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A Whole New Me - Part 2

Lisa finds out what I've been up to
I had just finished cleaning up in the bathroom. A spontaneous encounter with my best friend whilst wearing my girlfriend’s thong had left me a bit of a mess and as for the thong... well I guess I’d need to find something new.

Fully cleaned up, I ran naked into our bedroom and started looking through Lisa’s drawers for a new pair of panties. I wasn’t sure how I’d explain my change to her but I guess I could think of something if I washed the thong too. In the end, I pulled on a pair of sheer red panties with little frills around the edges. The fuller cut was a good excuse for having changed panties and the new part of me that was really enjoying the whole experience just wanted to know what they’d feel like on. I savoured the feeling although I did notice these panties were much tighter than the thong my girlfriend gave me. Pulling my sweats up, I ran downstairs.

“Hey guys! Come help!” Lisa shouted at us from the front door, she must have just gotten back.
“One minute Lisa!” I shouted back and jumped off the sofa.

The three of us unpacked her car and took the food to the kitchen. Chris helped Lisa cook and I just sat in the kitchen and watched them at it. Not that either of them made it easy. I was stood behind them leaning next to the fridge. Since they usually had their backs to me, whenever one of them wanted something from my side of the kitchen they decided to tease me without the other knowing.

“Hey stud, how are my panties treating you?” Lisa was looking through the fridge and had reached out a casual hand to squeeze my crotch. I was rock hard and she continued stroking me whilst she searched for the food she wanted.
“Aww, are we feeling all restricted in there? I’ll help you out later.” She gave me a cheeky kiss then went back to cooking. Shortly later, it was Chris’ turn.

He took his time pouring himself a drink and I was just trying not to moan. He had his hand between my legs teasing me, I couldn’t help but spread them to give him as much access as he wanted.

“Dan, could you get me the pepper?” Lisa turned around just as Chris had moved him hands away.
“Sure...” Why was I mumbling?

I turned around and reached up into the cupboard, I obviously taking too long to find the pepper though because Lisa was getting impatient.

“Can you speed him up Chris? I want to eat tonight.
“Faster Dani, Faster!” He shouted at me jokingly and then spanked me.

I yelped and worse, my dying erection came back to full strength.

“Hehe Danny... cute. And look at him go! Obviously he needed that.” Lisa obviously liked the new name Chris had given me.

I found the pepper and took it to her, Lisa just raising her eyebrows briefly when she saw the front of my sweats. It wasn’t long after that we were all sat at the dinner table. The two of them continued to tease me under the table. I was terrified that they’d decide to do it at the same time and there’d be a clash but somehow it never quite happened.

A couple of hours later, Chris was gone and my terrifying ordeal was over. I was getting ready for bed when Lisa walked into the room, she looked awesome. She had red satin panties on that had black lace panels on the sides. She’d put on a matching bra and topped it all off with a garter belt and stockings. She walked right up to me and pulled my sweats down, I’d already taken my top off so I was stood in just my panties.

“I knew it! You got changed Mr!” Lisa pushed me back onto the bed.

We like to play around from time to time so we have wrist and ankle restraints under the mattress all ready to be used. Lisa sat on my stomach as soon as I hit the bed and went to work securing my arms. Satisfied, she turned and did my legs too, when she was done I was unable to move.

“Where are my other panties?” She scrapped her nails down my chest, it hurt but I was so turned on as she crossed my nipples.

“They kept popping over my sweats, Chris saw them.” I started to explain.
“So you went to get changed into something less obvious?” Lisa interrupted me without a trace of belief.
“Not quite...” I mumbled.

Lisa slapped me. It was hard and right across the face but I was so aroused by it, I just couldn’t believe what was happening. She shifted forward and ground her crotch into my face, her panties were soaked but she wasn’t moving them for me. I tried my best to please her through them but I was becoming really aware she wasn’t allowing me to breathe.

“Are you going to explain yourself?” It was a question, but she sounded so commanding.

I nodded and she shifted back off my face and onto my chest.

“Chris saw my thong when we were working and when I was getting a drink from the tap, he came up behind me...” I was spilling everything, it was relieving to admit it all but also disconcerting. Lisa had her hand in her panties and was smiling as I told her.

“He got me really worked up...” I explained everything that happened as we stood by the sink. “...and then he got me down on my knees in front of him.”

“Oh! Dani? Was that what he was calling you? I didn’t realise what a girly little slut my boyfriend was.” Lisa was shaking, obviously enjoying my story and her own fingers.
“And then what? Did you suck his cock? Tell me how slutty you were.”

Then I told her how I’d sucked him off, how I’d cum in my panties whilst licking up his. Lisa shook as her orgasm overtook her and I watched her, completely turned on and unable to move until she relaxed on top of me.

She crawled off me and in between my legs. My panties were pulled aside and she placed her finger, still soaking wet from her pussy, against my ass.

“You want this, don’t you?” She asked but didn’t wait for an answer. She pushed her finger inside me, stroking my cock with her other hand. In truth, I didn’t need to answer. I was so sensitive there that I was writhing almost immediately, trying to get more pressure on my cock and more of her finger inside me all at once.

“Would you prefer something bigger?” She asked.
“Oh god yes.” I was moaning.
“I bet you would, I’d even bet you want a real cock!” She laughed and pushed another finger inside me.

She built me up to the edge of cumming and then she just stood up and left me, I was moving my hips in the air wishing for some contact. I was so so horny by this point. It seemed far too long, but eventually she came back. It took me a moment to notice what she’d gone for. She had a strapon in her hand. It was purple and looked quite big, not scary but decent. She held it in her hand and wandered up to me. When she got close I could see a slightly smaller dildo, obviously meant for her. She placed the main part next to my cock and smiled.

“Oh good, I know it’s silly but seeing how much of a little bitch you can be; I kind of wanted the biggest cock in the house.” Lisa was talking into my ear and stroking my hair, I couldn’t take my eyes off the strapon. She was right, it was just a little bigger than me and I was starting to worry that it might hurt.

“Do you like it?” Lisa asked but I don’t believe she wanted a reply because almost immediately she sat down on my face. She’d taken her panties off whilst she’d been gone and suddenly I was smothered by her wet pussy. I immediately had my tongue out and got to work. She had both her hands on my chest and was just riding my face. Before long my chin, nose and mouth were totally wet and she was breathing heavily. She settled down and let me run things for a while, taking my time to tease her clit and occasionally push my tongue inside her, just the way I knew she liked. Before long, she couldn’t control her hips anymore and she was completely smothering me again, I could barely breathe but when she came and started to really grind down on me, it didn’t seem to matter.

I thought she’d climb off me after that but she just shifted forward and started to calm down her breathing. I was so turned on by what had just happened that when she started gently tracing her fingers across my cock, I had to close my eyes and lie back, trying not to get too excited.

“What are you doing you lazy slut?” Lisa shouted at me and moved her hands away. “My perfect ass is right in front of you!”

I realised what she wanted and leaned forward, she arched her back and pushed her ass out to make life easier. I started licking and kissing her rosebud and she went back to fingering her dripping pussy. I had my tongue deep in her ass when she decided to stop and just stood up.

“I think it’s time I took your virginity sissy! God knows you’ll let someone else do it for me if I don’t get there quickly”

She untied one of my wrists and told me to free the rest of my limbs. In the meantime, she pulled on her strapon, pushing the smaller dildo inside herself and tightening the harness. She was stood just to the side of the bed and she patted in front of her.

“Kneel here you little slut and show me what you did for Chris.”

I knelt on the bed in front of her but had to go down on all fours to reach her strapon. I started to kiss and suck it when I felt my panties being pulled down around my thighs. She slipped two cold fingers inside me and I realised she was lubing me up. I rocked back and forth, pushing against her fingers and then trying to deepthroat her cock. It was easier than Chris’ but not by much. Lisa must have grown tired of it because she placed her hand on my forehead and just pushed me off and back onto the bed.

I look up at her, stroking the strapon and lubing it up with an evil grin on her face.

“Do you know why I untied you Dani?” Lisa purred at me, still stroking the strapon.
“No Lisa.”
“It’s because we both know you want this and if you bend over for my cock all on your own just from my asking, that makes you my bitch.”

I didn’t say anything as she climbed onto the bed, didn’t resist as she grabbed my hips and pulled me onto my elbows and knees with my ass high in the air. Lisa had taken control before, quite a lot actually. I liked it but I had no idea why I was being so submissive now. Chris was one thing, he’s a pretty manly guy and I was... well I was wearing panties. Lisa however, was my girlfriend. She was wearing panties too! Or at least had been. So why was I feeling like this now? Was it just because I wanted a cock inside me so badly?

My thinking got cut off as I felt a slap on my exposed ass.

“I said are you ready you little slut!” Lisa was shouting at me, I must have missed it the first time.
“Yes Lisa.”
“Do you really want it Dani?” I could see where this was going.
“Please fuck me Lisa, you know I’m yours if you want it.” I pushed my ass up a little more to make the point.

I felt a hand on my hip and then her cock against my ass. I pushed back involuntarily as she pushed forward. I’d had things inside me before, fingers and other toys of Lisa’s so it didn’t hurt so much once I relaxed. Still, this was different. Somehow it being attached to Lisa made it so much more exciting.

We soon settled into a rhythm. Lisa had both hands on my hips, fucking me hard almost from the start. I was clawing at the bed sheets and rubbing my cock when I wasn’t feeling like I was just about to cum. Our hips were slamming together as we pushed against each other, trying to get the strapon deeper and deeper. We were moaning like crazy, Lisa must have enjoyed the feeling of power and I was just lost. I felt completely taken over by her, changed from her boyfriend to some wanton slut by her plastic cock.

She let go of my hips and hooked her arms under mine, lifting me up against her. I could feel her large breasts against my back, reminding me of our role reversal and she slipped a hand down, cupping my cock and balls.

“Are you enjoying this, slut?” She was rubbing me towards an orgasm.
“Yes Lisa, I love it” I couldn’t lie, I could barely speak between moans.
“Are you gonna cum in your panties and prove you’re my little bitch?”

I just nodded and as I accepted it, I lost control in a whole new way. Completely filling the front of my panties with cum as I bounced against her cock. The pressure must have set Lisa off.
“Oh you horny little slut, look at you... Oh god! I’m cumming! You hot little bitch, you made me cum!”

Lisa went into overdrive, not caring about me as she repeatedly slapped her hips against my ass. The strapon fucking me hard and deep just made my own orgasm better. Eventually, we collapsed onto the bed in a panting heap.


“Do you know why the thong fit you so much better than those?” Lisa asked me as I pulled my panties back up over my bum. They were sticky with cum but she insisted I wear them for a while longer.

“It’s because I bought the thong specially for you, it’s in a bigger size than my usual one to accommodate your... extra bits”

I just stared at her in shock, if she’d planned that I’d be wearing her thong, is that all she’d planned?

“Hehe, I can see you’ve guessed! I knew what Chris would do, we’d already discussed it. He’d told me he was bi once, when he was really drunk so I went to him with my plan. I wanted to see what you’d do and it looks like you were exactly the slut I thought you were deep down.”

“Wait! So you set me up? Is there something going on with you and Chris?” I wasn’t really angry with the set up, the conspiring worried me but I trusted Lisa so I figured even that would be ok.

“Of course there isn’t! The only reason he’d do you behind my back is that I’d given him permission! He wouldn’t mess around on either of us. I just need his help to reveal some things about you that you didn’t know. Although, you sucked Chris off without knowing anything! You’ll be making up for that one and don’t you think otherwise. If you want to play with any more boys in the future, you’ll have to ask me. You’re my bitch now and we both know it.”

I laughed, I didn’t feel so bad knowing it was all set up in advance. To be honest, it would have been hard to feel bad about anything just then. Lisa finally let me clean up but when I came back there was a pink pair of lace panties and a pink baby doll on the bed.

“I bought you them today, put them on Dani.” Lisa was dressed in more usual PJ’s and headed out to brush her teeth.

I pulled on the panties, which as Lisa had pointed out had more room for me so were much more comfortable than the red ones. Then I put on the baby doll and got into bed to wait for Lisa.
When she got in bed, Lisa kissed me and then span me over. We usually sleep spooning but it seemed tonight, like everything else, that would be reversed. I snuggled into her, pushing my ass into her crotch a little and fell asleep.

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