new recruit!” John shouted out to Roy as he picked his pace up and begun fucking me like he meant it. I looked over at Roy and noticed that he was filming the entire fucking event.

“You bet,” Roy said, “once the guys get a look at how well this sissy takes dick, they’ll be wanting to hold this team building meeting tomorrow! Better get yourself a few extra pairs of panties sissy because you’re going to need them.”

“Yeah, get yourself some training bras, stockings, garter belts, and bustiers too because these guys like their sissies as gurly as possible” John added.

My knees were getting weak from all of the dirty talk and the relentless fucking John was giving me and I didn’t think I could take any more when John announced that I needed to get ready for another cum bath because he was ready to shoot his load in my virgin cunt. His cock swelled up to epic proportion and the head of his dick felt like a plunger going in and out of me. He gave one really deep thrust forward and growled as he dumped another load inside of me. It was such an emotional event I nearly cried. I had been taken by a black man with a very large black cock and he owned my vaginal virginity. His thrusts slowed and became shallower until he stopped and paused for a bit.

I felt something tickle me on the ass cheek and then I heard John say, “Come over here and get a shot of this Roy. I wrote my initials on this sissy’s ass with an indelible marker so everyone knows this bitch belongs to me!” Roy just giggled and then I heard “click…click….click”.

I knew I’d be hiding my ass from my wife for at least a week or two until his initials disappeared. John pulled out, slapped me on the ass and said “You are one fine bitch gurl. I can’t wait to introduce you to the rest of the staff,” and then he and Roy busted out laughing.

John zipped up and both he and Roy left me standing there, cum-filled, naked except for my pink panties around my ankles, staring at myself in the mirror. I smiled and knew that this was just the beginning of a very different life.

I hobbled back to one of the stalls, emptied my bowels and then pulled my pink panties up and slid back into my short and shirt, grabbed my bags and headed home thinking about how I was going to act normal after what just happened and how I was going to hide John’s branding on my ass cheek. When I woke Monday morning, I signed into my corporate email account and the very first thing I saw was an invite to the next corporate security offsite where I was pegged as a “guest speaker”. I kind of grinned and wondered just exactly what John and Roy expected me to speak about. Perhaps they’d have me narrate a slide slow consisting of all of the pictures Roy took of me with John. Regardless of what it was, I knew it was going to be a continuation of my new lifestyle and a wonderful two-day experience where I was going to make a whole lot of new friends who would gladly let me take their cocks and feed my need for man meat any time I wanted to. I realized that I was going to have to do some shopping so I had the proper attire for the meetings and the after-meetings. I just smiled and thought, "Let the party begin boys!”


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