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A trip from his Hotel Room - Part One

Paul likes dressing up on his business trips, but this time it goes a little further.
As Paul did when he made every business trip to the big city, once he had checked in to his hotel room, he quietly made his way to the streets where there was a profileration of sex shops.

He wanted to find the sexiest, sluttiest clothes that he could change back into when he returned to the hotel, and maybe a toy or two to enhance the stimulation. First up was some lingerie – definitely black seamed fishnet stockings, a black thong and a camisole with suspenders to hold up the stockings. After that some hooker heels, with platforms, long stilettos and an ankle strap. Lastly, a vibrator to enhance the experience when he got back to his room.

He had got used to avoiding eye contact at the desk in case the person serving gave him a curious look. He slipped out, unnoticed and anonymous as others on the streets went about their business.

On the way back to the hotel, he popped into one of those all-night pharmacies to buy some lubricant and some basic make-up – some bright red lipstick and mascara. The girl who served him was so bored and indifferent she never gave a glance.

Back to the hotel then and into his room. He began to run a bath and stripped off naked, arranging his lingerie on the bed, in order to change into them as soon as he was out. In the bath his cock stayed erect the whole time, and he ran his soapy hands up and down the length a few times, before jumping out to towel down.

He slipped on the stockings first, carefully ensuring that the seams were straight, then stepped into the thong, rubbing the material over his near-permanent erection. Next, he placed the back of the camisole on his tummy, and attached the clips from each side together, before pulling it the right way round. He put one foot on a chair and then attached the suspender belt from the camisole to the fishnets, first the right leg then the left. After that he sat on the chair and stepped into the hooker shoes, tieing the ankle straps tightly to secure them.

Then it was time to stand up, and to walk around the room in the heels. He was fairly short and loved the feeling of being so much taller. He walked to the bathroom to apply a little make up in the mirror. Just as he finished applying lipstick, there was a knock on his hotel room door. He realised that he had forgotten to put the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on. He went to the door and opened it an inch or tow, making sure that he couldn’t be seen from the other side.

Paul heard a young, male voice.

“Are you dressed up in those sexy clothes you bought earlier?”

His mouth went dry. Normally he was so discreet and careful not to get noticed. This was so embarrassing. But the voice continued before he could reply:

“I’d love to see you now that you are dressed. I bet you look wonderful.”

Paul’s legs wobbled in the heels. He felt sick and elated at the same time. He paused for a few moments.

“You’re tempted to open the door to me, aren’t you?”

Paul finally responded, “Oh God, yes.”

Paul opened the door to see a tall well-dressed man in front of him. The man walked in confidently as the door sprung closed. The two approached each other and began to kiss. As their tongues touched they pressed their bodies close together. Soon two erect cocks were touching through the material, and the mysterious man spoke again:

“Strip me. I want to fuck you”.

Paul stepped back and removed the jacket from the man’s shoulders then unbuttoned his shirt. He made sure to run his hands inside the shirt as he did so. Once the shirt was off, he removed the man’s socks and shoes, before heading back towards the man’s waist.

“You can’t wait for this bit, can you?”


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