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Be Careful What You Wish For

A say in my life.

When I arrived home I noticed a note on my computer. It read, "Take off your clothes and put them in the washer. Go to the bathroom and shower, then go to the bedroom and put on the clothes laid out for you. Make sure My toys are prepared and in the right places, then you may join Me in the living room bringing your hood with you and taking your place at My feet (on your knees, hands behind your back clasped together)."

Doing Her bidding I took off my clothes as instructed and placed them in the washer, my whole being shaking with anticipation as I took a shower and almost skipped to the bedroom to see what she had laid out for me. To my surprise there on the bed was pantyhose with no crotch, a corset, and a wig.

Donning them quickly so as not to keep my Mistress waiting, I prepared Her toys and quickly returned to the living room where She was sitting and knelt on the floor at her feet, hands clasped behind me. She ignored me as I knelt there and continued with what She was doing.

Finally, after what seemed like hours (but was only five minutes), She looked down at me with a scowl on her face.

"Did I displease You?" I asked in a quiet voice almost a whimper.

"Did you do as you were supposed to this morning?" She asked in a stern voice.

My eyes dropped to the floor and my heart began to race as I replied, "No Mistress, I forgot and am very sorry."

"Sorry?!!" she bellowed, "you will find out what sorry is for not doing as asked!"

She stood up, almost knocking me over, walking over to the table she picked up something and returned to where I was still kneeling afraid to move for fear of angering her more. She placed earplugs in my ears and a mouthpiece in my mouth which held my mouth open not allowing me to close it.

With one swift movement, she took the hood from my hands and pulled it over my head, making sure the eyepiece was closed over my eyes she buckled it. She moved to my back taking my hands and covering them with mitts which she locked together. I felt her hands on my ankles which she also locked in cuffs.

"Spread those knees!" She commanded in a loud voice.

As I did as she asked she locked the ankle cuffs to a bar, then placing another pair of cuffs to my thighs She locked these to another bar, making it so I could not close my legs. Mistress could feel my body shaking as I wondered what was in store for this disobedient slave.

Silently I waited, scarcely able to breathe for I could see nothing and just barely hear Her moving around. Out of nowhere, there was a sharp pain on my back as she brought Her cat o'nine tails down on it. Mistress pushed me sending me to my elbows and knees as She worked her way carefully over my ass and back covering every inch of both with the cat-online as I squirmed to avoid the blows, yet I felt myself getting hard despite the pain.

She stopped and then caressed my nylon clad ass with her hand, giving my cage a shake, my thighs spread and ass in the air, I felt so exposed. I wanted to touch myself but the mittens and locks prevented it, besides she would punish me twice as badly if she caught me touching myself.

Mistress moved around in front and I felt the tip of her "cock" through the opening in the mouthpiece. Placing her hands on both sides of my hood she started working Her cock in and out of my mouth. Through the earplugs, I heard Her say in a loud voice something like. "Yes that's it, My little cock sucker, show Me how much you love it."

I was doing my best at licking and sucking her cock, taking it beyond my gag point several times, as I was not going to anger Mistress any further.

"Just imagine, my little slut, if that was a real warm cock, the way you are sucking he would be filling your mouth with his cum and you would swallow it too! I can tell, you are such a greedy little whore."

With that she pulled her cock out and she left me in that position and I waited unsure of what was next, I could hear voices but I was unsure if they were coming from the television or not.

Soon she returned and knelt behind me slathering my asshole with Vaseline then slowly inserted the head of her large cock. It was ten inches long and thick. She slid it slowly further and further with each stroke, my ass accepting more and more, as the pain subsided into pleasure I felt her thrust it all the way in the balls of her cock pressing against mine as she pinned it in place.

Her hand, or so I thought, brought my head up as I felt something slide through the hole in my gag. It was not rubbery, it was warm and soft on my tongue and began to harden as I sucked and tongued it. Mistress removed the earplugs leaving the mask intact as she directed me to show her how much I loved having a cock in my mouth.

I began sucking it harder, taking it in deeper as I rolled my tongue around it and flicking the tip. His cock getting harder and harder, the warmth feeling much different than Mistress's cock. The excitement of finally experiencing a real cock, mixed with the inner emotions that had been bred into all males that this was wrong, was driving my cock to a hardness that I didn't know was possible.

Mistress leaned forward pressing Her cock harder as She whispered in my ear, "This is your reward for being such a good little cocksucker with My cock. Make love to this and he will reward you with his cum which you will taste and swallow, then you will lick his cock clean."

Wanting to please my Mistress, I worked on the cock in my mouth just the way I had practiced on her rubber cock many times before. I worked my tongue around the head and under, pursing my lips as I slowly bobbed my head up and down, my tongue sliding along the underside of the unknown cock in my mouth.

Between the cock in my mouth and Mistress's cock in my ass I was in a state of bliss, I never anticipated how good it would felt to be tag teamed like this, my mouth full of warm pulsing cock and my ass full of Mistress's huge cock. I felt strange hands grab the sides of my head and tighten to slow me down.

Instinct took over and as I slowed my movement down, the unknown person pushing deeper and deeper into my throat until his balls were resting on my chin. His body stiffening as he climaxed, shooting his hot salty cum deep into my throat and slowly withdrawing his cock leaving a trail of cum coating my tongue.

"Lick him clean, taste the cum that you have waited so long to receive," Mistress said firmly.

My tongue continued licking and swirling around his cock making sure I had gotten every drop, tasting his juices and feeling my cock twitch in the cage wanting so desperately to come out.

"Is my cocksucker now satisfied?" She asked.

Nodding my head in answer to her question I was startled by a stinging blow across my well-fucked ass.

"I asked you a question cocksucker and I demand a proper answer."

Mistress's voice bit almost as much as the stinging blow.

"Yes Mistress," I stammered.

The tears welling in my eyes were saying one thing, however, my cock was saying differently. I was yearning to have both cocks back inside me filling my orifices, along with the pain and the pleasure that went with it.

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