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Been A Long Time

Once I got married I pretty much gave up my crossdressing lifestyle to lead a more "normal" life.You know,settle down,have a couple of kids.

I was a happily married man with two kids,what could be missing?

Well one day while at work,I was on the internet and stumbled onto a crossdressing website,and all kinds of memories came rushing back to me.

The feeling of sexy panties,bras and hose.The feel of a hard cock pushing it's way past my lips and down my throat.The taste of a hot load of cum.

As the months went on, I started to accept the feelings coming back to me and I soon started to amass a nice collection of ladies lingerie.I mean everything from the wigs to the shoes and everything in between.

One evening while driving home,I passed an adult bookstore.I turn my car around and park and go inside.

Not knowing exactly what I was going to do,but knowing what I wanted to do,I get some tokens and head into the viewing area.

I grab a booth and drop my tokens and flip through the movies and find a transexual movie and watch as this pretty shemale gets fucked hard.

It wasn't long after that I see a hard cock poking through the glory hole.My heart starts racing and I can feel my adrenaline pumping through my body as this nice piece of man meat is staring at me.

I take it in my hand at first and gently stroke it up and down,soflty whispering "oh god,I want this so bad".

After a few minutes of stroking this rock hard cock,I get on my knees and take it in my mouth.

His salty pre cum flowing onto my tongue,I am in heaven as my mouth glides up and down his hard shaft. I close my eyes and invision myself being thirteen again,sucking a hard cock until it shoots in my mouth.

The moans coming from the other side of the wall let me know I haven't really lost my touch after all of these years.

As my eyes are closed dreaming back to when I was younger,I realize this hard man meat is shooting stream after stream of hot,glorious cum into my mouth.

As he finishes and pulls away I sit there,swirling the hot cum in my mouth and then spit it into my hand and spread it all over my hard cock and jerk myself off until I explode onto the wall and floor.

On my drive home I start thinking of ways to get out of the house over the weekend to play dress up and hopefully score some cock to fuck my lonely ass.

My plan devised,I walk into the house,kiss the wife and tell her I have to go out of town this weekend for business,which she was used to because it does happen alot.

Friday night arrives and my bags are packed with all of my sexy girlie things and I bid the wife a farewell and tell her I will be back Sunday night.

I drive to a city out of state,about a 3 hour drive and get a hotel downtown,near the night life.

Once there and checked in,I walk around town looking for some adult bookstores or bars that might be able to help fulfill my desire.

I find a couple of stores and then go back to my room to dress up. Once in the room I lay out all of my lingerie and decide what to put on.

It comes as no surprise that I still have a thing for sexy,silky string bikini panties.

I decide on black floral print panties,black bra,black thigh highs and garter to wear under some sweats.

I head out to one of the bookstores and head into the viewing area and grab a booth. I strip down to my sexy underthings and wait for a hard cock to come through the hole.

I am soon rewarded with my first dick. I swallow him deep and suck him for a good 10 minutes before he cums,filling my mouth up with his creamy goodness. And that is soon followed by another,and he too fills my awaiting mouth with cum.

After an unproductive 10-15 minutes and no action,I dress and leave the store. As I walk out the front door of the store,a man in his 30's is sitting in his car,rolls the window down and ask me if it was dead in there.

I tell him yes,that I only had two. He smiled and asked me if I would like another. I get in his car,he drives down to an alley and I go down on him while he is sitting in the driver seat.

He grabs the back of my head and forces me down deep on his thick cock. I gag a bit as he shoots a huge load of cum into my mouth,I do my best to swallow it all,but some does escape.

He tells me how good I was,that his wife never swallows and he comes down here once in awhile to get someone to suck his cock and swallow his cum.

I smile and tell him it was my pleasure,we talked for a few minutes,about our wives and kids and I told him I was staying at the hotel down the street until Sunday afternoon and that I can dress sexier than his wife and do things she might not let him.

He looked at me kind of strange and I told him that I dressed in womens lingerie and stuff and showed him what I had on.

He was smiling ear to ear and I gave him the room number and told him to stop by whenever.

That night I slept in my black outfit,but also put on a long sliky night gown and brunette wig and fell asleep quickly.

The next morning there is a knock at the door and it is the guy from last night.

I open the door in my sexy outfit and he just grabs me and kisses me deeply.

We put the "do not disturb" hanger on the door and retreat to the bed.He gets completely naked and we start making out,as we lay on our sides facing each other I can feel his cock start to grow against me.

I go down on him,sucking him slowly,swirling my tongue around his shaft as I work my mouth up and down.

His hips gyrate,slowly pumping up and down,my long hair falling over his thighs.

After 20 minutes of sucking his cock,getting it nice and hard,I slide a condom over his dick and position myself over top of him,lift my night gown,slide my panties to one side and ease my hungry ass onto his cock.

It takes some work,but he is finally in and I feel myself cumming almost immediately as his balls hit my ass.My panties getting soaked with cum.

We both gyrate in unison,as he fucks my ass,the first time in a long time. I am in heaven now,moaning,softly at first and then a little louder as our pace quickens.

He flips me over onto my back with out ever pulling his cock out of my ass,throws my legs up into the air and over his shoulders and starts to pound my ass hard and deep.

Both of us moaning louder and louder. I'm sure anyone below us or walking by had no problem understanding what was going on.

For I was getting fucked again like I should have been all along.

We must have fucked for nearly two hours before he came,a few last hard pumps and some loud grunts and he he soon fills the condom up with his sticky goodness.

He pulls out and pulls the condom off and opens my mouth with his fingers and dumps his cum into my mouth and I do as any good girl should do and swallow it all.

He takes a shower,gets dressed and kisses me goodbye and tells me he may come back and I tell him I will be here.

More to follow...the wife is coming.

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