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Being Slutty at a Panty Party

A hot CD gave me a sexy choiceI
I would love to tell you about my most recent adventure in my new life of wearing panties and sucking cock. I was invited to a panty party, and was so excited that I had just gotten all my stuff waxed just for this occasion. This was the first one and I was so excited. I took me awhile to pick out the right panties, but I settled on a hot little sequined thong. I made sure it could hold my cock while I was excited and that It would make a perfect tent.

The party had just started, and people were just milling around chatting. Nothing overtly sexual was happening but most people were hard already with some pretty hot bulges going. Some people had started to drip a little. I sat down on a chair next to two guys who were chatting. Their cocks, packaged in their hot panties (one was a lilac g-string and the other was a rainbow cotton thong) were conveniently at my face level. I was a little nervous, so I started to stroke my bulge a little to get their attention.This didn't work, so I finally worked up the nerve to ask flat out if they both wanted a blowjob! I felt so sexy and depraved, but it was worth it. They both shrugged and one said sure. The other flopped his big rod out and put it in my mouth. He started to fuck my face and I was in utter ecstasy. I guess he was too, because unfortunately he came in about 20 seconds. It was a tasty load though. His friend was a little more patient and gentle and so he told me to get to work but let me do my thing. I slobbered all over the shaft before giving it nice hard sucks. He lasted a while, but then came hard, filling my mouth with his hot jizz. He wiped his dick on my cheek and they went back to chatting,

By now, the party started heating up and there were a few blowjobs going on all at once. I decided to take a break and to enjoy watching the action. My cock was twitching with excitement and my panties were soaked with precum.

All of the sudden, a beautiful woman walked over to me. I would have thought she was female, except for the huge panty tent that she was pointing at me when she walked over. She said she had been watching me and that she had to go soon but that she wanted to empty her balls first. She said she didn't want me to get her cock all slobbery so I could jerk it. The next thing that she said to me was the hottest: I had two choices, the load was going in my mouth or all over my face.

I folded down her panties to find the biggest most delicious looking cock I had ever seen. It was smooth and huge and had the most perfect mushroom head. I would have been in heaven if she let me suck it! I started jerking her rod right away.I couldn't wait to have my face coated. Bit by bit, we started to get an audience going. Two guys came over and started watching. It was hard to just jerk it without sucking it and a few times I got close to sucking it without her permission but I didn't want her to get mad and deprive me of my face full of come. I asked her if she could hold on a minute while I sucked off one of the spectators. She said it was okay but to make it snappy. I pulled the panties down of the cuter of the two and started slurping away. He put his hands on the back of my head and guided me to a good rhythm and he filled my mouth within a minute. Apparently watching this got her excited, because right when I started to jerk her cock again, she began to spatter my face right away. I guess she took pity on me knowing how bad I liked to have the sausage in my mouth because she said that I could slurp off the tip to clean it up before tucking her rod back into her panties.

She walked away without saying thanks but I didn't care. The second spectator, without saying a word, put his hand on the back of my head and guided it towards his cock (not that he needed to, that's where it was going to go anyway). He then proceeded to fuck my mouth for a good five minutes before I got my creamy reward. My panties were so wet that it looked like I had actually come.

It was time for me to unload. I found a cute guy whose panties were as soaked as mine and told him to open wide. All he could do was pull it out of my panties because I came unexpectedly. What a great party!

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