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Born to Be a Babe

Sexy girly boy ponders the allurement of lingerie.
I don't know why I started wanting to be a girl. But I do know when it started.

I was sixteen when I first started looking at photos of sexy models wearing lingerie in Cosmo. These beautiful, statuesque women wearing the sexiest clothes I'd ever seen turned me on so much. In fact, I was more turned on by looking at these women in lingerie than I was looking at the naked women in other magazines.

There was something mysterious and alluring about the sexy little bras and panties and garter belts and silky stockings and teddies and corsets of the Cosmo models. They attracted me so much more than the models wearing dresses. And there was something else. It seemed like the sexy lingerie turned these women into different people than they were wearing other clothes. Besides being sexy, they also appeared to be very horny and desirous of sex with men.

Eventually, the allure of the sexy lingerie and its lacy, silky, see-through materials became too much for me to handle. I had to know for myself if wearing lingerie turned a girl on and made her want to have lots of sex with men. My neighbor was a sexy blonde eighteen-year-old dancer named Barbie. She was doing her laundry one day, and the thought of her sexy underwear being so close to me was too much. I had to know what it felt like to wear these clothes myself.

After making sure the coast was clear, I opened the drier and pulled out a pair of yellow nylon panties. Right away, I noticed they were the softest piece of clothing I had ever touched. Feeling the synthetic material between my thumb and fingers gave me an immediate tactile pleasure. My heart started beating faster, my palms became sweaty and I couldn't wait to try them on.

I went to my bedroom, stripped out of my clothes and quickly put on Barbie's silky and sexy yellow panties. Instantly, I got the biggest hard-on I had ever had and felt super sexy. Thus, I learned that wearing sexy lingerie does turn a girl on and make her feel alluring to men. I had a full length mirror in my room and began looking at myself in it. Turning sideways, I saw that my body was similiar to a girl's. My body hair was peach fuzz like girls have and I noticed my hips and buns were just like a girl's. I was so turned on that my boner wanted to bust through the silky nylon material and spew ounces of cum all over my body.

"This can't be," I thought. "I can't be this turned on by just a pair of panties." Although only sixteen, I began to wonder what it was about the panties that turned me on so much. Was I turned on by the fact that I was being naughty doing what a boy shouldn't do? Was it because I was feeling like a lingerie model in Cosmo? Or was it the panties themselves which would not let my boner get smaller until I drained the juice form it?

After spending fifteen to twenty minutes modeling Barbie's yellow panties in the mirror, I couldn't stand the temptation any longer. I had to jerk off to release the extraordinary pleasure that they were giving to my cock. I was so turned on by the sexy boy I was looking at in the mirror that I wanted to fuck myself, fuck myself hard and fuck myself good. And that's what I did.

I laid on my bed and closed my eyes while I started rubbing my dick through the thin material. I imagined I was a sexy girl turning on a man with her panties. Instantly, a big glob of pre-cum shot through the soft panties at the tip of my dick and it was too sexy for me to take. I felt like a girl whose panties were getting wet for a man. This was a completely new kind of turn on for me.

Up until this day, my thoughts about women in lingerie were that I wanted to be with one. Now, I wanted to be one. It was the beginning of the transformation. Being sexy like a girl was acceptable to me because my dick told me it was okay. There could be nothing wrong with something that turned me on so much, I thought. After all, this is what sexy little panties were made for, to turn on men.

The fact that I was being turned on by panties by wearing them just made me feel like a girl. I had always imagined that the girls in the magazines I saw wearing panties were turned on also, that their little clitties were hard and wanting to feel the pleasure of a man touching them. So, now, I was feeling just like one of them. My clitty dick was hard just like their clitties and my dickie was leaking pre-cum just like their little pussies.

I was becoming a panty boy/pussy boy and I didn't even know it. It was all so kinky to me. I was more turned on than I'd ever been in my life, with a raging boner that wouldn't quit, and yet, it felt natural to me. If the girls were allowed to wear sexy panties to turn men on, then why couldn't I wear sexy panties to turn myself on?

It was absolutely incredible to feel like a sexy lingerie model. I rolled over on the bed where I could still see myself in the mirror. My sexy panty-covered ass looked as hot as any girl's I had ever seen. My soft and sexy legs and my back were like a girl's, too. The transformation was continuing in my mind.

I was now a panty-wearer and a very horny one just like I imagined the models in the magazines were. I put a pillow down between my legs and started humping it with my big red boner. Looking back over my shoulder at myself in the mirror, I started to imagine I was a girl in panties being humped by a big hard man. Instantly, my ass started craving a man's cock.

This was all new to me. Up until this point, my fantasies had always been heterosexual. Now, I was entering a new territory where I felt like I was a sexy girl who needed a dick in her. Meanwhile, down in my little yellow panties, my superhard cock was spewing out load after load of hot pre-cum. I had heard about girl's panties getting wet from their pussies when they were horny. Now, I was a horny girl, too.

The fact that I was becoming a sexy little lingerie model and a happy little slut who needs big dicks to suck didn't occur to me. I was just acting out a healthy sexual fantasy that I was sure would not become a compulsive behavior. The fact that I was about to become a highly sought after girlyboy who gives oral sex to lots of horny older men didn't occur to me.

As Barbie's panties became covered in front with my pre-cum, I started to rub the clear and white liquid around them. Suddenly, the panties became see-though and my big red boner was completely visible through them.I rolled over and looked at myself in the mirror and saw how sexy my cock looked in a pair of wet panties. Immediately, I was sure that men would be turned on by looking at me, too.

It didn't take long for me to shoot the biggest load of cum I had ever shot and shoot it the furtherest I'd ever shot one. The semen shot all the way up to my tits and covered them. While playing with my penis with my right had, I reached up with my left hand to touch my tits. I had seen photos of girls with cum on their tits before, but now I was feeling like one. Damn, it felt so hot to become a sexy bitch.

I touched the cum on my tits with my fingers and rubbed it around my nipples, feeling my nipples getting hard like a girl's while I did. It turned me on so much that my cock stayed hard even though I had just shot the biggest cumload I ever shot.

This was the power of being a girl I thought, being turned on by her sexy lingerie, by her own tits and ass, and by the thought of having sex with men. If there were men who had desires of being with a girl like me, I would be glad to please them, I thought.

Up until this time, I had no homosexual fantasies. Those weren't for me. But, now, lying in my bed wearing a sexy pair of Barbies' panties, new fantasies were coming to me. I would be a perfect sexy girl, I thought. I had no facial hair, the peach fuzz on my body was like a girl's, my nipples were hard like a girls and my ass was just as sexy as any girl's. I didn't need any more proof that I could be a sexy girl. I felt like this was meant to be.

It didn't take long until I was shooting another load of hot cum from my sweet little five inch cock, only it felt like the liquid was coming out of my pussy instead, this time. The transformation was complete. I was now a horny little bitch who needed big cocks to make her happy. Here I was, wearing sexy little panties, feeling like a girl and having multiple orgasms down in my pussy. I was sure I was a girl.

After I came, I pulled the panties back up and rolled over and felt my clitty getting softer. The smell of my cum on my titties was a turn-on, too. It madethe room smell like sex. And I was about to try my first taste of hot cum. I reached down in my little panties and put some of the fresh cum from my second load onto the tip of my finger. As I raised the finger to my lips, I felt incredibly kinky. I was a girl about to get her first taste of male cum and I was sure I was going to love it.

I don't know how many other sixteen year-old girls get their first taste of cum and start wanting it all the time. But I was definitely one of them. After putting the sweet liquid on my lips, I stuck my tongue out and licked my lips and, immediately, I got turned on again. "This is good," I thought. "The taste of cum turns me on."

I started thinking about all the men I had spent time with in the steam bath at the gym. Their cocks were much bigger than mine and their balls were so big they probably had quarts of cum in them, I suddenly thought. Having a big handsome man with a big cock and a big set of cum-filled, low-hanging balls to please seemed a real possibility. After all, some of the men at the gym did look at my little clitty dick and smile whenever I enetered the steam bath. And a few times, I caught them looking at my ass when I stood up. I wasn't sure but I imagined some of them were getting big boners under their towels whenever they looked at my hot little ass.

Well, if it was okay for a girl to turn men on with her ass, then I could do the same. I had such a hot ass, anyway. And it looked absolutley fantastic in Barbie's little yellow tight-fitting panties, my first pair. I was sure any man looking at my ass in these panties would be just as turned on as he would be looking at Barbies' ass in them.

Suddenly, I was a horny bitch who needed men to please to make her feel good about herself. And not gay ones, either. I felt like such a hot bitch that I could have any man I wanted and be his sexy little bitch in the bedroom and please him like a girl. Of course, up until this point in my life, I had never even kissed a man..

I began to wonder what it would be like to have a man kiss me and put his tongue in my mouth. Down in my panties, my little clitty dick was rock hard at the thought of being sexy for a man and having him kiss me. Whatever inhibitions I had about being a girl were about to be tossed aside as I pulled my panties down to finger my clitty dick and have my third orgasm in an hour.

While I played with myself, I imagined wearing sexy red lace lingerie and kissing a man It would make his big cock hard down in his pants and I would reach down and play with it for him, all along wanting to suck it for him and taste his cum but stroking it slowly to prolong his pleasure.

The fantasy became quite clear. I would be a sexy little Valentine and make a man dinner and bake him a cake. After serving him dinner, I would slip into some sexy red lace lingerie and serve him a piece of cake while wearing it. He would like kissing me on the lips and calling me "Babe."

Having this fantasy on my first day of being a girl seemed so natural. In my panties, I was a girl and, after all, a girl needs a handsome man with a big cock. Why wouldn't I have a fantasy about being with a man? He would be my dream man as I lay in bed fingering my clitty dick for the third time in an hour.

In the back of my mind, I was sure nothing would ever come of the fantasy but, at the same time, I was wishing so much it would. This must be what all sixteen year-old girls go through when they start desiring men, I thought. 

I was just a boy becoming a girl and thinking of the parameters I would set for myself. Would I be a girl, wearing sexy lingerie around the house and serving a man beers while wearing it for him? Would I stick my tongue down his throat to turn him on when we kissed? Would I reach down and stoke his big cock for him while we kissed, wanting so much to suck it for him and swallow his big load of cum?

Oh, it was so new to me, becoming a girl with a crush on men who couldn't think of anything she'd rather do than please them for hours in her lingerie. I was sure this is what it feels like for a girl going from bobbysox to stockings. In my case, I was going from wearing underpants to wearing panties, but the effect was the same. I was growing sexually in a new direction that would lead to many years of sexual relationships with men. 

When I shot my third load of cum, it only went as far as my belly button. With my belly button full of cum, I reached down and started playing with the sweet liquid with my finger. It felt like I was putting my finger in a wet pussy, even though it was my belly button.

This led me to start thinking about what it would take for me to please men with my ass. I was sure my tight little bottom would feel just as good as any girl's pussy. And if I was wearing my panties and laying on my stomach for him, I would seem just like a girl to him. He could put his cock in me and it would only hurt for a little while. Then I would start to like it just like girls do.

Damn, I wanted dick so bad that first day in panties. What girl wouldn't want to use her sweet lips and her hot ass to please a man, I thought. The thought of having a hard cock in my mouth and in my ass was so exciting to me. Using her sexual prowess to please a man is natural to girls and since I felt like one I wanted to do it, too.

But how, I wondered. I couldn't come on to a man in the steam bath at the gym because he might report me to management and get me barred from the gym. So where could I get some big hard cocks to enjoy? As I pulled up my panties after cumming for the third time, I suddenly remembered how I had recently been approached by men in cars while walking down a street near the adult bookstore. Men would slow down and wink at me and blow me kisses. Although I wasn't aware men would want me for sex then, I was now.

The thought of strutting my stuff in a sexy pair of panties for men driving by made my clitty dick hard again. It was my fourth big boner in just over an hour and I was so enjoying this auto-erotic pleasure, I never wanted it to end. Besides my clitty dick, my nipples were also getting hard. Maybe I really was a girl, I thought.

I started rubbing my clitty through the soft nylon panties that were sticky wet with cum. I started imagining having a man shoot his big load of cum all over my panties. I imagined my cum had actually come from a handsome man I had just pleased sexually. I imagined that after he shot his hot load all over my panties, he rolled me over, pulled my panties down and stuck his still hard cock in my tight little spinchter.

I rolled over on my stomach and pulled the back of my panties down. Looking at my hot ass in the mirror, I was sure men would want to fuck me in it. And I was also sure that I would enjoy being fucked from behind by a man with a big one. Of course, I would want to find out. I imagine every girl does.

I suddenly remembered that my mother had left her vibrator in the night stand next to her bed when she left. I decided it was time to find out what a boner in my ass would feel like. I pulled up my panties and ran into my mother's old room and got out her vibrator. It was a big brown one 10 inches long in the shape of a big dick and it turned me on just to have it in my hands.

Returning to my bed, I started to wonder if the big hard vibrator would fit into my tight little sixteen year-old girly ass. I'm sure every sixteen year-old girl wonders the same thing, so it was all part of my growth toward becoming a sexual being. Will it hurt me? Will it feel good? Will he love me?

I lay on my stomach on my bed and watched in the mirror as I pulled down the back of my panties, exposing my hot little ass that I was sure no man could resist. Whatever was left of my inhibitions about being a girl faded away as I put the head of the big vibrator up to my ass crack. It was all part of becoming a sexy girlyboy. To fuck or not to fuck, I wondered. I already wanted to suck men's cocks while wearing my panties. Now, I wanted to know if I would enjoy fucking them, too. Of course, if I did like it I was sure I would want to do it often.

I switched on the vibrator and felt the tip of it trying to penetrate my tight little ass which I was imagining was a pussy. Oh, the pleasure of being a girl exploring her sexuality was incredible. There was the feeling of butterflies in my stomach as I gave the big dildo a push and sank it a few inches into my tight ass.

The vibrations were amazing. My entire ass felt good and so did my little clitty dick down in my wet panties. Oh, how I wanted that big cock in me deeper to feel like a girl being fucked by a man. But, as I pushed, it wouldn't go any further. I suddenly remembered that Vaseline was necessary to make your ass more slippery for a dildo or vibrator.

This was it, I thought. I was going to take that full ten inches inside me just to see how it felt. I pulled it out and pulled up my panties and went into the bathroom for Vaseline. Returning to my bed, I decided to lay on my back to give me the feeling that I was being fucked from the front like a girl while I used the vibrator. This would also allow me to relax more than on my stomach, giving more ease getting the vibrator in me.

I was a sixteen-year-old girly boy, fantasizing about men with big ones in the steam bath at the gym and men from the adult bookstore who saw her walking down the street, wearing Barbies' little yellow nylon panties, and I was about to give myself my first good ass fuck. My love for men's cocks was just beginning and I was definitely becoming a girl, forever.

I had just learned that I loved wearing panties and I loved the taste of men's hot cum, and I was about to learn that I loved be fucked in the ass. I didn't need any other proof to tell me I loved being a girl. Wearing Barbies' panties made me want men even more than she did.

To Be Continued...

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