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Airing Out the Laundry

sex at the laundry mat

Rick was so excited to be moving to the big city. He was 22, from a small town, and got a good factory job in the city a few hours from his home town. Rick would be far enough away from his parents that Renae would be able to roam free. Rick found a little 2 bedroom apartment on the ground floor of a building in a gay community, though he did not tell his parents it was. Rick's parents were very old fashion and would disown him if they found out about Renae.

Rick spent the first few days unpacking in-between his long shifts at work, meticulously going through every box that he had. Renae was finally arriving. Renae didn't have blinds, so she kept most of the lights off. Renae didn't go out because she was too shy; she mostly just enjoyed wine while listening to music. She would usually drink way too much, masturbate, and up praying to the porcelain god. Renae became Rick's escape from work, life, and whatever else was bothering him. The only time Renae did go out was to do the laundry, late at night at a 24 hour laundry mat.

One Friday night Renae got bored as she usually does, so she decided to do laundry at 2 in the morning. She was all ready for bed; her hair was in a pony tail, she had on pj's that had her panty and bra outline peaking through, and she wore some cute sandals. Renae grabbed the basket full of dirty clothes and headed out the door. The hall was dimly lit and flickered with each passing step. Renae hustled from the door of her building to her car with her door key in hand. She looked around the dark parking lot which was still pretty bare. As Renae made it to her car, another car pulled into the lot and the headlights beamed on her as she fumbled the keys. She quickly tossed the clothes into the car and hopped in; locking the door. Renae took a deep breath, started the engine, and pulled out of the lot.

Renae made it to the laundry mat with no problems, and to her delight it was empty. Of course it was; no-one ever did their laundry at 2 in the morning, at least there. She took her laundry inside, and began sorting her clothes in her favorite spot in the back. Renae started her first loads, and eyed herself in the reflexion of the window thinking about how sexy she looked in her cute lil pj's. After about 20 minutes of reading her favorite magazine, Renae was startled by a man stumbling through the door. The man was obviously drunk; cute, but drunk. He was 6', blonde hair, real nice body, and she could tell he had a big dick because his zipper was down and a big package was wrapped in colored underwear.

Renae's heart began to pulsate her bra and tight top as the man fumbled his way toward her with a sly grin on his face. The man asked if there was a pay phone that he could use as he eye fucked Renae up and down. Renae said there was not as she glanced down to the man's crotch. She quickly looked up to see the man noticing that she was looking at his dick. He stepped in really close, and Renae sealed the deal. She pressed lips against his, and he invaded her mouth with his tongue as her grabbed her ass and pulled her in tight. This was the first real action Renae has ever had with a man and she was loving it. The feel of his vodka tasting tongue roaming her mouth, his hands gripping her ass, and the feel of his cock pressing against her belly. As the man kissed Renae, he slid his hands from her ass, up underneath her tight top, to her silky smooth curvaceous waist. As the kiss ended, she let out a sexy 'mmmm', and he said his name was Tom as his glazed eyes peered into hers. Renae leaned in and gave Tom a peck on the lips. She took his hand and held it on her ass as she led him to the bathroom.

The bathroom was small and had a broken lock, but it was fairly clean. It had one stool, a small sink, and a little mirror on the wall. Tom slammed Renae against the door and grabbed her tightly by the wrists. Tom began to kiss her roughly as he rubbed his penis against her belly. His underwear was wet from the pre cum. Renae could feel a flood of extacsy come over her body as she thought about a guy wanting to invade her body. Tom said, "I'm not gonna fuck you till you beg me to." He spun Renae around and took her by the throat. He firmly pressed his massive manhood against her ass. Tom's free hand made his way down the front of her pj's, and he freed her manpussy. She moaned as he tickled her fancy. Renae reached back unbuttoning Tom's pants, pulling down his jeans and underwear to his thighs. She took his massive rod in her hand and began to slowly stroke it while turning around. She liked the way his cock felt. She spat straight down onto her hand and his cock to lube it up.

Tom placed his hands on Renae's shoulders and forced her down to her knees. As she drew closer to his cock, she began to worry that she might choke. Her lips touched the head of his prick and he shoved it in as far as he could go as he grabbed Renae by the back of the head. As Renae began to gag, Tom slowly pulled a little out before ramming it back in. Tom started to fuck her face until she was pinned against the door. The door made an eerie creek with every pump Tom made. Renae wiped some spit off her face as she sucked like a little whore and wiped it on her ass. She started fingering her wet ass as she gagged and choked on Tom's massive cock.

Renae could wait no more. She begged him to fuck her. Tom stood back glaring down on Renae. Her pj's were at her knees, her top and bra were pulled up revealing her little nipples, her face was covered in spit, and her makeup was running from her eyes watering. Tom said, "Get up my little bitch and spread'em against the sink. I want to see your face in the mirror when I fuck your brains out." Renae stood up and hobbled to the sink. She bent over the sink and told Tom to fuck her dirty little hole little hole. Tom came up from behind, grabbing Renae by the elbows and pulling them back. He pressed hard against Renae's tight little hole until it finally opened up. Renae let out a cry as he invaded her ass. She loved the burn and the sensation she got with every millimeter that he or she moved. Renae arched her back as Tom began to pump in and out to see herself in the mirror. She loved what she saw, and the sensations she was feeling got so much better. She came all over the sink. Renae couldn't believe it. She grabbed Tom's ass and clenched as she came again. Tom began to pump faster and faster as he let out louder moans. He wrapped his hands around her waist and pumped as fast as he could when she came again right before he pulled out and came all over her pretty little ass. After he came Renae turned around and gave her first fuck a big long kiss.

They both got dressed, and Renae looked herself in the mirror. She looked like a train just hit her, but she felt great. She agreed to give Tom a ride home, since he was nice enough to give her a ride. When they got to Tom's house, the sun was coming up. They kissed in the car for about five minutes before exchanging numbers and going there separate ways.





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