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Born To Be A Babe: Part Two

Wearing a sexy pair of hot pants, I go looking for men at the adult bookstore.
After discovering that I enjoyed wearing sexy little panties, tasting cum and having a big vibrator in my ass, I began to have these auto-erotic sessions, every day.While wearing panties and playing with my ass with a dildo, I would lay in my bed and fantasize about all the big cocks I wanted to satisfy for men. While I was only 16 years-old, I had decided I was a girl and I wanted to wear sexy lingerie and be with men.

The only place I had ever had men come on to me was walking down the street near a local adult bookstore. The bookstore had video booths that men would go into and get really horny. They'd spend all their quarters watching naughty videos and then come out and get in their cars to leave feeling hot and horny. Some of them would slow down and wink at me or blow me kisses.

Being a boy, I wasn't sure what to think about these horny men coming on to me. But, now that I was becoming a girly boy, my opinion of these men was changing. They were potential sexual partners, at least that is what they made me feel whenever they winked at me or blew me kisses. I wasn't sure how to respond as a boy, but as a girl I knew I could easily please a horny man and make him want me sexaully.

This fantasy began to get the better of me and I started having it in my mind, every day. Being sexy for a horny man with a big hard cock who wanted me like a girl was my favorite girlish fantasy as an innocent 16 year-old with no experience with men. This must be how it is for all 16 year-old girls, I thought. Their little pussies start craving cock and they start wanting it in them, all the time. Until they finally can't resist anymore and they absolutely have to have it in them.

Each night, I would put on my sexy eighteen-year-old, blonde neighbor Barbie's yellow nylon panties which always got me really turned on. Then I would use my mother's big brown 10 inch vibrator on my ass like it was a pussy. Although I had a tight little tush, my desire to please men with my body made me really enjoy having a large dick-shaped vibrator in me.

This went on for months and each session I became more and more confident that I had what it took to please a man with my lips and my body, the way girls do. I wondered how many other sixteen- year-old girls start fucking themselves with their mothers' dildos and vibrators before they get the real thing.

After several months of having nightly auto-erotic, self-pleasing jerkoff sessions in Barbie's little yellow nylon panties, I was ready for the real thing, myself. Of course, like all girls, I was nervous about the idea of being with a man for the first time. It seemed like I would be vulnerable to being abused by a big strong man who might want to hurt me.

The men who winked at me or blew me kisses while I was walking down the street near the adult bookstore seemed very friendly. I couldn't imagine them wanting to hurt me. After all, they seemed like they wanted to please me with their lips and any man who wanted to do that must be good, I thought. Finally, after several weeks of indecision, I decided it was time for my first time with a man as a girl. This was a step I was sure would liberate me from my inhibitions and allow me to enjoy the sexual direction that wearing Barbie's panties was taking me.

Barbie, by the way, was a tall, beautiful, blonde dancer who, like the doll of the same name, had long legs and nice breasts. The fact that she was my next-door neighbor had allowed me to gain access to her panties in the drier of our laundry room. I had been happy to discover that Barbie and I wore the same size panties and, although her bras were too big for me, we both enjoyed being sexy girls.

I decided to explore Barbie's clothes the next time she did her laundry to see if there was something I could "borrow" from her for my trip to the adult bookstore. I would "borrow" an outfit and wear it and then put it back on the drier, nicely folded, after I was through wearing it. This way, I would have the confidence that I was as sexy as Barbie and men would want me the way they wanted her.

Although my time from first wearing panties till meeting my first man as a girl was only a matter of months, I was feeling extremely confident that I had what it took to please a man since I was having my panty-wearing jerkoff sessions, every day. In just a few short months, I had become a very-experienced panty-wearer and learned to act like a girl while wearing them.

I practiced walking sexily in my panties, each day, in front of a full-length mirror in my bedroom. I also practiced making sexy faces to let a man know I was that kind of a girl. It was all so easy once I stripped out of my boy clothes and put on Barbie's little yellow nylon panties. This is how all girls learned to be sexy, I thought. It wasn't in their nature. It was something they practiced.

Well, I got all the practice I could in those few months, until I was sure that I had what it took to please a man sexually as a girl. Now, it was just a matter of over-coming my nerves and shyness and going out to meet a man to please dressed as a woman.

I wasn't confident enough to go to a store to buy female underwear, yet, so this left the option of snagging more of Barbie's sexy things the way I had snagged her little yellow panties. Although I felt guilty about taking these things, I was sure it would feel wonderful to be dressed as Barbie when I went to the adult bookstore for the first time. It was like she had picked out the outfit I would wear for me. I would have all the confidence she had being a dancer for men.

She must have a sexy little thong in her laundry, I thought. This was my mission when I went down to the laundry room one week day when she was doing her laundry, to get a sexy little thong that I could use to highlight my hot ass and show it off for men and make them want to stick their dicks in me and fuck me hard like a girl.

Things had gone so well the last time I took her panties, I couldn't see what would go wrong this time. All I wanted was a sexy little thong to please men with like she did when she wore sexy thongs. Nothing could have prepared me for the embarassment I got when I was peeking in the drier and picking up her thong and Barbie walked into the laundry room.

"What are you do?" she said.

Shocked, I turned to her and stumbled for words to say. "I'm just, well, kind of curious about your things," I replied.

"So, you want to touch my underwear?"

She was looking down at the flesh-colored nylon thong I was holding in my hand.

"No," I said. "I'm kinda curious about them."

A look of complete understanding came over Barbie's pretty face and I felt relieved, as her voice changed and she smiled.

"Oh, so you want to wear my things, huh?"

"Yes," I said shamefully.

"Were you the one who took my yellow panties?" she asked.

"Yes," I replied, doubly-shamed.

Barbie smiled. "So, you've been wearing my yellow panties and you liked it so much you came back for something else to wear."

I just nodded yes.

Although Barbie was my neighbor, we had become friends while talking together at the swimming pool and I felt like I was betraying our friendship at that moment. My shame was exacerbated by the fact that she was grinning at me like she had just heard a good joke.

"Let me get this right, you enjoy wearing my panties ?"

"More than anything else," I replied.

"And you want to wear more of my panties?"


"Do you think of me when you are wearing them?" she asked.

I shook my head "no."

"So, you like to feel like a girl," she said.

I nodded.

"That's something," she said. "I'm studying psychology in college now and I'd like to study your mind and see what makes you tick. Deviant sexual behavior really intrigues me as a topic. I think a boy stealing girl's panties from clothes driers qualifies."

She smiled as she looked down at the thong in my hand.

"I'll tell you what," she said. "I'll let you keep those panties and the ones you already took, if you'll tell me what it feels like for you to wear them."

Shamed, yet, still horny-as-ever for panties, I agreed to be a case study for Barbie in her psychology class in order to keep the little nude-colored nylon thong I was holding and the yellow nylon panties I'd already taken. I stepped aside and watched as Barbie got her things out of the drier to fold.

We talked some more as she folded her clothes which included bras, panties, leotards. bikini bathing suits and the sexiest little pair of hot pants I'd ever seen. Barbie was amused by my infatuation with women's undergarments and was holding each item up for me to get a good view of as she folded them.

The smile on my face as she held up the sexy hot pants gave away how much I liked them.

"You like these, huh?" said Barbie.

"I sure do," I replied.

"They really turn men on when they see me in them," said Barbie. "They start looking down at my legs and they want to try to see my pussy, but they can't. That's when I know their dicks are starting to get hard. They get turned on imagining what's underneath these hot pants."

I didn't mean to say it but I blurted out, instantly, "I'd love to wear them."

"Here," she said, handing me her hot pants. "You can borrow them, but I want these back. The panties you can keep for being my case study though."

I took the hottest-looking women's outerwear I had ever held from Barbie. They were black hot pants with silver sequins on the front. They hugged a girl's hips and buns and showed off her legs. It was magical having them in my hands along with the little nude thong she gave me.

Another article of clothing that Barbie noticed I liked was one of her black leotards. The sexy material was practically see-through and the crotch had snaps at the bottom that seemed to make it easy for a man to take off. Barbie offered the sexy leotard to me and I gladly accepted.

"I'm sure this will fit you," she said. "We're about the same size."

How wonderful it was to have such a friend to give me clothes that made me feel like a girl when I wore them. In fact, I couldn't wait to get into my bedroom to try these sexy clothes on and look at myself in the mirror while pacing in them in front of my mirror. Being a sexy slut takes practice, I thought at that moment.

It wasn't long until I was in the sexy outfit I would wear to the adult bookstore on Friday night. It felt incredible to wear these things and I was happy that Barbie had loaned them to me. It made me feel less creepy and more confident to know I had actuallyborrowed them.

Although Barbie was only two years older than me, she had been taking college courses in high school so she seemed much older to me. It felt like I had a big sister encouraging me with my fantasy of being with men. After all, she had given me the clothes to wear and told me I could keep the panties. Having a pretty blonde eighteen-year-old dancer, named Barbie, tell me I could wear her panties was the final encouragement I needed. Friday night, I was going to the adult bookstore dressed as Barbie.

It couldn't have been any better. Barbie had read my mind and knew which of her clothes to give me to wear just by the look on my face, so I was dressed exactly as I wanted to be, wearing the little nude-colored thong under the sexy black leotard with the sexiest hot pants I'd ever seen topping it all off.

If there was magic in sexy clothes, as I had already discovered there was in girl's panties, then I was sure to get some action walking down the street wearing this outfit. My ass cheeks were hanging out of the hot pants which also made my hips look girlish and the leotard felt so sensual against my skin I was sure a man would like touching it and taking it off for me.

While up until this point I had felt like a boy with a panty fetish, after pulling on the leotard and hot pants over the little thong, I was officially a cross-dresser and a very sexy one, if I do say so myself. I strutted for 30 minutes in front of my full-length mirror that first day and I could see what Barbie meant about men looking at her legs since the hot pants revealed them so well. And, whenever I walked away from the mirror, I saw that my sweet little ass cheeks looked splendid hanging out of the bottom of them.

I was practicing my sexy strut I would use on Friday night as I walked to the adult bookstore and trying to be tall and dignified like Barbie, at the same time. That was the trick, I thought. Being able to be sexy so that a man would want you, but having confidence and nerve so he wouldn't disrespect you. I'm sure every sixteen-year-old girl goes through the same ordeal on her journey toward womanhood.

The trick is, you want to be sexy, but you don't want men to think you are a floozy. This requires practice and trial and error for a girl. That's why I was getting lots of practice at home, to avoid embarassment. If I was as sexy as a girl, I was sure no man could resist me. And, from that, my confidence was growing, the confidence that makes a girl seem too good to be a floozy.

Floozies are girls with low self-esteem and they end up in bad situations with men by leading them on. I was not going to become one of them. My "no" to a man would mean exactly that. Of course, it was okay to tease them with my legs and my ass and my sexy walk. But they were going to listen when I said "no."

These days spent preparing for my first night with a man were very good. I was setting the standards I would live by in my lovelife and I wanted to start with high standards to attract the best men I could. Of course, the adult bookstore wasn't my ideal place for meeting men, but it was the only place I knew where men would come on to boys for sex so that's where I started.

My intention was to go to the adult bookstore dressed as a girl, meet a man who would take me on a date and let me turn him on with my body and give him a good blowjob. I wouldn't receive any anal since I wanted to save myself for a special man my first time, although I would use my hot ass to turn him on for hours.

I started sucking lots of big lollipops that week to practice giving blowjobs. I especially liked the Blow Pops that would fill my mouth with a sweet liquid when I got to the middle. These made me feel like I was getting a load of cum from licking and sucking them. I imagined they were my date on Friday night who I was sure I was going to please, immensely.

On Friday, I took a long hot bath and washed myself good, paying special attention to cleaning my clitty dick and my tight little ass. No man was going to say he didn't like the smell of me. This would give me more confidence, so a pre-date hot bath became a ritual for me every time I wanted to be with a man. I hadn't started wearing lipstick, makeup or eye shadow, yet, so it didn't take me long to get ready. After the bath, I dried myself good and prepared to put on Barbie's sexy little outfit.

I had laid each item out on my bed and started with the sexy little nude thong Barbie caught me "stealing" from her. After putting on the tan little panties, I strutted while looking at myself in the mirror. The way they showed off my ass cheeks so good gave me confidence that my ass is what a horny man wants. And the nude color that matched my own fleshtone made me look naked at first sight from the front. They were simply so sexy and I was glad Barbie was letting me keep them.

Next, I pulled the black see-through leotard over my shoulders and down my body. I reached down and snapped it between my legs. It was a short-sleeved leotard that clung to my body and made it look like I had nice titties. This was definitely a plus, since the thought of turning men on also made me want them to play with my titties like a girl's.

During my jerkoff session in Barbie's panties, I often played with my titties and discovered they were sensitive to the touch. Now, playing with my nipples throught the sheer black material, I noticed my nipples were getting harder than ever. This really made me feel good, knowing my tits enjoyed being played with and my nipples got hard like a girl's. I wanted men to do everything to me that they did to girls.

After pulling on Barbie's sexy black hot pants with the silver sequins in front, I felt sexier than I'd ever been in my life. The inseams were only one inch below the crotch so the hot pants (also know as short shorts) showed off my legs so well and the little mound where my clitty dick was in my panties look like a girl's mound.

The transformation was complete. I was totally ready to go to the adult bookstore and meet a man for sex dressed as a girl. All I had to do was slip on my black tennis shoes and I was on my way out the door feeling confident I was going to meet my first boyfriend, tonight.

The walk to the adult bookstore wasn't far and the night was warm so I was dressed for it. The breeze blowing the black leotard against my skin was giving me a sensual feeling on my shoulders and down my body. Oh, it felt so good to wear girly clothes. They are so lucky to get to wear clothes that lead men to want to have sex with them. Tonight, I was going to learn how these clothes work, especially the sexy little hot pants.

The time I had spent practicing walking like a girl gave me a sexy strut that was now on full display for the public. I was so confident that I was just as sexy as a girl that I wasn't worried one bit about being thought of as a joke or foolish. No man with a big boner leaving the bookstore would be able to resist me. I was just hoping he would be a nice man and make me feel special.

The night was young when I arrived at the adult bookstore. Women call them love shops, instead of adult bookstores, and I was about to discover why. I was amazed when I walked in and saw all the toys, including dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, clit rings, and other devices for women to use to make their pussies feel good. There were shelves full of these devices, each one guaranteed to bring her hours and hours of ecstatic pleasure.

Feeling like a girl myself, I was happy to discover these sex toys that we could use on ourselves, or the boys could use on us to make us feel good. A whole new world was opening up to me, at that moment. It occurred to me that girls must really enjoy putting all these wonderful things in their little pussies for hours. It made me feel like I wanted these things in me, too, so I could feel like a girl.

I had been using my mother's 10 inch vibrator now, every night, for the past few months, turning it on to turn myself on while wearing Barbie's yellow nylon panties. But the ten inches was a little too big for my tight little spinchter. I would have to use too much Vaseline and it required me to put a towel on the bed to keep the Vaseline off the sheets.

I started to look at the smaller vibrators and they were very appealing to me. I thought a 6 incher would be a little too small since I liked imagining I was being fucked by men with big ones, so I decided that an 8 incher would be perfect.

I found a yellow eight inch vibrator in a package, called The Honey Bee, which had a photo of a bee on a flower on the package. It seemed so clean and new and cheery and I felt like a teenage girl who couldn't wait to put it inside her. This night was going to be even better than I thought. I was going to have a man to have sex with and I was going to have a new vibrator to fuck myself with while wearing Barbie's panties.

I took The Honey Bee and walked with it toward the back of the store where the counter was. There weren't any other customers in sight and the store clerk was reading a magazine and not paying any attention to me. When I got near the back of the store, I discovered where the people were whose cars were parked outside.

There was a black silky curtain under a sign that said "Video Booths" and I could hear movies playing back there which included the sounds of lots of girls moaning and enjoying having their pussies stimulated. It was alluring to me to want to find out what was making these girls feel so good that they were moaning loudly. I wanted to feel how they were feeling.

When I got to the back counter, the clerk finally looked up at me and saw me closely for the first time. His first words to me were "You're too young to be in here."

"Really?" I said. "I was just looking at this vibrator and I wanted to know the price."

"You're too young to buy it."

"I'm sixteen," I said. "And I've already been using a bigger one than this. I just want to know how much this one costs."

"I can't sell it to you," he said.

Feeling a little dejected, I decided to turn and put The Honey Bee back on the shelf where I found it before he told me to leave. As I turned to walk away from the clerk's counter, I saw him looking down at my sexy hot pants and legs. I'm sure it was seeing my ass cheeks hanging out of the back of these short shorts that got the clerk to re-consider.

"Woah, baby!" he said. "Your ass is fine."

I turned back and smiled up at him. "I'm glad you like it," I said.

"I want to see what's in the front of those hot pants, little girly boy," he said.

Smiling, I turned around and showed him the mound at my crotch where my little clitty dick was tucked down neatly in Barbie's nude-colored little thong.

"Holy, baby," he said."Fuck! You look so good in those clothes, I want to fuck you, myself."

I took it as a complement even though he was being a bit too vulgar for me.

"I'll tell you what," he said. "If you'll meet me in the bathroom and let me take those hot pants off you, I'll let you keep that vibrator you're holding."

"And what will you do to me once you take my hot pants off?" I said curiously

"I want to suck on what you got down there, little girly boy."

It was incredible to me to learn that a man, Danny was his name, about twenty-eight-years-old, would want to suck on my little clitty dick just from looking at my ass cheeks hanging out of my hot pants. "How wonderful it is to be a girl," I thought. Having men want to suck on your genitals just from seeing you being sexy. I discovered that's all it would take.

My first thought was of all the pleasure I coud have for hours every night using The Honey Bee on my tight little tush, pretending it was a man's cock. So, the thought of going into the bathroom with Danny, the store clerk, was appealing to me. But he had said he wanted to suck me and I had planned to suck a man first before I let him suck me tonight and Danny wasn't the man I wanted to suck.

"What's your name?" I said.

"Danny. Yours?"

"Courtney," I said."I really like you Danny and what you suggested sounds wonderful. But I have other plans tonight and they don't involve being in a bathroom with a man."

"Just let me suck you off and get a taste of all that sweet juice that cums out of you and I'll let you come in here anytime you want, Courtney."

This was a good thing. He had upped the offer. Not only would I get to keep The Honey Bee, I would get to come back in here and, I looked toward the video booths, and meet horny men anytime I liked. The thought of all those big dicks on the men back there watching videos was too much for me to resist. I wanted those big dicks just as much as any girl ever wanted them.

"I'm going to be seventeen, soon," I said."So, it won't be long and I'll be able to come here, anyway."

"It doesn't matter," said Danny. "I have a different age requirement for girls like you. As long as you let me suck on what's down in those sexy little hot pants, I'll let you keep coming here whenever I'm working."

It all sounded so good to a girly boy who was spreading her wings for the first time. And, although having a man suck me off in a bathroom in an adult bookstore seemed dirty to me, I was starting to get attracted to Danny who was kind of handsome in a rugged way. He had sexy blues eyes and a full mustache and the way he was looking at me I couldn't resist.

"Why do you have a different age requirement for girls like me,"I asked naively.

"I like sucking on smaller boners," he said. "They feel good in my mouth."

This brought my mind back to all the big boners on those men back there in the video booths who I was sure were jerking off and wasting all that cum that I wanted to swallow for them. It occurred to me that Danny was the only one working so he would have to suck me quickly to get back to work at the counter.

"If I let you suck me, can I go in the video booths?" I asked.

"I'll let you go in them when you turn seventeen. In the meantime, you can shop in the rest of the store and come in and turn me on in those little hot pants anytime you like."

"You mean, you're turned on, right now?" I asked.

"Baby, you don't have a clue of how much you are turning me on, right now. Just let me suck you and you can take that vibrator home with you to fuck yourself, tonight."

I held the vibrator out to Danny. "Do you have a bag?" I said.

"Sure,"he said smiling as he took it from me.

While Danny was loading The Honey Bee in the bag, I started looking at the cock-shaped lollipops on the counter. I pointed at thelong pink lollipops with bigheads on them.

"These look good," I said.

"Here you go,"he said.

He grabbed a handful of the sexy lollipops and put them in the bag. Danny handed me the bag and pointed to the door to the bathroom."Go in there and I'll be in in two minutes," he said.

He quickly locked the cash register and went to lock the front entrance door while I headed into the bathroom with a sexy strut to give him a show. After all, he was going to be my first blow job from a man and my little tushy was feeling excited about it. My clitty dick was starting to stir down in my little thong panty. Soon, it would be up and running, shooting my sweet cum drops into a man's mouth for the first time.

This was it, I thought. Barbie was going to get her case study about her sixteen-year-old cross-dressing neighbor boy for her psychology class in college. I was going to get my first blow job and The Honey Bee to use on my ass and soon I would have total access to this erotic world of pleasure that was calling me back behind the curtains to the video booths where I still heard lots of women moaning with pleasure.

I decided that I was going to moan with pleasure, too, while Danny sucked me. This woud increase his pleasure and give me experience at learning how to moan like a woman. My little clitty dick was just as sensitive as their little pussies. So, if they could moan while getting their pussies licked, I could moan, too.

I knew this bathroom session with Danny woud be short and sweet since he had to work. And I really wanted him to let me back in the video booths where all the big cocks were. So, my feelings were a little mixed as I waited for Danny to come give me my first sex with a man.

To increase his pleasure for him, I decided I would suck on one of the cock-shaped lollipops while Danny sucked on me.I pulled the plastic wrapper off of one and put it in my mouth, tasting the sweet candy flavor and feeling the shpe of a man's dick in my mouth.

The first thing Danny noticed when he came in was the way I was tonguing the lollipop. "You're pretty good with that thing,"he said.

"I would much rather be back in the video booths sucking on a real one," I said, sounding disappointed.

"I'll let you in there when you're at least seventeen."

"Until then, I'll just have to keep sucking on my lolli cock," I said.

Danny smiled. "Hey, well, I want to suck on what's under those," he said, pointing at my black hotpants.

"What are you waiting for, handsome?" I said, fluttering my eye lashes and cooing like a girl for him.

"Damn, you're sexy," he said."Sit down on the toilet so I can take those hot pants off you."

I assumed the position on the throne feeling like a princess about to be pleased by one of her courters. I spread my sexy, tan, peach fuzz-covered legs for my knight who would be the first to taste my royal cum. Although I was a daddy's girl who would be attracted to older men, I was kinda pleased that my first man was a handsome twenty-eight-year-old with dreamy blue eyes. I took a lick on my lolli cock to make him think I was sucking him.

"You're pretty sexy," he said.

"You're a handsome stud, yourself, Danny boy. I'm kinda glad to be your girl, tonight."

"What chya got under these little hot pants?" said Danny as he got down on the floor between my legs.

"Why don't you pull down the zipper and see for yourself?" I said, taking a lick of the lolli cock like a girl with a boner in her mouth.

"Don't mind if I do," he replied.

Danny reached up and pulled down the zipper on Barbie's black hot pants and pulled the sexy shorts down to my ankles. I was now just wearing the black leotard which showed off my hips really well for a man.

"Damn, you look like a girl in this leotard," he said, paying me the complement I would like hearing most from a man.

In a sexy girl voice, I said, "Suck it for me, baby. I'm waiting."

Danny unsnapped the leotard and pulled it up, rubbing my semi-erect clitty dick when he did.

"There's something about girls like you that always makes me want to suck them," he said, staring at my sexy little tan thong where a wet spot was forming from my pre-cum oozing out of my clitty dick.

I put my hand up to Danny's cheek and gazed into his deep blue eyes. "I'm so glad I met you, honey."

"Me, too,"he said, reaching to pull down my thong so he could get to my clitty dick.

"And just think, it all started because you liked seeing my ass cheeks hanging out of my hot pants."

Danny took each of my ass cheeks in his hands as he licked his lips with his tongue to get them wet for my pleasure.

"Do you like being sucked?" he said.

"I've never been sucked before I said."

"You mean, this is a virgin ass, too?" he said, indicating the crack between my legs.


"Baby, you don't want to give this up to just any man," he said, as he playedwith my ass with his fingers. "Your ass is really hot like a girl's and you can get lots of men with it."

I smiled at the confidence Danny was giving me. The thought of his sweet lips getting ready to go down on me made my clitty dick rock hard. All five inchesof my little dickiewas now filled with blood and throbbing for a man like agirl's clitty does. I was getting comfortable with the idea of being a sexy little trollop who men want to suck on for hours.

It was all part of the process of becoming a cum-loving little slut. I had been aware of my desire to suck on men's big cocks, but I had been unaware of their desire to suck on me. As Danny's sweet lips reached my dickie, I was suddenly glad that he had suggested sucking me off. It would be a chance for me to learn from a pro who was apparently good at sucking off teenage girly boys.

With Danny's lips around my dickie, I started sucking on my lolli cock really good, practicing for the man I would get to suck on later tonight and trying to turn on Danny whose cock was out of sight down in his pants. I started imagining that the lolli cock was Danny's cock and I started sucking it wilder and wilder with wet lips while Danny did the same to my little clitty dick.

I don't know how long a girl likes to have her clitty sucked before she has an orgasm. But it was only a matter of minutes before my clitty dick was ready to release the sweet liquid Danny was craving. This wasall new to a sexy 16 year-old girly boy out for her first pick up with a man.

Although Danny wasn'tthe man I was dreaming about meeting, he was quite good at sucking girly dick and he even licked my little balls and the peach fuzz around my crotch. His tongue was magical and I was sure I couldn't hold my cum back much longer.

Since he had said he wanted to swallow my cum, I decided to stand up before I shot my load so it would have the force to shoot down his wonderful throat. I started moaning for him the way I had heard the girls moaning in the videos back in the booths.

"Oh, baby, my first mustache ride. You're so wonderful to me, baby," I said, continuing to moan likea girl.

The moaning increased Danny's pleasure and made him suck me faster and with more force, causing me to want to shoot my load anytime.

"Danny, baby, I want to stand up while I shoot my load in your mouth. Will you lift me up honey."

With his big strong hands, Danny lifted me up by my sweet little ass cheeks and I was now standing and he was holding my lower body like a man drinking juice from a coconut.

"Ohh, yes," I said, feeling just like a girl. "You're a big fucking hunk and I'm so glad you like my pussy ass and my clitty dick. I can't wait to suck your big dick the next time I come here, too."

Oh, my gosh, it was wonderful learning about the pleasures that a man could give me with his lips and tongue and I was hoping I could get to be just as good at sucking dick as him. Danny was really a sweet man and I wasrealizing that his love for tranny boys was sincere. He actually enjoyed pleasing us horny little slut boys and would do it for us any time we wanted him to do it.

And that way he had talked about my ass, I was sure men would want to shoot their cum inside us little tranny sluts, too. I looked over at The Honey Bee, my 8 inch vibrator and thought "you're my man tonight." Since I wasn't going to let any man fuck me tonight, my ass would just have to be satisfied with a new friend, named Honey Bee.

"Suck it, baby! Suck it!" I said, looking down at Danny.

There is something about standing over a man who is down on his knees in front of her sucking her clitty that gives a girl a feeling of supremacy that she doesn't have laying on her back. She wants to put her hands behind his head and mash his face into her crotch and face-fuck him.

"Come on, baby, suck that cum out of my sweet hole,"I said.

The words "sweet hole" were ringing in Danny's ears because, at the same time he was blowing my dick, he started putting his long tongue in my ass crack andputting direct force from his tongue into my asshole. The feeling was incredible. This man was a charmer. He knew how to pleasetranny sluts, for sure, I thought.

As much asI wanted to come in his mouth, I was determined to let him rim my asshole with his tongue while he sucked me off.Only then could I be sure if I liked having my ass licked by a man.I had never even known that men liked to do this to a girl, lick her pussy and her ass, too, to turn her on. This was definitely a learning experience for the little tranny slut which I was feeling like at that moment.

If men can fuck us in our asses, then I guess they can suck on our asses, too. After all, they suck on girl's pussies before they fuck them. I was definitely feeling the supremacy of standing over a man while he blows you.

"Danny, will you do me a favor?" I said. "Will you eat my asshole so I can see if my ass turns you on as much as you say it did."

Danny stopped sucking me for a moment. "Sure," he said.

He turned me around and put my hot little ass directly in his face. I bent over the bathroom sink to spread my ass cheeks so he could have full access between my legs. The act of bending over for a man made me feel like a girl and the act of having him put his hot tongue between my legs made me feel like a special girl.

His tongue went in my asshole just like it was a pussy and the sensations it was giving me made me want a cock in it, too. So, this is why some girls let men lick their pussies I thought. It gets them ready for their big dicks. Now, I was getting ready for a big dick in me, too, only not tonight. I was saving myself for the right man. But The Honey Bee was handy.

Feeling confident like a girl who could order a man to do anything she wanted, I said, "Danny, baby, will you put The Honey Bee in me."

"Damn, you're a kinky little tranny slut, aren't you?" he said.

I held out The Honey Bee and with a sexy girl voice, I said, "Please, baby."

This was so good to learn that when a man is horny for a girl she can get what she wants from him. "He's listening to his dick," I thought. I was sure he had a big one for me down in his pants and, like any girl, I was horny to see it.

Danny tore open the box with the big yellow vibrator in it and pulled out The Honey Bee. Luckily, batteries were included and he started the brand new love equipment up for me to enjoy. My ass was already good and wet from the rim job he had just given me and my clitty dick was still rock solid for my new boyfriend.

'Danny, I'm not really a girl but I want to be one. I want you to get me ready to fuck just like I was a girl. If it starts to hurt and I tell you to stop, don't. I want to pretend that that vibrator is your cock. And I want to look at your cock while you are fucking me with it. So, I want you to pull your dick out to show me while you fuck me with The Honey Bee which, by the way, I'm so happy you gave me.

Like a man being pussy-whipped by a hot bitch, Danny loosened his belt and pulled out his big nine inch cock with a bighead on it. The tip of it was wet with pre-cum and the way it glistened in the light made it look so appealing to me.

"Fuck me, baby" I said, feeling as hot as Barbie at that moment.

I decided that I was going to have a new line. When men told me how hot my ass is, I was going to say "put a dick in it for me, big boy." Oh, becoming a little tranny slut with a real-live man was such a pleasure. What girl could resist? I wanted to fuck Danny's face really hard, thrusting my hips at his lips while he sucked me off like a subservient being.

But now I was busy riding The Honey Bee, for the first time, and I started moaning loudly from the wonderful feeling it gave me.

"Damn, you big cock boy. You really know how to fuck a girl, Danny. Why don't you get up here and shoot your hot load all over my ass while I fuck myself with my Honey Bee?"

It didn't take Danny any more encouragement. He stood at once and started jerking on his big niner while I worked the dildo-shaped vibrator in my ass like I had been doing at home with my mother's vibrator.The Honey Bee was my own first vibrator and it wasvery special sharing this first moment using it with Danny.Danny really knew how to treat a girl like me.

As I leaned over the sink, fucking my ass with The Honey Bee, Danny put the tip of his dick up to my ass cheeks. He was leaking loads of hot pre-cum and the sticky liquid on my ass was sexy to see. I couldn't wait for him to come while I worked my new 8 inch yellow vibrator in my hot little asshole which felt like a pussy being reamed by a man.

Looking down, I watched Danny stroking his big cock over my ass. He had a nice set of balls that were 10 times bigger than mine. I suddenly felt the desire to cup a man big balls in my hand and I reached down and grabbed them while he continued to stroke his cock.

"Come for me, you cock bastard. I want to feel your cum all over my ass," I said.

The feeling of me touching his balls must have really been turning Danny on because he shot goobs and goobs of hot love juice all over my sexy little ass. Oh,it was such a turn on for me to have a man shoot his cum on me, cum he was releasing for me, his horny little 16 year-old tranny slut-in-training. There was so much come on my ass thatI was proud to be the little slut who made a man so horny that he blew such a big load as this.

"You're so handsome, Danny," I said as he drained the last of his hot juice on me. "I'm so glad you wanted me to be your girly boy."

I let go of Danny's big nut sack and stroked his cock a few times for him. Having a big 8 inch cock inmy hand made me feel so girlish and I was so happy to have a hot load of cum on my ass from my first man.The cum was proof that he had really enjoyed me, I thought.

"Danny baby, are you ready for that taste of my cum? Because I'm ready to shoot it in your mouth," I said.

Danny smiled and it didn't take himlong to get down on thefloor with his head against the sink while I put my little 5 inch clitty dick up to his lips. He licked off a big load of my pre-cum and was ready for me to shoot my sweet sexy love juice down his throat.

While still holding the vibrator in my ass, I started humping Danny's face, getting the mustache ride every girl desires. His tongue was doing incredible things to my clitty dick. Damn, I loved being his little bitch. That must be why those girls were moaning so loudly in those porn movies, I thought. Men were sucking and fucking them good and the pleasure was too intense. I began to imagine that I was making a porn movie with Danny and I started to moan like a hot bitch in a movie.

"Oh, yes, baby, I want to cum in your hot mouth," I said.

Looking down, I saw Danny's semi-erect cock was starting to get hard again and I figured he was turned on by my acting. The sight of his big eight inch cock made me want to explode in his mouth. Strange as it was, I realized that looking at men's big erections really turned me on like a girl. Just the sight of them made me want to suck them and fuck them. I was on my way to being the sexy girl I had dreamed about in my bed at night.

In what still feels like a movie scene, I held the back of Danny's head while I humped his face and moaned like a porn star as he sucked my clitty dick like it was a pussy being licked.

"Oh, yes, honey. Get ready to swallow that cum, sweet baby. I love your tongue, big Danny boy."

In a rush of pleasure, the sweet semen spewed from my clitty dick like it was flowing from a pussy right into Danny's hot and willing mouth.It was the first load I would ever blow into a man's mouth and it would make me want to blow lots more loads.

Danny's eager throat took ever drop of the sweet love juice and he even licked the last drops from the tip of my little clitty. Damn, girls have it so good, I thought. Danny had sucked me, licked my ass, fucked me with The Honey Bee, jerked off on my ass and now was swallowing my cum, all like a dutiful man doing what a girl wants him to do.

"That was so fucking hot, Danny," I said. "You can give me mustache rides anytime you want."

"I wish I had time for you to give me a blowjob," he said. "But I got to get back to the counter."

Danny stood up and the sight of his erection was still turning me on. This is good, I thought. Even after shooting my load of cum, I was still attracted to a man's big 8 inch cock. I reached down and touched it for him and looked him in the eyes.

"Next time, okay, Danny."

Danny slipped out of the bathroom and headed back to work while I started to clean up and get dressed.I put the thong back on, then I pulled the leotard down and snapped in at the crotch before putting the black hot pants back on, too. The clothes had done the trick, I thought. They had gotten a man to want me for sex and the night was still young.

I knew it was meant to be when I came out of the bathroom and there was a tall, handsome, thirty-six-year-old man in the bookstore looking at magazines. My hopes rose when I saw he was looking at cross-dressing magazines as I walked past him. I was sure his cock was bigger than Danny's and I was hoping to suck a really big one my first time.

Big cocks made me feel like a dainty little sixteen-year-old girl in love, so can imagine the incredible attraction I felt as I walked past this tall, handsome, well-dressed man. Knowing he had just come out of the video booths since no one had entered the store gave me hope that he was leaving after watching naughty videos and he already had a big boner in his pants for me to suck. I shook my ass a little as I walked past him, trying to stir up some attention from him. I was delighted when he looked down at my ass as I passed and he licked his lips.

"Looks good," he said.

"Why, thank you, sir," I said with a sweet girly voice.

This could be a good one, I thought, as I headed to the front door to leave carrying my bag with The Honey Bee and lolli cocks in it. The parking lot still had the same cars in it as I came out, including a red Corvette. I was a new girl now who had all the confidence of being with her first man and now I was ready for number two. I knew it wouldn't be long.

By the time I crossed the parking lot, the handsome stranger was coming from the adult bookstore and I felt like I was being followed. I started walking faster and swaying my hips from side to side to attract him to me. My hot little ass cheeks hanging out of my hot pants were bouncing up and down with each step I took.

The tall handsome man who I saw looking at cross-dressing porn magazines walked across the parking lot and got into the red Corvette and started it. I was hoping so much he would stop and talk to me, as I walked down the street behind the adult bookstore where men stopped and blew me kisses and winked at me before.

Within a minute, the sexy red Corvette was pulling beside me and he was slowing down to talk to me.

"Would you like a ride?" he asked.

"From you? Anytime," I said, smiling at him as I got into the car.

Right away, the handsome stranger started looking down at my thighs, as Barbie had said men did to her whenever she wore these hot pants. As a sexy girly boy, slut-in-training, I was flattered from the attention the handsome man was giving to my legs. Without a word, he reached down with his right hand and placed it on my thigh and started rubbing me between my legs while he drove. Having a man's big strong hand between my legs felt wonderful and I felt a tingly feeling down in my little clitty dick.

I looked up and admired this handsome stud who wanted to seduce me. He had to be over six feet two inches tall and I was sure his cock was really big, too. He had dark hair and eyes and I realized my first night with a man was going to be with a tall, dark and handsome man, every girl's fantasy. As he stroked the soft flesh in the inner part of my thigh, I noticed that the stranger's hand was getting closer to my crotch. It was a little game men play with girls to see how far they can go with them and I was happy to be playing it with such a handsome man.

"Do you come here often?" he asked, referring to the adult bookstore.

"This is my first time," I replied.

"I figured it was," he said. "If I saw you here before, I would have remembered you. You have a hot little ass on you, for sure."

I was flattered and smiled up at my handsome suitor. With a sexy girl voice, I said, "Does it turn you, big boy?"

"Oh, yeah," he said. "I've been horny for it ever since I saw you leaving the store."

"I thought you would be horny for all those girls you were looking at in the magazines. I saw you looking at one called "Chicks with Dicks" and I knew you're my kind of man."

He laughed."I have tons of cross-dressing porn magazines and I like watching cross-dressing porn videos for hours, but nothing turns me on more than a real-live girly boy like you."

Suddenly,I wanted to kiss this tall dark handsome man and tell him he could do whatever he wanted with me. But I decided to play it cool.

"So, you've been watching porn videos of cross-dressers?"

"I sure have. It's the only kind of sex I want," he replied.

This was all so perfect, getting a ride in a sexy red Corvette with a handsome stranger who wanted to treat me like a girl and have sex with me, all night long. My heart was beating faster and my palms were sweaty. I reached down and pulled his hand up to my crotch to let him feel my hard clitty dick through the sexy hot pants.

"Do you see what you are doing to me playing with my leg?" I asked.

"Yeah. Well, it's doing the same to me," he replied.

"Really?" I said. "You mean, you have a big hard one for me in your pants, right now?"

"It's been hard for you ever since I saw you leaving the store, little girly boy."

I removed his hand from my crotch and pulled down the hot pants so I could let him feel me through the nylon panties and leotard. Seeing me wearing just the sexy short-sleeved leotard must have really turned him on because he started unbuckling his belt and loosening his zipper to ease the pressure his pants were putting on his dick. The thrill of turning a man on with my body was too intense and I'm sure that is why girls enjoy doing it so much.

"You're a sexy little girl, you know that, don't you?"

"Yes," I replied. "And you're a big stud. I want what's in your pants, too."

"You're a kinky little girly, wearing a leotard and calling me a big stud," he said. "I know a place where we can go parking and I can let you suck me there, all you want."

The thrill of seeing what he had under those white briefs was too much. I felt like getting down there and giving him all the pleasure he wanted.

"Okay,"I replied. "Let's go parking together."

I winked my eye at him and blew him a kiss the way men had done to me before, on this street. This was all new to me. Now, I was the one who wanted to have sex with a perfect handsome stranger. I reached over and felt his humongous cock through his briefs. It was eleven inches long and it gave me quite a thrill to know I was going to please such a big one my first time giving oral to a man.

While we drove, he played with my clitty dick through the synthetic leotard material while I rubbed his large cock through his white briefs. He drove to a little spot near the local airport where people went parking to watch the planes take off. I was glad there weren't many people there now so we could have a little privacy.

In my fantasies about being with men, I had always imagined they had really big ones. So, I was naturally pleased when my tall handsome new friend pulled out his cock and it was eleven inches long with a nice mushroom head on it and a real big set of balls. He was also hairy down there like my daddy, so it made everything seem perfect.

I started stroking his cock with my little hand, feeling the power of his manhood in my fist.

"You're a big boy, aren't you?" I said.

"Does it scare you?" he asked.

"A little bit," I said. "I've never had one in my mouth before."

He was surprised. "Really?" he said. "What about Danny and all that moaning I heard coming from the bathroom at the adult bookstore? I thought you must have been giving him a good blowjob."

"No. His was only eight inches and I wanted a really big one for my first time. That's why I'm so glad I have you, daddy," I said, stroking his big meat for him.

I must have been going too fast for him because he reached down and took my hand from his cock.

"You really want to suck cock, don't you?" he said.

"More than anything else,"I replied.

"The front seat of Corvettes isn't really the best for it. Why don't we go to my house and you can suck me off in my bed and then spend the night?"

The thought of spending the night in bed with this handsome stranger whose name I didn't even know was over-whelming. I was just a sixteen-year-old hottie out on the prowl for the very first time and I was about to get the royal treatment from a mature older man who had his own place. The fact that I was falling in love with him wasn't even in my mind, yet. But I would learn this night that a girl can fall in love with a man and want him more than anything just from having his hard cock to please. I would have gladly blown him in the car by the airport, but it was so much better to be going home with him.

Steve was his name and picking up sexy girly boys was his game. I was glad to have an experienced older man who loved girls like me, for my first time. He was the first man I would ever love and he was the first man whose cock I would ever suck.

When we got to his big house, Steve showed me around the place. I had put my hot pants back on for the drive to his house and was wiggling my ass cheeks for him while he showed me around. Damn, it felt so good to feel like a girl being seduced by a man who was taking her home to his bed for sex. It was a feeling I would learn to love, the feeling of being sexy and alluring for a man, of conquering his cock with my body and looks.

When we reached Steve's bedroom, I saw he had a huge king-size water bed and the feeling of laying back on it made me feel so good. I unbuttoned my hot pants and pulled down the zipper and Steve helped me out of them. Lying there in just the little leotard, I felt the vulnerability of a girl with her sexy hips showing and her sweet little crotch visible. He wants me bad is what I was thinking.

After he helped me out of my hot pants, I turned my attention to removing Steve's clothes for him. Like a sexy girl, I unbuttoned his dress shirt from the top down, being turned on immensely by his dark hairy chest and the hair leading down to his dick. While I did this, he rubbed my sexy legs and played with my ass through the black leotard.

I was losing all shyness with men as I reached down and unbuckled his pants and started to remove them as he laid on his back on the water bed. The thought of his big cock waiting for me was intense. I felt like a bride on her honeymoon night, getting down to business with her hubby. I guess lots of brides get nervous because they want to please their hubbies, immensely. So, my case of nerves felt natural to me.

You can't imagine how in love I was with Steve when I pulled out his big hairy dick. I had only seen it briefly in the car at the airport, but here in the bedroom it seemed even bigger than the full 11 inches it grew to be whenever Steve was horny for us girly boys.

This first night with a man was setting the standards I would have as a girl. I preferred tall handsome older men with big cocks who knew how to treat me special. Having a man let me suck on his giant cock in bed was definitely the way to make me feel special. While I would have sucked it in the car at the airport, I was happy to take my time and do it slow and really good for him, instead.

Although I had the naughty girl desire to let my father be the first man to put his cock in me, I was now getting a new idea, as I played with Steve's big one and he played with my ass through the sexy leotard. I reached down and unsnapped the crotch snaps and pulled my leotard up showing him my hot ass on full display hanging out of the sexy nude thong.

"Oh, god, your ass is so nice, Courtney," he said.

"Thanks," I said. "I'm glad you like it."

This was it, I thought. I was going to suck Steve's cock to get it good and moist and then I was hoping he would want to put it in me like a girl. Although it was humongous and it kind of scared me that it might hurt, this was the fantasy I had been having in my sessions with my mother's ten inch vibrator at bedtime, every night. It all felt so perfect, to be treated exactly like a girl by a handsome, well-hung man my first time.

"Steve," I said while he played with my bare ass cheeks. "I just realized that I'm falling in love with you. And like a girl in love, I'd kinda like to feel you inside me, tonight, even though it's my first time."

"How old are you?" he asked.

"Sixteen," I replied.

"And you've never had a man inside you?"

I shook my head no.

Well, I'm thinking it's time," he said.

I crawled on top of him and grinded my sexy little thong into his big hard manhood. I was feeling so much like a girl, I never wanted it to end.

"I want your dick so much. I want you to treat me like a girl and I never want it to end, you big handsome daddy."

I kissed him on the lips and was thrilled when he responded by opening his mouth and twirling his tongue around mine. It was a fantasy I had always had about doing with my daddy and now, laying on top of a hairy and handsome thirty-six-year-old man, I felt like my fantasy was coming true. Oh, my little clitty dick was feeling so much intense pleasure down in Barbie's little thong panty. I was happy she had given them to me to wear.

The sexy foreplay continued as I licked his neck and chest, paying attention to his big red nipples with my soft tongue. I was licking his nipples and making them hard for him and feeling his big eleven inch cock pressing against my ass. Oh, the pleasure of a girl pleasing a man is intense, I thought. Knowing that a man can't wait to put his dick inside her is a thrill for any girl and one I would desire often, from now on.

I'm sure I wasn't the first girl who loved having big dicks inside her. But the thrill of having the head of a big boner pressing against my tight ass crack let me know that I'd never want to be a boy again, after this. Big dicks are the best and I loved them just like girls do. I was ready to go down there and suck on that big stud dick and have him put it inside me like a girl for hours, tonight. I was sure I would moan with pleasure like the girls in the videos Steve had been watching earlier at the adult bookstore.

"So, you didn't suck Danny's cock for him?" said Steve.

"No. I told you, I wanted a big one like yours, instead, Steve honey."

"You can suck it anytime you want," he said.

"I'm gonna love it," I replied.

Like a sweet little bride on her wedding night, I slipped down between Steve's legs, giving him soft kisses on his belly and lower body. When my head got near his big eleven inch cock, I realized what men really had to please girls with. Besides having a big long shaft to give her lots of pleasure, he also had a very large set of balls that were filled with lots of love juice to give a girl for hours. My little five inch girly dick felt even more like a clit to me, at that moment.

"Oh, Steve," I said. "I have a new toy in that bag there and I want you to work it in me to get me ready for your big cock while I suck it for you."

The slut that I was becoming couldn't wait to be ass fucked by a real man. And I was so glad Danny had given me The Honey Bee since my ass needed to be stretched out some more by the eight inch vibrator to get me ready for the eleven inch cock I was about to suck. I took Steve's cock in both my hands and looked up at him. Our eyes met and I made a special memory with him.

"You're the first man whose cock I'm ever going to have in my mouth," I said.

"That makes me feel special," said Steve, smiling down at me lying between his big thighs holding his large member in both hands.

'I'm glad you stopped to pick me up, darling."

"I'm glad you made me stop by wearing those hot little shorts," he said.

"No matter what happens, I'm always going to want your cock. I want you to call it Courtney's cum machine. It's like an ice cream machine giving out lots of sweet cream for a girl's lips."

"Oh, fuck, honey," he said. "You are turning me on so much."

I looked as a big load of pre-cum came out of Steve's cock. I reached for it with my finger and raised some to my lips. This would be my first taste of another man's cum and lead to many more tastes to come. I stuck my tongue out and licked it sexily, like a girl in a porn movie. Then I put my lips down onhis cock and enveloped it, paying speacial attention to the bulbous, meaty head that was extra-sensitive to the touch.

My tongue licking his cock must have felt good to him because Steve reached down and patted me on the head like I was a good girl being praised. I was new to this and didn't know he was patting me on the head to encourage me to go lower down on his dick which I started to do with each lick. Practicing with the lolli cock earlier had been good practice. Now, I was becoming a full-fledged cocksucker and a damned good one, as Steve began to tell me.

"Oh, yeah, Courtney. Suck that big cock, baby. You know you want it. All you little slut girly boys want them."

His words of praise whenever I hit the right spot made me feel really good.

"Oh, yeah, baby, right there. Suck it, you little slut bitch. Give that cock a good lick."

I pulled the big eleven incher out of my mouth and started to lick the entire length of the humongous cock. I wanted to get it good and wet so that I could put it in my tight little bottom to feel what girls feel when they have one inside them. This was my entire mission, to learn what it feels like with a man for a girl. So far, I was loving every moment of it. My little clitty dick was happy, snug in my little nude thong and I was only concerned with pleasing my man for the first time.

This must be how it is for all girls, I thought. They start wanting dick and can't wait to have one and when they finally get one they are ecstatically pleased and start wanting them all the time. At least, that's how it would be for me.

Besides being eleven inches long, Steve's cock was five inches in diameter and I was quite pleased when he pulled The Honey Bee from the bag and put it up to my ass.

"Do you want some Vaseline on it?" he asked.

"I don't want to mess up your sheets," I said. "Let's try it without it."

I swung my ass around in Steve's direction while I continued stroking his big manhood. As I proceeded to suck his cock some more, he shoved the eight inch yellow vibrator in my ass and turned it on and the feeling was amazing. Not only was his cock wonderful to suck, he was sweet and knew how to work a dildo in a girl and get her ready for his big dick.

"Damn, baby, your ass took this in it pretty easy," he said.

"I had it in me at the bookstore," I replied.

"Oh, so that explains all the moaning you were doing in the bathroom. It was quite a turn-on."

I laughed. "I had just learned that from the girls in the porn movies."

"You're pretty damned good at it. Let me hear you moan, now," he said.

Like a porn star riding a big cock, I started moaning. "Oh, baby, cum in me. Cum in me." I said, making sexy faces like a girl for him.

"Damn, you are just like a girl, Courtney,"said Steve.

I laughed. "Why shouldn't I be? I love dick as much as they do," I replied. "Pull that Honey Bee out of me and put your big hard manhood inside me, baby."

With his big cock glistening with my wet saliva and his own pre-cum, Steve held it in his hand as I crawled on top of him and stradled his body. My ass was good and ready for it and I was making a special memory by looking Steve in the eyes as I lowered my ass onto his cock and pulled my little thong panty aside.

"Let me take those off for you," said Steve.

He pulled the little thong down revealing my hot little clitty dick for the first time. It had already been sucked by Danny tonight and the look on Steve's face when he saw it let me know it was going to get sucked again. But not until I was good and fucked by his huge cock, the head of which was penetrating my ass at that moment.

If there is a time when a girl decides that she is now a woman, I suppose it is when she gets that first big boner inside her because that's how it was for me. Nothing better would ever happen with a man, after this. Having him want my ass for sexual pleasure and then letting him have my ass for sexual pleasure became a new standard in my relations with men.

With the big bulbous head of his dick inside me, I was trying to go down further on Steve with my ass. There were a million sensations shooting through my lower body and I was sure these were sensations girls feel with cocks inside them. Later, I would discuss this with Barbie to see if it was trues and I was happy when she confirmed I was right. Girls love the feeling of cocks in them and so did I.

After taking more of the big phallic inside me, I started riding it like I was on a mechanical bull. My legs were hugging his mid-section and I loved the pain that his big one was causing me, all the sudden.

"Oh, baby, yeah," I said. "Your dick feels so good."

"Glad you like it, honey," said Steve who I began to fantasize was my hubby on our wedding night.

"I don't want you to give this cock to any other girls," I said. "I want you to give it to me, all the time."

"Fucking A, I will," said Steve. "I love having it inside you.

There was a male-female connection being made between us the first time we fucked. I was becoming the sweet little lady and he was becoming the big strong man. Whatever roles society lays on people were being circumvented by the sheer pleasure of pleasing a man with my body just like a girl and having him tell me how much he liked it. This was a new beginning.

It wasn't long before Steve was ready to explode a big load of cum inside me and my ass was ready to receive it. I raised my arms and he pulled the sexy leotard up over me, leaving us both completely naked in each other arms. The memory is incredible. Because at the moment he shoot his hot cum in my ass, I leaned forward and kissed him with an open mouth, full-on-the-lips, wet one that made me always want him inside me as a girl.

This was it. When a girl takes cum inside her from a man, she starts to want it, all the time. And he starts wanting to put it inside her, all the time. This is how it felt for me and Steve, that first night. We were becoming a couple and a happy, horny couple, at that. We couldn't keep our hands off each other whenever we were together and our lips wanted to kiss, too.

There was a feeling of complete satisfaction as he pulled the first big cock I ever had out of me. His big cum load was dripping from my hot ass and running down my thigh like it would from a little pussy. All the other acts of sucking and being sucked this night were leading to this, a girly boy becoming a full-time tranny slut and never going back.

It was time for me to suck on a lolli cock, so I could turn Steve on some more and have his cock all night like I wanted it. That Danny was so sweet to give me them for free and The HoneyBee, too. My innocet girlish mind didn't know that Danny had gotten what he wanted and gotten it quite cheap. Steve gave me five hundred dollars in the morning, so I could go shopping for more sexy clothes to wear for him. My life as a tranny call boy was just beginning.

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