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Beach Day

Wearing my sexy panties to the beach gets the men turned on for me.
Wearing my sexy panties to the gay beach always gets the men turned on for me. Being the only girlyboy there, I get hit on by lots of big studs. The attention they give me is flattering and leads to lots of sexual pleasure. Being topless, I get to show off my nice titties and the sexy panties I'm wearing let the men know I want some dick like a woman gets.

It was a beautiful day for the beach and I had off from work. Just a few miles from my house is the gay beach where lots of men go to meet and pick up sex partners. There are six changing rooms there where two men can go into and enjoy some quickie pleasures. Usually, I just exchange numbers with men I meet at the beach and hook up with them later. But this day, I was feeling horny and adventurous as I slipped on a sexy little black see-through nylon pair of panties to wear there.

Looking at my nice ass in the mirror, I could see how come so many men were attracted to me at the beach. My butt always made men's cocks hard as I had discovered on previous days at the gay beach. While I laid on a towel on my stomach, they would come over and show me their hard-ons and tell me how nice my ass and tits are. No girl could resist that kind of flattery, so I often gave men my number to call me later if they seemed interesting to me.

I wasn't one to go into the changing rooms for sex with a man because I didn't want to make myself seem too easy. Once a girl gets a reputation for being too easy, it makes it hard to get her good reputation back. Besides that, I like the romance part of a relationship where a man has to try to woo a woman for sex by treating her nice.

But, like I said, this day my black nylon panties made me horny as all get out the moment I put them on and I was feeling adventurous enough to meet a total stranger and have sex with him in the changing room. The thought of it gave me memories of the sex I had with strangers in adult bookstore booths when I was 17 to 19 years-old. While I knew it was naughty, it was still very exciting to me and got my blood flowing in anticipation of meeting new sex partners. My clitty dick was hard from just thinking about all the good cock I was going to get.

To cover up for the trip to the beach, I put on a girly-looking pair of cutoff shorts that barely covered my crotch and showed off my sexy tanned legs. I bent over before the mirror and I saw my sweet little ass cheeks pop out of the short shorts just like a girl's do. No man can resist us, I thought.

The thought of sucking on a man's big cock always makes my panties wet. And men can never resist a girl whose panties are wet for them because they know how horny she is for cock. So, I enjoyed feeling the sweet warm liquid seeping from my clitty dick into the nylon fabric of my black see-through panties under my short shorts. This was going to be a great day at the beach.

I topped off my shorts with a sexy black see-though halter top that really showed off my nipples and my titties. The feeling of being a girl was complete as I slipped on a pair of woman's sandals. I grabbed my beach bag and a towel and headed to the car for the ride to the beach.

My plan was to polish my fingernails and toenails at the beach while men watched so they would know I'm a serious girlyboy and not just a horny boy with a panty fetish. That way men would give me more respect and treat me nicer than they did the punks who just wanted to suck their dicks for money. I have nothing against punks who suck dicks but I think they give us girlyboys bad reps when they don't show any other feminine qualities than just wearing panties.

Being an experienced girlyboy, I had developed certain rules about dating men and the first rule was that a man had to respect me. A man who just wanted me to give him a blowjob and then he could walk away like it never happened was a turn-off to me. That's why I normally only exchanged numbers with men at the beach and set up dates with them later.

But, like I said, this day my black see-through nylon panties had made me horny before I left the house. And seeing my hot ass cheeks hanging out of the back of my shorts when I bent over had gotten my juices flowing. My clitty dick was hard all the way to the beach and it was spewing out lots of hot pre-cum into the front panel of my panties. I couldn't wait to see all the big cocks popping up in men's bathing suits when they saw me on my beach towel looking like a girl.

The parking lot at the beach is separated from the sand by big trees and there is a long path you have to walk down to get to the ocean. This made the beach more secluded and a popular pick up place for gay and bi-sexual men. The six changing rooms gave them a place to go for private pleasures, too.

As I walked down the path to the beach, I began to sway my hips more which made me instantly feel more alluring to men. I enjoy using every trick a woman uses to attract men to her and strutting so that my ass is sexier is definitely one I have gotten good at. One man passed me and did a quick double-take of my sweet ass cheeks hanging out of my shorts. I could tell from his smile he liked the view.

When a girl takes off her shorts at the beach revealing her sexy bikini bottom, she likes to know there are men watching. It's a sexy form of exhibitionism that gives a girl lots of pleasure and makes her feel very attractive and alluring. I'm no different. I wanted to make every man's cock on the beach hard for me with my sexy little bikini panties and had worn them just for that purpose.

There were half a dozen single men on the beach this day and I made sure that all eyes were on me before I unbuttoned my short shorts and slowly slid them down my sexy legs and bent over to step out of them. I made sure they all got a good look at my ass. Now, I was just wearing my sexy see-through panties and black halter top, letting all the men know I was a girlyboy ready for pleasure.

I knew some of the men were getting horny seeing me as I saw some of them reach down in their bathing suits and play with their hard-ons. I was now the center of attention for all the men on the beach, a thrill a girl never gets tired of. I could have any one of their cocks I wanted and I was going to take my time and let them all feel like they had a chance with me.

Using my beach towel, I wiped some of the sticky pre-cum from the front of my panties, hiding my hard clitty dick from the men while I did. This only made them want to see the front of me more. Above my clitty dick is a sexy little patch of hair I keep well-trimmed like a girl does and it was completely visible through my panties as I turned around and spread my beach towel on the sand.

I decided to lay on my stomach first and show off my nice ass. Then, if one of them interested me, I would roll over and let him look at the front of my panties, but I'd position my legs so only he could see my clitty dick and the other men couldn't. Like most women, I like to flaunt my ass in public but only show my clitty to potential sex partners.

Feeling my hard clitty dick pressing into the warm sand through the nylon material was a sure turn-on. I was now the horniest little slut on the beach and was going to take my time alluring the men around me for some hot pleasure. I decided that I would give each the chance to talk to me and show me his cock before I picked the one I would have today.

I liked the little mating rituals that go on and was happy when one handsome man blew me a kiss. I smiled and blew him a kiss back and wiggled my ass to let him know I was interested. A few minutes later, he came over and introduced himself.

"Hi, babe. Come here often?" he said.

"Not much. How about you?" I replied.

"I just come here looking for a little action and I thought maybe you might be interested," he said. Then he added, "Your ass is really nice."

"Thanks for the compliment," I said. "I am interested in a little action but I don't do it with any man I don't know."

"I'm Ted," he said. "And you?"

"I'm Courtney, but guys call me Court."

Ted reached out to shake and I saw the wedding ring on his other hand. "What a sleaze," I thought. He's a married guy at the gay beach looking for action and he doesn't even have enough respect to take off his wedding ring.

"If you're going to cheat on your wife, at least you could take your ring off," I said.

He smiled. "Well, my wife knows I like men, too, so it's not cheating. She doesn't like to have sex so she lets me get it where I can. I especially like getting it from girls like you. You're a hot babe, Courtney. Your ass made me hard the moment I saw you."

I smiled. "Why don't you sit down on the sand here in front of me so I can see how hard I made you, Fred."

"Well, I was thinking we could just go into the changing booth and I could show you in there."

"I like to see what I'm getting in advance," I said.

"Well, I already saw what you got through your sexy little panties and I really want to suck it," said Ted. "And if you got some Vaseline in that bag, I'd like to stick it in that nice ass of yours, Court."

"Well, let me see it," I said.

Ted pulled his bathing suit up and showed me his 5 inch dick. Now, I knew why he didn't want to sit down in the sand and show it to me longer. My own 7 and half inch dick started getting soft just from me looking at Ted's little dick.

"Sorry," I said. "Not interested."

"You sluts are all alike," he said."You want those big stud cocks."

"Apparently, your wife is not turned on by it either, honey."

Ted became indignant. "Screw you, bitch," he said. "You're just a slut looking for guys with money so they can pay you to fuck that nice ass of yours. I was willing to pay you, too."

"I don't want your money or your dick, Ted. I just want you to leave me alone."

"I know what you want," said Ted. "You want those big 10 inch dicks to suck on like a little bitch. Well, for your information, the lifeguard has a really big cock and he likes to show it off to girls like you while you stand in front of his stand and flirt with him."

He pointed at the lifeguard stand.

"Why don't you go get that big cock? It's waiting for you right over there, you horny little bitch. I'm sure he would like to fuck that nice ass of yours as much as I want to fuck it."

I laughed. "I bet you have a hole in the wall in the changing booth where you can watch the lifeguard get his big cock sucked by a horny girlyboy while you stroke your own cock."

"So what if I do?" said Ted. "I want to see him pull down those little panties of yours and spread those nice ass cheeks and put his big cock in you and pound you hard."

"So, you've seen him do that to other girlyboys, huh?"

"Of course, he does it to them all the time. He calls it a fringe benefit of being a lifeguard."

"So, he lets you watch in exchange for setting him up with hot girlyboys, huh? That way he knows which booth to take them in so you can watch."

"You're pretty damned smart for a sexy little bitch," said Ted. "Hey, look, I know my limitations when it comes to getting pussy. So, I go for girls like you. If I strike out, I turn them on to Randy and he lets me watch. It's no big deal. But every once in awhile the girl gives me a blowjob while Randy fucks her in the ass. So, it pays off. I get a good blowjob from a beautiful girl like you and Randy gets his big package satisfied."

"Well, Randy definitely sounds like the kind of guy I'm looking for," I said smiling. "Why don't you tell him to come over and visit with me when he gets a break."

Ted was smiling, too. "Will you enjoy having me watch you suck his big cock until he blows a hot load all over your face?"

I laughed. "Just tell him I'm back here and I'm ready for a big one."

Ted was staring at the crack of my ass showing though the see-through black panties. "I bet your nice ass is ready for a big one, too."

"To tell you the truth, Ted. I'm feeling really oral and I might suck on yours when I'm done sucking Randy's."

Ted smiled widely. "I knew it. You little bitches who come here want all the cock you can get. I'll pay you to suck me, anytime."

"But your's doesn't turn me on," I said. "I'm hoping Randy's does. Tell him to come over here so he can show it to me."

Ted was looking at my ass again. "Oh, man, he's going to love that ass of yours. He likes girls to kneel on the bench in the changing booth while he greases them up and shoves it in them hard. I like looking at their faces when they have that big cock inside them, seeing all the pleasure it gives them. It's like a live porn video. My dick wants to explode just watching it. Do you have any Vaseline with you?"

"I have suntan oil. It works just as good. But first I have to see Randy's cock to know if I want it or not."

"Okay, I'll go tell him there's a little slutboy back here who likes guys with big ones. And I'll tell him he might be able to get that nice ass, too. But I'll tell him you definitely want to give him a good blowjob. I'll tell him you're one of those bitches who likes big 10 inch cocks. Man, I wish I had one like Randy's so I could give it to you."

I smiled. "Well, you are very handsome, Ted. When you blew me the kiss awhile ago, I was really excited to meet you. Why don't you come down here and give me a little kiss before you leave?"

Ted squatted down in front of me and our lips touched and he was happy when I reached up inside his bathing suit and stroked his hard dick while we kissed.

When our lips parted, he said, "You like cock, don't you?"

"More than any other girl you've ever known," I said.

"I'll tell Randy you said that."

I continued stroking Ted's cock under his bathing suit as he kissed me again. "Can't we just go to the changing booth so we can suck each other off?" he said.

"Not until Randy comes with us," I said.

"Fucking lucky studs," said Ted. "They get their cocks sucked by girls like you anytime they want. What gives? How come you like bigger cocks?"

"My first boyfriend was a lifeguard with a big cock. I sucked it for him in the poolhouse every day all summer long. After that, only big ones turned me on."

"So, my little dick doesn't do it for you?"

"Yours is an appetizer. I'm looking for a real meal, baby."

"Damn, you're a sexy slut," he said.

I twirled some of Ted's pre-cum on my finger then put it in my mouth and sucked the sweet juice off my finger. This was too much for Ted to stand and he shot a load of cum down his hairy thigh while I stroked his dick. Giving a handsome man a hand job on the beach while other men watched was quite thrilling and my clitty dick was now back to full staff down in my little sexy black see-through panties. Now, all I needed was Randy's big one to make me a happy girl.

"It was nice of you to give me a nice hand job, Courtney," said Ted.

"Let's play a little game, Ted," I said. "Let's pretend you're my pimp and you're setting me up with other men. We'll pretend Randy is going to be my first client. And when I get done with my client, you'll get to have me, too."

"Baby, that is so hot. It's making my dick hard again."

"So, just for telling you about Randy, you gave me a hand job. And if I set you up with him in the changing booth, you'll give me a blowjob, too?"

"Sure, baby," I said. "I'll call you my pimp daddy and I'll take all the cock you send me into the changing booth this afternoon. You can watch me suck all of them while you beat off in the next changing booth."

"Wow, I never met a chick like you here before."

"I'm not like this all the time. I'm just in a really horny mood today and I want to feel like a sexy whore for lots of men. Just make sure you don't send me any undercover cops. Cops don't like to pay for blowjobs."

"You mean, you're really going to charge the men I send you?"

"Why not? It makes it feel more real to pretend I'm a prostitute for money. And I can buy new sexy lingeie with the money so I can wear it for more men later. It keeps the fun going. Now, go tell Randy he's going to be my first client but I'll give him a freebie if he's as big as you say."

"Shit, I'll pay you myself so I can watch you suck him," said Ted. "This is a fantasy come true for me. I'm going to get to watch you suck all these guys and then you're going to suck me, too."

"One dick at a time, baby. I'm a hot slut bitch prostitute who needs dick bad."

"You're going to get some, believe me," said Ted. "I know a lot of these guys will be glad to pay for a bitch as hot as you."

"Let's do it, honey," I replied.

Being a girl is always a pleasure. And being a girl with lots of men who want her is even a bigger pleasure. And that is how I felt on the beach that day while a handful of men watched me give Ted a handjob under his bathing suit while he kissed me. They all wanted to be next with me and for fun I decided to charge them.

While Ted went to talk to the lifeguard, Randy, I rolled over on my beach towel and sat up. By putting my legs up in front of my crotch, I was able to hide my hard clitty dick from the men around me while I reached in my beach bag and pulled out my sexy red nail polish.

I felt just like a sexy girl while I polished my fingernails and blew on them while my admirers watched. I was looking down when suddenly there was a handsome blonde man named Eric, a 34 year-old, standing over me.

"Hi," said Eric. "You're really sexy. I saw what you did for that other guy and I was wondering if you can do the same for me. I like a nice handjob from a girl like you."

I looked up at him and saw he was staring at my hard clitty dick down in my little black panties. "Actually, I'm in the mood for giving blowjobs, instead," I said. "I have one other guy I want to suck first, but you can be second."

"Wow," he said smiling. "Really?"

"Sure," I said with my sexiest girly voice. "I was just about to polish my toenails and I thought maybe you can blow on them for me to dry them after I put the polish on them."

Eric smiled. "That sounds cool. That way I can get my lips next to that nice cock of yours down in those panties. Do you know how sexy you are?"

"Yes. I'm trying to be sexy. That's why I'm putting nail polish on."

Eric got down on his knees in the sand in front of me and watched as I applied the sexy red polish to my toenails. He was looking at my hard clitty dick and licking his lips and he was so handsome I decided I would let him be the first man to suck me to completion in the changing booth. He had a really long tongue, too, so I knew I was going to enjoy it like a girl.

"Okay, you can blow, now,"I said when I finished the toes on my right foot.

Eric leaned forward and took my foot in his hand to blow and his head was now between my legs. He was happy to be there and he smelled the pungent smell of pre-cum coming from my clitty dick.

"It smells good down here," he said.

"You mean, my nail polish?" I said.

"No. The smell of your panties," he said as he blew on my toes.

I couldn't resist. "Why don't you lick them and see if you like the taste, baby."

"My pleasure," he said.

Eric leaned further forward and put his lips around the head of my cock through the black see-through panties. He licked my wet panties hungrily with his big tongue and I felt like a girl getting her clitty licked through her panties.

"Baby, you do me good," I said. "But I have to finish my toenails." I pushed his head back with my hand."I'll let you have another lick after I finish my other foot."

"Mmmmm, honey, you taste good," said Eric.

He licked his lips taking in all the sweet panty juice I gave him on his lips. Lovemaking is so sensuous with the tastes and the smells that go with it, I was glad to let Eric blow on my toenails on my left foot, too. Then I let him have another taste of my sweet panty juice. Then I pushed his head back.

"Baby, you are so good at licking panties, I'm going to have to give you a big mouthful, later."

"What's your name?" he said.

"Courtney. Yours?"


"Well, Eric, you're a very handsome panty sniffer. And you're going to get to sniff mine again, later. if you'd like to."

"You bet I do. I was turned-on watching you polish your toenails, too. You have sexy feet. And they look good with red polish."

I smiled widely at him as he stood up. "Thanks for blowing on them," I said.

As Eric left, I looked over at the lifeguard stand and saw Ted talking to Randy. Randy looked back over the lifeguard stand in my direction and my heart leaped. He was absolutely hunky with broad shoulders and a handsome tan face. I was about to get a big wonderful cock from a big strong lifeguard and the girlish heart in me was beating fast. I couldn't wait to be a sexy little bitch for my big hard Randy.

I waved at him with a smile. Then I stood up and started walking toward the changing booths with a sexy strut that showed off my hot ass for him. Thinking of how big Randy's cock must be made my clitty dick super hard and ready to bust through my panties. What a lucky girl I felt like to be attractive to men and to be set up with a big hunk like Randy by Ted.

Looking around at all the men watching me walk in my black see-through halter top and panties, I felt like the girl from Ipanema. There was a sexiness in my strut that let all the men know I was a hot chickie who likes dickie. I wanted every day to be a beach day after this one.

When I got to the changing booths, there was a man in a business suit with a tie on standing near them. It was strange to see a man in a suit on the beach, still wearing his dress shoes even. When he saw me, his eyes were all over my body. He looked at my titties pushing out the black see-through halter top then down at my sexy black nylon panties and my shaved legs. He immediately walked toward me.

"Hi. How are you?" he said.


"You look fine, too," he said. "Are you dating?"

"I'm kind of waiting on another guy," I said thinking about my big lifeguard, Randy. "But you look interesting."

He was tall, dark and handsome, a dreamy combination for any girl to see. And I could tell his suit was expensive and so were his dress shoes.

"I'm a lawyer. My office is near here. I'm looking for a femme guy to come to my office and give me blowjobs a couple days a week."

I said, "Am I femme enough for you?"

"You sure are," he said. "I like what's in those little panties you're wearing. Are you advertising?"

I looked down at my hard clitty dick completely visible through the thin material. It was still fully erect after having Eric licking it through my panties.

"As a matter of fact, I am advertising," I said. "Are you ready to buy?"

"Yes. How much?"

"One hundred an hour for anything you like."

"So, you're a pro?"

"No. I just do for extra money for lingerie. You can pay me with Victoria Secrets gift cards, if you like."

"That sounds fine. And you'll wear sexy things just for me, come to my office and give me a show and a blow?"

I moved closer to him. "With pleasure, sweetheart."

He smiled. "You're hired." Then he said, "What's you name?"

"Courtney. What's yours?"


"Dick," I said smiling. "That's such a sexy name. I like Dicks."

He reached down and grabbed his crotch. "I'd like to give you mine, right now. But you said you are waiting on another guy."

I looked toward the lifeguard stand and saw Randy was still up in his perch. Ted was walking back toward the changing booths. I looked back at tall, handsome Dick.

"I think I have time to do you, right now, Dick."

"Great, Courtney."

I took Dick's hand and pulled him into the changing booth where I saw a hole in the wall just below waist high. I knew Ted was coming and would like to watch so I felt extra sexy as I sat Dick down on the bench then got down between his legs to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants.

I was happy when I saw Dick had a 9 incher that was already getting hard for me. It had a nice head on it and I figured it would be good practice to get ready for Randy's big cock.

I took his dick in my hand and looked up at him. "You have a nice cock, Dick. I'm going to really enjoy coming to your office and sucking it."

I licked Dick's cock all the way from his nice balls all the way up to the bulbous head. Then I put it in my mouth and swallowed a good seven inches of it.

"Oh, yeah, Courtney," said Dick.

I heard the door to the next changing booth open and knew it was Ted coming to watch my cock sucking skills.His wife didn't want his dick and neither did other women, so he had to come down to the beach and give it to girlyboys and punks.I decided to put on a show for him.

I started sucking Dick as fast as my head could bob up and down. I stroked it with my hand as I came up and I knew I was driving Dick wild, as well as Ted who was in the next booth stroking his hot little 5 incher while I gave a professional quality bj to my new client, lawyer Dick.

Down in my little panties, my hard clitty dick was spewing out pre-cum from all the sexy action going on. It was thrilling to suck on a man's big boner while another man peeked in and played with himself. The fact that Ted was watching made me suck Dick extra good. His big hard 9 incher was ready to come anytime.

"Oh, yeah, baby,"said Dick. "You're a good cocksucker, Courtney. I want you every day at my office."

I could taste Dick's pre-cum and decided to stop for a moment.

"I like your cock, too, Dick. You're so handsome to look at while I suck it. I'm glad I met you."

"Me, too," said Dick.

I was stroking Dick's cock and I looked over at the hole in the wall where I saw Ted watching. I gave Ted a big smile. Then I looked up at Dick.

"I don't want to swallow for you today because I have more cocks to suck.But on another day, okay, baby?"

"Sure," said Dick. He reached for the handkerchief in his shirt pocket. "I'll tell you when I'm ready to come and I'll catch it in my hankie."

"Good boy," I said smiling.

I went back to sucking Dick's nice cock like a good whore. He gave me encouragement and thoroughly enjoyed it. And I'm sure voyeur Ted was enjoying the show.

"Okay, babe, I'm ready to cum," said Dick.

I stopped sucking and just stroked his cock, smiling up at him while I watched big loads of his cum shooting from his cock.He caught it with his handkerchief as he smiled back at me. We were definitely going to get along good, me and Dick. He was so handsome and he paid me with two fifties. He even kissed me before heading out the door to go back to his office with a smile on his face.

Dick gave me his business card to call him later. I was feeling like a successful pro and was just a sexy girlyboy out for a day at the beach. Now, I had a hundred dollars to go shopping for new lingerie with and the day was still young.Dick Hunter was his name. "Dick Hunter," I thought. "Well, if he is Dick Hunter, I'm Dick Huntress."

Suddenly, Ted's 5 inch cock came through the hole in the wall. I had promised to suck him if he set me up with Randy. The fact he was waiting for me to suck him let me know things were going to happen with Randy. I was glad to suck Ted's little boner knowing I had Randy's big one coming soon.

It had been years since I had sucked men's cocks at the adult bookstore video booths. But it was like riding a bicycle. It felt kind of fun to give a gloryhole blowjob to my horny Teddy who had just watched me suck Dick good.

It didn't take long for Ted to cum and I didn't have anything to catch it with and I didn't want him to make a mess on the floor, so I thrust my breasts forward and let him shoot his cum all over my black see-through halter top. Now,my panties and halter top were both covered with cum and I felt just like a slutty little whore.

Ted came in the booth with me. "That was really hot," he said. "You suck cock like a hungry bitch. I don't think I've ever seen a hotter looking bitch than you suck a cock."

"I ought to be charging you then," I said with a laugh.

"I told Randy about you and he wants to meet you. He said he likes your ass. I'll pay you fifty bucks to let me watch Randy fuck you in your hot ass."

I smiled. "Okay," I said.

"I told Randy you like guys with big ones and he said to come to his stand and he can show you what he's got. He doesn't get lunch until 2, but he wants to meet you first."

"Okay," I said."It's only 1 o'clock. So, why don't you do me a favor? There's a blonde guy who wants to suck me off."

Ted smiled. "The one I saw licking your panties out on the beach?"

"Yes. Tell him to come in and you can watch him suck me off."

"Sure," said Ted turning to leave. By the door, he paused, "by the way, thanks for that good blowjob."

I smiled. "Which one, the one I gave you or the one I gave my client?"

"Both," said Ted.

He left and went to get Eric, my handsome new blonde, who had just licked the pre-cum off my panties on the beach. The day was going great. I would let Ted watch from the next booth while Eric sucked me good and played with his own cock. To turn them both on, I lifted my halter top and played with my titties while Eric slurped on my hard clitty dick. The pleasure of being a girl with lots of men was too much.

After coming in Eric's mouth, I motioned for Ted to come in and suck Eric while I went to meet Randy. It was all going so well and the biggest cock was waiting for me in the lifeguard stand. Like a sexy girl who knows men can't resist her charms, I walked across the beach down to the water.

My panties and halter top were so cum-covered, I decided to take a swim and wash them off before meeting my handsome knight sitting on his throne. There was a spring in my step and my ass swayed from side-to-side as I nonchalantly passed the lifeguard stand, without even looking at Randy.

After a nice refreshing swim, I got out of the ocean and headed toward my new big stud. Mywet panties and halter top were completely seethrough now and I felt naked, but self-assured, as I approached the lifeguard stand. Seeing me with this sexy look was sure to make Randy hard as a rock in no time.

"Hi, are you Randy," I said.

I looked up at a beautiful specimen of hunky manhood with broad shoulders, a tan, sandy blonde hair and nice big thighs.

We introduced ourselves and I quickly got a look at Randy's growing cock. Yes, it was definitely one I wanted and I was even going to let him make me feel like a girl by fucking me in the ass with it while Ted watched.It was 11 inches fully erect and he had a big set of balls that looked like they could hold a gallon of cum juice. He was definitely going to have a good lunch with me.

"You have a nice ass, Courtney. Do you take cock in it?"

"Only yours," I said smiling up at him.

I felt like the Coppertone girl, flirting with a big, strong lifeguard who was showing me his big cock he wanted to give me. It was definitely my best day at the beach ever.

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