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Carl, Carla and Hannah - Part 13

Carla goes shopping and Vivien gets a surprise...
When I awoke the next morning, Hannah was already in the shower. I stripped off and joined her, and we kissed hungrily under the steaming water, our bodies sliding deliciously together. My hand slid between her smooth thighs, finding her aroused and ready. Slipping first one, then two and then three fingers inside her, I fingered her quickly to orgasm. She clung on to me as I continued to work her until she was too sensitive for any more, and her knees started to buckle beneath her. She staggered from the shower, grabbed a towel and left me to finish my bathing.

We dressed and went to work as usual, and in the evening I was thankful to be Carla again. The rest of the week followed pretty much the same pattern, apart from Wednesday evening, when the phone rang at home. We'd just finished eating dinner, and without thinking, I answered it.


"Hannah? Is that you?"

My mum's voice was clear, but inquisitive. Startled that she thought I was Hannah, I told her it was me, but forgetfully, still in my female voice.

"Carl?" she asked, incredulously.

The penny dropped. Holding the receiver away from me, I made a big production of coughing and clearing my throat, then changed my voice back.

"Sorry Mum, I'd got something stuck at the back of my throat and have just been choking. Is that better?"

I think I got away with it, because she immediately started to gently chide me about not ringing her at the weekend like I'd promised to. Although it was mildly amusing, especially to Hannah, it drove home the point that I had to be careful. But as I sat and thought about it, I realised that I'd fooled my own mother into thinking I was a female. Well, in voice at least. And that gave me an incredible boost of confidence.

As Saturday approached, I began to get more and more agitated, although in truth, it was partly in fear and partly in excitement. Hannah kept very quiet about what was going to happen, which added to my worry that I wouldn't be able to pull it off. As I awoke on the morning of the main event, I kind of felt like a bride-to-be on her wedding day. The thought both thrilled and terrified me, but Hannah came over and gave me a big hug and kiss to ease my nerves.

"So," she said, "Today's the day."

"Yes," I said, a slight tremble in my voice.

"Don't worry," she said, holding me tighter, "You'll be fine. I'm so proud of you, Carla, so proud of how much you've changed for me."

I smiled as Hannah's words made me feel so good, hesitating slightly before answering.

"But now I don't want to do this just for you, baby," I said. "I want to do it for me as well. Please, just promise me you won't make me do anything that will be too risky? God, I'm so scared."

"What of, honey?"

"Of being found out, I suppose. I think if someone recognises me as a man, I'll die of embarrassment."

"Relax," Hannah smiled, "No one will recognise you, I promise. Besides, I KNOW you can do this, and I'll prove it to you today. Now, time to begin."

Hannah dragged me out of bed and pushed me into the shower for my weekly depilatory. When we'd done, I took extra-special care doing my make-up and got dressed in my favourite skirt and blouse. Then Hannah came into my room and worked on one of the new wigs she'd bought me. I told Hannah that I was getting tired of having to wear a wig all the time, that I wanted just to be able to be myself and have lovely hair. Hannah said I should grow mine, and then once it was long enough we could see what we could do with it. I readily agreed, and she did an excellent job of fixing the hairpiece on and styling it. When she was happy with it, we went downstairs to get us breakfast.

Once breakfast was over, Hannah had me walk round the house doing little chores, watching me carefully all the time to make sure I was totally feminine. She was extremely pleased that she didn't have to correct me in any way, and then she told me to stand still while she sprayed perfume on me before telling me to get my handbag and coat, as we were going out.

My heart thumped heavily in my chest as I left the house, and it didn't calm down as Hannah drove us into town. Although I'd worn a skirt outside before, this would be the first time in front of other people. The crowds in town made me terrified, but Hannah guided me through it, telling me to put my arm in hers so we looked like a couple of girlfriends out for a Saturday shop.

Hannah took me first to the place where, I suppose, things really started. It was a lingerie shop, tucked away in a back street, that was owned and run by Hannah's cousin, Vivien. Hannah stopped just before we went in.

"Now, here's your first task. We'll go in separately, and you will try on some lingerie. Any that you like, you can buy, regardless of cost. Now, you know Vivien, so it shouldn't be too hard, should it? I'm sure she'll never recognise you, and I'll be in in a couple of minutes anyway, just to keep an eye on you. Now remember, the key thing is confidence. Go in as if it were the most natural thing in the world to be shopping for lingerie. After all, you are a beautiful woman, Carla, and I love you. So make yourself nice and pretty for me."

She looked me over, and then gave me a hug for good luck. A moment later, trembling inside, I entered the shop. There were a couple of other women browsing the rails, so I decided to do the same. I thought for a second of what I'd like to get, and headed first for the sets section. I glanced round the shop and saw Vivien dealing with another customer, while a young shop assistant was sorting out a rail. I was so nervous, I had to keep telling myself to relax. It was at least a couple of minutes before I'd calmed down enough to realise that I wasn't really looking at what I doing. Then I saw that I was looking in the wrong section, as the sizes of the sets I was looking at were too large. I moved to the correct section and forced myself to relax and soon became engrossed in choosing something that I liked.

A nice, purple lacy set caught my eye, and I checked them over to make sure they were the right size. The bra was nicely padded, the knickers had a nice cut and the suspender belt looked good quality. I hung on to them and looked for something else to try on as well. Taking more than one item into the changing room meant that I didn't have to strip off more than once. In the end, I chose a nice white set with a floral print design on them as a second set to try on. Taking a huge breath, I moved towards Vivien.

"Can I try these on, please?" I asked.

"Certainly dear, as long as you keep your own underwear on underneath, that'll be fine," she smiled, guiding me to an empty cubicle.

Relieved that she hadn't clocked me, I went inside and stripped off, trying the purple bra on first. I was particularly nervous when I took mine off because anyone who peeked in would see I had no breasts. As quickly as I could, I put the new one on and slotted my inserts in. Then I tried the panties on over my own, and slipped on the suspender belt before looking at myself in the mirror. To be perfectly honest, I was stunned at how good I looked. The lingerie fitted perfectly, and staring back at me was a moderately attractive woman, not a man in drag. I noticed that I lacked the curves of a real woman, but I was so thin that it wasn't really that noticeable.

Pleased with myself, I tried the other set on, and was delighted to find that they fitted as well. I got dressed again and took the items to the till. On my way there, I noticed a really nice black satin Basque with built in suspenders, and found myself making a bee-line for it. It was in my size! I just had to try it on. Two minutes later I was stripping off again, excited at the prospect of how good I might look in it. Once I'd adjusted the straps and got it comfortable, the feeling of the silk on my smooth skin was fantastic. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw how sexy it made me look. I simply had to have it.

This time I went straight to the till with my purchases, as I realised that if I didn't, I'd spend a fortune. I handed the items to Vivien, and was still just a little worried that she may recognise me. However, I needn't have, as she was so busy ringing the items into the cash register to really look at me. I took my card out of my purse and slid it into the machine. It wasn't until I'd done it that I realised it said my real name prefixed with the word 'Mr.' on it, but fortunately it didn't seem to matter. I suppose wives must often use their husband's credit cards when they go shopping.

Vivien bagged my purchases and, smiling, handed me the receipt. I turned and left the shop. It wasn't until I was outside that my heart started to slow down a little. I'd done it! I'd bought my own lingerie without any problems. I had to tell Hannah. It was only then that I realised I hadn't seen her in the shop. Perhaps I was too busy or scared to notice her, so I turned round to look for her through the shop window. She wasn't there.

A tap on my shoulder made me jump, and I whirled around to find Hannah beaming at me. She threw her arms around me and hugged me like a long lost friend. I almost cried with emotion as we hugged.

"You did it!" she said happily. "Well done, baby!"

We separated and she stood smiling so joyfully that I wanted to kiss her right there and then.

"Where were you?" I asked, half in fear and half in relief.

"I went in after you and watched you pick out those sets. When you came out and went to the Basque, I knew by the look on your face that you were all right, so I left you to finish on your own. Did Vivien recognise you?"

"No, she didn't," I grinned.

"Come on," said Hannah, taking my hand and re-entering the shop.

Vivien greeted Hannah with a smile, and they air kissed. Hannah didn't introduce me, but instead asked if we could have a quiet word with her. Vivien told her Saturday girl to deal with customers as we were led through to the office. Once we were all inside, Hannah turned to me and introduced me as Carla.

"Nice to meet you, Carla," she said giving me a quizzical look. "Didn't I just serve you?" she asked.

"Yes, you did," I replied, smiling.

"And you've served her before, Vivien, in this very room," said Hannah.

Vivien looked even more perplexed, not understanding what Hannah meant. She stared at me for a moment or two, and then a look of astonishment crossed her face.

"No! Really? That's not.. Carl?"

Hannah and I beamed at the look of surprise and incredulity on her face.

"Oh my word, I would never have recognised you!"

The words were music to my ears, and we air kissed before she stood back and studied me in earnest, muttering things like 'Well I never,' and 'Goodness gracious'. Hannah offered to make her a cup of tea while she recovered, and we were soon all sat with our cups in our laps, chatting like old friends. Hannah related the outline of the story of how and why I was there, with me filling in details now and then.

"Well, you certainly had me convinced," said Vivien.

I sat there, beaming. Not just with the compliment, but also the look of pride that Hannah gave me. We chatted for a few more minutes before Hannah decided it was time to move on.

"Well, we must be off. We've more things to do," said Hannah, rising from her seat.

Vivien told me to come back sometime and see her, and I promised I would. Fifty minutes later, Hannah and I walked out of a beauty salon, both of us with new nails. Hannah took me for lunch at a noisy pub, where I ordered both the drinks and the meal. My confidence was growing all the time, but a few stares in my direction made me wary.

After lunch we did some more shopping, and Hannah bought me an incredibly expensive but beautiful red silk dress, and then we went home. Hannah insisted I try my new outfit on with the lingerie I'd bought along with my red high heels, so I asked her to make a cup of tea while I went upstairs and got changed. When I came down, she was obviously impressed, telling me I looked beautiful. She told me to take the dress off while we sat and drank our tea. Then she took me upstairs and lay me on the bed in my lingerie, stripping off herself.

Her hands were all over me as she kissed me passionately, and I'd never seen her so lustful. Soon she had my knickers off and was licking deep into my pussy, my legs high in the air to give her access. I moaned under her expert touch, and when she got up, I lay there impatiently as she donned her strap-on. Lovingly, she made sure I was nice and relaxed as she rubbed lube into my pussy, fingering me as I moaned under her touch.

"Ready?" she asked.

I nodded, and a moment later I felt her cock enter me in a smooth, single push. I screamed, partly in discomfort and partly in pleasure as she held it there, letting me get used to it inside me before the familiar and welcome feeling of her fucking me began. Hannah took my ankles and raised them over her shoulders as she talked to me, telling me how pretty I was and how she was going to fuck her girl. She leaned forwards and pinned my wrists down as she drove her cock home with regular, strong thrusts. I clenched my fists as I felt her go in and out of me, looking up at her beautiful, lust-filled face. I begged her to fuck me, pleaded with her for more as she drove me wild, thrashing underneath her until I felt the familiar pressure building inside me. My face contorted with pleasure as Hannah rode my pussy. I tried to scream, but nothing came out of my mouth. Instead, the scream came from my loins as, incredibly quickly, I felt an inner fire erupt from within me and I orgasmed long and hard.

The feeling inside seemed to last for ages, but eventually I opened my eyes to look up at Hannah's satisfied face.

"Now that was a woman's orgasm," she beamed, indicating downwards.

I looked down to see a clear fluid leaking from my flaccid cock. No semen, no erection, but certainly satisfaction. I looked up and smiled at her, contended.

Slowly she withdrew from me, and I felt incredibly empty once she was out. Before taking off the device, she bent down and licked up my juice, savouring it. Then she lay next to me and we kissed for a long time before cuddling up on the bed. We dozed a little, and when I awoke, I carefully left Hannah sleeping while I nipped to the bathroom to relieve myself and get cleaned up. When I came back, she was awake as well.

"What time is it?" she asked.

"Quarter-past six," I answered. "What's for tea? I'm starving."

"No tea tonight, we're going out for dinner."

The thought of going out in public again didn't seem so bad after our successful trip earlier. I leaned over and kissed Hannah, this time taking the lead and lying on top of her, like we used to when I was still Carl. I felt an old stirring between my legs, and Hannah commented on it.

"Well, it's not surprising really is it?" I asked. "It's been a long time."

She smiled, and then thoughtfully asked me if I missed it. I told her only occasionally, but not when she made love to me like she had tonight.

"Well, I hope I haven't worn you out," she said with a mischievous smile.

"Oh, I think I can handle more," I grinned back.

"Good. Right, come on, time to get ready for dinner. The taxi will be here at seven and the table's booked for seven-thirty, so we mustn't be long."

Forty five minutes later the taxi arrived and we set off for the restaurant. 

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