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A Tale of Two Clitties

A notice posted on a bulletin board in an adult bookstore leads to a white hot sexual encounter
A Tale of Two Clitties

One day I was checking out the bulletin board in a local adult bookstore. My eyes danced across the listings. Dungeon masters, couples looking for a third, but then I stopped, there it was, "Lonely virgin crossdresser seeks same". My heart jumped in my chest, and my cock twitched in anticipation. I tore off a tab with her number and promised my feminine side I'd call.

A few days later I finally worked up the nerve to call her. I had battled all the familiar fears; would I look good enough, would I get hurt, was this even for real? My inner girl screamed for release, so I picked up the phone and called.

"Hello?" Said the soft voice. "Uh, my name is Jan", I stammered; I got your number off the bulletin board. I’m a CD like you". She replied, "That's great, want to meet? I entertain." "By the way, my name is Molly" she purred, "Come see me".

"Sweet!" I replied, my voice softened to a feminine level. "I'd love to finally be dressed with another queen." She gave me directions to her house and I committed to come over the next evening, in drag, to have a drink. I swear I was shaking all over when I hung up the phone. But it was a happy shaking.

The day flew by like lightning. As the clock approached time to leave, my hands trembled; which made putting on eyeliner a challenge. I must admit though, with the years of practice I did look pretty hot.

I put on my favorite long, teased red wig, adjusted my cock back between my legs, smoothed my black capri pants, and slipped into my gold three inch come-fuck-me pumps. Then I stood at the mirror, checking out my new off the shoulder cheetah pattern long sleeve blouse, making sure I was showing a lot of bra straps, and then pulled on several gold bangle bracelets and rings. "God, Jan," I said out loud, "I'd fuck you myself."

I did look good. There's no substitute for years of practice and accumulating accessories. "The perfect whore look," I whispered, "I hope this turns her on."

The drive was mercifully short; I’m always tense when I'm out in drag. The sun was almost down when I pulled up to Molly's bungalow. I followed the driveway around to the back of the house, and shut the motor off.

One last check of my makeup, a quick spray of cheap slutty cologne, then dropped the keys into my large gold purse and got out. I saw the curtains move at the far end of the house and, knowing I was being watched, did my best ho-bag butt twist up to the door. "You can do this Jan," I whispered to myself; drawing a deep breath for courage and knocked on the door. "I wish I had put on one more coat of red nail polish," I thought to myself.

"Just a minute!" Said a girly voice from inside. The sound of high heels on tile grew louder, and the door opened. My eyes drank in the most luscious transvestite I'd ever seen. It was obvious she too had a lot of practice - she was really put together. “Well, hello beautiful,” she purred, “You’re right on time!”

She wore a blue silk robe that ended just above her knees. Her face was adorable, with evening makeup and false eyelashes. I really loved the black lip liner with red lipstick, in the same style as mine. Of course I used a bit of burgundy in my lipstick and eyebrow colors, as they work better with the red wig.

Molly's wig was blonde, styled in an up-do fashion with spiral curls on the neckline and temples. Her eyebrows were black, and she had achieved that smoky eye shadow look that I never could master.

Below the hem of her robe were black seamed stockings that disappeared into feathered black open toed high heels.

I could tell this was going to be the best coffee break I ever had!

She invited me in, where we exchanged a girly hug, careful pecks on the cheeks, and allowed our ample falsies to press together momentarily. Molly smelled of a sweet perfume, I didn't recognize the brand.

"Put down your purse and let me show you my home," she said, leading me by the hand to this room and that. Of course, what caught my eye was her bedroom. It wasn't very girly, more gender neutral - with a touch of porno movie set. Let’s just say, “Well lit”.

The bed was almost the only piece of furniture, with a small night table and a directional pole lamp that added the porno set feel to the room. The covers, white like everything else in the room, were turned back almost to the foot of the bed. The room smelled clean, like freshly bleached sheets. A large white bath towel was spread across the middle of the bed. "I see you’ve planned ahead," I giggled. She gave me a coy smile and winked.

Large mirrors hung from the wall at the head of the bed, and at the side. Each appeared to have been carefully positioned to view the action in the bed.

I noticed a large decorative garment hook on the wall next to the bed. I thought to myself, "I wonder what that's for?" Somehow I was sure I’d find out.

From there she showed me the bathroom, with the sink area crammed cosmetics, and a red douche bag hanging on the shower rod. Seeing that, my girly cock was beginning to want to move out from between my legs.

At last we sat down in the living room on her beige leather couch. It was very comfortable, almost too comfortable. It made me want to linger. My eyes took in the several abstract paintings on each wall. She switched on her stereo, which started playing "Dude looks like a Lady".

We chatted for a few minutes about makeup, shoes, hair, and how we enjoyed crossdressing. Just then the coffee pot gurgled, and Molly clicked off into the kitchen for that coffee I had been promised. I watched her butt as she walked; every step a naughty story.

A couple of minutes later she returned with a silver coffee tray, with white porcelain cups, cream, sugar and spoons, and a small ornate pot in the center. Also on the tray was a crystal bottle containing what looked like bourbon. "I hope that's booze," I thought, I need some liquid courage. It was bourbon, which Molly added to my cup.

We resumed our girl talk, sipping hot mixed drinks from the daintiest cups. Just then, I noticed Molly's housecoat slipping open, revealing a bit of shiny black leather garterbelt beneath. As the talk turned to sex, her girl cock began to emerge. I couldn't take my eyes off it.

"You like? She purred. "Yes I do," I whispered in my most feminine voice. "You can touch it," she whispered. Which I immediately did, caressing it lovingly.

Molly reached down and slid her hand into my capris, finding my cock and pulling it out. We stared into each other's eyes for a long moment and then gently kissed.

As I tasted her lipstick and smelled her makeup, my head spun with joy.

We embraced, kissing full on the lips; each holding the other's now swelling cock. Our breathing became deeper and more rapid.

Coming up for air, I begged another cup of coffee. Molly happily obliged, leaving her housecoat on the couch, and strutting off into the kitchen in a manner hotter than any stripper I had ever seen. What a hot ass! I knew I absolutely had to fuck it; and I wanted her to fuck me.

She returned, quicker than before, this time giving me full view of her cock. It was still soft enough to dangle, but must have been seven inches long. My mouth watered in anticipation; I wanted to taste her jiz, to hold it in my mouth and savor its taste.

I reached out with a girly wave of the fingers, inviting her to join me, but instead of sitting down, she seductively dropped to her knees before me and pulled down my capris, grabbing my meat and guiding it between her red lips. I moaned and held her head as she circled the head with her tongue, sucking in a way I had never experienced.

I was instantly in tranny heaven.

As she gently sucked and kissed my cock, I attempted to sip the spiked coffee. I tried in vain to act casual but I had to set it down to keep from spilling it. She was that awesome!

As she slurped on my cock, I squeezed her falsies; Molly made a happy sound, her mouth filled with my clitty. I then caressed the crack of her ass. She moaned with delight. I couldn't reach her tranny pussy, but I was close enough to get her going. Chill bumps appeared on her forearms.

She sucked and fondled me until my legs trembled violently and my cock blasted out a gusher of scalding hot cum that left me breathless. After several powerful waves of orgasm, Molly raised up and wiped her lips, smiling at me. "Was that as good as you'd hoped?" She asked. "Oh my God!" I panted, "That was amazing!"

Molly stood up, revealing her fully erect girl cock. "Want to reciprocate?"

"As soon as I can move," I groaned.

She let me recharge for a few minutes, sitting next to me sipping burbon coffee and fondling her meat. She touched up her lipstick, using the tray as a mirror.

Finally, as I sat up and pulled up my capris, Molly shifted around with her head on the arm of the couch, one leg up on the back, and the other foot on the floor. Her clitty stood erect, and she took my arm pulled me down toward it.

I breathed warmly on her crotch, and then kissed her smooth thighs, taking in the slight smell of sweat and sex. Her crotch was shaved bare. Not a single public hair. Molly moaned and purred her approval. "Suck me baby!" She begged, “Suck me!”.

Knowing this was a moment of truth, I pushed past my fears and began to kiss along her shaft and around the head, leaving lip prints all over it.

I licked off the clear salty goo oozing out of the tip and then took as much of her cock in my mouth as possible. I loved the way she smelled, I loved the tastes, I loved the way that cock felt in my mouth, and I loved being with a queen as kinky and horny as me.

I sucked and bobbed like a machine, sending Molly into orbit. She screamed and moaned as I lost my mouth-virginity to her girl cock.

Molly lifted her leg from the back of the couch, and wrapped it across the back of my neck. She gently pulled me still closer to her. I could smell the newness of her shoe and felt the smooth texture of her stocking on the base of my neck.

I bobbed, sucked and drank the juice from her rock hard clitty. I didn’t want her to ever climax. I wanted this to go on forever!

Finally, shrieking a stream of obscenities that would make a longshoreman blush, Molly pumped into my face, spraying a torrent of jism against the back of my throat. I swallowed, swallowed, and swallowed again. As she panted and gasped, I held her last squirt in my mouth like a fine wine, taking in its taste. I arched my head back and swallowed, satisfied in my femininity. I reached up and caressed my breasts, running my hands down my stomach, and ending at my crotch, where I noticed a spot of wet ooze from my own clitty.

Then, leaning back down to her, I gave each of her balls a lingering kiss, knowing it wouldn’t be long before I would play with them again.

Molly’s crotch smelled wonderful, a mix of sweat, jiz, and the last whiffs of cologne applied earlier in the evening. I love that smell.

We sat in silence, staring into each other's eyes, sharing volumes of unspoken words. Words of love, of peace, of caring and sharing. My God, I thought, if everyone could know this kind of passion, what a wonderful peaceful world this would be.

Finally the silence was broken with, "Hey baby, you want some cake?" Those words brought me back to reality, and I responded, "Sure, any coffee left?" She smiled and nodded.

Molly stood up, pulling on her robe, adjusting her bra, and fluffing her hair. "Whew!" She exclaimed, "I haven't been sucked like that -- ever!" And with that she clicked off into the kitchen. I could hear plates being removed from cabinets as I wobbled unsteadily on my high heels to the bathroom, purse in hand. I needed to pee and freshen up.

The bathroom was yellow in color; actually numerous shades of yellow; the curtains one, the walls another, the shower curtain still another shade. The fragrance of lemons tickled my nose. The red douche bag stood out like a neon light.

After peeing for what seemed like forever, I stood up to check myself out in the mirror. There was a large white spot of dried jiz on my pants. My makeup needed work; even the base was gone from my chin.

Honestly, every area of my face needed something. Even my mascara had disappeared from power-squinting when I climaxed. I set to work fixing my face and had it back to perfect in a few minutes.

Molly tapped on the door and then let herself in. "You look hot!" She purred, "Want to fix my makeup?" Naturally I agreed, and she sat down on the toilet and crossed her pretty legs.

We played beauty shop for a while and then went back to the living room for cake, coffee, and more girl talk.

I confessed my inexperience with enemas, and Molly really perked up. "Wow!" she exclaimed, you've never enjoyed water sports?" She continued, "A good t-girl always douches before anal sex." "First, because it feels wonderful; and second, a lover always appreciates a clean t-girl pussy."

Molly took my hand, pulled me up off the couch and said, "Sister, let me teach you."

Leading me to her bedroom, Molly had me lay down on her bed and instructed me to wait. Being a good girl, I waited (and rested) for her to return.

When Molly swished back into the room, wearing only her bra, garterbelt, stockings and shoes, she carried an obviously ready red enema bag in one hand the nozzle in the other. But the nozzle wasn't an ordinary white tip, it was a large pink buttplug!

"You ready for a joy ride, Jan sweetie?" She asked. "Oh baby, I trust you with my ass," I purred; "Thrill me!"

Molly smiled big at me and said, "Pull down your pants below your hips, and lay on your left side." I did as she commanded, and watched as she hung the swollen red bag on the hook on the wall by the bed. Now I knew what that hook was for.

She smeared lube on the nozzle and then inserted her gooey index finger up my still virgin ass. "Now just relax Jan," she cooed; and began making small circles with the tip of the plug on my asshole. Increasing the pressure ass she rotated the plug, my ass began to accept the tip.

Then, she stopped making the circles and slowly pushed the plug into my butt. I cried out as the widest part passed the threshold and my ass closed down around the narrower stem. It was in, and I watched as Molly opened the valve on the hose, letting the first gush of two full quarts of warm water start to flow into me.

I glanced in the mirror at Molly, who was kneeling on the bed, still smiling and gently caressing my hips. "I knew you'd love it," she purred. "I did two of these before you arrived; I'm sparkling clean on the inside." Clear girly juice hung like a spider web from the tip of her cock down onto the sheet.

"I'm getting really full," I moaned. "Oh really?" Molly said, a more sinister tone in her voice. "You need something to get your mind on other things," she said, raising a cat o nine tails over heard head and striking me hard on my right butt cheek. “Where did that come from?” I asked. “Shut up Jan, I’m going to make a real slut out of you”, she replied.

Whap! Whap! Whap! The little whip spoke again and again. Molly was right, it did take my mind off my swelling tummy.

Many swings later, Molly sat down the whip, reached toward my pussy and with a twist, unfastened the red hose from the buttplug. “You’re free to move around,” she said with a chuckle. “Ugh,” I responded, “What’s in this douche?” Molly replied with a smile, “Oh, five cups of coffee, a shot of bourbon, and a teaspoon of castile soap.” She continued, “You’ll be energetic and fresh as a spring day, when I drain all that out of you.”

I could feel the coffee kicking in, I was totally alert and getting energized. The booze was working too, as I was just a little light headed. I wasn’t sure I could walk in my heels. As for the soap, I could feel something going on inside me; something a bit foamy.

“Get up on your hands and knees!” Molly ordered. Obediently, I assumed the position. “Now hold still,” she ordered, raising the whip over her head. Whap! Whap! Whap! My left hip was starting to feel like my right hip. Whap! Whap! It went on until Molly was satisfied that my cheeks matched.

Then, Molly grabbed my hand and said, “Come with me baby, let’s get that douche out of you.” Music to my ears, I followed her lead, a bit shaky on my heels, into the bathroom. She instructed me to hold onto the towel rod as she reached down and gently pulled the buttplug from my ass. “Don’t let any out, Jan. I want it all in the toilet. Not a drop!”

She helped me sit down onto the toilet, and not a moment too soon, as the soapy brew began to rush out of me.

Again and again, waves of foamy, coffee smelling douche surged from my ass and into the bowl. I was feeling increasingly better, as the pressure let up, and I was beginning to enjoy the sensations.

“Mmmmmm, Molly, I could get used to this.” I purred. She grinned knowingly, and fondled my cock.

I sat there for probably ten minutes, until I was sure I was empty. Then Molly said, “Take this wet washcloth and clean yourself up.” It didn’t take long. Washing my crack with a warm yellow washcloth, I stood up, kissed Molly lightly on the lips, and giggled as she led me to the bedroom, not by my hand, but by my cock.

Then Molly said, “Jan, it’s time for you to know exactly how a woman feels with a dick up her butt.” I moved onto the center of the bed on my hands and knees, and looked back at Molly, who was smearing KY jelly onto her now erect clitty. “You’re going to love this!” she said, knowingly.

Molly kicked off her high heels, moved onto the bed behind me, and said, “Kiss your virginity goodbye!” And with that I felt her cock touch the entrance to my tgirl pussy. She gently pushed, and my eager pussy let her slide right in. It hurt a little, but not very much. I felt her slide deeper and deeper into me, until our bodies were pressed tightly together.

As I watched her reflection in the mirror, Molly began stroking my hole slowly at first, but picked up speed, her balls tapping my taint. I was moaning and was soon joined by Molly making the same sounds.

Bop! Bop! Bop! Bop! Our bodies slapped together faster and faster. My cock swung in the breeze, slinging clear goo in every direction. My head was spinning, the room was swirling around me; sweat formed on my face and burned my eyes.

“I’m a slut!” I yelled, “I’m finally a slut!” “Fuck me!”

“Oh God Jan, I’m going to cum up your butt!” Molly gasped as her cock slammed into me with blinding speed. I felt the whole bed shake as she came, a hot sensation spreading deep in my guts, undoubtedly a tidal wave of tranny jiz. I looked down at my cock, and saw large spots of cum on the towel below me, and a glistening thick white glob of spooge dangled from the end. I reached down and captured it with my fingers, and turned back to Molly and put my fingers in her mouth. Her cock still inside me, she stroked me a few times before it slurped out of my once-virgin ass.

Molly collapsed onto the bed beside me, licking my goo from her lips. I looked at our reflections in the mirror, we looked like the world’s cheapest whores. Cum and lube on my butt cheeks caught the light and sparkled in the mirror. “I’m not a virgin anymore,” I sighed happily, “Your cock definitely feels better than any strapon”.

After a few minutes, I hobbled to the bathroom, where I sat for the first time in my life and watched as cum dripped from my ass into the toilet. “Now I know exactly how a woman feels after a hot assfuck,” I said to myself. Men and women are different in front, but our asses are the same. The joy of it all made me wonder why more women don’t buttfuck. It felt incredible; so passionate. Then I looked at my cock and said, “Now it’s your turn baby. Let’s get you some butt.”

I wiped my now de-virginized t-girl pussy with a warm washcloth, and stood up. “Lord!” I gasped “What happened to my makeup?” That fucking got me so hot I almost sweated it all away.

It must have taken me twenty minutes to repaint my face. My clothes were totally askew, and my wig needed fluffing and lots of backcombing. Oh how I love the slutty look!

Molly came in while I was doing my makeup, to clean off her now satisfied cock and to freshen up. “Well Jan,” she asked, “What do you think of sex with trannies?” I smiled back at her and made a feline growing sound. Molly smiled and kissed me lightly on the lips. I patted her on the butt; Molly wiggled her ass in delight, and hugged me gently.

After resting on her couch, rehydrating with ice water and catching our breath, we returned to the bedroom. Molly got on the bed and wiggled her ass at me. “Want some of this?” She purred, “It’s right here and ready, come take it!”

I joined her on the bed and gently licked her hairless t-girl pussy. Molly’s breathing deepened, and she moaned sweetly, “Do me…”

Lubing up my girl cock, I moved up behind Molly, and began teasing her pussy. Then, lining up, I pressed against her and her pussy yielded, letting me slide in all the way to the hilt in one smooth motion. I looked at Molly’s reflection, her eyes wide and her mouth open, breathing rapid hot breaths. “Mmmmm,” I purred, “This feels good!”

I fucked her butt like I had never fucked before. Molly screamed, clawed the sheets, and took everything I could dish out. I pounded her ass with everything I had for at least twenty minutes.

In the mirror along the side of the bed, I watched Molly stroke her cock while I fucked her, and we climaxed simultaneously. Pulses of jiz squirted from her cock, down onto the towel. We crumbled onto the bed and lay together, caressing each other and whispering lovingly to each other as only queens can.

That wasn’t the end of it. We fucked each other’s asses one more time that night. Those fucks were so hot I couldn’t believe it. After the last one, I was too shaky to walk to the bathroom in my heels. We had fucked each other dizzy.

Since then, Molly has taken down her flyer from the bulletin board, and we see each other regularly. Sometimes I bring along a woman fuck buddy of mine and we have threesomes, complete with her sandwiched between two queens. It’s always a scalding hot time.

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