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Adventures in a Woman’s Body – Chapter 5: Secretarial Duties

Adventures in a Woman’s Body – Chapter 5: Secretarial Duties

Serving some very important people as the secretary
John waited for me to finish eating my cum burger, and then he told me to get up because we were leaving. I stood back up onto my six inch stilettos and walked with his arm around me, which firmly grabbed my ass. We exited the food court and made our way to his office building. The mall had a vast underground network so we were able to walk to his workplace without going outdoors. Along the way though, he never turned down the vibrating dildo in my sissyhole so I was on the verge of climaxing as I struggled to keep up the pace in my single sole heels. We finally reached the elevators and waited for one to arrive.

“John, please turn off the vibrator or I’m going to cum!” I whispered in his ear.

“Remember, you’re supposed to call me Daddy. I don’t see that the problem is,” he said. He had a vicious grin on his face and gave my ass a loud and forceful slap.

The elevator door opened and we stepped in. Fortunately, there was no one else in there. The door closed as Daddy pressed the button to go to the 84th floor. We rode up in silence as he stared at me, enjoying my squirming and quivering. I stood there, with my knees together and legs closed as tight as possible, but it wasn’t enough. By the time we reached the 25th floor, a wave of orgasmic pleasure pulsated from my sissyhole, washing over me as my little sissycock came. However, at the same time a sense of panic ran over me as I watched white streams of cum roll down my fishnet and pantyhose legs from my twitching clittycock. I grasped my purse tightly and gasped for air as a seemingly never-ending stream of white fluid came down my leg. After what seemed like an eternity, I finally calmed down as my orgasm ended. I looked up to see that we were already on the 80th floor. After having a brief moment to catch my breath, the elevator dinged and opened its doors on his floor.

Daddy led me out and all I could worry about was the visible streams of cum that covered my legs.

“You’re going to be helping out some important people today,” he started saying. “Don’t do anything stupid and make them happy — it’ll help me out and I’ll reward you sweetheart.”

Before I could even respond, we entered his workplace and walked past the receptionist. He said hi to her as we walked by, but all she did was stare at my skimpy outfit in shock. As we walked past a large room of cubicles filled with employees, I saw many dropped jaws and popping eyes out of the corner my vision. I was so embarrassed all I did was keep my head down as we walked through a fancier entrance.

Daddy greeted a man who was walking by. He looked a bit older, maybe in his 40s, and wore an expensive looking black suit. Daddy introduced me to him, and then introduced him to me as the vice president.

“Ah yes, the studying secretary you told me about,” he said as he looked me up and down. “Glad to meet you,” he took out his hand as he stared curiously at my wet pantyhosed legs.

“Nice to meet you too,” I said in my girliest voice with a big smile as I shook his hand.

We bid our goodbyes and Daddy led me to his office. His office was quite nice. It had a comfy leather sofa on hardwood flooring, and then a large desk on white carpet. He walked up to his chair and sat down, motioning me to come as well.

“Where should I sit?” I asked.

“Oh, in here,” he pointed under his desk. “Come on now.”

I guess I should have seen it coming, but I was still nervous nonetheless. I gingerly walked over, slowly got on my knees, and carefully crawled under his desk. It was quite spacious down there, and I was able to sit on my knees for what it was inevitably leading up to. He glided into the desk and started to unbuckle his pants. The carpet flooring wasn’t so hard on my knees and enough light shined through for me to make out his cock. I grabbed his cock with my hands and started to work on it with my tongue.

After sucking his cock for about ten minutes, I heard a sudden knock on the door. I froze in fear and didn’t know what to do.

“Keep going,” he commanded me as he yelled to let the person come in.

As silently as I could, I went back to bobbing up and down on his cock and playing with his balls. I heard the second man’s voice talking with Daddy, and it sounded like something business related. My hearing was kind of muffled and all I could focus on was sucking Daddy’s cock without making noise.

After a few minutes, I felt his cock beginning to twitch in my mouth and I knew he was about to cum. I planned to let him cum on my breasts but out of nowhere his legs wrapped around my head and squeezed me onto his cock. His voice slightly quivered as he jammed his cock down my throat and shot his load. It was a lot less than usual since he already came at the food court. After a few squirts in my throat, he finally unwrapped his legs and let me loose. I leaned back and breathed deeply as he finished talking with his coworker.

“Clean it up,” he told me once the man left.

Without another word, I got back on my knees and began cleaning his cock. I squeezed the last bit of cum out of his cock and licked every inch of it.

“I’ll be back,” he said as he buckled up and left.

I sat back down and waited, unsure of whether or not I should get out. My face is probably too much of a mess , I thought, so I decided to just rest there. After maybe about five minutes, I heard the door open again and waited for him to sit back down. However, it wasn’t him! I covered my mouth as to not scream in surprise as this man sat down and glided into the desk. Maybe he just needs some documents , I thought to myself, and hoped that his legs wouldn’t touch me.

After a few moments, and with my heart still pounding, he began to unzip his pants! I was both scared and confused as to what was happening. Then, his arm came under the table and swiped around, finding my head. I was about to yell out, but he pulled my face onto his cock and said “There you are. Now suck my dick you slut.”

I froze up as I realized what was happening: Daddy must have told someone to get a blowjob from me! Impatiently, he pulled my hair back with both hands and began to face fuck me. It was probably eight inches long and I began to squirm as he forcefully shoved it in my throat. I tried to speak and get his arms off me, but it was no use — my years of toning exercises and sex hormones have turned me into a weak feminine sissy.

The next ten minutes consisted of a brutal non-stop facefucking as he grunted and thrusted into my mouth using his whole body. I was choking and coughing as my mascara ran down my face, and with a final thrust he slammed into my throat and held my head tight against his crotch. His cock, which had filled my throat completely, began to pulse and I felt a heavy flow of cum gush out. He held me there — my head frozen on his cock — as he pumped into me and shot streams after streams of liquids into my stomach. I was gagging so much I felt as if I was going to vomit out the cum burger I had earlier. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally let go and I bounced back against the desk, gasping for air while coughing and wheezing.

“Aw fuck that was good. God damn,” he panted.

I was still unable to see who he was, but he tucked his cock back into his pants and got up.

“I’m done! It’s your turn now,” I heard him yell.

Oh god, another one? I thought in fear. But much to my surprise, I saw a pair a sexy legs in black pantyhose and four inch shiny black heels. She slid into the seat and crossed her legs.

“Lick my feet you whore,” I heard this feminine voice say. She raised her foot in the air and I grabbed it with my hands. I licked the shiny leather toe of her heel and caressed the top of her foot. I made my way up her shin, licking and sliding up her pantyhosed calves. She flicked her heel off as I kissed back down to her feet again. I engulfed her reinforced sheer black toes in my mouth and felt up her thigh. She began to moan and suddenly I felt a familiar jolt in my sissyhole again.

“Yea, you like that slut? Having a vibrating toy up your ass?” All I could do was moan in response as she forced more of her foot into my mouth, getting my hot pink lipstick smeared all over her pantyhose.

Then, with the foot which she still wore her heels on, she pressed into my groin area and began to flick and push my sissycock. I twisted and squirmed as my sissyhole was burning with pleasure and my clitty being played with roughly. After a few minutes, I was in pure ecstasy licking her sheer nylons and being pleasured by a dildo and her heels.

“I’m going to cum!” I yell out in my sissy voice, and in response she blasted the vibrations to the maximum.

This sent me over the edge and my legs spasmed as my tiny clittycock shot out all the remaining cum. It soaked through my lace panites and covered the tip of her heel which had been playing with my sissycock this entire time. I lifted up her heeled foot and licked off my cum. The vibrator subdued as she took away her stocking clad foot and stepped back into her heels. Without another word, she got up and walked away.

I fell down onto the carpet and laid there, out of breath and energy. After a few moments of recovering from my orgasm, Daddy walked back in and stood in front of me.

“Hmm, you were a good little sissyslut today,” he said to me. “You pleased the vice president and co-owner of this place!”

So that’s who that rough facefucker was, I thought to myself, and I just played with the co-owner too, I guess .

“C’mon now sweetie, let’s go home,” he said as he helped me up. “You did great today, be ready for your surprise soon.”

With that, I got up and walked out the office with him. I was too tired to care about my ruined makeup and cum covered clothing. Plus, I was already thinking about what kind of reward he’s going to give me for this.
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