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Andrew to Andrea - Chapter 2

Andrea's first small steps.
In all honesty, I should have been mortified by the events of the past few minutes, but I wasn’t…I was excited. I walked into our bathroom and set up the steamiest shower that I thought my skin could handle. I grabbed for my body wash, but realized the scent might be too masculine, so I set it back and grabbed my wife’s. It had a slight scent of vanilla and had a couple of butters and oils that claimed to make skin feel like silk…not specifically on the list, but not specifically forbidden either, so why not?

I decided that hair removal should be the priority, as I figured that would take the longest. I grabbed the depilatory that she mentioned and read the directions, along with grabbing what looked like a razor, minus the razor. What was once a little stirring in my groin was beginning to rage as I applied the cream then sat back in the steamy room for the obligatory 5 minutes while it worked its magic.

The time passed, I stepped into the hot shower and began “shaving” the hair from my body. It fell away pretty effortlessly, and within a matter of minutes I was smooth from neck to toes. I inadvertently brushed against my cock while feeling the results of my efforts and nearly exploded from excitement, but I could go no further…rules were rules. I washed myself from head to toe with the vanilla body wash, and the scent was intensifying my light-headed feeling, as I no longer smelled (or felt) like Andrew, the alpha male, but Andrea my wife’s newest plaything. I knew I was in a time crunch so I got out of the shower and began to dry my new body…and I noticed a slight smile on my face when I was shaving it. Tick, Tick, Andrea…time to get dressed again.

I found “my clothes,” and began to put them back on with true excitement this time, with just a touch of fear. The silk panties felt incredible over my new smooth southern the point that a small wet spot had formed on the front of them. I slipped the matching camisole over my head, and it too felt incredible against my smooth chest. I looked in the mirror once more and the line between Andrew and Andrea had definitely begun to blur. The skirt and silk blouse were on in next to no time, as I was ready to be Andrea, now. I was reaching for the heels to slide them on when I heard the front door click open. I hustled to get them on then stood at the front post of our bed…when I realized what if that wasn’t my wife? Panic gripped me for a second time, as I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, I heard, “Very nicely done, Andrea.” Thankfully, my wife’s voice.

“Thank you, Ma’am.”

She sat down on the little sofa in our bedroom and said, “Now come over here and present yourself for inspection.” I walked over in front of her and stood ready as if I was actually being inspected. “Relax, a bit, Andrea…but just a bit.” I relaxed, and I began to feel her hands sliding up my arms, then down my shoulders. “Unbutton your blouse.” I did, and her hands were running around my now smooth chest and belly. Her hands then slipped down to my ankles and began travelling up my legs. “Very nicely, done, Andrea, but what is this?” I looked down to see where I had tented my skirt during her inspection.

“I am sorry, ma’am.” I said sheepishly. She smiled at me in a way that I can only describe as benevolently evil.

“That,” she said, pointing and my throbbing crotch, “We'll have to wait. You now work for me, Andrea, and I have had a long, long evening. I need something to make me forget about it.” As she was saying this her panties were sliding down her legs and onto the floor. “Now Andrea…let me see if you would make a good lesbian. “On your knees.”

I swallowed hard, “Yes, ma’am.” I dropped to my knees and she forcefully pulled my head under her skirt.

“I’m waiting, let’s see what you’ve got my dear.” I kissed her pussy softly at first, but then gradually gained steam. I began licking her lips and her clit with more vigor as I let Andrea take control, and I was rewarded with a series of pleasurable moans and coos…”That’s my girl...keep it up,” she cooed. I kept eating her until after a few minutes her entire body tensed and a short shriek of ecstasy came from her as she came.

I stood up, and assuming that we were done started undress to change back to Andrew.

“Leave it on. We aren’t done yet.”


“Lie down on the bed, and leave everything you have on…as is.” I complied and watched as my wife stripped naked in front of me. My cock was throbbing so much at this point, I was wondering if I could die of blood loss to the brain. She walked over and laid her naked body on top of mine. “On second thought let’s lose the skirt,” she said while she unzipped and removed it from my body. She rub her smooth body against my silk covered smooth body and began softly moaning again. He reached down and deftly removed me from my panties and slid it into her..inhaling deeply as if I had never felt bigger. “I see why you men like to have their partners leave there lingerie on…this is incred…incred….oooh!” As she came a second time, right then. “Well you have earned a release after that, so…”

She slid her hand into “my” panties, and wrapped her hand around my cock and began to stroke. Sadly, it took no time at all for me to come. “My, my…we were excited,” she said. “Now go clean up. We have a lot to do this weekend Andrea. As neither of us have to go to work for the next two days, you are going to be Andrea pretty much full time for the next 48 hours.” I will go shopping for you to get you some new outfits, and a wig will be a must, as the close cropped look doesn’t do anything for me, “ she said with a grin. “I will also need go to a specialty store, as you still have a ways to go towards understanding your new side.”

“Specialty store, ma’am?”

She grinned at me. “Yes, and I actually think once you get over the last vestiges of alpha male in your psyche, you will learn to love what I plan to purchase. Now I think I will sleep nude tonight, but there is a long blue silk nightie and panties in my bottom right drawer for you to sleep in. Sweet dreams, Andrea. We travel further tomorrow.”
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