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Call Me Julie Part 4

Julie is not the only one in for a surprise.
Scott coaxed me out of the car and we walked the ten feet to the front door, he was practically dragging me while reassuring me that everything would be alright. "Kelly is expecting us, don't you worry about a thing."

"She is expecting me? Dressed up like this? Somehow I don't think you are telling me everything Scott, if this ends badly I will be kicking your sweet ass," I told him.

He chuckled as he opened the door and announced, "Kelly, we are here."

Kelly replied from the kitchen, "Okay hon, I will be right out." We could here the clinking of glasses and the clicking of her high heels as she walked to the living room. She was about to say something, but she stopped when she saw me. She had a shocked look on her face and that look started to turn to anger as she said, "Who the fuck is this? I sent you out to get Joel, not some bar fly that you just picked up, it was supposed to be my turn to pick our partner for the threesome you selfish prick!"

It was my turn to look shocked and I stammered, "Threesome? Scott didn't tell me about that."

Kelly did a double take, the shocked look came back to her face as she tried to match my voice to my body. "Joel, is that you? Oh my god! Look at you." She chugged the glass of wine in her hand and said, "Wow, I had and inkling about you but I wasn't too sure, but wow, look at you, you look better than most women I know."

Scott chimed in with, "Kelly, I would like to introduce you to Julie. I went to the barracks to pick up Joel and found Julie instead, she didn't want to come out tonight but I talked her into it."

Kelly smiled started walking up to me and said, "You two were fucking, right? Is that what took so long? Tell me true or you will not like what is going to happen next."

Let me describe Kelly before I go any further. She is built like Scarlet Johnansen, but has bigger breasts, full lips and dynamite legs. The first time I met her my dick got hard the instant I saw her and heard her voice. Needless to say I had a crush on her and sometimes jerked off with thoughts of her in my mind. At the moment she was wearing a tight red dress that pushed her ample breasts up and a pair of red pumps that accentuated her bare tanned legs. Her hair was done up, exposing her beautiful neck. We are about the same height in our high heels but she seemed much more of a presence causing me to get nervous as she got closer to me. She walked around me once and then grabbed my ass and gave it a firm squeeze.

I gulped and told her, "Scott walked in on me getting ready for my alone time, he sucked my dick, I sucked his, he fucked my virgin ass and I sucked him off again on the way over here, but I didn't know I was coming over here, he said we were going 'out'."

"You can't look this good and have never had a guy want to fuck you Julie," she said looking at me slyly.

"No one has ever seen me dressed up before. I have never gone out in public dressed and I have only given blow jobs in glory holes up until now. This has been a night full of firsts and I don't know what to do next. I like dressing up but have never done anything like this before, for fear of getting caught."

Kelly laughed her beautiful laugh and said, "Oh Julie you have nothing to worry about, your night full of firsts is going to keep on going if you want, because I… we want to include you in our lovemaking. You see, I guess you could call us swingers but we are very picky about who we swing with. I know you have a crush on me and I have wanted to fuck you for quite a long time now. The bonus in this now is that you can fulfill two roles for us tonight. My lesbian lover stud and Scott's gay fuck buddy, the possibilities are endless, so you can relax and rest assured that you are going to be well taken care of."

She handed me a glass and filled it with a sweet red wine, she pulled me close and kissed me deeply.

to be continued...

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