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Adventures in a Woman’s Body – Chapter 4: Public Humiliation

Adventures in a Woman’s Body – Chapter 4: Public Humiliation

Used as a playtoy at the mall
I stepped out of the shower and began to dry myself with a towel. On this bright Monday morning, all I could think about was what happened on Friday night. After being gangbanged and cumed on thoroughly, Daddy drove me home that night. On our way there, he explained to me the situation that I am in. Daddy took out his phone and showed me pictures he had taken of me being a dirty little whore. He said that from now on, he will truly be my Daddy and that I must do what he tells me to. Otherwise, he will post these pictures on the internet and put them up around my neighborhood. I guess you could say he is blackmailing me, but I don’t feel that way since all his demands will be sexually related and I really don’t mind that. Heck, it wasn’t even necessary for him to do that. I would happily jump at any opportunity to be a slutty cocksucker.

Regardless, that is why I am dressing up again today. Daddy is the Chairman of a small law firm downtown, and he is bringing me there for some “fun”, as he calls it. We are first to meet at a mall nearby for lunch, and then we will be at his workplace for the afternoon. The official explanation for my appearance at his office is that I am a secretary in training, and I am there to study the business practices of a law firm. Daddy said to dress in business-like attire, but my outfit must be as slutty as possible. Strangely though, Daddy told me not a wear a buttplug this time. I was kind of disappointed, because now nothing will fill up my sissy hole.

I put my towel away and went through my usual routine of blow drying my hair and rubbing moisturizer cream on my body. After making sure my entire body was silky smooth, I went into my room to put on my outfit. I cupped my D sized implants so that I could put on my bra. It was a black lacey double push-up bra with cute ribbons in the middle of each cup. I got out the matching black thong and slipped into it after tucking my little sissycock away. I wrapped a white corset around my belly with the strings pulled as tight as possible. Then, I pulled on a pair of silk pantyhose that was skin toned, and on top of that a pair of fishnets that had holes larger than normal. The openness of my fishnets matched perfectly with my subtly shiny pantyhose, making my legs look quite sexy. Keeping business attire in mind. I put on a white blouse that was sleeveless and I kept 3 buttons on the top unbuttoned. Next was the contrasting black mini skirt. I tucked my blouse in and pulled my skirt up to my waist. The rim of my skirt was well above half of my thighs and it stopped just shy of exposing the little bulge in my panties.

I walked back to my bathroom to apply my makeup, but I had to check out myself first. My hiked breasts were busting out of my blouse and a little bit of my black bra could be seen through the big opening of my blouse. Spinning around in a circle, it was obvious that my seductive legs led right up to my ass, which was teasingly covered by a mini skirt.

I realized that I was running out of time because it was already 11 o’clock and Daddy would be here any minute, so I had to hurry with my makeup. I powdered my face and drew in my eye shadows swiftly and skillfully. I made sure to use extra mascara to get those seductive eyes. Then, I put on the final touches with blush and lipstick. At last but not least, I put on my blond wig and stepped back to look in the mirror. God, I looked so hot and slutty.

I quickly walked to the door and sure enough the sound of honking came from outside. I put on a red coat to cover up my skimpy outfit and grabbed my black business purse. I stepped into a pair of closed-toe suede stilettos that were gray colored and 6” high.

Stepping outside, I saw Daddy waiting for me in the same Cadillac SUV that he was in last time. He motioned for me to climb into the backseat, so I did. I sat with my legs crossed and had some small talk with Daddy while he drove. We arrived at the large parking lot which was packed with cars but surprisingly there weren’t a lot of people outside. I took off my seatbelt and was just about to open the car door when he turned around and handed me a small bag.

“Put that on for me, sweetie,” He smiled as he handed it over to me.

It was a pink glittery bag with black handles and felt pretty light. I peered inside it and saw that it was a blue dildo of some sort. Taking the contents out of the bag, I saw that it was a 6” dildo with a base like a butt plug, and it was around 1.5” wide. A white wire was coming out from the base and it was attached to a matching battery pack with an on/off switch. I instantly blushed with embarrassment. It’s a remote controlled vibrator! I thought to myself. The things that he could do with this…!

Looking up from the package, I was greeted by Daddy’s face of I’m waiting. I turned around to get on the seat with my knees and lifted my coat up to reveal my skirt. I pulled on my miniskirt and it plopped up easily since it was barely covering my ass. Then I pulled down my fishnets, pantyhose, and thong to my thighs. I took a bottle of lube out of my purse and squeezed lots of it onto the vibrator since I had to insert it quickly. Rubbing the vibrator with my hands, I made sure every bit was covered with lube before squeezing some more onto my sissyhole. I circled the lube around my anus and dipped in one and then two fingers into my ass. After fingering my ass until it was open and relaxed, I slipped the tip of the cock-shaped vibrator in and began to push. I held my breath as I continued to insert the vibrator without stopping, feeling it glide further and further into me. Finally, I hit the base and felt my anus squeeze tightly around the thin neck. I pulled at the bottom of my corset so that there was a small opening and I slipped the battery pack in between the tight corset and my body.

I pulled my clothing back into place and got out of the car. Daddy grabbed my ass as he put his arm around me and we walked into the mall. As we were walking the feelings of fullness and stimulation from the big cock in my ass took over my mind, and before I knew it we were already in the busy mall.

“It’s quite warm in here, why don’t take your coat off and let me hold it for you?” Daddy asked.

I was quite aware that it was more of a command than a request, so I took my coat off and handed it to him. I felt the eyes of the public fall on me as I stood there with my exposed body. Feeling quite embarrassed, I placed my purse in front of my body and stared at the ground as my cheeks burned hot red. Daddy put his arm around my ass again and we began to walk. All of a sudden, a jolt went through my body as the vibrator turned on and began vibrating in my ass. I gasped in surprise and instinctively clamped my legs and froze on the spot.

“Is something wrong?” Daddy questioned, and then he let out a devious laugh, clearly enjoying my reaction.

“N-No, I’m...fine,” I whispered back in my feminine voice. I bit my lips and continued walking in my clicking stilettos.

We resumed walking down the mall towards the food plaza. After a few minutes my sissyhole was hot and shaken and the only thing I was focusing on was not to squirm. He increased the strength of the vibrator and the massage sent waves of pleasure through my body. As we walked into the food court, Daddy told me to get us food while he finds a spot and gave me some bills before walking away. The vibrator was still keeping me on edge so I wanted to order something as quick as possible. I walked over to the McDonald's and ordered a meal for each of us.

“And that will be $18.95, Miss. How would you like to pay?” The cashier asked me. All of a sudden, an unbearable jolt came the vibrator and the vibration increased ten folds. I yelped in response and squatted on my heels.

“Miss...are you okay?” He asked awkwardly. People around me were looking at me strangely.

“Yea...I’m fine,” I managed to say. I stood back up and handed him the bills weakly. My body was overwhelmed with pleasure and my sissycock began to harden. I quickly grabbed the change and food before walking away.

I looked around the food court and finally spotted Daddy — in the back corner. That bastard, I whispered under my breath. While walking over to him, I had to carefully walk in my stilettos and try to not spill the food while trying not to be obvious that there was something wrong. Everyone that I walked by stared at me either because of my outfit or my unnatural posture. I felt beyond embarrassed by the time I finally reached Daddy.

He was sitting in one of those padded couch-seats against the wall, and he patted on the space beside him for me to sit down.

“This is the best food that you could get?” He laughed. I sat down without saying a word as the strong vibrations made precum leak out of my sissycock. “Well baby, just seeing you walk with a vibrator in your ass made me rock hard already.” He said as he pulled out his cock under the table. He grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock.

I looked around our table: no one was paying attention to us. I slowly glided up and down his cock to get a feel for it. It was warm and veiny and felt solid like rock.

“What if people see?” I whispered to him. The thought of being caught ran through my mind.

“Don't worry baby, it won't take long. I've been so turned on looking at you, just finish me off,” He replied.

I began to stroke his cock up and down, from the base to the tip. He let a small groan of pleasure and told me to go faster. I increased the speed of my strokes and just tried to get it over with. A few minutes later I felt his cock harden even more, which meant that he was about to cum any second now. He put his hand behind my head and tried to push me down onto his cock.

“What are you doing!” I whispered urgently.

“I've got nowhere else to cum baby. Don't worry about it,” He replied.

“I can't do that! People will see!”

“It’ll be quick, just do it!” He groaned and with a forceful grip he pushed my mouth onto his cock. It pulsed and twitched while he shot loads of cum into my mouth. I sat back up and saw the people around us looking at us with suspicion. Frozen with fear, I swallowed my mouthful of cum and looked down in shame.

“What are you doing? We're not done yet. Keep going.”

I looked up in surprise. “What do you mean…”

“Make me cum again, baby.” Seeing my hesitance to do so, he pulled out his phone to remind me of my place. There it was: pictures of me tied up, face fucked, gangbanged, and with cum all over my body.

Defeated, I looked down at my food and began jacking him off again. Doing this in public must've really turned him on because in under a minute he was ready to cum again.

He smacked my hand off his cock and took my burger off my plate. I watched in confusion and then horror as he put my burger under the table and shot out streaks of cum onto the bun. He put it back in front of me and told me to “enjoy my meal” before we leave for his office. People around us watched in disgust as they've come to realize what was happening.

So there I was, sitting with a vibrating dildo in my sissyhole and eating a cum covered burger in front of hundreds of people.
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