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A weekend with Nancy: part 2

Nancy, that was the best blow job I ever had, she's awesome, Dan replied.

 Nancy informed Alice that she would be using the bedroom to dress me, and that she should pick out an outfit consisting of no fewer than seven articles, gather her make-up and whatever else she required and then use another room to get dressed. Furthermore, Nancy informed Alice if she didn't like what she was wearing when she returned that she would be punished, and to not waste any time dressing as she would require her help in transforming me. I had the feeling that no matter what she came back wearing she was going to be punished.

"Now the fun begins," said Nancy with a snicker.

 I was led back into the bedroom and for the time being tied to the corner post at the foot of the bed while Nancy went through my clothes and picked out what she wanted me to wear. Nancy started with a butt plug and harness making sure the plug completely inserted in my ass and the harness was pulled tight. Next she picked out a black 34D bra and my falsies, freed my hands from the post, put them on me and then retied my hands. She picked out my purple open bottomed 6-gartered girdle, a short purple half slip and the purple lace top stockings followed by a pair of black ankle strap pumps with 6" heels. By now my cock was throbbing so hard and Nancy was making sure to stroke and caress every inch of my body that I felt as though I would explode at any minute and having her occasionally press and wiggle that big butt plug around in my ass didn't help either. My black under bust corset would be next and with her knee in the middle of my back Nancy pulled and laced it tighter than it had ever been, leaving me gasping for air. Having completed my underpinnings it was time for my make-up and nails. Once again I was untied, my robe was put on, and I was led back into the bathroom where I was ordered to sit in a chair and my hands were tied to the armrests.

Along about this time Alice had finished dressing and returned to the bathroom, where she was instructed to do my nails, false eyelashes and apply foundation to my face, making sure to conceal any beard growth. She was instructed not to speak to me or to peek underneath my robe at what I was wearing. Nancy informed Alice that she was thirsty and to go make some drinks while she finished with my make-up and outerwear which consisted of a white blouse, black mini skirt, and a wide purple belt. Nancy was so pleased (I was too) with the way I looked that she said that we needed to take me out and show me off. Alice returned with our drinks and Nancy told her of her plans to go out but first Nancy took Alice by the hand over to the wall and told her to assume the position.

"Wider," Nancy exclaimed, referring to Alice's legs. "Now lift your skirt and let's have a look at what you have on."

 Alice slowly lifted her short gray skirt revealing a matching pink garter belt and panties. Nancy proceeded to slowly pull down the panties revealing Alice's tight ass.

"Now don't move," said Nancy. Stepping over to the nightstand, Nancy picked up yet another butt plug and lube. Upon seeing what Nancy was up to Alice became very uneasy.

"I haven't ever done anything like this before," said Alice and she began to sob.

"Now now sweetie this will only hurt a lot," Nancy said with glee as she began lubing up Alice's asshole. Alice's legs were visibly shaking as Nancy began to insert the plug and Alice let out a scream which made Nancy stop what she was doing.

"If you do that again I'll gag you. Understand?" Nancy barked. Alice nodded that she understood and Nancy finished inserting the butt plug and informing her that it would be her responsibility to make sure that it did not come out until instructed otherwise. Nancy pulled up the panties and allowed Alice to stand upright and turn around and face Nancy, whereupon she pinned her to the wall, reached one hand down between her legs to fondle her pussy through her skirt, and placed her other hand on the back of Alice's neck, pulled her in close and gave her a big, long, wet kiss. The rest of Alice's outfit consisted of a white, back buttoned, high collared blouse, a tailored 3-buttoned 3/4 sleeved blazer that matched her skirt and nude stockings ending in some gray stiletto heeled pumps.

"Collars, we need collars, before we go out we need collars and leashes," said Nancy. Alice went over to the bondage trunk and got two leather collars, one red for herself the other black for me and two little matching leashes and handed them to Nancy who then instructed us to turn around and lift our hair out of the way while she buckled up our collars and leashed us up.

"There now you are both my bitches and will behave as such, now grab your purses and coats and lets go," said Nancy.

 Once in the car, there was time to my swollen cock subside and to gather my composure. I began to wonder what was next on Nancy's agenda. Even though I had been dressing for years this would be the very first time I would be out in public or would have to interact with other people. Our first stop was this quiet little cocktail lounge that Nancy liked. As soon as we exited the car the whole process started over again as the cool night air blew between my legs and up my skirt and my cock began to swell and stiffen in anticipation of what we may find inside. I was somewhat relieved to see that for a Friday night there weren't too many people in the place and we were able to get a booth in a dark corner.

After we seated our selves I was instructed to do two things. First, I was to go to the bar and get the drinks and second, I was to drop something so I could then, without bending my knees, bend over and pick it up, revealing my pantyless cock and balls. Now I was shaking all over as I stood up, retrieved my wallet from my purse, and began walking towards the bar. Halfway across the floor I dropped my wallet, and as quickly as I could bent over and picked it up. Once at the bar and in my best attempt at a feminine voice I croaked out our drink order. I stood frozen waiting for the bartender to make our drinks all the while feeling as though the entire lounge was focused on me. Thank god the bartender was a woman and although she was grinning from ear to ear she maintained her composure and treated me with respect. For this I gave her a very large tip and hastily made my way back to our table. The girls were giggling wildly as I returned with the drinks and so were a few others in the place. My face was red with embarrassment. We were almost finished with our drinks and I was beginning to think we would be leaving soon when a young man approached our table.

"Hey Nancy, what's up, who are your friends?"

My heart started pounding as she began to speak. "Dan!" Nancy said with delight. "I'm so glad to see you, come sit down." Nancy motioned for me to stand up and let Dan slide in between Alice and myself.

"Dan this is Alice and..." Nancy paused for a minute. "We haven't given you a name yet, have we? Why don't we let Dan here give you a name," said Nancy.

 Alice was really enjoying the scene in front of her and couldn't help but giggling. Dan looked me over for a moment and gave it some thought.

"How about Kim," said Dan. Nancy also thought for a moment a then agreed Kim it would be.

"Dan, these are my bitches for the night, what do you think of them?" Said Nancy.

"You always have all the fun," said Dan.

A most mischevious grin came over Nancy's face. She turned and whispered in Alice's ear and as she did so Alice began grinning as well.

"What do you think," said Nancy.

 Alice nodded with eager approval. I didn't like the look in both Alice's and Nancy's eyes or the way things were unfolding.

 "Dan, Kim here doesn't get out very often and she is dying to suck some cock, care to oblige her?" said Nancy.

 "You know I'm always willing to help a lady in need, where shall we go?" said Dan.

 "Lets go to the park next door," Nancy said, and with that we got up from the table, Nancy took Alice by her leash and handed my leash over to Dan. Nancy gave Alice's leash a sharp tug and said "C'mon bitch."

 Dan followed Nancy's lead and gave my leash a sharp tug as well. "C'mon bitch," said Dan and with that we left the lounge and headed for the park.

 Nancy and Alice walked ahead of Dan and myself down the path leading to the park. All the while I could see Nancy's hand slowly reaching up under the rear of Alice's skirt and then caressing and squeezing her ass and playing with that butt plug still firmly lodged in her ass. Dan also was watching what was going on in front of us and he began to do the same thing to me. I was already having a hard enough time walking in those 6" heels and thinking about what was going to happen and now this guy was trying to get at my ass. Luckily my girdle kept Dan from getting too close and he had to settle for fondling my ass through my girdle. I knew that no good could come from my resisting so I just tried to focus on staying upright on those 6" heels and not falling flat on my face. Surprisingly though, the more he fondled my ass, the more the breeze blew up my skirt onto my once again rock hard, bare cock, the more I felt the huge butt plug in my ass, the more I wanted Dan's cock in my mouth.

 The entire evening thus far must have been taking a toll on Nancy because as soon as she found a secluded spot she forced Alice to her knees, slipped the leash between her legs and with one hand raised the hem of her dress out of the way and with the other hand on the leash began pulling Alice into her awaiting pantyless shaved crotch.

"Eat me bitch," exclaimed Nancy.

 Alice began lapping at the juices flowing from Nancy's swollen pussy. It was so thrilling to finally watch Alice bury her face in another womans pussy and lap away at the flowing juices that awaited her. Alice really did seem to be getting into what she was doing and she must have been doing it well because Nancy was moaning with pure delight and before long was no longer able to remain standing. Nancy finally broke the bond between herself and Alice so that she could lay down. As soon as she was comfortable she pulled Alice's face again into her aching snatch. Dan was definitely enjoying watching the show and he was no longer able to simply watch.

"Your turn honey; on your knees and suck my cock," Dan said with a shaky voice. I knelt down in front of Dan, unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to his knees. I decided right then that I was going to give Dan the best blow job he had ever had. Dan's swollen cock and my hungering mouth were now separated only by the thin material of his under shorts. Slowly I stroked his member, sizing up just how big his rod was. Dan's dick was huge, easily nine inches long and at least an inch and a half in diameter. That fully engorged member was straining to free itself from its bonds and so without further hesitation I pulled the thin fabric veil down revealing Dan's huge cock.

His body shuddered as I very lightly stroked his cock with just my fingernails, first going up one side then down the other before grabbing a firm hold on his ample ball sack. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock several times before taking half of his dick into my mouth. Dan placed his hands on the back of my head and began fucking my face with a steady rhythm. Even with only half of him in my mouth it was still a full load but still I decided to go for more and I began to match his rhythm and take in the remaining half. At first I was gagging and thought I might puke but then my throat relaxed and I was taking all nine inches with ease.

I took the free end of my leash and wrapped it around his cock and balls and twisted it tightly causing his cock to swell to an even greater diameter and to become rock hard. Dan was moaning loudly now and I could tell that he was ready to explode and he probably would have if it weren't for the tightly wrapped leash. I had him now and there wasn't much he could do about it, his body was in instinctual overdrive, thrusting his rock hard cock feverishly into my hot mouth.

Finally I decided to have mercy on him and released the hold I had on his cock and balls and as soon as I did he exploded with wave after wave of hot cum straight down the back of my throat. Dan's body was quivering wildly now and he tried to pull his cock free from my grip but I grabbed his ass with both hands plunging my fingernails into his flesh and continued sucking his life's juices from him. Dan was, all at once, screaming and panting and quaking and pleading for me to release him. Reluctantly I released my grip on him and he took a step back, lost his balance and collapsed to the ground breathing fast and heavy.

 Looking around, I found that Nancy had finished with Alice and the two were wrapped arm in arm together watching as I finished off Dan. Meanwhile Dan was beginning to regain his composure and was trying to sit upright. I crawled around behind him and offered him some support when Nancy chimed in.

 "How did my little Kimmy do Dan?" asked Nancy.

 "Nancy, that was the best blow job I have ever had , she's awesome!" Dan replied.

"Well girls, fix yourselves up and we best be on our way, we have one more stop to make before returning home and it's getting late. You coming back to the lounge with us Dan?" said Nancy.

"If it's all the same to you I think I'll just hang here awhile," responded Dan.

 I could see that both Alice and Nancy were very pleased with my performance and with myself in the middle we made our way back to the car arm in arm.

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