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After the Show

An invitation to a drag show proved to be an invitation to more.
I‘d met David through my (now ex) wife. He lived in the Twin Cities with his partner Dennis. His being gay made it very easy for me to talk openly about being Samantha. He hosted a drag show on Saturday nights at a small gay bar so he’d invited me to come along, meet the ‘girls’ and see the show. I could stay the night so I could go dressed and have a fun ‘girl’s night out’ while he MC’d the show.

I got dressed at David’s before we left for the show while David waited and changed at the bar. I was very excited as we drove to the bar. Whenever I was dressed and out in public it heightened my sensuality as well as my sexuality. I felt pretty and sexy but I felt so free, free to do whatever I wanted and just let myself be me.

At the bar David started changing for the show. I sat down and watched and listened as the other girls changed. It was amazing watching each of them transform from men to gorgeous women, sexy and feminine in their costumes for the show. David took me upstairs as the show was about to start. I found a table in a dark corner, ordered a drink and began watching the show.

I was thoroughly enjoying the show. The first drink disappeared quickly and I ordered a second. The girls were amazing! Some only lip-synched their songs but most sang them live and they were very, very good! I sat at my table, sipping my drink, mesmerized by the show. I felt so at ease, so in my element.

My spell was broken when the waiter brought a third drink, one I hadn’t ordered, explaining it was from a gentleman sitting a few tables away. He pointed him out and when I looked over he gave me a big smile, raised his drink and winked! I think I instantly blushed and, even in the darkened room, I felt he knew. A minute later he was standing beside my table. He bent over next to my ear.

“You’re very lovely,” he said softly into my ear. “I don’t think I’ve seen you here before. May I join you?” I nodded and thanked him for the drink.

He sat down next to me, very close to me, and we began chatting as best we could over the sound system of the club. Finally he got up and motioned for me to follow. We walked towards the back of the club to a unisex bathroom. He took my hand and we both went inside.

The door closed and the quiet was almost deafening. I was a little woozy from three drinks and my sexuality was in high gear. I think he was counting on both.

“Will you let me suck you?” he asked. I didn’t quite know what to say at first but finally breathed ‘yes’. He knelt in front of me, lifted my skirt and his head disappeared beneath my dress. I felt my panties being pulled down past my hips and his hands fondling my erection. As I stood watching the bulge under my skirt I felt my cock engulfed in his hot mouth and the suction of his lips and mouth beginning to pleasure me. This really was not what I had planned for the evening but it did feel so very good! His expert mouth was bringing me closer and closer. Oh my god, I thought, I’m going to come right here in his mouth!

Suddenly there was a sharp knock at the door that startled us back into reality. Muffled voices, angry voices outside were impatiently waiting for the bathroom.

“My van is outside,” he said. “Let’s go out there.”

“Okay,” I agreed, adjusting myself back into my panties. We left together, hurrying past knowing looks and smirks, and out the side exit. The cool summer air was such a welcome from the noise, smoke and general bedlam of the club.

We walked quickly to his van and entered through the side doors into the rear area. It was an older conversion van with a couch in the rear and blinds conveniently closed over the rear windows. I thought to myself this isn’t the first time, is it?

I sat on the couch and he knelt between my legs. He lifted my skirt and pulled my cock from my panties. His mouth resumed its magic as I leaned back against the back of the couch. I was totally consumed by the feelings his mouth gave my hard and swollen cock and I was soon very close to exploding.

“I’m going to cum!” I told him. “I’m going to explode! Oh my god, YES!” I came in his mouth, clawing at his shoulders and thrusting into his mouth. God, I had not come so hard in years, I thought. He sucked me until there was nothing left to give then looked up at me.

“Was that good for you?” he asked. I nodded my answer.

“And what do I get in return?” he asked.

I began unfastening his pants and then he pushed them to the floor. I retrieved a beautiful seven inch cock from his man undies and started to massage it to a full erection. When I got off the couch to kneel in front of him he stopped me.

“Stay on the couch,” he ordered as he stood somewhat hunched over in the cramped confines of the van. He turned me around to face the back, lifted my skirt and pulled down my panties. Now I knew what he wanted. The drinks, the blowjob, they were just the appetizers. This was the main course! I leaned over the back of the couch and spread my legs as much as my panties would allow. All night I had fantasized that David would fuck me when we got home but I knew it would never happen. I never thought that I would shoot my cum into a man’s hot wet mouth. I never dreamed I’d have a hard cock inside me.

When I felt his spit in my butt crack I leaned further forward, thrust my ass up to meet his cock and relaxed all my muscles to let him inside me. His first thrust was gentle and probing and I let him penetrate me. The second was deeper. He held my hips and pushed farther. I squirmed and wiggled my hips to get him deeper into me. My actions told him I wanted him and his following thrusts were harder and faster, less tentative and more animalistic. I wanted to be fucked and he knew I wanted to be fucked and his wonderful stiff prick did all the rest.

I rested my chest against the back of the couch and enjoyed the feel of hard cock pushing in and out of me. He was holding my hips now as he thrust and I was meeting each one with a lascivious fervor. We were nearly exhausted when I felt him stiffened and his fingers claw into my hips. He cried out when the first hot streams of his cum left his cock. My ass welcomed, yearned for, begged for the jets of man-cream he gave me.

“Yes! Yes! I want it all! Please, please give me your cum!” I begged. It is always so completely right when my ass is filled with a man’s cum.

He slumped over my back still holding my hips, exhausted but still deep inside me. As his cock softened he let it slip from me and began putting his cock back into his clothes. I pulled up my panties, straightened my dress and turned to sit on the couch. Already the cum was slipping out of me making my panties wet.

“You are one very hot girl,” he finally said. “Will I see you again?”

“I’m from out of town. I don’t know when I’ll be back,” I said. He looked crestfallen and then turned to open the door to leave. We stepped out into the night air. On a whim, I pulled him near me and kissed him, a deep passionate kiss. I smiled and then walked back into the club.

I had just sat down when David came up asking how I’d liked the show. As I thought of the evening … the girls, the show and the sex … I smiled.

“It was amazing!” I told David. “Let’s do this again very soon.”

We drove back to David’s without a lot of conversation. I could smell the cum in my panties and I wondered if David could too. The scent made the evening’s sex easy to relive as we drove and I know David could see the flush on my face. Yes, I thought, I definitely want to do this again.

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