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Alexia's Tale Chapter 2 - Online Exploration

Continue the tale of Alexia as s(he) goes down the path of being a gurl!

Looks like it's never gonna stop," Alexia muttered, the warm vapor from the cocoa rising past her face like a discounted sauna. Her voice pitched higher, much to her liking, she continued, "twenty-four years old, with a job as a writer. Yet I'm bored."

The maroon cardigan wrapped her exposed shoulders, but did little to envelop her breasts upon which she rested her hands that held the cocoa. Her legs, warmed by the stockings, lay crossed to one side, elegantly covering what the skirt wouldn't. Pushing her hair to one side, she sighs. An idea develops. A soft smile appears upon her face.

"No one knows Alexia. She doesn't exist beyond this room; wow, I've been selfish," she said, knowing that she is in fact extremely passable, but that was a personal judgement. "I think I need the opinion of others." 

She glances at her laptop, propped up on the work desk near the kitchen of her studio. Maybe I'll go say hello to the world!

Alexia collected herself, feeling the heat of anticipation rise in her gut, and went on over to begin her little experiment. At first she thought of going into a chat room, but realized they're too horny and up front to begin with, so she settled for creating a new account on a social media site that already had a large trap and crossdresser audience. Interacting with people would be a breeze, since she's a writer, so she had a vague concept of how to be flirtatious and girly. 

"Hmm, I think I'll be the shy, yet outgoing type," she said happily, finishing up her account. 

Name: Alexia Baker
Age: 24
Sex: M (Crossdresser)
Location: Australia
Profile Picture: ?

Without much consideration she got her phone from the countertop and took a quick selfie, capturing a cute smile, head tilted for added flirtatiousness, and a moderate glimpse of her cleavage. A one-take wonder! The account was complete. 

On her opening post she wrote, 'Hey guys and gurls! I'm new here so please be nice! Chat me up maybe? ;)' and left it.

After that, a huge sigh of relief filled her, and now she waits. 

It was night now, and the rain had stopped. After dinner, some work, and a bath, Alexia decided to treat herself to something sexy to celebrate the reveal. Standing naked and fresh in front the wardrobe, she picked out a simple, low-cut babydoll, black, and a set of thong and bra that complemented it. Online shopping really does make things easier!

The thong slid on effortlessly, gently hiding away between the cheeks of her ass and covering up her tiny clit. The bra, which had a matching lace trim, was already padded making it a lot nicer to sleep in. It hugged her breasts nicely, squeezing them together to form a natural cleavage. She blushed at the sight, remaining composed. Lastly, the babydoll was put on. THe lovely translucent fabric highlighted her breasts and hips perfectly, also showing of her belly whenever the slightest amount of light from the ceiling got through. 

"Mmh, this is the first time I've decided to wear this," Alexia said, blushing even more. "Better go check on my profile." 

She sat down, her bare ass connecting with the cold wodden chair, forcing her to go grab a pillow to put under instead. The sleeveless nature of the babydoll didn't really make Alexia cold, since she was pretty warmed up by the extremely sexy look she had on. 

She checked the profile. A few friend requests, a private message, and a couple people commented on her post! "Wow! Didn't think it would be that quick!"

Without hesitation she accepted them all, three guys, a girl, and another crossdresser. They seemed decent, so she moved on to see the comments on her post. 

The first was from the same crossdresser, which was the typical response. The second from another guy was very steamy. 'Another cute little sissy that I want to let suck my cock.' 

"Eww!" she gasped. "I... am flattered, but too direct."

She gave the comment a like and a winkey face.  ;)

Now the chat, where it appears the user is online. 

It simply read:'You're too pretty to be a trap or a sissy. Prove it.'

Part of her wanted to ignore him, but the other wanted to prove him wrong. For some deep reason her heart started pumping fast, making her grab her phone to snap a shot. She went over to the mirror and put one hand on her hip, pushed her hair to one side to give that party look, and ensured the thong was visible so that he can draw his conclusion. Snap. She took and and uploaded it. 

It was only when she sent the photo did Alexia realze how slutty she looked. Long legs, hips to the side, cute smile, and thong exposed. 

"Oh crap..." she said, seeing the guy type in response. 

What came after wasn't words, but a picture of what looked like a ten-inch cock. The large, veiny, and tanned thing was massive, making hers sort of get a little hard in response. 

'Good little sissy. Getting changed for a real man. Suck it,' the reply was. 

To Alex's knowledge he was straight, but had never really been with a girl. Alexia on the other hand felt the challenge needed to be answered. "He didn't shoot me down for my looks, meaning I am passable!"

That was Alexia's drive, and so it began. 

She quickly applied some bright red lipstick and blush and took a second picture, this time of her mouth in a sucking motion in front of the camera and sent it. 

Another response. This time of cum erupting from the magnificent cock. It was all over his hands and Alexia couldn't believe what she saw. Her cock teitched and tingled at the sight of something superior, but did not dare grow. It knew it's place. A sense of pride filled her, knowing her lips did that without physically being there. 

'Lick it up, sissy'

She sent the final picture of the night, her tongue out and eyes closed, almost innocent looking. 

The man thanked her and went offline. She closed her laptop, trying to get a grasp of what she just did. 

"Did I just make a man cum? Alexia did it!" she squealed at her newfound powers of sorts. This means she was a hit!

"Wow, okay, this is news. I actually felt good about that! Alexia makes me feel good!"

Eleven pm. Looked like she had her fun for the day and decided to call it a night. Slipping into bed in her nightie, she felt the softness of the silk wrap her body, and her comforter made it even better. Her ass finally got the warmth it needed, and lying on her side made her feel the weight of the bra, making her so happy. 

"Must be real nice being a girl," she thought, eyes closed. "I wanna be a girl."

And as she fell into her dreams, the idea stayed. A boring guy life was coming to an end, and Alexia will now become the real person. This is the story of how Alexia goes from a normal trap girl to becoming the ultimate sissy. 

Stay tuned!



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