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Loosely based on true events and it is my first story so please be easy.

Being a Marine for most meant traveling, working out and above all alpha males only. For me all of this was of interest but I didn't work out and I was definitely not an "Alpha Male". Slim in stature I stood all of five foot, six inches weighing in at a whopping 145 pounds. I wasn't much to look at in a uniform but out of one was another story, I could dress with the best and I looked good doing it, that was the best part.

It was the middle of summer when I arrived at my first duty station, sunny San Diego California! Rushed through check in, I found myself alone in my barracks room waiting the arrival of my new roomate. Judging from the pictures on the wall he was a younger, well built man who obviously knew his way around the gym. As my mind wandered and I unpacked the door swung open and there he stood.

"The name is Mike," he said.

"Oh, mine is Teagen," I muttered back as I went on unpacking.

"I'll be gone all night so the room is all yours I guess and no funny shit either, I like it nice and clean," he exclaimed.

With a simple nod of my head, I acknowledged his request. As I dug deeper and deeper into my sea-bag I struck gold!

I found all my skimpy little outfits I could have sworn I'd left behind in Maryland! Happy as could be knowing that I had a room all to myself for the first time in three months I rushed to the bathroom and began dressing as if I were getting ready for a night on the town.

As I got more and more into my costume I got harder and harder, not that I had much to be proud of but my boyish 6 inches got the job done when need be.

I gently lay down in bed fully dressed, stroking myself to sleep.

Startled, I woke up to banging on the door at three o' clock in the morning.

What could be going on? I thought.

Quickly undressing, I wiped off my face and turned on our community shower, answering the door in a towel. It was Mike, drunk.

As he stumbled in, I headed back to the shower I had so falsely started earlier. Troubled by the lack of noise I turned around and there he stood, my panties hanging off of his fingers. I wanted to die right then and there until I noticed the bulge he had developed in his pants from watching me shower.

He slipped his boxers off as I stood in silence. He walked closer and in a deep voice he softly said, "I couldn't help but notice that beautiful ass of yours."

Still standing in silence he put his massive hand on my shoulder and I dropped to my knees. Through all the steam from the shower I came face to face with the most beautiful cock I have ever seen. Mike had the type of dick that guys like me only ever dreamed of; it was cut with a mushroom head that rivaled the size of a cue ball. Wrapping my little hand around the throbbing base I couldn't help but notice the length of what I held in my hand. Reaching down to the bend of my elbow his dick easily stretched 9 inches.

As I struggled to wrap my mouth around it, he grabbed the back of my head and began to thrust. In and out it went, deeper into my throat with every thrust of his hips. Gagging for air I started to tear up beyond my control. As his dick started to pulsate, he ripped it out of my mouth, shooting every last drop of his thick manhood on my chin and cheeks. He grabbed his still hard cock in one hand and and my head in the other, wiped my face with his dick and then made me lick it clean.

Dropping my head he turned to walk away and said, "Welcome to the Marine Corps."