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Aunt and Uncle Sex Slave

It was the summer of '82 and mom and dad were going through an awful divorce. They decided that it would be best that I stay with some good friends of theirs, Charles and Betty, while they got through this difficult time. They were an older couple, both were around sixty at the time.

By this time I was a fully fledged cross dresser and no one knew of my secret except a neighbor. I had all of my own lingerie, heels, wigs, panties and hose, including breast forms to stuff my bras with. This was the summer before my senior year and I had already had a few sexual experiences with both men and girls. Staying with Charles and Betty, I wasn't sure if this was going to be such a good summer sexually, but was I ever wrong.

After about a month staying with them, Charles came to me and said they were going to have some friends over on Friday night and that I was not to go into the basement because there would be "adult activities" taking place. Well he sure knew how to peak the curiosity of a 18 year old.

Friday night came, and I was in my room watching television, dressed in a sexy pair of pink satin panties and bra, tan pantyhose, black mini skirt and top. As I was lying there, I started to think about getting laid and one thing led to another and I started rubbing my hard cock through my hose and panties. At around 11:00pm I was so horny I decided to sneak downstairs and see if I could catch a glimpse of what was going on in the basement, which was two flights down.

I threw on some sweat pants and a shirt and headed down. I reached the top of the stairs leading into the basement and I heard some moans and other noises coming from the far back end, which I was never allowed to see. They always kept that room locked. I tip-toed down the stairs and peeked around the corner and saw a dim light coming from the room. The moaning became more prevalent as I got closer.

"Should I go closer?" I asked myself.

My cock growing in my panties under my sweats. I got closer to the door and peeked in. I saw Charles, dressed in black leather, on his knees sucking another man's cock. Betty, also in black leather, was standing above, with what looked to be a riding crop, smacking him on the back and sides.

"Suck his cock, slave, get it nice and hard for me." she ordered.

My hand immediately went for my hard panty-covered cock and I start rubbing it as I witnessed this hot sexual act. Who knew Charles and Betty were like this? Once the man's cock was good and hard, Betty ordered him to fuck her. She lay back in a swing hanging from the ceiling, legs spread, and then the man got between her legs and shoved his hard cock in her pussy.

Betty let out a loud moan as he slid his cock deep into her graying pussy. Charles stood over her as well, rubbing her clit as this strange man penetrated her. I wanted to cum so badly as I watched this in awe. I just couldn't believe it.

The stranger and Charles took turns fucking Betty, each one dumping their cum into her pussy. Once they were finished, she told them she had to go check on something and I quickly ran upstairs back to my room. I quickly took off my sweats and shirt and started stroking my cock like crazy. I was so turned on. A few minutes later Betty walked into the room, didn't say a word, got on my bed and positioned her pussy right at my face, her knees pinning down my arms.

"So we have a little boy in panties, do we?" she said. "I saw you watching us through the door down there."

She ordered me to open my mouth and when I did, she put her pussy over my mouth and told me to suck the cum from her pussy. Not being one to disappoint, I did as I was told. I took my mouth and shoved my tongue inside her pussy and got all of the cum I could that had been injected into her fat, wet pussy. It tasted so good, the cum of two men mixed with her sweet pussy juice. She got up once I had finished and turned around, pulling my hose and panties down and took my throbbing cock in her mouth. That was it, I shot my load instantly as she took it all the way down to my balls. She swallowed every drop, then got up and left the room. She didn't say a word.

The next night, she told me to get dressed in something sexy and meet her in the basement. I decided on black satin string bikini panties and bra, black thigh highs and garter, black heels, mini skirt, topped with a blonde wig. I got to the basement and she led me over to a small box. She tied my hands in front of me and helped me kneel down. I slid into the box backwards until my ass hit a wall. Then she shut the door and I was face first with a door less than an inch away from my nose. I couldn't move at all inside the box.

A few moments went by and Betty slid open a little cover on the front of the door and one on the back of the box. I didn't know what was going on except I saw a cock suddenly appear through the hole in front of me.

"Suck that cock you little whore." Betty demanded.

I took this cock and got as much as I could through the door that divided us. I heard soft moans on the outside. Suddenly I felt the coldness of some sort of liquid on my ass. Betty, I assumed, had slid my panties to the side and was applying lubricant to my horny ass.

"We have a horny little slut in here, fellas, who will do whatever you want." she said. "Line up and pick a spot."

I suddenly felt the hardness of a stiff cock pushing its way into me. I let out a muffled moan as he dived deep into me. The cock in my mouth tasted so good and with the one in my ass, I was in heaven. I could hear other sounds of sex going on in the room. I was not the only one enjoying myself it seemed, although I could not see anything. This only heightened my pleasure. Soon I felt one cock being replaced by another, both in my ass and mouth.

Two hours went by in this box with no reward for me. I think I had sucked and been fucked by 10 different strangers. The smell of sex was in the air and I wanted some cum. Well my wish was granted, for the man I was sucking burst in my mouth what seemed like a gallon of cum. I swallowed as much as I could, but I felt some dripping out of the sides of my mouth.

"How does Charles' cum taste, whore?" Betty asked forcefully.

"Good, ma'am, may I have some more please?" I asked.

"You can have all you want, slut."

Graciously, I accepted ten creamy loads in my mouth and ass. I thought I had been a good little cum dump for Charles and Betty. After everyone was done and satisfied I was freed from my prison and greeted with a kiss from Betty. She told me to go upstairs and clean up.

After I got out of the shower, Charles came into my room. We talked for several minutes and ended our conversation with him fucking me before he went to bed.

That summer turned out to be great and I really enjoyed being their sex slave.
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