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Call Me Julie part 5

Tags: bi, oral, anal, dp
Julie is not the only one with a secret.
Kelly is kissing me passionately, and I am kissing her back. Her hands are all over me as she feels me up. My tucked package is straining against the material of my panties as she grabs and gropes at my feminine attired body. Her hand snakes its way under my dress and into my panties, which she pulls down enough to release my cock, and tugs on it vigorously. She breaks the kiss and snakes down my body, flips my dress over her head and engulfs my cock with her mouth. Her fingers probe between my legs to find my puckered asshole, which she starts to finger. I am in pure ecstasy as she treats me to the best blow job I have ever had. My orgasm is fast approaching and she senses it.

She stops sucking my cock, stands up and nudges me backwards until I land on the couch. She straddles my legs and impales herself on my cock with her warm, wet pussy. I cannot believe how wonderfully perfect her pussy feels enveloping my cock, and I let out a whimper of joy, as she starts gyrating her hips on my lap.

Meanwhile, Scott appears behind her, and pulls us further down to the edge of the couch. He starts playing with her asshole with lubed fingers, then slips his cock into her ass. I can feel his cock through the membrane that separates her ass and pussy. It feels spectacular as he starts fucking her ass and she keeps fucking me with her pussy. We find a good rhythm and fuck like this for five minutes. 

I start groaning while Kelly is moaning and Scott is grunting; the whole scenario is too much for me and I let loose with the biggest orgasm I have ever had. My orgasm must have been the catalyst, because Kelly cums hard shortly after, and I feel her pussy pulsating against me. Moments later, after a few more thrusts, Scott lets loose with a huge orgasm.

He pushes so hard that he lifts Kelly off of my cock and onto my belly. That is when I feel something hard poke me in the chest. I look down and see a beautifully erect cock pointing straight up at my face.

At a loss for words, I clumsily fumble at the piece of meat in front of me and wonder where it came from and who it belongs to, only to realize it is attached to Kelly. I grab Kelly and push her onto her back, I spread her legs apart and see that right above her pussy is a perfect cock begging for my attention. I attack her cock with my mouth and use my fingers to explore her pussy. I work her cock between my lips and I deep throat her. As I deep throat her I realize that I can snake my tongue into her pussy, and I taste my own cum as it is oozing out of her pussy.

It had only been minutes since she had an orgasm last, and it didn't take long to illicit another from her as I sucked her cock and fingered her pussy. I was rewarded for my actions with a nice dose of ejaculate from her cock. It didn't taste like semen and I didn't care, because I was totally in love with Kelly at that moment and nothing could spoil the utopia that I had found myself in.

Panting from sexual physical exertion, we lay back against the couch to catch our breath. I grasp her hand in mine and look into her eyes, and before I can stop myself, I tell her that I love her. Kelly pulls me close to hug me and whispers that she loves me too. We lay close together and we fall asleep in each other's arms.

End part 5.

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