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My first driving lesson

Friend of the family -Bi Curious story

This is my very first story, I hope you enjoy reading it and I hope it inspires you to contribute

My name is Jools I grew up in the west country from the late 60’s until the present day

My tale based on a true story happen in 1970. At the time I would be at the tender age of 16. When your young the time can't pass fast enough. cold winters and hot summers.

Being a male and the eldest of six brothers, you could say that I had to be the one that dips his toe into the pond of curiosity. not only to find and explore his true sexual desires and needs but to re-affirm them.

The nearest you could get to a naughty book was Lady Chatterley's lover the Story of O or if you wanted pictures H & E, so much for the swinging sixties.

My father bought Playboy and the Forum magazine, I use to borrow them on a semi permanent bases.

To my special interest, i discovered all manner of sexual activities, Lesbianism, oral sex, Spanking, Cross dressing  etc etc. I had experimented with light S& M games with my special friends at school.

I was a school prefect and some of us had formed a club, well more of a get together and exchange stories of home life, A girl called Lynn told me she got regular spankings, these occasions had become more and more thrilling for her to endure and myself to enjoy listening to. She confessed it was starting to turn her on.

At school the girls had to wear regular uniform, tunic or skirts, no trousers. where allowed back then.

Sarah a dear friend wore a pair of tights without her school regulation knickers on. She showed me the reinforce part of her pantyhose leg. If she ever got caught, she would of received a sound spanking from the headmistress. On Friday's the girls could choose between gymnastics or Ballet. After the class had finished

I had noticed a small PE kit bag it belonged to Sarah my school friend, curiosity got the better of me, I had  quick look around to see if anyone was around.

I felt inside, my fingers brushed against something soft and silk. Inside her bag I found her Ballet costume. Leotard, a pair of ballet slippers and two pairs of off white Daneskin tights, touching the silky material of her tights made me feel very stiff in the trouser department these tights were very sheer. no visible reinforce panty line, extremely sexy. I closed the bag up by the draw string slung it under my arm and placed it in my locker for safe keeping. Later I took the bag home with me as I was seeing Sarah over the weekend.

So I had discovered the feeling for girls tights, at home my mum' s shopping catalogue (John Moores) was ethno kitchen table. she asked me to set the table and to put away the catalogue. the book slid onto the floor and the pages fell open onto the ladies underwear section. tights and stocking pages.

There were back view picture of ladies and girls in their hosed legs and pantyhose covered bottoms.

Like a camera shutter busily clicking away, I made a mental note of those lovely images before me.

I soon discovered that I had a mad fetish for ladies/girls tights. I loved they way the felt, they were like a second skin. I had remembered Sarah tights I had discovered earlier that day.

I just had to find out what it would be like to wear a pair of tights, it was make me so horny.

But how do get into them they are skinny and thin shorely they would break or snap in two?

I had remembered there was any afternoon program for ladies called the something circle?

She was demonstrating how to pull a covers over a cushion, " Just roll it up and place one end in the corner"

Just like us ladies when we're putting on our tights, ball them up and bit my bit ease the material up your legs. That's it, that's it, That's how girls put on their tights without laddering or snagging them.

The thought of trying on Sarah's tights was giving me an enormous erection, earlier that day the girls wearing reading about what tights for which occasion, Goodness!  just by overhearing the girls at school taking about their tights. One girl said her tights worn without panties made her feel all gooey. She always worn white ribbed pairs, another worn Black woolen type, I am wearing Kaiser tights they are so snuggly.

Some girls would take about the various makes their mother had bought.

They would go into great detail especially if they had seen me coming.

Lynn a school friend even dropped her kit bag so her tights would fall onto the floor.

Being a gentleman, red faced I would pick them up and hand them back to her, she would run of giggling with all her friends.

sometime I wished I had been a girl. If only to wear tights, Boys don; t wear tight unless they take ballet lessons.

But what’s the best brand to wear, sheer waist, black reinforced body, white ribbed schools tights, even seamed tights, all the words were mixing up in my mind and it was giving me a very strong feeling in my groin. I was getting regularly stiffies just thinking about it.

 To earn extra pocket money I did a paper round, in the late 60's early 70's we had some extremely cold and serve winters.

The lady that ran the newsagent was busy looking through the returns and parceling up the unsold papers.

My eyes wandered around the shelves of this very old fashion shop, along the various shelves were jars and jars of various sweets. Beneath that were cartons of cigarettes. moving along beside the clothes pegs and pot scourers. Were boxes of tights Pretty Polly, Wolford, Brenfords, Silky legs, Lilac super smooth tights,

all types, colours, sizes, brands and textures.

Beside the boxes of tights and stockings was a 5ft revolving chrome rack stuffed to the brim with more pantyhose and tights. Mrs C’ caught my eye line, she could see me looking at all the pairs of tights, she smiled and moved closer to packages ensuring they were all standing up straight.

She went to the till, a light bell chimed as the drawer open, the sound of coins jangled around, “There you are”, “thank you for doing such a good job,”  and presented me with my wages for the week.

She handed me three pounds notes and a handful of coins.

I was day dreaming about the tights again, she went over to the rack and took out two packets of tights.

A  pair of black Wolford cable knit 70 denier and 20  Denier American Tan sheer waist Pretty Polly tights medium sized ones.

Here you are, these will keep you legs warm in the cold weather but make sure you don’t ladder the sheer waist pair keep them for Sunday best.

she handed me the money and the tights. Red faced and slightly embarrassed, I left the shop.

Wow my first pair of tights, my very own tights, I could wait to try them on.

From that day on I would wear a pair of tights underneath my trousers whenever I could, especially on my paper round on those cold frosty mornings.

When I was 16, I was very keen in learning how to drive, I remembered a family friend had offered to teach me. He’d never married or had a lady friend but he was such good fun, he was a bit like your favorite uncle.

He did tease me about girls at school, I used to tell him lots of stories them how was getting off with and what I had been up to.

I told him about my day at school, I hinted about the girls in their tights and how one of them was regularly punished by her mother and her aunt in her tights.

He could see my face glowing beetroot red whenever I mentioned the words tights in a sentence

(how did he know, that I wanted to be discovered wearing tights, I just don’t know)

Sometime he would drive me to school in his brand new Ford Capri, he used to let me change the gears as we drove along. He would rest his hand on my thigh.

I could see him signaling to turning into a petrol station. Do you fancy a driving lesson tomorrow (today being Friday) yeah Saturday at 11am, that would be fine.

“I’ve just got to fill up the tank, “ oh look, a special offer today Jools, by four gallons and get a pair of free nylons............................ tights”

“Shall I get you a pair? He chuckled?” what colour do want? He was grinning like a Chesser cat.

He had a modern Ford Capri 1600 cc twin carb metallic green model with lots of extras it also had black reclining leather seats.

It was n’ t long before he returned with the petrol receipt, a wad of green shield stamps and a cellophane packet containing those wonderful tights. “There you are, you naughty boy”.

He’d placed the packet into my lap, some of the coins he had in his hand rolled between my legs I grabbed the tights, he grabbed the coins which where now sliding up between my legs. You better not let your mother catch you wearing them? “  he laughed…

His thumb nail lightly scrapped my cock and then he squeezed my right leg then he drove me off to school.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then?” Yeah, ok, I see you.”.

Saturday arrived, I was really looking forward to my driving lesson. It was cold and frosty morning I had earlier finished my paper round

I was just deciding what tights I should wear, what would Ben would like to see me in, woolen or sheer, I choose a pair of topaz sheer waist tights (extra smooth) 20 denier run resistant

The door bell rang, bye mum I’m off now see you later.

Ben was very chirpy he still kept ribbing me about the tights he had got free with the petrol he had bought the previous day.

Another 15 miles down the road we turned down this old lane passing lots of disused buildings, it was an old airfield.  

Are you looking forward to your first lesson Jools? Yes I am. Are you warm enough? A funny remark as the car’s heater system made us feel really cosy.

We drove to a secluded spot at one end of the disused aerodrome, I was now ready for my first lesson.

The aerodrome was a place you could go with your lover late at night or take a friend somewhere safe if you wanted to learn how to drive. Luckily no one else was around that day.

We pulled up at the far end of the runaway the spot was very secluded with very high bushes and trees all round. No one could see you.

“I’m just going for a pee, make yourself comfortable, but don’t touch anything until I get back.”

Ben, let out a short sharp shout, Owww, “What is it?”  I said?” Bloody stinging nettles just caught me on the end of my cock… ohhh hells teeth.

Have a look in the glove box there should be a tube of cold cream. it’s under your tights.

He came back rubbing his groin. I slide over to the driver’s seat and he got in beside me, I handed him the cold cream. Next he unzipped himself and pulled out his penis,

His cock was growing larger and he said it really is throbbing and sore, it was so red and swollen.

I gave him the cold cream, he put a small blob in his hand and rubbed up and down his shaft a few times. ah that feels better. Next he pulled a condom out of his pocket and then unraveled it down the entire length of his stiffening cock. I don't know why he put a condom on? however what ever was going through his mind made his cock get bigger by the minute.

He moved the sheathed cock up and down for a short while; he was growing stiffer by the minute,

I couldn’t move from the spot neither could I look away.

It always works, if you ever get your cock stung like that keeps air way from you cock,

It will soon calm down, with that he pushed tucked his cock away on into his pant and zipped himself up.

Time for my driving lesson, we spent a few moments on all the controls, He said, she’s a bit lively.

Being a shorter size than him, he said he would have to adjust the seat for me so I could reach the pedals.

I wasn’t scarred of being with him; he was so kind and gentle. I felt perfectly safe. The seat adjust was a small leaver that could be found between my legs. His hand parted my legs and he moved the seat to a more comfortable position. He went through all the gears before I started the engine.

I turned the key, vor  umm she came to life, We had to move the seat once more so I could depress the clutch pedal down to the floor. As I depressed the pedal, he place his hand on mine which was holding the gear lever, which push gently into first gear, he move his hand from mine and released the hand brake. With a few more revs I slowly released the clutch, we were moving it felt absolutely great. I was driving.

I felt his hand on my left thigh, He said “when I move my hand to your knee speed up, when I move my hand higher slow down, if I put my hand on your cock, Pull over. what? did I hear right?

No one had ever spoken to me like this, you're doing very well.

He lowered his hand up and down my leg to check my response. I had never had anyone come onto me like this before male or female.

“Drive up the between those tall bushes and stop the car and switch off the engine, I need to give you tuition about some neat maneuvers”.

I brought the car to a gentle halt, the nose of the car dipped forward and I switched off the engine.

I hadn’t notice but I looked down into my lap and saw he fingers were hovering above my groin (I wished he would drop his hand into my lap and rub my cock.) god where did that thought come from, I'm not queer.

I did n’ t know where to look I couldn’t speak either, it felt like I was in a hypnotic trance.

Finally he said “you did very well”, “in fact spanking well”, I could feel my cock getting stiffer. I hope he does n’ t find out I’m wearing tights, If he knew what would he do> who would he tell? OhGod, he’ll tease me for weeks. He moved closer and almost with a fine whisper he said “Let me slide your seat back”    

I still had my seat belt on and I was strapped into the drivers seat. He removed his hand away from my cock and reached for the small lever between my legs beneath the drivers seat.

He had noticed that my left sock was coming down. God I hope he doesn’t find out my secret? “Your sock is lose, let me pull it up”. His thumb and fingers lightly touched my left leg whilst pulling my sock up my leg.

Oh God yes, he felt the soft whisper of nylon of my tights,

God I was getting so turned on, but what was happening to me?  Why? Was it the chase? or maybe It was because I would be now be found out. What would he do? He was now caressing my leg. He smiled and said nothing.

The seat adjuster was a small leaver between my legs, it was stiff at first but with a light click the seat inched backwards another notch, a light click and it locked into place.

His hand remained between my legs. He whispered into my ear, “How long have you been wearing tights”?

You make me feel very sexy wearing them, pity I have n’ t got a skirt to put you into.

What was this man saying?

It had a profound effect on me. God did I get an erection or what, he look down at the bulge in my trousers.

So lover how long have you been wearing tights for? I gulped and said “not very long”.

He then moved his hand off the gear lever and onto my raging erection. His finger found the tip of the zipper on my fly and then moved even closer. I just frozen, not wanting him to continue but deep inside I was on a dizzy merry-go-round my mind was racing. he moved closer

His minty breath so close, just like the movie, the  prey caught in a spider’s web,

I whetted my lips and he slowly moved closer. The back of my head was pressed hard back into the head-rest and then it happened. He move in for the kill. POW …

He kissed me fully on the lips. This is so wrong.

but don’t stop. Somehow it’s so right. His lips were getting firmer by the minute.

I parted my lips his tongue snaked it way into my mouth, his tongue was tickling the roof of my mouth.

This is so damn sexy. I thought my head would explode any minute.

My legs it were getting so heavenly as his fingers teased the zip of my trousers all the way down the front to the base of my crotch.. Mean while his hand was stroking my cheek and his tongue was touching mine.

The teeth of the zipper making that wonderful light rasping noise and the zip became fully open.

It was a bit like a flower opening it’s petals for the bee.

I know what we were doing was wrong. “Don’t come just yet my lover” he said. My trousers were sliding down my legs revealing my light brown sheathed legs, honey coated in pure American Tan Pantyhose. My cock was encase and snared into a haven on nylon loveliness. I purposely didn't wear any underwear under these tights. the waist was pulled up tight and the centre seam was tickling my bud of my anus.

The front seam held my rigid cock upright and uptight. As Ben ran his finger nail against the front seam, I let out a stiffaled cry.. this is wonderful................ I had never had an experience like this. I wanted it to go on forever and ever.

I have a surprise for you my darling boy. He nibbled my left ear lobe, One by one his fingers curled around my penis like a python grips his prey.

I could feel the juices rising my ball tightening this strong nylon grip against my cock was terrific.

His other hand opened the waist band of my tights away from my tummy. his face pulled away for a moment. Yessssssssssss... Do it. and with that I open my eyes, my mouth, my legs. as he delved

his hand straight onto my throbbing cock. go this hand is on my cock, I couldn't say a word.

MMM lover I'm going to make you come in those lovely tights those wicked pantyhose you're wearing.

"Are you going to cream them up for me lover" he teased? his finger was probing the entrance to anus.

I bet you’ve never done this before? No No Oh No 

With that comment still sinking in, He kissed me fully on the lips again, the tip of his tongue was lightly touching the roof of my mouth again his teeth were nibbling my bottom lip.

There was a light cool breeze blowing across the tip of my penis.

He rubbed him thumb, he scooped up the nectar from the head of my penis and raised his glistening thumb and raised it glistening liquid to his lips. like a spider spinning his web: a long strand of pre come was dripping off his tongue, he was now lowering his tongue back into my mouth mmmmmmm that good.

Yes it is.

His tongue was saving every last morsel he smiled and said you taste as good as you look.

As he kissed me softer this time I could taste my pre cum on his lips.

He delved his hand into the waistband of my tights again and started to stroke my cock even firmer. Oh yes, that was so nice….

I light pre cum patch appeared into gusset area of my tights, I felt like my head was going to explode at any moment.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see him getting aroused by the minute, he unzipped himself and stroked his own cock for a few moments.

He smiled as he broke way and kissed me lightly on my left cheek. Let me pull off your trousers you won’t feel so restricted without them?

Ok, and so I did. I removed by shoes and socks and slide my trousers off my legs into the foot well of the car.

He was total absolved with the sight of a young man wearing ladies sheer waist tights,

he place his thumb and fingers either side of the waistband of my tights a pulled them up. the were really tight against my bottom and cock, a real snug fit.

The centre seam was cutting into my balls. I was in seventh heaven.

I asked Ben about the pain from the nettles on his cock? Oh the pain is subsiding you don’t want to catch your cock on those young shoots, they sting the devil.

Would you like to have a closer look? Maybe I ‘ll rub a handful over your balls and your super stiff cock?

Oh I don’t know about that? Anyway you can have a closer look in a moment.

From the glove box he took out a tube of ladies Avon ’s hand cream, it was rose scented, quiet feminine really.

He dabbed a small blob on the head of my cock, his fingers one by one was gripping my penis like a musician would hold his clarinet.

The cream felt so cool on the heat of my penis, his fingers lightly gripped my foreskin gathering the cream up and down as he gentle frigged by cock.

Minute by minute he was saying what he would do to me in his king sized bed.

He whispered softly in my ear, “have you ever had your cock sucked?”

The hand cream had now disappeared into the skin of my cock and felt ultra smooth.

He whispered again, lover have you ever had your cock sucked?

“No” …I have n’ t? “Would like me to try?

With that he then released the seat lever to decline the seat. I was now lying almost horizontal. I spread my legs even further part hooked my feet under the pedals.

I don’t think I can hold on much longer?

You cock looks so nice in your tights, his grip was stroking me even harder, I thought I was going to come before I had a chance of him sucking my penis

I could feel his other hand tracing around my neck and finally down my right thigh reaching further until his whole hand was holding the cheeks of my right buttock, ”Have you have had a finger up you bottom whilst being frigged?” He broke away and said let me make a small hole in your tights, No let me, I placed my fingers into the crotch and got a bit carried away and rip the tights were split open at the crotch.

Never mind I'll take you to Marks and Spencer and buy you a pair of Mary Quant black controlled topped tights.

Both our breathing was becoming even faster than before, we were moving up a gear.

His hand still under my buttocks,  swiveled around so that his thumb was pressing up against the entrance of my anus.

He stop kissing me and move his mouth directly over the head of my penis.

With a slight pressure the his thumb was now half an inch inside me. His mouth was moving closer.

Don’t bite me. Sussh my lover your perfectly safe with me, another half an inch his thumb began to frig my bottom.

Just before he lower his warm mouth onto my awaiting cock.

Yes lover take me take, yes yes I need my cock in your mouth, I’ll do anything you want. His thumb was pressed in as tight as it would go.

With a final thrust he was embedded thumb completely inside my arse, just before he made the last move to swallow my cock he said

 “ cum for me lover” deep in my throat” “Oh God Yes” I said, his hand pulled my bottom clear off the seat and I was bucking my hips up to his mouth. Just before I came, don’t stop I love it I love it, he did not rise, sinking lower and lower onto my cock.

I was bucking and fucking deep inside his mouth.

With one final thrust I exploded with one almighty explosion that erupted deep inside his mouth. Mmmm he said.

I could feel his tongue lapping up the last few drops off my cock. I so wanted to lick my cum off his lips but he beat me to it.

We both laid back total exhausted from this triumphant occasion. He told me he had come whilst he was sucking my cock.

Next time lover You’re suck my cock good a proper and I ‘m gonna make you wear a butt plug when you’re having your next driving lesson.

But as they say is another story.