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Andrew to Andrea - Part 3

..the next step...

The alarm clock that my wife and I mockingly referred to as “Baby Ben” sounded off and pulled me from what I first thought was a great dream. As my senses slowly came online, I could feel my hand laid over my naked wife’s breasts and that I wasn’t in my usual gym shorts and t-shirt. I was surrounded in silk, and it was not unpleasant, but it was a floor length nightgown! The events of the previous night slowly began to trickle back into focus, and the apprehension gave way to enjoyment of the dual sensations.

Well..I guess we are going to get an early start as someone forgot to turn the alarm off for the weekend,” said my wife. She rolled over to face me and place one hand on my face and the other slid down my silk encased body and stopped over my crotch. “Mmmm, doubt that’s morning wood.” She smiled and clutched me in her hands encasing me in a silk prison while her hand slid up and down its length. She stopped suddenly and said, “You may resume being my husband, Andrew. Change out of that and make sure all of the blinds are turned up so no one can see in. Make us some coffee, and I will lay out the plan for the day.” She gave me a kiss, then stared at me with a smile while Andrea disappeared as her night clothes fell to the floor.

I threw on my usual, for Andrew, and took proceeded to take care of the early morning errands given to me, aside from the blinds and changing clothes…not all that different. That was going to change in the next 48 hours I was sure.

Morning, Andy.”

“Morning, hon,” I replied as I poured her a cup of coffee. She was smiling already, and I had the feeling I was being sized up. “Something on your mind?”

A lot. I am going shopping today for my new plaything Andrea, and I am debating whether or not to bring her with me.” I had an instant stirring below and simultaneously a huge wave of fear engulfed me
“If I went…”

It would be as Andrew…you, or should I say she definitely is not ready for that yet. But I have a good idea what I want to get you to wear, and to well…some things are better left as surprises.”

“Um, okay,” I said with a half smile.

Well then…I’ll go alone. I need to start getting ready, so that Andrea can return, how is it you say at work, ASAFP?” She kissed me again and was off to the shower.
A little while later my wife glided down the stairs in an incredible looking sundress that completely highlighted her, well…highlights…and if she was wearing panties they were small as the air conditioning afforded me a very nice look at her thighs. “Alright, I’m off. You can take a shower, but absolutely no dressing until my return. You can do your normal weekend stuff, until I call, then I want you waiting for me in the bedroom in that black kimono you got in Japan, and the blindfold that you used to use for sleeping on planes…nothing else. Clear?”

“Crystal…” I said. “Have fun.”

Oh, I will…but I’ll have more fun when I get back.”

A few hours went by and to fill the time I cleaned the kitchen, started some laundry, turned on the TV to see what was new in the world, and then just sat restlessly. I could not get my mind away from what my wife might be purchasing right now…and what did she mean specialty store, was there a “big and tall” for women? I sat there with these thoughts racing around and half-heartedly paying attention to the baseball game on the tube when I heard the phone ring.

I am 10 minutes from the house, do what you were told.”

“Yes ma’am.”

I was shedding clothes like they were on fire as I ran up the steps to our bedroom…when the phone rang again.

Change of plans. Stay in the living room. It is time for Andrea to take her first steps beyond the bedroom. Whatever you have on now..just leave it.” She hung up.

Well, that left me sitting on the couch in a pair of gym shorts when I heard her car door close. Excitement gripped me as I heard the hatch of her SUV close too. I swore I heard her sandals clicking on the sidewalk leading to our front door. As the door opened I shot to my feet like a new recruit and looked at her like the self-same recruit awaiting orders.

Eager are we? Andrea, get out of those ratty shorts and stand there while I make you look presentable.” 

I dropped my gym shorts and stood there naked in front of her…no way to disguise the hardon that had formed in the interim. My wife smiled at this. “On your knees..” I instantly thought that we were cutting right to the chase, until I saw her reach in a bag and pull out a blonde pageboy style wig. She placed it on my head, and said, “Better. I don’t see Andrea as the flowing hair type…I like this.” I attempted to turn around and look at myself in a nearby mirror, I was greeted by a swat on the thigh. “Not yet…now stand up.” I stood up and felt a pair of black lace panties sliding up my legs..I looked down to confirm my opinion and I was right, it was a pair of black lace boyleg style panties. “Drop down a bit and raise your arms….” I was in the process of complying when I heard a cell phone chirp. It was mine.
Get it,” said my wife with a look I can only describe as dissatisfied on her face.

“Hello….Yes…Aw, you’re kidding!....I took night ops two weeks ago, its someone else’s turn….I don’t know, call Miller….Of course he didn’t answer; its Saturday afternoon, and he has caller ID! Alright, alright…the old man will blow a gasket if someone isn’t out there…give me an hour or so…yeah, right. Later.”

I heard,” she said. I started to take off the panties feeling kind of cheated when she said, “What are you doing? I didn’t tell you to take those off Andrea!” 


But, nothing. You are Andrea now, if the outside world intervenes... that on the fates. You may remove the wig though.” I took the wig off and noticed her reaching into another bag. “Since you don’t need to shower before heading in that buys you Andrea a few minutes before she disguises herself in that sea of testosterone.” She pulled out a small latex object and a tube of something. “Lean over the couch.”

I leaned over and felt her push the panties to the side, I then felt something a little slimy but also warm being applied to the area around my hole. It was actually quite pleasant, until I jumped at something being pushed into me very slowly. I was torn between a world of pain and pleasure for a few seconds until I heard the faintest “pop.” I was tingling all over the new sensation was intoxicating. I wanted more but feared it at the same time, but all in all pleasure took control of me. I let out a small moan of pleasure
There, that should work for now.”


Well I had planned on taking the rest of the day making Andrea up and making her the perfect target for me to take her virginity. Well, what’s in you now won’t do that, but it will make it easier for me later. Leave the panties on and your new friend in and get ready for work.”


Do it, or this ends now and ends badly for you.”

I went upstairs and began to put my work clothes over the items my wife left on me. I was dressed and about to leave in no time. I was headed downstairs, and when I got to the bottom stair I saw my wife holding what looked like a small phone or a big bullet.

This will remind you that regardless of what you are doing, you are still my Andrea.” She pushed something on the fob and the plug inside of me began to vibrate. I stood stock still as the sensation threatened to make me come then and there. “That is only speed one…there are five. I will be in your neighborhood a few times tonight just to deliver this reminder, Andrea.”

I left for work with conflicting sensual experiences. On the outside clothes that projected a manly image: I will protect you, if you are the reason for me having to provide protection...I will end you. Underneath...lace sliding along my smooth bottom and a plug that might give me an orgasm at any point in the next 12 hours. I would take focus to put the underthings aside and focus on the job at hand.

True to her word three times that night the plug buried inside me started vibrating, always just short of orgasm...she must have been within meters of the area. The last time I received a text on my phone stating: That was only level three…the last two levels will be tried out when you get home. Get out of those nasty clothes. Use the downstairs shower, your outfit for the next 12 hours will be waiting for you…and you will take your next step, Andrea.”

I couldn’t wait to get through those last few hours.
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