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An Original Woman

Sometimes things just need a little boost for a new friend.
Ever since I was young, running always exhilarated and calmed me at the same time. Then, more than ever, I really needed those feelings, so I ran. By the time I finished, I felt as though I had nothing left in the world to worry about, until I realized that I needed to get to my first class of the summer. I sprinted to my apartment, and took a quick shower before getting dressed for English 101.

I couldn’t help but admire myself as I put on my unpadded bra to support my now full C cup breasts. It had only been six months since I began the combination of herbal and hormonal treatment, but I already had full breasts, perfectly curved hips, and a tight waist. Along with that, my skin had softened immensely with the lack of male growth hormones, and my hair was nearly down to my shoulders. I looked every bit the person my name described.

I arrived to class just as the teacher took her place in front of her meager collection of students. She reminded me of a neighbor lady that I used to know who always had a cat or two in her hands, and fur all over her clothes.

“Good morning students; my name is Ms. Penelope Tribble. I will be your instructor for the next four weeks as we explore the beauties of written communications, or English 101. I have only one simple rule, show respect for everyone in this room. If you follow that rule, I’m sure we’ll all get along just fine. Now, please open your text books to page 114, and we’ll begin by reading an essay on an industry we’re all familiar with.”

The four hour class went by somewhat quickly, and by the end of it, we all had our assignments for the rest of the week. The basic idea of this summer class was to familiarize us with the creative process involved in writing essays. We would each be allowed to write and read the materials Ms. Tribble provided to us, as long as we met the deadline each week. I went home, and began typing as soon as the class released.

Since the class only ran three days a week, I’d have plenty of time to get my work done, and see to my little occupation. Selling stuff online wasn’t as easy as it sounded, but the few sales I’d made in the two months I’d had it open, I was able to start replenishing my savings account and still have money left over for groceries. I did wish that more people would visit my self defense site, but it just took time before people really began to take it seriously.

On the second day of class, I began to acquaint myself with the other students in my class. There were seven others, and they varied as much in personalities as our teacher did in essays. I hit it off with one particular girl named Meghan.

“So, I wonder where she keeps the calendars?” Meghan whispered at one point when Ms. Tribble was focused on her reading.

“Probably with the creepy albums where she has all of her past and present precious’s,” I replied with a giggle.

As the class drew on, we kept a low dialog going until Ms. Tribble finally released us for the day.

“Do you have any plans this weekend?” Meghan asked as we exited the room.

“Not really, just more boring alone time with yours truly.”

“How ‘bout coming with me downtown for a little shopping excursion?"

“Sure, let me get your number and we’ll hook up.”

After we’d exchanged numbers, we still decided to go catch some lunch before going home and calling it a day. Little by little we got to know all about each other, and even though I was making up most of my past based on my new identity, I couldn’t help but feel like I could really trust Meghan.

The weekend finally came, and Meghan drove us to an actual mall someplace downtown. We spent the day visiting cosmetic stores, clothing stores, nail salons, hair salons, and a massage parlor, finishing off the day with a visit to the shoe store.

“That was so fun!” Meghan commented as we were getting into her car.

“What about going to see that new movie now?” I asked, referring to one of the movies we’d seen advertised in the mall.

“Sorry, I can’t,” Meghan said as she looked at her watch. “My parents have a strict curfew, and if I’m not home, they’ll freak.”

“You still live at home?”

“Yeah, I can’t seem to get a job that pays well enough to move out. My parents said I could stay there as long as I kept obeying their rules.”

“That kinda sucks,” I said, remembering how bad things were before I escaped.

“Well, what’s a girl to do?” Meghan shrugged acceptingly as she pulled out of the parking lot.

The short drive home took only a few minutes, but the silence between us was thick as we both thought about our day. I couldn’t help but wonder what I could do to help. When I got to my apartment, I sat down in front of my computer and began looking at a few different things.

I would have loved to have Meghan come and live with me, so that she could find her own feet to stand on. But the fact that I wasn’t actually completely female might prove to be a problem not easily solved. I began looking at the different options I had to speed up the process of getting my surgery, to change that. The usual requirements in order to change my apparent gender, where that I had to go through a year's worth of gender counseling and live full time as a woman. The latter requirement posed no problems, but the time requirement on the counseling might prove problematic, as I doubted a therapist would consider a disguise as a legitimate reason to want to change my sex.

“How’re things going?”

“They’re a little tough, your dad is really searching hard for you,” James answered in a hushed whisper. “The man your dad hired to find you is a freelance bounty hunter that apparently specializes in hunting people who don’t want to be found.”

“Wow, do you think he’s still looking for a runaway son?” I asked.

“I think so, they still haven’t bothered Penny at all, but they’ve interviewed me a couple of times. I told them that towards the end you acted really secluded and a little emotional.”

“So they might rule in something like suicide, or mindless running?”

“That’s the idea. So, what are you really calling about?” James asked, somewhat impatiently, “You really sound like you’re thinking of something else.”

“I am.” I went into the details of what I needed and then asked if James could do anything about it. After a few moments of thinking, he told me to check my email the next day.

When I opened up my email, I found an attached PDF that looked very much like an original copy from some therapist recommending the immediate change of my apparent gender to match my very desperate need to feel like the woman I desperately felt inside. I thought it was a little overboard, but if it got the job done, I guess I couldn’t complain. I sent the document to the surgeon a couple hours from my little city and arranged for the date of my emergency surgery.

I arranged to turn in my English 101 papers in advance since I needed to leave soon. Then, I went to the bus stop and waited for the bus that would take me to my new doctor.

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