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Carl, Carla and Hannah - Part 10

Hannah tells Carla about her night with Claire, and then takes her to a dogging spot...
Hannah took a different route than usual into town, and she surprised me by parking in an area we don't often go to. Once we'd left the car, we nipped into the Bullring and picked up the few things I needed. I was so nervous that I could hardly speak, but Hannah insisted that I did so. I imagined that everyone was staring at me, but after a while, I came to realise that most people didn't even give me a second glance. Most of the stuff was paid for at checkouts, so there was little to say, but at one store, Hannah made a point of making me talk to the girl on the till. As I had to use my 'female' voice, I was extremely nervous and embarrassed, but I think I managed to pull it off. If she wasn't sure if I was male or female, she didn't seem to show it.

Once we'd got all we went for, Hannah guided me to a pub just off the beaten track. As we we were about to go through the door, I began to panic and almost started to protest that I wasn't ready for this, but Hannah took me to one side and told me to relax.

"It's okay, sweetie, trust me. In this place, you'll be fine. When we get in, just take a look around."

She smiled and went through the door, leaving me no option but to follow. The pub was an old fashioned place, with a well-worn old wooden parquet floor. It wasn't brightly lit, and I could just about make out the various figures around the place. Hannah told me to get a table while she ordered a drink. She asked me what I wanted and I was just about to say a pint when I noticed her stare at me in a significant way.

"White wine, please," I managed in my Carla voice.

Hannah smiled approvingly and went to order while I dumped the bags around a vacant table by a wall. As I waited for her to come back with the drinks, I looked around at the other clientèle. There was another couple at the bar, the man dressed in a waistcoat. Opposite was a couple of blokes having quite an intense conversation, probably about football. At the table nearest to us were three women, and I noticed that two of them were drinking pints while the third seemed to be drinking a coke.

A few minutes later, Hannah arrived with the drinks. I noticed she'd had a half, which was unusual for her. I sipped my white wine, and then looked mortified at the lipstick I'd left on the glass as I put it down. What if somebody saw?

"Relax," said Hannah, looking at my face. "So, what do you think of the place?"

"A little rustic for my tastes," I answered.

"I know what you mean. I used to come here quite often with Claire. It's one of the few places we could kiss in public."

I sat open mouthed for a moment. A pub that didn't mind two women kissing? I peered again around me. Suddenly, I realised that what I thought was a man in a waistcoat was in fact a rather butch woman. And the two guys were now openly holding hands. Then, for the first time, I noticed a LGBT poster on the wall next to the bar. So, it was that kind of pub. Now it made sense for Claire to bring me here.

We decided to eat, but Hannah made sure I went and ordered. Knowing the barman wouldn't mind if it was a guy in drag gave me a little more confidence, but it was still nerve racking. However, when he called me Miss with an air of genuineness, I think I actually blushed.

While we waited for the food, Hannah told me about her night with Claire, giving me a little background information on their relationship before they broke up. It seemed that, when they were lovers, Claire liked to be ordered around, so Hannah obliged. She used to tease her and give her challenges, and they had sex almost every night.

They had met at the pub as arranged and agreed to have a couple of drinks there before going on to a nightclub. Hannah said that Claire was dressed in short skirt and a top that she could see her nipples through, so she obviously wasn't wearing a bra. When Hannah commented on it, Claire told her she wasn't wearing knickers either, just like when they were together and Hannah used to take her out as near naked as possible. Hannah reached over and put her hand up the other woman's skirt to find out if it was true, and then fingered her for a minute or two, making her writhe and bite her lip to avoid drawing any attention to them. When she withdrew them she surreptitiously smelled them, savouring the odour of her wet pussy.

She did this several times while they sat chatting, Hannah bringing her close to orgasm and then stopping short, driving the other woman insane. Every now and then, Hannah made Claire go and get another round in, never offering to pay. A few people must have noticed how red and flushed the poor girl was, Hannah said. By the time they left the pub, there was a damp patch on the seat where Claire had been sitting, and Hannah's fingers reeked of pussy.

Once they got to the packed club, Claire was all over her, dancing provocatively and rubbing her breasts against her whenever she could. The club was so hot that Claire's top was soon soaking, making it almost see-through so her breasts and erect nipples were clearly visible when the lighting was right. Hannah continued to tease her pussy whenever the opportunity arose, even managing to pinch her nipples while they danced. They snogged in a dark corner where no one could see while Hannah frigged her almost to orgasm. Then she made Claire lick her fingers clean while she whispered how she was going to fuck her hard later. At that point, Hannah said, Claire begged her to come home with her. Hannah asked why she should, what was in it for her. Understanding what she meant, Claire said she could do whatever she wanted with her if she did.

Hannah stopped talking when the barman brought our meals, and then waited until he was out of earshot before continuing her story. Once they got through the front door at Claire's house, Hannah rammed Claire against the wall and held her there while she kissed her hard. Then she told her to strip naked while they were still in the entrance hall, which she did. Hannah inspected her body, examining every inch of it, before letting her lead the way into the living room. Claire was told to get her a drink and then kneel before her when she got back.

Once Hannah was sat comfortably on the sofa with her drink in hand, she made the other girl masturbate in front of her, but didn't allow her to come. As she did so, Hannah whipped out her phone and took a few pictures of her doing it. As she showed them to me, I couldn't help but be aroused. While she watched Claire degrade herself, Hannah made several things clear to her. First, just like when they were together, she was in charge. If Claire disobeyed her even for a second, she walked. Second, none of this was to get back to the office. If it did, the pictures she took tonight would be posted online and sent to certain members of management. Third, she made it perfectly clear to Claire that they would never get back together again as a couple. This was just for fun, and she would never leave me for Claire. If she wasn't prepared to accept these terms, then Hannah was leaving.

Although Claire looked a little disappointed, she agreed to Hannah's terms. Hannah stripped off and then filmed Claire licking her pussy until Hannah had climaxed three or four times, covering the girl's face with her juices as she held her head against her mound until she was satisfied. After that, they moved to the bedroom, where they made love for over an hour before they both collapsed exhausted, their sweaty bodies entangled as they lay there, struggling for breath.

Claire curled up in Hannah's arms as they rested and then Hannah had the girl suckle her breasts and pleasure her with a dildo, making her orgasm several times. Once she was satisfied, she made Claire suck on the wet dildo like a cock while she got dressed, watching and filming her as she did so. With Claire still naked, Hannah led her back downstairs where she gave her a goodnight kiss, grabbing the girl's hair and yanking her head back as she did so, just to remind her who was in control. She asked her if she'd enjoyed being her little slut, and Claire immediately answered 'yes'. Hannah said she would be back so her slut could serve her again, and then left and came home.

I sat amazed as she told me this, half jealous of Claire, but at least now I knew that Hannah just wanted Claire for a different kind of sexual gratification than I could give her, and that, where it mattered, she would always be mine. As we finished our meal, I asked Hannah if she wanted another drink. She said she was fine, but told me to go and get one for myself. I needed to pee, so I got up and asked her where the toilets were. Hannah told me to use the Ladies, and directed me there. She also told me to freshen up my lipstick. With the confidence gained from a glass of wine, I walked straight into the ladies without thinking and stepped into a cubicle.

Ordering the second drink was much easier than the first, and the barman talked to me as he served me, asking if I'd been there before, how was the meal, and so on. He was in his mid-thirties, and not bad looking either, quite tall and trim with light brown hair, and a five o'clock shadow on his chin. I blushed when he complimented my hair, and I thanked him as he gave me my change. I swear I don't know what got into me, but I gave my hips an extra wiggle as I walked back to join Hannah. She saw the whole thing and just smiled, half to herself. I even called 'bye' to him as we left, and he gave me a pleasant nod of the head, and I could have sworn that he winked at me as well.

The afternoon air and the wine hit me at the same time, but Hannah decided that we would go for a drive before going home. As she was driving, I really had no say in the matter, but I was a little disappointed as I wanted to go home and try on my new things. We swapped girly talk while I looked out of the window, watching the urban sprawl slowly give way to countryside. Once we were away from civilisation, Hannah surprised me by heading down a back lane. I wondered where we were going when she pulled into what can only be described as a track which lead into a clearing in some woods, and then turned off the engine. A couple of other cars were also parked there, one of them with someone in it, but I couldn't really see them.

"Why are we stopping here?" I asked, puzzled.

"I just wanted to be alone with you outside of the house, Carla," she answered. "This week has been fantastic, and you are making great progress, but I wanted to get out of the same four walls we've been stuck in all week."

I glowed with pride at the compliment as she undid her seatbelt and leant across, gently stroking my cheek.

"I love you," she said softly.

"I love you too," I answered, reaching over until our lips met. Kissing with lipstick on took some getting used to, but it never felt as good as it did at that moment.

As we came up for air, Hannah suggested we go for a walk. We put the bags out of sight in the boot and set off down a path, hand in hand. We kept pulling each other close and putting our arms around each other as we walked, just two lovers out for an afternoon stroll. The fact that I was almost dressed as a woman didn't really bother me much as I didn't really expect us to bump into anyone. Besides, no one had given me a second glance in town, plus I'd spoken to several people without any problems so I felt fairly confident that I wouldn't be 'made' as it were.

The path meandered on for a while, and then it twisted round a bend between some bushes. Hannah suddenly tugged on my hand and pulled me behind them, so we were almost hidden from view should anyone come down the path. She lay me down on the bracken and kissed me, pinning me down with her body. I responded to her sudden rush of passion as her tongue invaded my mouth, letting her lead as she stroked my face and hair. I knew what she wanted, and I was happy to oblige. You see, we'd made love outdoors before, but never this close to a path or somewhere we might be seen.

I reached up and gently rubbed her breast through her top, and was rewarded with a loud moan as I rubbed little circles around the nipple. Hannah lay on her side as I slid my hand under her top and gently caressed her bra-less breasts, our lips not leaving each others for a second. I pulled up her top and made my way down to them, softly licking at them until they were both sticking out. Opening my lips, I took one into my mouth, my tongue flicking the nipple playfully as my lips created a seal. As I was sucking on her breast, Hannah reached down and fed it to me, whispering to me as she did so, telling me to suck on it. It suddenly hit me that this was the first time I could remember her allowing me access to her breasts since last weekend, when I hurt her so badly. I realised just how much I'd changed since then. Now, as Carla, I was so soft and feminine, and the thought of being so rough and crude when I was Carl almost repelled me. I alternated my sucking between one breast and the other until both of her aureoles were pink and her nipples stiff.

As I sucked on Hannah's breast, I used my free hand to undo her jeans and unzip her. I slid my fingers into her jeans and sought out her wet slit. I playfully rubbed her clit on the way, causing her to push her mound towards my hand. Her sexy moans were music to my ears as I slid a finger into her soaking pussy. I couldn't seem to get much purchase to go any deeper, so I stopped for a second and pulled her jeans and panties down past her knees to her ankles. Now that I had full access to her beautiful mound, I let my eyes feast on it for a moment, tracing her labia with a finger before looking up at her wanton face as I slowly slid two digits inside her.

Hannah leant back and groaned as I finger-fucked her, and I reached over to rub her clitty with my other hand. Her boobs looked so fantastic as her top was still pushed up, and I marvelled at her sexual beauty, partly in envy and partly in lust. I was so intent on pleasuring her that I almost forgot my 'clit' straining against my panties.

The scent of her sex was beguiling, so I positioned myself between her legs and blew warm air between her thighs. She leaned forward and grabbed my head, pulling me towards her moist slit. I withdrew my fingers and replaced them with my tongue, gorging myself on her wet lips, licking as much of her juices as I could. Hannah flopped back as I ate her gorgeous pussy, biting her bottom lip while I licked her from clit to ass and back again.

A sudden noise behind me made me freeze. Hannah jolted upright and I nearly broke my neck as I turned it to see if anyone was there. To my horror, a man in his late forties was standing watching us. But what really shocked me was the fact that he must have been there for a few minutes, because his trousers were round his knees and he was gently stroking his erect cock! He looked at us both and smiled, not once stopping what he was doing.

"Please, ladies, don't let me stop you," he said in a thick, black country accent.

Hannah and I looked at each other for a moment, and then she seemed to relax a little. She closed her eyes and leant back on the bracken.

"Carry on, Carla," she said firmly.

Although I felt a little put off, I went back to licking her pussy, and it wasn't long before she was writhing under my onslaught. Meanwhile, the man had shuffled closer and to one side of us so that he could see better. I looked up and watched him wanking as I buried my tongue deep into my girlfriend. Hannah widened her knees so I could delve deeper inside her and soon my face was soaking wet with her juice while it dripped between her legs, moistening her ass cheeks. Slowly, I worked a hand beneath her and stroked her wet bum before wriggling them closer and closer to her ass. She'd never let me play with her bum usually, but this time she could only groan loudly as I teased her anus before probing it with the tip of a finger.

The guy wanked himself harder, and I watched him closely as his hand stroked his cock. It was not too long but proportionately fairly thick. His uncut foreskin started out covering his slit, but as his erection grew, it was pulled back, exposing his plum-like head. The end glistened as he used his pre-cum to lubricate it, and I couldn't help but notice his balls hanging down heavily. Slowly he edged closer to us, and although I found it a little weird to be doing this in front of another guy, I found that I actually quite liked the sexual tension of someone watching us.

I brought my hand up and started to frig Hannah with two and then three fingers while I sucked delicately at her clit. At the same time, I pushed my finger a little deeper into her ass, and she thrust up her hips and groaned loudly as I did so. I watched her as she started to massage her own breasts, pinching and pulling at her nipples, her eyes firmly closed as she lost herself in the pleasure I was giving her.

"Yes," she half-whispered, half-cried, "Oh God, yes..."

Encouraged, I inserted my finger into her back passage a little deeper before working it in tandem with the ones in her pussy. As she writhed on the floor, I looked at the stranger watching us. He was quite close now, and I'm sure he could smell her sex as she started to build up to a climax. Hannah had that intense, concentrated look on her face with her head tilted back and her eyes tight shut that I knew meant that she was close. The wine and the eroticism of the moment took hold of me, and I warmed to my task of pleasuring my lesbian girlfriend.

"Yes, my love," I encouraged in my best Carla voice, "Come for me, my angel."

At the same time I thrust my fingers deeper into her and with a little more force, sending Hannah over the edge. With a howl, she climaxed, and I felt her pussy and ass tighten around my fingers as she shuddered three of four times in quick succession. As I looked up, I just managed to catch sight of cum erupting from the guy's cock, streaming rope after rope of white jism onto the bracken. He made a short, strangled sound before giving way to a groan of satisfaction as he continued to spread his seed on the ground until he was spent.

I withdrew my fingers from Hannah's soaking pussy and, looking him squarely in the eye, sucked them clean, one by one. The look on face was incredible, almost comical as the last of juices passed my lips. Meanwhile, Hannah had recovered enough to pull her top down and cover her breasts, and then pull up her jeans and pants. Then we both stood up and kissed before giving him a final wave and walking off, hand in hand, giggling as we went. Caught up in the moment, I looked back at him, still with his trousers round his knees, and blew him a kiss just before we rounded a bend in the path, taking us out of sight.

"That was fun," I said, turning to Hannah as we walked back to the car.

She had a confident, almost proud look on her face as we strolled through the countryside, as if she was ready to take on the world. She agreed, squeezing my hand occasionally while we chatted, although she seemed a little more reticent than usual. When we got back to where we had parked, I noticed there were a couple more cars that had joined us in the clearing.

Hannah leaned me with my back against my door and put her arms around my head before snogging me for ages. After a while, she let me come up for air and hugged me close, moving her chest across mine. I was just enjoying the feel of her almost naked breasts rubbing against me when I saw an interior light come on in one of the parked cars opposite. As I looked, I saw a man and a woman also kissing in their car. Then they broke the kiss and the woman took off her top, exposing her large breasts. As the guy almost immediately set about devouring them, I whispered to Hannah to let her know what was going on. She turned and we watched them for a while before Hannah said we should get back so I could try my things. Although I wanted to stay and watch, I reluctantly got in the car and we set off for home.

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