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A weekend with Nancy

It was staggering to think that it was only 8pm and Nancy was to be with us the entire weekend

Upon arriving home from work one Friday afternoon my wife informed me that the kids would be staying the weekend at some friends house, and that she had made some special plans for us. She then went on to say that she would be gone for a couple of hours and that while she was gone I was to shower and to shave myself from head to toe. Then I was to get my "special clothing" from storage and neatly arrange them on the bed. You see, for years now I have enjoyed cross dressing and while my wife has known for some time she hasn't ever participated or allowed me to dress up while the children were around; I always had to play while the family was away. I was eager to get started and my imagination was running wild trying to guess just what she had in store for me. Never would I have guessed just what she was up to!!! It had been some time since I was able to go all out and dress completely from head to toe including wig, make-up, nails, lashes... the whole nine yards!! and I was getting so excited and my dick was already rock hard.

My wife had further instructed me that when she got back I was to be wearing only my green silk robe that I got from Victoria's Secret. When she did eventually return, my legs began to tremble as I began to get some idea of just what she was up to.

"Honey, this is my friend Nancy and she'll be staying the weekend with us." 

I was dumbfounded. Nancy was stunning, about 5' 7", her shoulder length wavy brown hair framed an impeccably made up face of green eyeshadow surrounding deep green eyes, bronzed cheeks and plump deep red lips. She was wearing a short black dress with a plunging neckline revealing just a hint of her ample breasts. Her long slender legs were clad in black back seamed stockings ending in some awesome black strapped stiletto sandals. All in all she was simply stunning. My wife Alice and I had talked a little about having a threesome but I never really thought she would go through with it.

Alice told me to pour all of us some wine and then she disappeared into the bedroom. Nancy was sure looking me over and commenting on how cute I look in my little silk robe. Moments later Alice returned with a pair of pantyhose and instructed me to stand up and to put my hands behind my back. She took the hose and tied my hands behind me and then she gave the free end of the hose to Nancy and said, "He's all yours". Nancy took the hose in one hand and with her other hand began exploring my body through my robe.

She said, "My what a cute little boy you are, I can hardly wait to make you my very own little girl," and with that she led me off to the bedroom with Alice following close behind.

As instructed all my women's clothes were neatly arranged on the bed, my cosmetics were in the bathroom and while Nancy looked over my clothes seeing what I had, Alice was busy doing something in the bathroom. 

 "I'm ready for him now," Alice said and with that Nancy untied my hands, slipped off my robe and gave my cock and balls a quick grope before retying my hands in front and then leading me into the bathroom. In the bathroom I now saw what Alice had been doing. It was enema time and I was told to get in the shower and face the wall. The girls tied my hands to the shower head and told me to spread my legs.

"We are going to have so much fun with you, but first you'll need a good cleaning out," and with that she inserted the "business end" up my ass and began filling me up. "Now I want you to hold it, don't let go," said Nancy.

 Now I had never had a full blown enema given to me before and as I felt the warm fluid filling me up the desire to expel all that fluid was overwhelming. Although enjoying immensely the scene that was before her, Alice remained submissively quiet. That is until Nancy told her to strip and get another pair of pantyhose. Alice's eyes got big as she stripped and she began to stammer as she handed over the pantyhose. Nancy admired Alice's fine body but told her to be quiet and put her hands together so they to could be tied. After having her hands tied I was instructed to turn around and then Alice's hands were also tied to the shower head Alice and myself were now face to face. Nancy slowly began to caress her all over and Alice was also instructed to spread her legs

 "I don't want to go there," said Alice

 Nancy wasn't having any of it, and with a sharp slap to Alice's ass she soon spread her legs and she too felt the warm fluid filling of her ass. So there we both were legs spread, hands tied, asses filled and legs shaky and weak. Nancy kept us there for what seemed like forever while she finished her wine and admired her handiwork.

 Finally Nancy freed my hands from the shower head, slipped my arms over Alice's head and body and commanded me to fuck Alice, and to fuck her hard. She didn't need to tell me twice, I grabbed Alice's clenched ass and in one fluid movement shoved my swollen cock all the way in her tight little pussy lifting her slightly off the shower floor. What a rush of feelings; ass aching to expel the fluid within, legs quivering and my rock hard cock stroking away preparing to explode.

Repeatedly I hammered away at Alice's pussy as she moaned, and panted trying to catch her breath. Her legs began to buckle and I had to grab her ass firmly, squeezing her cheeks tight, holding her up and hard against me as I relentlessly pounded her wet swollen pussy. Nancy said that as we came we could let go and with that Alice's breathing got faster her moans turned to cries of pleasure and in one moment of extreme sensations we both cummed like we had never cum before, expelling both cum from cock and pussy and water from our asses. Alice went completely limp and it was all I could do to keep us both upright. Nancy released Alice from the shower head and told us to clean and dry each other but our hands however remained tied. It was staggering to think that it was only 8pm and Nancy was to be with us the entire weekend!

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