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Afternoon Delight

Hot afternoon session with two gorgeous ladies
I was stuck in the office on a pleasant sunny day in late summer, daydreaming about the afternoon of delight that lay ahead of me; I was meeting up with my lover, Kate, later that day. Kate is a girl I have been friends with now for a number of years, we met through some mutual friends and hit it off straight away. We are both in relationships of one kind or another but we are good together and it’s a little bit of escapism for both of us when we are with each other.

Kate and I met occasionally as friends and after a number of meetings we began to flirt and see where it took us.

We had started to see each other when we could, maybe a couple of times a month, and our sexual relationship grew. After a while I grew confident enough with her to let her know my fetish for women’s lingerie, both seeing girls in it as well as wearing it myself. This was the best thing I could have done as it had taken us from strength to strength. We often purchased items for each other and enjoyed the dressing up as much as the really hot and horny sex that followed.

Anyway it had been a few weeks since we had last got together, so this morning when I was sat at work thinking of Kate, it was more than a pleasant surprise when I received a text from her to say she was free and had her apartment to herself that afternoon. If I could make it she had a very special afternoon planned for me. It took me about a second to accept her invitation.

From then on, my morning at work was wasted. All I could think about was Kate, my lover, beautiful and hot.

She’s about 5-8’, with shoulder length dark hair, a size 8 figure, toned with a slight tan to her skin, everything I look for in a girl. She’s about 6 years younger than me at 43 but stunning and experienced, something I find more important in a lady than some young glamorous girls who just don’t understand their bodies and how to enjoy their partners.

The morning dragged before it was finally time to leave the office and take the short walk to Kate’s apartment. It was on the tenth floor of a modern city centre block. I rang the intercom and she invited me in. When I reached the door to her apartment, she opened it dressed in just a towel. ‘Hi honey, I am just out of the shower, why don’t you undress and jump in whilst I get ready for you’.

How could I resist?

I quickly stripped off and got in the shower and shouted to her to ask if I could borrow a razor and gel to ensure I was completely hairless. It had only been a couple of days since I last shaved but I wanted to be at my best for the pleasures I was anticipating. She came in with both items and passed them to me.

I soaped myself all over and applied the gel to where it was needed and proceeded to ensure I was as smooth as I could be.

I stepped out of the shower and began to dry myself off before moving into the bedroom where Kate waited. She stood there dressed in a silk gown and was just finishing drying her hair. She doesn’t need any make-up, she is naturally beautiful.

As she finished her hair she moved over to a bag she had in the corner, saying that she had treated us to some new outfits for the occasion. She pulled out two matching body stockings, holding them up to reveal them - black lace with a sheen, silver jewellery around the mostly open bust and also crotchless, both at the front and back, very sexy and the crotchless section would certainly help us later.

Kate laid them on the bed before pulling out matching high heeled shoes for us both, that wicked smile of hers spreading across her face. ‘Lets get dressed’, she said.

Kate dressed, before helping me into my outfit and then we put our shoes on and smiled at each other as we looked into her full length mirrored wardrobe doors.

‘Fancy a drink of wine?’ asked Kate. I quickly agreed and as she moved into the kitchen I watched her sexy walk. I think she sensed my gaze as she exaggerated her wiggle, moving her sexy ass side to side, returning with two glasses and a bottle of red wine.

‘To a great afternoon’. We toasted and we clinked glasses.

‘We have lots of time. My flat mate is not due back until late, so why don’t we take our time and enjoy our first glass of wine on the balcony?’

I looked nervously at her wondering if she had forgotten how we were dressed, but she re-assured me that although we would be outside, neither neighbour would be able to see us. The residents of the building opposite would be too far away to realise how we were dressed. Plus there was the opaque glass front to the balcony, and we would be sat down having a drink like any other couple, so I agreed, if a little anxiously.

We moved onto the balcony. I quickly sat down and took a look around to see if we were being watched, or if I thought anyone would be able to see us. Not seeing anyone I began to relax a little and took a sip of my wine as I smiled at Kate.

I relaxed more, I began to enjoy the experience of being outside dressed in female lingerie. The sun was on us and with a slight breeze it felt really good. My cock, which was already stiffening, became rock hard.

‘It's not so difficult is it, I can see you are relaxing now and clearly turned on’. She moved her hand seductively onto my thigh, gently running the tips of her fingernails up and down my engorged member.

This seduction continued as we finished our glasses of wine. As we stood to move inside, I thought I caught a glimpse of someone on a balcony opposite, but maybe it was a trick of the light. I moved inside and as Kate followed me I saw her wave to someone. Questioning this, she just told me it was a friend of hers that lives opposite, again re-assuring me that she would not have been able to tell how we were dressed.

Inside, we began kissing gently, breaking off occasionally to smile and look into each others eyes, before stepping back to enjoy the sight of us in the mirror, both dressed in matching outfits and high heels. If I did say so myself, the heels really did give my legs a feminine look and feel.

Kate sat back on the bed putting her finger under my chin as if to drag me down onto her, which I duly did as she lay back. We continued to kiss, more passionately this time as the sexual arousal in both of us grew.

I began to kiss and lick her whole body, starting with her neck and working my way up and down each arm. I moved to her chest, circling her breasts, before moving to lick and suck on her erect nipples, which were peeping out of the outfit.

I continued down her body, across her toned stomach and almost to the top of her shaven pussy revealed by the crotchless outfit. I moved away, down and back up her leg and again teasing her pussy as I bypassed it to move onto her other leg.

From the smile on her face and her pleasurable groans, I could tell she was enjoying it.

I used my finger tips to lightly trace the contours of her body as my tongue finally reached her sweet smelling pussy. As I licked it, I could tell that she was certainly turned on by what we had done. I licked as her juices flowed. I worked my tongue around her clitoris, flicking and then sucking on it, before gently blowing across it, bringing groans of pleasure from both of us.

I continued to pleasure her for a little longer, but I didn't want her to climax just yet, so I moved back and turned her over to that I could enjoy more of her body. I gently began kissing the back of her neck and all the way down her back, stopping to lick at the base of her spine. I flicked my tongue at the top of her bum cheeks, she really had the most amazing ass. I continued to lick and kiss as I circled her cheeks before moving down the backs of her legs all the way to her toes. I moved back up and then I gently moved my hands to pull her buttocks apart so I could explore her most intimate of holes.

Blowing gently I moved up and down before plunging my tongue inside her and licking her passionately. Cries of pleasure came from Kate.

After I little while, I gently pushed my finger into her little hole, whilst I continued to lick around it. She moved onto her knees so that I could lick at her pussy while still having a finger inside her ass. I duly obliged and it felt great. I love to be in this position as I could lick her juicy pussy, whilst I worked her ass with my finger and my nose, rubbing between her buttocks.

I couldn't have been happier, entwined this way with my gorgeous lover, Kate. I could feel her body begin to shudder as she approached climax, which only encouraged me to lick harder and quicker as I felt her body tense as she cried out with pleasure at her release.

As the climax lessened I turned her over so that I could continue seductively to kiss and lick very lightly against her now swollen pussy lips, which helped her to extend the orgasm. Her body ever so slightly tensed and then released as I looked up at her face, her eyes sparkling against the sunlight as it shone across the bed where we lay.

I got onto the bed with Kate and lay my head on her chest, listening to her heart beat as it reduced from the heights of orgasm and back to normal. I looked up into her eyes as she smiled at me and told me how much she had enjoyed herself and felt it was the best climax she’d had in a long while.

We continued to lie next to each other for a little while, my cock still hard. Slowly Kate began to run her finger nails up and down my torso before moving down to do the same along the length of my cock and onto my balls. It felt so good.

She smiled that beautiful smile at me, before moving so she could take my length into her mouth. She started by licking slowly and sensually up and down before flicking her tongue across my swollen end, then taking it deep into her throat.

She worked my member expertly with great care and knowledge, lots of tongue work and deep into her mouth, as well as taking my balls individually and then together between her lips.

Moving me onto my front with my ass in the air, she began softly kissing my buttocks before opening them to reveal my hole. She then expertly and lovingly began to lick as she explored every inch of my most intimate area, pushing her tongue in as deep as it would go, taking me to heights of pleasure that just cannot be reached in any other way.

After a while she turned over and slid under me to take my cock into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down as she ensured every inch was taken. ‘I need that cock inside my pussy’, she whispered to me, so she rose up onto all fours.

I moved around behind her and slowly pushed my swollen member inside of her juicy lips and began rocking forward and backwards, entering as deep as I could, before slowly withdrawing to where I was almost out, and then deeply back in again.

I was groaning with pleasure as Kate controlled me with her pelvic muscles. The sensuality of the situation was getting to us both as we cried out with passion.

I know that Kate likes me to finger her ass when we are in this position so I slowly pushed my finger inside of her. This sent Kate wild as she moved towards another orgasm. I could feel my cock inside her with my finger against her internal wall, which only heightened the pleasure for us both. It wasn't long before I could feel my cock swelling, as my orgasm rushed through me and deep into Kate, just as she shuddered at the release of her further climax.

We stayed still in that position for a few moments, me deep inside of her as our juices mingled, before I pulled out slowly. Our love released, following my cock out of her body, so I quickly moved to lick up the release. It tasted so sweet, a beautiful mixture of our love and passion.

Exhausted, we lay side by side, looking into each others eyes, occasionally kissing; it really had been one of our best sessions ever.

After a little while, Kate suggested we have another glass of wine, so we moved back onto the balcony to enjoy the sunshine on our lingerie clad bodies, as we sipped our wine. 

'That was fantastic', I commented.

‘You've not had your dessert yet’, said Kate.

I smiled, not knowing what she had in mind, but knowing Kate it would be hot and involve the bedroom.

I needed to use the bathroom, so I excused myself and nipped off. When I returned Kate had some silk ribbons which she was wrapping around the posts on the bed.

‘Come and relax on the bed, I have a bit of a treat for you this afternoon’.

I really didn't want t to argue, I trust Kate implicitly. I lay down on my back as instructed, and she tied the ribbons around my wrists and ankles, not too tight, just enough to restrain me. I was at her whim. Kate smiled at me. I grinned back. She really is the most beautiful lady and in the bedroom she comes alive with passion, her eyes sparkle with her sexiness.

Kate began to run her fingers up and down my lace clad legs, when the external buzzer sounded. ‘Wait there’, said Kate with a smile, as she moved towards the door to pick up the handset to listen to the caller. ‘Okay, push the door’, I heard her say as she looked back at me. She then moved back to sit at the side of me and whispered, ‘Don’t be mad at me, but I have invited a friend of mine to join us for some fun. I hope you don’t mind’.

I wasn't really in a position to argue, fastened to the bed, but I did feel a little vulnerable like this, dressed as I was. I trusted Kate so I just smiled as my mind began to race, wondering what she had planned for me.

A few moments later the door bell rang. Kate moved away to let her friend in and I heard low voices as Kate greeted the person, then the footsteps as they moved into the bedroom. Kate came in first, saying, ‘Joe, I would like you to meet Lorna; Lorna meet Joe’. 

My face must have been a picture, from almost terror at the situation to heightened delight as I looked at a stunningly beautiful young lady with shoulder length blond hair. She was maybe in her early 30’s with gorgeous green eyes, slim body and maybe almost 6 foot tall in her heels. A vision of beauty.

She was dressed in a short thin white coat with what appeared to be black stockings hugging her shapely legs. I smiled and said, ‘Hello, please excuse me not getting up’.

‘I can see you are already up’, laughed Lorna as she looked at my cock standing to attention.

Kate intervened at this point to suggest to Lorna that she take her coat off whilst she got another glass for the wine. Lorna removed her coat to reveal her toned and shapely body, dressed in an identical outfit to the ones both Kate and I were wearing.

Wow, was about all I could say at this point, before Kate explained that during a shopping trip with Lorna a few days before, she had confessed to her that she loved to dress up in sexy lingerie for sex and was on the lookout for a new outfit.

Apparently, during these discussion things had gone a little further and Kate had told Lorna that she often met a guy who also dressed up. This in turn got Lorna interested and they had agreed it would be fun to get the three of us some outfits from the city centre lingerie shop and all get together sometime for a hot and sexy session.

Well, there we all were, me tied to the bed with a full body stocking, my cock standing to attention, two beautiful women both dressed identically, my heart pumping away at the eroticism of the situation.

The girls smiled at each other before they started to tenderly kiss and caress each others body. I watched on in awe of the situation I found myself in and decided I was certainly going to make the most of it.

After a few moments the girls lay down either side of me and began to gently run their fingers across my lace covered body before moving themselves on top of me. Lorna was on her knees with her shaven pussy hovering above my face, whilst Kate positioned herself above my hardened member.

Kate lowered herself and without taking me inside of her, swayed back and forth, rubbing her swollen pussy up and down the length of my cock, her juices clearly flowing and lubricating her. Lorna lowered herself so that I could flick and lick at her pussy as she pulled her lips apart and allowed my tongue to enter her for the first time. She gave off a beautiful aroma of cleanliness and passion all rolled into one.

I worked my tongue hard as I could, flicking at her clitoris before I tenderly sucked at her. I could feel the raw sexual passion between us all, and from what little I could see, it seemed that the girls were exploring each others breasts, kissing each other. I remember thinking how erotic the situation was.

Lorna lowered herself further to allow my tongue to enter her more deeply as I lapped up the juices that were now beginning to flow.

Kate continued to work on my stiff cock before she manoeuvred herself to allow my cock to slide inside of her. She leaned back to allow my cock to rub against her G spot as she moved up and down, increasing speed as our bodies worked in unison to ensure maximum pleasure.

I could sense that Kate and Lorna were pleasuring each other's upper bodies, particularly each other's breasts. Lorna shifted position to ensure I could lick at her ass, my face pressed between the cheeks of her bum. I could feel Kate move her hand to insert a finger inside of Lorna, whilst I pleasured her further back.

I could feel Kate contracting as she reached orgasm, which pushed me over the edge. Then within seconds Lorna cried out with pleasure as she joined us in our state of high arousal before we call just collapsed, entwined in each others bodies.

After a few moments, hearts pounding as we relaxed, the girls moved off me. Love juices dripped down the side of my cock and onto my face. This session really had been hot and sexy.

Lorna untied me from the bed to allow us all to undress, shower and freshen up before we moved back to the bedroom and I poured another glass of wine for each of us. I could hardly stop grinning, dreams do really come true, I was thinking to myself. I'm getting on in years and here I was with two lovely ladies who understand their bodies and know how to both give and receive pleasure, as well as clearly being very open minded in their approach to their sexuality.

We sat and talked for a while, openly and honestly about what we liked. Kate confessed that she had waved to Lorna when we were first on the balcony, just to let her know the plan for the afternoon was developing and later text her when I was in the bathroom, inviting her over at just the right time.

I had certainly enjoyed the fruits of their plan, I had confessed to the girls I would be more than happy to meet up again as the three of us in the future.

Lorna told us that she was planning to speak to a male friend of hers about some fantasies she had seeing him with another man. Maybe I would be help her out if he was up for it.

Delighted at the prospect, I told her that I would be more than happy to oblige. With this Kate went back to her shopping bag and pulled out a strap-on dildo she had purchased when out with Lorna. Kate then said, 'How about us trying this out?' with that wicked smile of hers. Who was I to refuse such an offer? 

‘Who going to wear it then?’ said Lorna.

Kate then suggested that she should allow Lorna to play out some of her fantasies in the flesh and watch me being taken up the ass by a big hard cock. Kate quickly stepped into the harness, pulling the straps tight and into position before inserting the 8 inch black cock into place.

I remember thinking I was going to get this very soon and I couldn't wait. The girls told me to get on the bed with my bum in the air and then took turns to lick and finger my hole. This was heaven to me, two stunning girls treating me to one of my favourite things.

They continued to work their fingers inside of me until they felt I was ready to be taken. Then before Kate entered me, Lorna made of point of sucking on Kate’s ‘member’, seductively looking at me with those sparkling eyes.

Kate then applied a little lubricant before pressing her cock against me. I really was ready for this and took it in a relaxed state and it was deep inside of me in moments. Kate began to work my ass, in and out with a lovely steady rhythm, gradually increasing speed, whilst Lorna sat at the side of me, watching the movement very closely and touching the cock as it came out of me.

Lorna was fingering herself with the other hand as she watched, encouraging Kate to go faster as she could see I was enjoying it and wanted to make the most of the situation.

After a little while, Kate slowed down, then pulled out saying how turned on she was and needed to be pleasured herself. The girls quickly removed the harness and Lorna moved in to lick at Kate’s pussy. I watched intently, getting the best view I could of the two of them. This was a fantasy coming true for me as Lorna seductive and tenderly pleasured Kate, instinctively knowing the right buttons to press to ensure maximum pleasure for both of them.

Lorna broke off for a moment to ask me to enter her from behind while she continued to perform her girly technique on Kate.

Not needing to be asked twice, I quickly moved behind Lorna and entered her with my cock for the first time. She felt good and I could feel her use her pelvic muscles to ensure maximum pleasure for both of us. I got into a steady motion that seemed to please her, and this only encouraged her to work more deeply into Kate. It wasn't long before Kate screamed out, as she released her juices. They were quickly lapped up by Lorna.

This, combined with my penetration, brought Lorna to orgasm, just before I climaxed deep inside of her. All three of us had orgasms within moments of each other. I withdrew and the three of us lay on the bed, exhausted by the raw passion, tempered by the gentle love we had shown for each other.

We were all hot and in need of a shower so we went to clean up. As we talked about how much we had enjoyed the experience, Lorna said she was definitely going to see if she could get her male friend to join us next time for some ‘afternoon delight’. 

I smiled and said I would be more than happy to get together again. If that included another man, then I certainly had no problem, in fact I was getting horny again thinking about the possibilities.

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