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A Sweet College Girl In Love

As a sweet college girly boy, I dated a real big hunk with a ten inch cock.
I went to college in a beach town in California where all of the girls wore their little thong bikinis to the beach and showed off their asses for boys with very friendly results. I noticed that when the girls were bending over while playing volleyball in their little thong bikinis, the boys all looked at them with hungry eyes that I liked a man to have for me. 

The sweet little college girls would have their asses tan, even in winter. The hot girls in school all went to tanning salons and got their hot little asses tan when it was too cold on the beach in winter to wear their skimpy thongs. Then on the first day of spring when it finally warmed up, they put on their sexiest little thong and would go show off that hot little ass of theirs to all of the boys on the beach like horny little vixens looking for stud cock to fill their tight pussies and their willing lips.

I would see this while dressed in my male clothes and wish I could be one of those hot girls having so much fun wiggling my ass for the horny college boys and older men while wearing a sexy little thong bikini. It would be absolutely delightful, I thought. I sat and watched and wished I could be a part of these college mating calls the girls were giving to all the boys with their tan asses and then using their hot little asses to please their boyfriends with at night. 

One Saturday during my sophomore year, I was in the laundry room of my apartment complex and I found a girl's leopard-print thong bikini bottom and it was my size. I was holding up the sexy little garment and was wondering which blonde or brunette college honey had dropped this tiny bottom. I felt lucky to be holding it, since I didn't own one. 

I had once worn a girl's pink-tinted, metallic, Brazilian-style thong bikini to a nude beach in Miami and I absolutely loved it. The boys were wearing nothing but cock rings since it was a nude beach, anyway. But I got the thrill of being a girl wearing a sexy thong bikini for boys. I would take the boys I met off and dance for them in private and make their cocks hard for them. They stroked their dicks while I danced for them like a stripper. Then they would let me suck their big cocks for them in the changing rooms, nearby. It was wonderful sexy fun, that day.

That memory was bringing back my desire to do the same thing again. I wanted to turn on a man with the skimpy little leopard-print thong bikini bottom and then suck his big cock as long as he wanted me to, like a sexy little college coed would for her boyfriend. I would go to the tanning salon like the girls do and get my ass nice and tan. And I would go to the gym and do aerobics so my body looked good for the boys in a thong, too. I wanted a perfect ass like those beautiful, horny girls on the beach all had.

While I was holding up the hot-looking garment, a big, well-built man about twenty-five-years-old with blonde hair walked into the laundry room carrying his basket full of dirty clothes. He was shocked at first when he saw me holding up a woman's little bikini bottom and staring at it like a girl in love with it. He had to speak to break my trance away from the sexy little item I was holding.

"Is that yours?" he said.

I turned to see two broad shoulders and two big strong arms cradling a basket of clothes and I was embarrassed to be holding such a girly-looking bottom in front of such a virile hunk as this one. His testosterone level was higher than most men, I was sure. And he was very good-looking with masculine features and nice lips. I had my mouth open in shock while still holding up some girl's lost matching piece to her skimpy, leopard-print string bikini top. I finally got the nerve to answer him.

"No. I just found this on the ground here. Do you know who it belongs to?"

"No," said the handsome stranger. "But when I walked into the laundry room and saw you holding them, I saw your hot ass cheeks hanging out of your little shorts and I was sure that that was your little bikini bottom. If you don't mind me saying, you do have a nice ass for a boy. Did anyone ever tell you that?"

I was wearing my short-shorts and, darn me for trying, the handsome stranger had noticed my cute little ass cheeks hanging out of them. I blushed at his compliment for my ass before speaking. I acted like a sweet shy girl who was helpless and needed a big strong man to lift her up and make her feel wonderful.

"Well, I did wear one once before. And lots of boys liked seeing me in it, too."

"I bet. With an ass like you have, every man would like seeing you in that."

He pointed at the sexy bikini bottom that I was holding up like evidence in court for which I was being found guilty. Yes, I wanted to wear this sexy bottom and suck men's cocks and be their submissive little bottom all night just like the other college girls did. Because as soon as I put on the skimpy garment, I was a hot college girl, too. That was the energy that the sexy garment gave me and I was directing that energy of sexual fulfillment with a man through this lost piece of ass-viewing magic worn by some hot college pussy already.

I smiled widely and blushed. "Well," I said. "I'm a little shy about getting around too many men while I dress up as a girl. I usually like one boyfriend I can wear it for in private."

Jock's eyes lit up. He had found his match in me, a tranny boy who liked sucking on men's big cocks, for hours and hours.

"I would love for you to wear those for me," he said.

I thought I saw the bulge getting bigger in his sweat pants and I wanted him, right there, in the laundry room, now.

"You know something?" he said. "I have a hot tub on my private patio. You could wear that in my hot tub for me. I could make you dinner. I have some filet mignons ready to cook. We could have some wine and loosen up a little. I'll put on some sexy music. And we'll get in the hot tub and make our bodies feel good."

"You make it sound like a wonderful vacation. What's your name?"

"They call me Jock," said the big six foot tall bodybuilder in apartment 101.

I was about to be a college girly boy taking a whole semester course in Jock 101. His roommate was out of the country on business for three months, so Jock could have me in his hot tub, his bed, his shower, and anywhere he could get at my hot little ass. For me, it was love at first sight with the handsome twenty-five-year-old muscle boy stud. For Jock, it was love at first sight with my sexy ass cheeks hanging out of my little bright yellow short-shorts.

"What's your name?" asked Jock.

"I'm Courtney. I'm a sophomore at the college in town. I'd be glad to put this on for you, right now," I said.

"Really? asked Jock.

I saw him reach down with one hand and adjust the growing bulge in his sweat pants to give it room to grow. I saw he had a big one right away, when it sprung up on cue for me there in the laundry room.

"Wow!" he said, smiling. "I'd really love that."

Down in my short-shorts, my six inch clitty dick was growing at the sight of my muscle boy's meat growing for me like it would for a cute college girl in short-shorts holding up her thong for him. You can't just be a girl, you have to be the girl, I thought. And wearing a sexy little thong can make a girl the girl quickly, like it was about to do for me with Jock. No man can resist a hot girl in a skimpy little thong. A man's cock aches for every girl's ass he sees, is my philosophy. That's why I was wearing shorts that let Jock see my hot little ass cheeks.

I stepped forward toward him as he set his laundry basket down on the landry folding table. I reached for his sweat pants, pulled them back, and saw his massive ten inch cock with a curly blonde patch of hair around it. It looked yummier than filet mignon to me. I wanted to suck it right then and there in the apartment laundry room. His cock was a full five inches in diameter, besides being ten inches long, so there was a lot of man there to please.

I pulled down his sweat pants faster than a horny drunk freshman college girl. I immediately started rubbing the leopard-print thong I had found against his hardening cock and it grew harder still. His cock was purple and bulging and it made me hungry for him. I looked up at my big stud boy with a sexy twinkle in my eyes and spoke with a sexy girly voice to him.

"You want me to put these on and wear them for you?"

"Yes, I do," said the big stud boy.

"And what are you going to do to me if I wear these for you in your hot tub tonight?"

"I'm going to spread your hot little ass cheeks wide and slide my cock between them. Would you like that?" he said.

"That depends," I said.

"On what?" he said.

He was hoping I wouldn't say "no."

"On whether I get to rub baby oil on this big, beautiful cock of yours before you slide it between my hot ass cheeks, handsome."

He smiled assuredly. "Sure. I have baby oil. You can rub down my whole body for me and crawl on top of me and slide around, too. You can rub your little ass all over my cock for me."

My clitty sprung up at that idea, immediately. Before I could say another word, the handsome stud picked me up by my ass cheeks and was playing with my them while my hard cock in my yellow short-shorts rubbed against his six-pack stomach like a girl's little clitty would. Jock lowered me down on his big hard cock, putting the big head of it between my ass cheeks.

"You want this right there, don't you?" he asked.

"I'd absolutely love it, right there," I said.

I felt like a girl who knows she's sexy and men want her. Holding me in his arms, my big Jock was letting me know how he could lift me up on top of his body and put his big cock inside of my ass and thrash me good with it. I loved knowing it was about to happen. If not there in the laundry room, it would definitely happen in the hot tub. The date was set as soon as he saw my hot ass cheeks and I saw his handsome face. We were in total lust for each other. I really loved feeling his big hard cock and he loved my soft little ass cheeks in his big firm hands.

"You like to get fucked in this nice little ass of yours, don't you? That's why you let your ass cheeks hang out of your shorts, because you want to turn men on with your hot ass cheeks like you did me. And that's what you want to do with that little thong bikini bottom, make men's cocks hard for you, too, like the girls do." 

"I absolutely love making men's cocks hard and I'll be glad to do it for you anytime you like, Jock."

"Then you'll come over to my house and wear that hot little thong in my hot tub, tonight?"

Yes, honey," I replied.

"And you'll let me fuck this ass really good in my hot tub?"

"I'll let you fuck me right here, right now," I said. "That's how much I want your big cock in me, honey."

Encouraged by my horny talk and heavy breathing, Jock carried me over to the folding table and set me down on my backside, ready to fuck him. He reached down and pulled aside the material of my yellow short-shorts and saw I wasn't wearing any panties. My tight little ass was ready and willing to receive this big stud's cock, right there, like a horny college girl with her boyfriend.

He put two of his big fingers in me and he started fingering me to get me ready for his big one. I was so flattered to be manhandled by such a big handsome stud. Then he shoved his big cock in me and he got in a full four inches before he started humping me like I was a good little college slut. His raw masculinity was such a turn-on, my clitty dick was ready to explode any minute.

"So, you like wearing sexy clothes for men and taking their cocks inside you like a girl, huh, you little college honey?"

There's so much competition from the girls. But now I was finally getting what they were getting from the boys and it felt wonderful. He was now shoving a full six inches of his big hard meat inside my tight little bottom and I was in ecstasy. It had been two months since I was with a man, so I needed his cock badly, too. Every day when I woke up, I wanted a man to put his cock inside me and fuck me like this stud was doing there in the laundry room. His strong ass and legs made him pound my manpussy good my like a big stud.

"Oh, you feel so good inside of me," I said. "I want you inside of me all night, honey."

"You want all the cum I can give you inside your tight little ass, don't you, Courtney girl?"

"Yes, Jock baby," I replied like a girl in heat.

"You want every inch of me inside you, don't you?"

"More than anything, honey," I gasped. "Oh, fuck. Fuck me, baby, fuck me."

Jock was now pushing a full eight inches of his man tool inside me. I wanted all ten and he could tell. Every time he came forward into me, my insides felt a million sensations from the thrusting motion of the big mushroom head of his firm cock. I loved having this big muscle boy in me as much as any girl ever loved having a man inside her pussy and Jock could tell it from my happy expression each time he thrust that rock hard cock inside me. 

We had forgotten to lock the door to the laundry room and we were startled to hear the door opening. Jock quickly pulled his cock out of me and I pulled his sweat pants back up. I quickly sat up on the clothes folding table like nothing was going on as a hot blonde college girl walked in carrying her load of laundry. Luckily, she didn't see Jock and I fucking like two horny lovers who couldn't wait to be together. 

"So, you'll come over my house for dinner tonight, Courtney?" asked Jock.

"I'll be glad to," I said smiling.

"Great," he replied. "We'll have a filet mignon dinner and listen to some soft music and drink a bottle of wine."

"It sounds like a date to me," I said.

"Super," he said, smiling.

Jock picked me up off of the folding table and helped me down like I was a sweet little college honey. I looked and saw that the hot blonde girl who walked in on us was looking into a washer when he picked me up like a girl and set me down gently on the floor, so she didn't see it. Not that I would have minded. Being manhandled by this strong hunk would become my favorite thing to do, every day; his cock felt that good inside of me just then. We were on our way to a happy romantic evening.

I left the laundry room with my little leopard-print thong, while Jock started putting his clothes in the washing machine. He told me his apartment number was 101 and to come for dinner around six.

This gave me two hours to get ready for my new handsome lover boy. I had to take a nice warm bath and get myself clean for him, to shave my legs for him and to put on my face and fix my hair. What girl wouldn't want to get herself ready for a big stud like Jock, I wondered while I got ready.

Finally, it was almost six o'clock and I was ready after two hours of primping and preening like a hot girl. I was now ready to fuck and suck my new boyfriend good, all night, creating the illusion that I was a girl he was fucking. I was officially a stud-hungry, horny little college bitch for him when I left for his apartment wearing the sexy little leopard-print thong bikini bottom under my shorts like girls do. My shorts were a little black pair with metal studs in front that still showed off my sexy ass cheeks and a white girly top with silver sequins that made my C-cup breasts stand out like a girl's. I finished off my outfit with some sexy little girly sandals before heading down to Jock's pad for the night.

I left for his apartment feeling like a sweet college girl in love. I was hoping we could pick up where we left off in the laundry room before we were interrupted. The truth was I wanted men's cocks inside me as much as those cute college girls down at the beach showing off their asses in thongs to the boys wanted them inside of their pussies. And Jock's big ten inch cock was even bigger than most men's in diameter, so he was a prime catch for any girl. I learned that he took steroids to make his muscles bigger and his cock grew as a result. He was also taking some pills that made him stay hard longer than other men, too. So, he was a delightful catch for any horny little college bitch to fuck.

"Come in, come in," he said when I arrived at his apartment and he answered the door. "I've been waiting for you, Courtney."

I saw him look down at my sexy legs I had just shaved for him.

"Those are some nice legs you have and I really love your hot ass. It's amazing."

"I loved what you were putting inside of me in the laundry room," I replied. "It felt so good."

Jock smiled. "Oh, you mean Oscar," he said, chuckling.

He named his cock, I wondered.

"That's what I call him. I had a pick up line with the girls when I was straight. I'd walk up to them in a bar and say 'Would you like my Oscar Meyer weiner?' One of the ones who said 'yes' started calling him Oscar later and the name stuck."

"So, you liked girls and now you like boys?" I asked him pointedly.

"Yeah. Girls are too petty and selfish, ya know? And they play too many games with men. A guy knows what he wants from a relationship and I know what I want and we get along fine. With women, it was always a guessing game figuring out what she wanted. I got tired off being a pawn in their games. I had a friend at the gym who said he wanted to blow me in the locker room one day. I let him and I learned guys can suck cock just as good as girls do. But I still like my lovers to be feminine, so I'm into cute girls like you, now."

Jock smiled widely at me.

"As soon as I saw the way you were holding up that leopard-print thong in the laundry room, I knew you were a sexy little girly boy. And then I saw your hot ass cheeks hanging out of your little yellow shorts and I wanted you, right away."

"I'm glad you did," I said. "I haven't had a cock in two months."

"Well, you're going to get one tonight, okay?"

"Not okay. Great!" I said smiling.

He invited me in and showed me his apartment. He said he lived with a roommate who was out of the country on business, so he had the place to himself for the next three months.

He said that I was welcome to come and use his hot tub on the back porch anytime I wanted, which sounded great to me. It was a Jacuzzi built to hold four or five people at once, so there was lots of room for us to stretch out and relax in it, he said. I was thinking about him stretching out my little manpussy with his wide-load cock he called "Oscar" in the hot tub, all night.

"Well, you're welcome to get into your little thong and jump in, anytime you like," he said, smiling.

Suddenly, I decided that I didn't want to rush things with the big stud. He had talked about his difficulties in relationships with women and he suggested that men are "easier" to have sex with than women. I decided that I didn't want him to think I was "easy" the way he might have in the laundry room, earlier. I decided to make him wait and seduce me like a woman after dinner, even as much as I wanted him bending me over and fucking me in the hot tub right then.

I was nineteen-years-old and Jock was twenty-five, so I was afraid he would use me and lose me. I imagined that that was what all of the games Jock said women played with him were about. They didn't want to be humped and dumped like so many frat boys do to them. I learned Jock had been a frat boy in college, too. I was going to play it coy with him like the girls did. I didn't want to be just another notch on his headboard after he fucked me all night like a cheap whore he could get for a steak dinner and a bottle of wine. It was time for me to take it slower with him and make him want me badly like the girls did when they played their "games" with him.

"Do you kiss boys?" I said.

"Sure," he said smiling.

He stepped forward toward me. We kissed like two sweet lovers with closed lips the first time and I was afraid he was going to pick me up and manhandle me like he had in the laundry room. But he didn't. He was a complete gentleman, so he had passed the test. If he had tried to manhandle me during our kiss, I would have told him "Not yet, honey" like the girls did to keep him wanting their asses longer. Oh, it was so fun to be a girl and be desired by a big handsome stud with a ten inch cock who wanted to fuck you all night in his hot tub and his bed.

I wanted to be a sweet college girl in love. And I wanted a man to love me, too. The only way to make him love you was to use your feminine charms and wiles to make him desire you badly. That was my game plan from that moment forward, to be the coy woman who knows how to control a man's cock. And make him want her but not get her, until she was good and ready. This felt like the beginning of a very sweet romance and I wanted to take it slow and savor every minute of it. I wanted to enjoy feeling like a sweet college girl falling in love with a big, strong, handsome man.

Jock led me to the kitchen where he opened a bottle of red wine to go with the filet mignons he was planning to cook for us along with a salad and baked potato. My hunk was not only a hot lover, he was a good chef. This was a double treat of dating my hot Jock: good sex and good food, in that order. After a toast "to us" Jock leaned forward and kissed me tenderly on the lips. I was wearing red lipstick that made him want to keep giving me little kisses all evening.

It was just a little sign that a man gives a girl to let her know he really wants to fuck her, badly. And I appreciated those signs the way any girl who is desirable does. Some of his kisses made my toes tingle and my clitty dick stir down in my little leopard-print thong. He was quite an affectionate gentleman when he wasn't being a big over-powering brut like he was in the laundry room. I liked both, affectionate men and big over-powering bruts, so, Jock was perfect for me since he was a combination of both. It was fun to feel like a girl making him horny while we enjoyed a candlelight dinner together.

I played footsies with him under the table during dinner; taking off my sandal and playing with his cock through his pants with my foot, making him big and hard for when dinner was done. He loved the contact with my foot on his big cock and he gave me the impression he was going to come around the table, throw me on top of it and fuck me hard any minute now like he had done in the laundry room. The big brut had my heart as soon as I had seen his ten inch cock, since they were my favorites. Now, I could feel his ten incher with my foot and it was making my clitty dick firm as a rock in my thong under my black shorts.

"I'm ready for that hot tub now," I said, smiling at him like a school girl in love.

"And I'm ready to see you in that little thong," said my lover boy. "'I've wanted to see you in it ever since I saw you holding it and I looked at your sweet ass cheeks hanging out of your shorts."

"Well, you don't have to wait, anymore," I said. "You've got it, baby."

I stood up and dropped my black shorts with metal studs in front down to the floor, revealing my hard clitty dick in the front of the leopard-print thong. I ripped off my white top for my lover and raised my arms up in the air.

"Come take me there, you big brut," I said, sounding like a horny little coed girl at a frat party.

"You bet," said my handsome blonde Lothario.

He stood up and came around the table like a wild-eyed college frat boy who wanted to fuck one of those hot babes in thong bikinis playing volleyball down at the beach. The thong that I was so lucky to find was doing it's job wonderfully; I could tell by the speed at which Jock came around the table. He picked me up like he had that afternoon and I wrapped my legs around his hips like a girl. He held me in his arms and I put my hands around his big broad shoulders. He looked at me like I was just the sweetest little thing.

"My cock is so hard for you," he said.

"I'm glad," I said, smiling. "I want it hard for me every day we're together."

"Do you say that to all the guys?" asked Jock.

"Only the ones who have cocks as big as yours, big boy," I replied. "I melt like ice cream for cocks like yours."

"Oh, would you like me to put some ice cream on my cock and let you lick it off?"

"I sure would," I said, thinking like a hot girl licking an ice cream cone.

"Well, I have some peach and vanilla, so we'll make it taste like a Push Up for you, Courtney.

I smiled just like a girl getting a big treat from the ice cream truck. Being a flirty college sophomore girl was paying off for me. Knowing Jock's roommate was gone for three months made him such a great catch for me. We could get full use of his hot tub to have our sexual escapades, each day. To a slut, a man's cock was full of hot love juice she wanted him to give her and she was glad to do anything to get that juice from him, including dressing sexy in little thongs.

Jock had already had his cock eight inches deep inside me and it felt so good, I couldn't wait to have him put it in me ten inches this time. As he carried me outside onto his patio where the hot tub was, I was so horny for him and he was so horny for me. Having his big strong muscular arms with nice biceps and shoulders holding me felt wonderful, as well. I was ready for some hard stud love, that night.

After two months with no dick, I felt like a cock-starved sorority girl at a frat party. I wanted to be the only girl there and fuck and suck every guy in the fraternity for my initiation into the sorority. Be careful what you wish for; later, Jock brought some of his frat buddies to join us in the hot tub later. And it was a lot of work satisfying all of those big cum-filled boys, all night. My ass and jaw were sore the next day. Then Jock and I slept like boyfriend and girlfriend, spooning all night and fucking again in the morning.

Jock set me down next to the hot tub and I started undressing him. First, I unbuttoned his shirt and then I started rubbing his big cock with my hands through his dress pants.

"I love your big cock, honey," I said.

"I'm glad," he replied.

"Your ass deserves a big cock in it. It's so damned nice."

Jock reached behind me and felt my ass cheeks while I felt his cock through his pants. We were exploring each other's erogenous zones and he was ready to bend me over in the hot tub and fuck me doggy-style like a wanton whore while I cried out for more. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, big boy," became my love call to my big stud while he pounded his over-sized cock inside of me.

I couldn't wait for him to splash his cum all over my ass cheeks when he came. It was my hot ass hanging out of my shorts like a girl's that attracted him at first and made him want me, every day. So, having him shoot his cum all over my ass sexy cheeks while I bent over and let him fuck me was a tremendous pleasure for me. But, right now, I wanted the giant-sized mushroom head of his big cock between my lips like a dirty whore. His cock had incredible mass to it like the rest of his body.

"You know, I'd really like to give you pleasure with my mouth, right now," I said to Jock.

"That would be great," he replied, smiling. "No girl ever sucked me this fast after dinner unless she was drunk."

"Guilty," I said, laughing. "I'm afraid the wine is making me a little tipsy. Thanks for carrying me here."

I got down on my knees in front of the big stud boy with a glow of satisfaction to me. I was proud of myself for attracting such a handsome hunk to me. And I was glad to be ready to suck his cock for him, anytime he wanted, day or night, winter, spring or summer. That was how beautiful his cock had looked to me and felt inside of me at the laundry room that afternoon. I wanted him in me all night tonight. And the fastest way to do it was to make his cock harder with a good blow job like a slutty college girl would for her horny boyfriend.

My plan was to make Jock's cock hard then to step into the hot tub, showing him a nice view of my hot ass in my little leopard-print thong he liked seeing me in so much. I figured if he saw a nice view of my ass while he had a hard cock, he would be anxious to fuck me hard like I wanted him to. Ever since that afternoon in the laundry room when he put his dick in me on the clothes folding table, he wanted my ass badly and I could tell.

Now, as I pulled down the zipper of his pants, the anticipation was growing to have my big stud's wide-load cock inside of me. I hoped it didn't hurt too bad when he put it in me.

"So, you like to suck cocks like girls do, huh?" he asked.

"I absolutely love it," I replied.

I was totally horny for his big cock and there was nothing that would stop me from sucking it good for him now. I wanted this lovely cock in my mouth and I wanted it in my tight little ass, too, all night. I pulled down his pants and underpants to his big thighs and got that wide-load cock in my lips in a hurry.

A man always remembers a hungry whore, I thought, even if he doesn't respect her. And that's what I felt like after going over two months with no cock, a hungry cock-sucking whore; I mean, a girl can only take so much.

My lips enveloped the big head of his cock and I tasted his warm, sweet pre-cum for the first time. It's always a special moment when I taste a man's cock juice for the first time and I always fondly remember Jock at that moment. His hard cock with the wide girth and the nice head on it is etched in my mind. That was why I wore sexy girly clothes, so I could enjoy a cock like Jock's, all night. It felt so wonderful to know he had the place to himself for the next three months. My clitty dick was rock hard for this big stud down in my little thong.

Jock placed his hand on the back of my head and helped me suck his cock like a hungry little whore. I reached up and played with his nice balls while I slurped on his hard meat. I loved twirling my tongue around the big head of his cock and tasting his sweet pre-cum. And as much as I wanted to swallow a big load of his hot cum, I knew Jock wanted to fuck my hot little ass the most. So, I was just sucking his cock to get it ready for him to fuck me with like a good girlfriend would.

When I had him super hard and ready to fuck me, I stood up and kissed him on the lips, playing with his cock with my hand while we kissed. Then I turned and entered the hot tub, letting him see my hot ass in the little leopard-print thong when I did. As I entered the hot tub feeling like a hot girl, I looked back at Jock and smacked my ass cheek for him to see.

"Don't forget the baby oil, big boy," I said.

It felt wonderful to be a flirting girl with her hot ass in a sexy little thong and a man with a hard cock who wanted to take it off and fuck her hard all night. I absolutely loved being fucked in the ass by a man with a big cock and Jock had already started to fuck me once in the laundry room. Now, it was time for him to finish fucking me hard.

Jock finished stripping off his pants and underpants. Then he went to his bathroom for baby oil. He came back stroking his big ten inch cock to keep it hard for me and I felt just like a lucky girl does. Down in my little thong, my clitty dick was rock hard and leaking pre-cum like a horny little pussy. All I wanted was for Jock to bend me over and fuck me hard like a hot girl. It felt so wonderful to be a hot little slut for him with her ass cheeks up in the air, ready to be penetrated by his big hard love muscle.

Like a winged Adonis, my big stud boyfriend was in the hot tub with me and playing with my ass cheeks while I bent over for him. His beautiful cock was super hard and ready to fuck me. I wished that every moment could be this special for me. I loved engaging in feminine role play with a man and getting the same response from them that women do. Their big cocks feel so good inside of us that we crave them more than we crave chocolate.

"You want this cock in you, don't you, baby?" said Jock.

"Every day and every night," I replied.

Jock smiled widely. "Great," he said, "I love a tight little ass on a guy who acts sexy like you. I love to fuck them like they have pussies, just as much as girls."

"You know, I'll be glad to let you fuck me anytime you want, Jock. I'll be glad to wear my sexy little thong in your hot tub and bend over for you like the girls do, every day. I love playing the female role in a relationship with a man and getting his big cock inside of me is the best part of being a female."

"Great," he said again. "I'm ready to pull down that little thong and put this in you."

He held up his big ten inch cock like it was a trophy he was proud to show off. I adjusted my hips while he reached for the leopard-print thong to take it off of me. Looking at my sweet ass cheeks was making his cock extra hard to fuck me with.

That was why girls wore thongs to begin with, I thought. Now I was wearing one for my boyfriend like the girls did and getting the same results: his big hard cock to fuck me with good. 

Jock poured some of the baby oil in my hand and I rubbed it all over his cock, getting it nice and lubed for my tight little ass. I loved getting fucked from behind more by my big Jock than by any other guy. Besides the fact he was a handsome blonde, he had a wonderful cock and nice balls and he was a good chef. I was going to get lots of dinners and lots of good fucks from him, for the next three months.

"You suck cock good, Courtney," said Jock. "But you know this little ass is what I really want."

"Oh, baby," I replied. "I want you to hurt me with your big one, big boy."

Jock didn't need any more encouragement to fuck me. While I bent over for him, he spread my hot little ass cheeks and placed the big bulbous head of his cock between them. It was magical feeling, like a girl about to be penetrated by her big handsome boyfriend. Oh, I was so happy to be bending over for such a big stud as my Jock in his hot tub. All the other girls were missing out on his big fat cock tonight, but not me. I was about to get it in me. And I loved being fucked from behind by him, all night. It made me feel like a sweet college girl in love.

Jock thrust his slippery cock inside of me and I felt the intense pleasure of being a girl with a man inside her. Right away, his cock was one of my favorites ever.

"Oh, baby, fuck me, fuck me," I said lustily. "Fuck me with Oscar, all night."

"You like having Oscar inside you, don't you?" said Jock. "That's why you were letting your little ass cheeks hang out while you did your laundry, today. You wanted a big cock inside your ass, tonight."

"Only yours! Only yours, baby!" I said while he humped me from behind.

"Oh, that's a shame," he said. "I have a couple of buddies who would like to come over and fuck you tonight, too. Would you like a couple of my buddies and I to pull a train on you tonight, Courtney?"

I suddenly felt like a drunk college girl at a frat party, willing to do anything to please all of the boys in the frat. Maybe it was the wine we had with dinner or maybe it was the sexy little leopard-print thong I found in the laundry room that made me feel like a horny coed, but I agreed to let three of Jock's frat buddies, some real beefcakes, come over and fuck me, too.

Jock started humping me harder so he could come inside me and go call his buddies to come over and gangbang me like a drunk horny sophomore college girl. It felt so wonderful to please a man so much and look so good to him that he wanted to share me with his friends. So, it actually felt like a compliment for a group of guys to want to gangbang a girl. And I intended to enjoy every minute of the compliment.

I was wearing the sexy little leopard-print thong when the boys showed up. And I was, suddenly, nervous to be the only girl in a hot tub with four big, strong, virile men with hunger in their eyes for me. Each one's cock was bigger than the rest with big mushroom heads on them.

I started feeling very slutty while jerking two of them off at the same time while they sat next to me. They were two young stud muscle boys like Jock, named Steve and Greg, and they both wanted me at the same time. And they both made me so horny while I played with their big cocks under the water. It felt great to be a girl wearing her thong for four big studs.

"You both want to fuck me, don't you?" I asked them, matter-of-factly.

They had both seen my ass in the little thong, so they both responded positively and I was flattered.

"Okay," I said. "I want Jock to sit on the top step of the hot tub while I suck his cock. And I want the rest of you take turns fucking me while I jerk the other two off. Come on, Bobby. I want your cock hard for me, too."

They all smiled widely at me. I was the drunk college girl they all wanted to be with on a Saturday night and I was happy to wear my little leopard-print thong bikini bottom for them, anytime. Each one got to shoot a big load of his hot cum inside my ass while I sucked my new boyfriend's cock good for him. The blow job I gave Jock before was just a tease to make him want my ass. Now, I gave him a nice sloppy, slow, wet blow job for an hour to let him know that he was my favorite boy to blow in the frat. And his friends were welcome to fuck me in the ass anytime they liked. It felt so wonderful, too.

Jock finally came in my mouth with a big load of his hot sperm and I savored every drop of it, knowing it was the first load of his cum I ever swallowed. He loved the way I swallowed his cum seductively, like a girl who knows she pleased her man. Putting Jock's cum in my mouth would become one of my favorite things to do.

After I swallowed his big juicy load, it was Jock's turn to fuck my ass all night in bed, after his frat buddies left. After an all-night fuck, I went to sleep in his arms. He put his big cock between my hot little ass cheeks and he reached around and stroked my little clitty dick for me. It was a wonderful first evening and night together. And one we duplicated many times later. It felt so wonderful for me to feel like a sweet college girl in love with her big handsome boyfriend. And I was glad to wear my little leopard-print thong bikini bottom for him and the his frat buddies anytime they liked me to.

I loved having Jock and Steve and Greg and Bobby all fuck me like a drunk college girl after Jock made me dinner. Their big hard cocks all turned me on, immensely, and I liked sucking them as well as fucking them. It was great to feel like a hot sorority girl being gangbanged by her boyfriend's frat buddies. My ass loved it just as much as their pussies did.

Eventually, I was able to suck one and fuck one while I jerked off the other two, at the same time, making all four men's cocks all cum at the same time, every time. It was a great turn-on for me and I loved doing it for the big muscle boys whose cocks looked like they were on steroids, they were so much bigger than normal men's cocks. I was a hot little college slut to all of them in Jock's big hot tub, for the next three wonderful months. It was so much fun being a sweet college girl in love.

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